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Retro Shirts Day - Sham?
at 21:41 23 Apr 2019

What they say and what they mean -

The Club says "We’re encouraging supporters to dig out their retro shirts and wear them to the Crown Oil Arena for our final home game of the season".

The Club says "it would be great to see as many fans as possible, both young and old, wearing a retro shirt on the day."

The Club means "That's all a load of bollox if you are a supporters group on a sponsorship package".

"As many fans as possible" obviously doesn't include the members and friends of SMAC who are matchball sponsoring on Saturday and, while several are keen to give their old shirts an airing, they have been told in no uncertain terms that they have to adhere to the strict Main Lounge dress code despite the club's call to ALL supporters to pull an old shirt over their now expanded guts.

As was made clear towards the end of last season the Club distinguishes between sponsors (people to be lauded and feted, and to be cosseted away from the supporters) and the great unwashed (ie the supporters). By allowing supporters to engage in a sponsorship activity it is obvious they have to toe the line and not present themselves in a manner that might cause upset to the prawn sandwich eaters and those of a nervous disposition.

After last seasons events and the intended misappropriation of the SMAC Player of the Season Award there were several SMAC members who were minded to knock it all on the head. This ain't gonna improve things and might prove a tipping point for some. Our event co-ordinator has called on the Club to reconsider - after all, it isn't going to hurt for one match to drop the dress code which, after all, would accord with the club's call for as many supporters as possible to wear a retro shirt.
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at 07:28 6 Apr 2019

As a new day dawns, let’s forget about seats, mugs and assorted accusations of tin-pottery around the club’s apparent fawning to todays visitors, and focus on the business in hand – this afternoons game.

We’re in a key stage of our season and our search for survival, our form has picked up since BBM took charge and we seem to be heading in the right direction, and our visitors are at the end of a very long week of a Sunday Wembley appearance and a mid-week trip to Accrington. This is all set up to be good afternoon and one we should approach in good heart.

Accrington off
at 08:36 16 Mar 2019
Right, now that's all over with ...
at 08:26 26 Dec 2018

Resume normal service?

Financial Crisis at the Dale?
at 16:26 17 Dec 2018

I’ve heard it suggested that the club’s financial affairs are not all they might be, and such is the issue that at least one player will need to be sold in January.

All this comes on the back of a reported loss from last season. Despite what we might think about previous player sales with add-ons, the cup run and associated TV money, and owning our ground, I understand that good sources have said that relaying the pitch and buying the ground contributed to last season’s state of affairs, while this season the windfall payments have dried up, we’re overspending on the player budget and the reduced price season ticket offer have all taken their toll on this season’s budget.

This seems to have been coming for some time now. All this was, I have been informed, was known about and lurking in the background before the boardroom unrest was made public.

Very worrying.
Snow - new panic thread
at 08:15 15 Dec 2018

Snow, freezing rain, sub-zero temperatures and glaciers sweeping down from Owd Betts all forecast...will the game be on?
Checkatrade v Oldham - Tuesday at 7
at 13:54 8 Dec 2018

Seemed to get lost in all the fuss about boardroom changes - the re-arranged Checkatrade game is Tuesday 11 December … at 7pm again.

As with the first time, a 7pm kick-off and there's no way I can get over from smacland for that time.

As I said the first time round, I suspect it's a deliberate ploy by the club to keep the attendance down - with this being a local derby and the only time we'll meet Oldham this season this match could be expected to attract a larger crowd than if we were to play, say Notts County. The draw v Man City muddies the issue even more as this potentially gives the game a little more edge than first time round.

Come on the new Board - show a little bravery, move the start time to 7.45pm, open up the Sandy and give more of us a chance to get there!
Checkatrade v Oldham
at 18:40 29 Nov 2018

Has this been posted on here yet? Weds 5 Dec at 7pm. 7pm?!?

They can count me out for that - took me two hours to get over from SMAC-land for the Leicester game.
Club owners as pillars of the local community
at 08:10 10 Nov 2018

...or not, eh Chalky?
Lisa Stansfield on t'tram
at 08:48 28 Sep 2018

As if having to get the tram at 6.30 this morning wasn't bad enough - to also have Lisa Stansfield gormlessly bellowing 'I've been around the world aye aye aye, isn't the tram great' etc at you just about puts you over the edge.

Something to do with BBC music day -

Seems that LS will be appearing on a music tram - while it would probably an extra incentive, if you're so minded, to lob a brick at the Oldham/Rochdale service, no doubt it will be on the Piccadilly/Media City line to entertain the luvvies and keep her away from the chavs.

Also says that Blossoms will be appearing at a surprise location - to narrow it down, I'd suggest Stockport bus station, Stockport rail station, Stockport town hall, Stockport public lavvy....
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