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Song for Ronald
at 09:06 14 Jun 2014

why do all of our songs have to be about our alleged hatred of Pompey? I for one am really fed up with the same old claptrap.
Why do we insist on comparing ourselves to a very mediocre team struggling in League 2?

I for one love to hear songs of our glory, of our passion, of ambition, and friendliness. The classic is of course "Saints go marching in"

I grew up in the Milton, then the Archers I was always part of the signers. I still am, in Block 42. but some of the dross that they sign makes me shudder with embarrassment! Admittedly back in the Milton road days, most of our songs were about the violence we were about to inflict upon the visiting supporters, so I am guilty of enjoying moronic songs at some point!

Time to get original, have a few great songs.
Song for Ronald
at 09:00 14 Jun 2014

genuinely laughed out loud, nice!
Its Koeman
at 08:59 14 Jun 2014

on paper Pocchetino wasn't a good signing either, his record was very poor. He inherited a great squad and did well. Koeman will come in with a great squad, okay he will have to be very persuasive, to keep the stars. but he will have a bigger kitty, his contact list will be bigger, his record in Holland is very good and our styles are similar, so no problem outside of Holland.

As for the players being too young, PAH! they're kids who love football, I knew every footballer ever to lace up boots when I was a kid, of course they will know who he is. If not they will have done what every other Saints fan has done, google and youtube!

If we are to believe what we've been told by the board, the appointment of Pocchetino wasn't Cortese's choice it was the 20 strong scouting team. They made a great choice then. Let us have faith in them now with Koeman.

I do actually I think he may turn out to be one of the most significant signings we've ever made. I hope I'm correct
Last Night They Played So Well
at 12:34 29 Jan 2014

Disagree with your comment about it being the last few years. With St.Mary's it is clearly visible all the fans leaving as they have to walk down to almost the front and in clear sight. At the Dell you had exit via the rear, and it was not so visible.

As a kid watching Saints 70s, the gates were opened 15 minutes before the end, very often either not having tickets, or being thrown out! We would wait until this moment to gain access to watch the last 15 minutes. I can assure you there was always a mass exodus at this point, no matter who we were playing. It also happens at every other ground in the country.

I suppose it is one of those things that some fans prefer to do, maybe other things in their lives are just as important as The Saints.

I actually choose to stay in my seat until the rush has died down, no problem, no rush.
Mauricio Pochettino speaks English
at 12:23 29 Jan 2014

Mauricio Pochettino speaks English

It's not much, just a couple of words right at the very end of the interview, but well worth waiting for
Official Site
at 12:21 29 Jan 2014

Total agreement Nick.

One thing all the extra 'official' information being given to us now, it puts supporters minds at rest, not having to rely on badly reported facts (made up) by poor media and rumours from countless fan sites. I for one visit the site on a more regular basis.

As for comparing it to Asda, two completely different aspects, Asda are all about products, shoppers are not interested in the company? Saints site is about that, the company, "Southampton Football Club" and all aspects of it, results, from all the teams, news of injuries, transfers, appointments. This draws fans in closer to the club, makes them feel part of it, yet again engendering the 'family' feel.

I would still like to see an independent web site , not the corporate effort that we have signed into, that is the same as 30 others in England. When I visit my teams site, I do not want to see adverts plastered across the top for other games!
Still Money To Be Had on Ebay
at 11:10 28 Jan 2014

Now it looks like it has been listed by the buyer but look at the buy it now price! £249.99, thank gods it's free delivery
[Post edited 28 Jan 2014 11:11]
Lovren update...
at 13:51 20 Jan 2014

Dej, told me last night he''l be back for Yeovil, then fell over pissed up. Gaston "corn rows" Ramirez is back wearing espadrilles and chatting up the nurses, went for a spliff, then I couldn't understand him.

The sooner these 2 are back the better, along with Victor, a good run in could see up up to 8th or 7th?
at 13:46 20 Jan 2014

When I was a kid (according to my kids last week!) All we knew were the players and the Manager's names, possibly the trainer's name. I would love it to return to this, let the back room staff be back room in the background, and let's concentrate on the real reason to follow our team, the Football.
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