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New shares
at 15:00 12 Mar 2020

Here’s a thought
If the Club ‘needs’ a more up to date training facility then they have at their fingertips a base to start from.
If it was me, and i know its not, i would be approaching Rochdale Cricket Club
to form some form of partnership and start looking at ways to develop Redbrook into a ‘Centre for Sport’ in Rochdale. There is an agreement of some sort at the moment and this could possibly be expanded on.
Grants both from various sources could be available. There is sufficient land for a 4/5G football pitch and the ‘lacrosse pitch’ also could be upgraded to 4/5G. I think there may be enough room for a couple of Hockey pitches as well. All of which could be available outside a normal training schedule for the use of Schools and local clubs etc.
The clubhouse has changing facilities and a kitchen to provide meals for the staff and players. There is space for Team/tactical talks etc both down and upstairs
The Cricket Club would benefit from extra footfall with the extra benefits of more food and bar sales
Whether this would be owned by RCC or RAFC or a Joint Venture i don’t know but i think its worth exploring
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 20:43 12 Oct 2019

I am Chalky White and i claim your prize
Seriously though. When i first posted the initial comments.
I only thought it would last at best a week.
Little was i to know that it was going to be the key that opened
a full can of pilchards
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 23:13 27 Aug 2019

Well here we are at the end ofthe rainbow.
Like i said previously I’m not
100% anti bury. Just how most of
their fans. Well what is now ‘ex fans’
WOULDN’T see the wood for the trees. Ive followed the time line of SD1 since my original post and at each turn it had filled me with more fear for the future of bfc as each loan (taken out) was lodged at Company House. Not just around bfc but all of the ‘Mederco’ incarnations. Default after default followed default. All this whilst ‘stellar’ signings (at lower league levels) were made.
Only a few questioned this and to those of you that did I respect you.
Those of you that shouted down these supporters should hang your heads in shame and if you had a single ounce of self respect you should be big enough to go on your
board and apologise. That i doubt will happen.
SD2 came along and again most with half a brain could see his modus operandi. He’s done OK for his ‘quid’. He’d only have to pay himself a tenner and he’d be enjoying a ROI us mere mortals could dream of. I suspect he’s been able to squirrel away a considerable amount more. Its not hard to hide cash from the authorities if you are the one doing the counting and reporting.
He’ll not be worried about what any investigation unearths as he can claim, it wasn’t me Gov but that geezer before me. do you know he’s left a trail of devastation amounting to Tens of Millions. Its him you should be looking to clamp in irons.
What next for our near neighbours ? I suspect Years and years in the wilderness. They won’t play at Gigg of that I’m fairly certain
SD2 may want to rent it out to the Phoenix club but if anyone involved in the reincarnation lines this odious mans pockets then they surely are more deluded than most of us think.
It will, however, be a long road back. Just ask any Halifax fan, but, the Shaymen are now eventually ‘nearly’ there.
The recent offer from C+N was unlikely to get the go ahead due to their involvement with gambling and the ‘new’ offer as i suspected was smoke screen by Dale to buy more time to find someone/anyone stupid enough to pay him what he (my arse) deserves
Ill miss the derby days as most of the banter with real fans was good humoured and was give and take.
I doubt I’ll still be inhabiting this world by the time the next derby takes place but, IF i am, i hope that
Its on a level playing/financial field
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 22:28 21 Aug 2019

I’m certainly no legend
In fact I didn’t renew my season ticket LAST year
Got fed up with the football being played under Hill
So I ‘did one’. Seems by all accounts of the style of play under BBM
I may just be back (near) my old seat. Hopefully I’ll be welcomed
back by my old muckers
In retrospect, what brought me to Spotland was, apart from other
things I won’t go in to. Was the camaraderie amongst the fans.
That i do miss. The people (hopefully you know who you are); who
I sat amongst for many a year brightened my Saturday afternoons.
Not least the exchanges of various home made cakes, parkin and
Mince pies (mine were the best ) and tales of which of us were
unfortunate enough to witness the worst ever players to wear a
Dale shirt.
I’m originally from Huddersfield and am, probably, to the chagrin
of a lot more of the posters a ‘heathan’ in footballing terms by
deserting my home town club.
Well if that is the case then I’m proud to be one
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 17:39 21 Aug 2019

Hi All
I’ve been lurking around the thread since it’s conception
without much comment. I was going to pen something at
work today but was too busy to do so.
I’m flattered 🤓 that it has caused much amusement on
This board and equal consternation on t’other board.

With regards to any financial rewards (not that there bloody is any)
I’m not bothered about. If it’s helped in anyway to keep THIS board
ticking over with ‘clicks’ then I’m happy

When I get a minute I’ll give my two penneth on this on this sorry affair,
but as my opening post alluded to, I along with many many of my
fellow Daley’s could see what was happening before our eyes and
unfortunately but for the few Shakers that could also see this, the rest
could not.
The rest just bought into the 2SD’s vision of a pot at the end of the rainbow
They couldn’t see it was just a ‘piss pot’ and now they don’t even have
that left to piss in to.
at 11:38 7 Dec 2018

There has always been an orderly transition from Chairman to Chairman
with the incoming being 'schooled' in the way the club (has had to)
operate. Budgets were always tight as income was virtually non existent.
This appears to be not The Rochdale Way
Perhaps the new Chairman has money to invest. His father was very
successful and if he has enjoyed similar success he may fancy investing
in RAFC. The coming months/years could be interesting to say the least
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 08:16 21 Sep 2018

troubles mount for Stewie

Mederco ( is it or is it not the vehicle that funds BFC) has had the following
lodged at Companies House
''First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off
This document is being processed and will be available in 5 days.''

this will probably be challenged by HMRC and withdrawn as they (HMRC)
try to recover VAT etc
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 13:21 13 Jul 2018

Lets hope Chester got their money up front.

just had notification of yet another CCJ.
Only £210.00 short of reaching £100k of outstanding CCJ's now
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 11:23 6 Jul 2018

The debt isn't to Mederco BFC though, according to the Accounts
lodged at Co House its to Mederco Ltd

There is no record on either of the above two 'Mederco's of any
related party transactions and Bury FC

Stewie appears not only to be good at playing with words for the benefit
of the Bury supporters (who I do feel for) but also very good at manipulating
(non) funds as far as Balance Sheets are concerned.
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 16:44 4 Jul 2018

Another CCJ lodged today for £43659 making
11 now outstanding for a grand total of £95525

Stewie needs to sell his £60mill of assets pretty damn quick
before one of his Creditors sends the Bailiffs in
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 20:05 11 Jun 2018

Something he alluded to at their fans forum.
Sale of some of his student accommodation apparently
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 14:00 11 Jun 2018

Two more CCJ's lodged
25/5 - £882
6/6 - £772

coming to something when you can't/won't pay even your smaller
creditors, who probably need the money more than most.

This despite the Chur saying he was due to receive £60 million
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 16:58 16 Apr 2018

The meltdown is probably akin to the polar caps melting
rather than being thrown into a blast furnace.
SD seems quite astute at teaming and ladelling the debts
across his Co's. and manipulating Balance Sheets.
One of his recent moves was to shorten the accounting period
by 'one day' to 30th May. now it may be purely coincidental that
there are 1.4 million shares of £1.00 due to be paid by 31.5.2017.
These are showing as 'paid' but i would suggest that they are only
'paid on paper' and not in hard cash. that is pure guesswork but i
don't think i'll be far off the mark.
by doing this the £1.4 will be shown as an amount due within 12 months
in the accounts and as such an asset
also Medrco BFC, Bury's major shareholder has an outstanding CCJ OF
£29711 against it's name and at the last posting of its accounts had
shareholder funds of only £91115.
i'm no accountant, but have a small business, so have a minor knowledge
of how things should work. but am willing to stand corrected if my supposition
is wrong
Down at #buryfc whilst we hogged all the limelight in the FA Cup media......
at 21:19 2 Mar 2018

Now all this is in all likelihood just a coincidence, but
Stewie is the sole director of Mederco (Plymouth) ltd
I’m guessing this is another of Stewie’s vehicles to build Student accommodation
Moneything P2P lending Platform, Lend some £2.8million to
a property developer to build Student Accomodation in, yes you’ve
guessed it Plymouth.
Loan is now defaulted on and liquidators appointed.

Now I could be adding 2+2 together and getting 5 and it has nothing at all to
do with Mederco (Plymouth) ltd The coming weeks may prove
that the answer should have been 4
Wembley tickets on sale tomorrow (Thursday)
at 11:57 23 Feb 2018

Adult ticket gone
Still have child’s if it’s of any use
Wembley tickets on sale tomorrow (Thursday)
at 11:50 23 Feb 2018

Of course
Wembley tickets on sale tomorrow (Thursday)
at 11:19 23 Feb 2018

send me your mobile via pm and i'll call you
Wembley tickets on sale tomorrow (Thursday)
at 09:25 23 Feb 2018

If it helps anyone that might need seats together
I have an Adult + Child S/T spare. I was planning to go with my son
but work commitments have got in the way.

I could meet someone at the club circa 4.30 today
Game off!!
at 11:55 10 Feb 2018

The club has needed strong positive leadership over the last
Few weeks and I’m afraid that for all his good points CD isn’t
the man for that
The Chur
at 08:36 13 Dec 2017

Sorry Judd it's a subscription site so can't link.
best i can do is list below outstanding details.
8/12/2017 - £2369
24/10/2017- £1502
16/10/2017 - £3075
5/6/2017 - £10455
14/10/2016 - £22426
2/9/2014 - £660

What puzzles me is why the 3 older Claimants haven't gone for Judgement
Unless they've agreed a payment plan (unlikely for the £660)

Not a good way to do business and i wonder why any new suppliers would
to want to get involved in supplying them.
I'm sure their CEO admitted that they took payments to the limit. Which is
piss poor by any measure, but looking at The Chur's history it seems to be
standard for him.
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