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Everton Pursuit Of Walker Peters Subject To Premier League Financial Sanctions
at 14:46:05

"major breach of the financial fair play rules after the Toffee's had overspent for several seasons"

So why no transfer embargo ?
I thought those are the rules ?
Matthew Le Tissier Speaks Out About His Beliefs
at 14:21:05

@saintsfanbrock instead of just labeling me a conspiracy theory nut maybe you should have read what I put.
I don't listen to people like MLT for news ( I hope you don't either )
It is also true that many crackpot theories are just that, but then who would believe that the guardian had to write a story about the government mishandling data captured during the pandemic.
And who would believe that Human Rights Watch published its findings in May, which said that 89% of technologies used for remote learning harvested the learning, location, and personal data of students, most of these apps, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Minecraft Education remained in use even after Covid measures were lifted and are still being used to harvest data.“We are living in an economy where data is one of the most valuable resources any institutional entity can actually capture,”
“Government, like corporations, has been trying to fly under the radar and extract as much data as possible.

These aren't my words and I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat , but I do read sources more than just mainstream outlets.
Don't go down the rabbit hole but do broaden your knowledge bases.
Matthew Le Tissier Speaks Out About His Beliefs
at 13:32:37

I don't go to ex footballers , however good , for my information and views on the world.
The difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is just time.
Obviously not all conspiracy theories are true but it is amazing how many crazy theories later quietly get sneaked out as real !
NHS track and trace , is to protect the public ( turns out it was to to gather and sell your data )
Video calls with your doctor ( turns out this isn't private! It's being recorded and data sold )
Children's remote lessons ( turns out full monitoring of those lessons was taking place to collect and sell data on our children )
All crazy nonsense? But turns out to all be true :-0
Saints Fan In Court Charged With Optimism !
at 12:23:04

I am appalled and infuriated in equal measure.
I find the police actions in this case beyond fit and proper, wasting time and resources on an entrapment sting on someone who clearly has metal health issues.
Surely a community care team would have been a far more appropriate response?
Personally I'm in the camp where I believe saints can finish mid table !
Oh c**p better up my dose again :-(
Southampton's New Owners Blocked Salisu Transfer
at 13:04:57

This started on a toon forum,
It then got copied to North East media outlet,
It then became a verified story !
Sports Republic entered talks with saints way before 4th Jan 2022 ! ( end of September'21)
When exclusive talks are entered you can't asset strip ( in this case sell players , all major deals are suspended)
At this time when sports Republic are in talks with saints, Newcastle's takeover hadn't completed Oct 2021 , they then appoint a manager 8th November '21
But before any of this happened they had already agreed a £40m transfer of a player
I smell B.S.
Saints Managing Director Gives Fans January Transfer Window Expectations
at 12:27:44


Great she can play up front with her brother ;-))
Manchester United Demand For Loan Fee Could Scupper Deal
at 23:51:35

Not worth that sort of money imo
Latest Danny Ings Transfer Headlines Highlight Rumour Mill Contradictions
at 16:35:35

If ings stays Saints will be quids in but worse off but if he goes saints will better off but worse off but have money in the bank but won't have any money for new transfers !
Is that the gyst of the article ? :-))
Will Mario Lemina Be Saints New Central Defender Or End Up At Newcastle
at 13:19:44

Lemina has an attitude that much is plain to see for anyone, get rid end of !
I can still see him with his hands on his thighs struggling to work and that was under MH , Ralph demands a lot more effort than Lemina will ever give imo
Southampton Weekend Transfer Update !
at 14:26:41

Just a thought, there is no way Gunn will be no.1 at Norwich .
Tim Krul has that spot nailed on, Gunn would be back up for injury or cup run.
Krul is 33 and in his peak, Gunn though much loved will be for the future, which is what I thought he was meant to be for replacing McCarthy ?
Southampton FC 2020/21 Season Review - The Right Back Spot
at 17:18:29

I still think we need a RB , it has showed clearly the kwp hasn't played a full season ! ( At 23 that is criminal ) . Don't get me wrong I like KWP going forward, that's it. Maybe when Ryan has gone he will learn to get back as quickly when needed, his defensive side of his game needs lots of work imo. It has shown since about January that he has not been used to the full season demands and has imo looked quite leggy in games fading to obscurity ( not alone in that ) , hopefully next season with a good rest in the summer he can build his consistency to the whole seasons demands.
A new RB should be brought who can tackle and keep positional awareness for "the tougher games" , I doubt this will happen as more important this summer is the LB situation.
All Saints Eyes On Fulham V Burnley Tonight But There Is A Dilemma
at 12:44:20

I really can't see us getting anything in our last 4 games !
So where does that leave us ? In the hands of others !
This is the price for playing "stupid" football , by that I mean not closing out games not stopping an opposition from playing however they want and not reacting to opposition changes !!! ( Oh look they've changed formation and brought fresh players on, they are getting a lot of ground behind our full backs and getting dangerous balls into the box...........I know let's carry on doing exactly the same thing, they haven't scored yet !)
Poor performances poor effort poor tactics and poor reading of the game have undone what could have been a mid table season.
At Christmas ALL of the media outlets did an in depth review and breakdown of how Saints were playing and being successful, obviously our coaches were the only ones in the league NOT watching, because everyone else took that analysis and disassembled our tactics. Everyone does the same thing against us , wait untill the energy level starts to drop, draw us on, put the ball behind our kamikaze full backs and attack the gap in front of our back four ..... result goal ! yet we do nothing about it .
Ralph needs help from his staff his team and from himself. I like him he good enough ? I don't know :'-(
Southampton V Leicester City Always A Fixture With Drama !
at 12:37:21

that horrible little scroat
Will be playing tonight !! Mind your Achilles lads !
Sam McQueen At Crossroads With His Career In Doubt
at 12:32:22

Always sad when a players career is cut short before really getting going ,
I thought he could have done quite well for us, he would have definitely been better than Ryan (who's been coasting for ages) Sam and Targett could have had the left side sorted for us but never mind not meant to be.
Good luck to Sam in whatever he does next.
Is Ryan Bertrand's Time Up at Southampton With Brentford Left Back Linked !
at 13:10:53

Speaking personally I'd hope yes his time is up.
I would not give him a 3 years contract, 12mths to help bed in a new player yes,18mth at most.
For a player with undoubted skill he seems far too happy to coast through games imo. The last 2/3 seasons when we have really struggled can anyone remember Ryan (a senior player with loads of experience) rolling his sleeves up and really helping the team push on ? I remember him jogging about with a lack of intensity and moaning at whoever played in front of him.
28 games 1 assist, 16% cross accuracy, 1 blocked shot, 0 last man tackles and just 53% successful tackles
A little perspective Redmond 21 games 2 assist, 8 blocked shots, 74% successful tackles.
Is Fraser Forster On The Verge Of A Recall !
at 17:55:46

In answer to the articles question ,
I seriously hope not !
Injury Crisis In Football Should Send Warning To Saints
at 00:48:01

This fuss about injuries this season is false,
Last season after eight games Bournemouth had 57 games missed by players through injury Brighton 43, Norwich had 41

This year after the shortened inter season break the restart season and "hectic" match schedule Premier League serious injuries games missed stands at 471 !

Last year 19/20 season"before" any global craziness after 8 games the games missed injury total stood at 483 !!

So should we take from these numbers that players are actually less prone to injuries than previous seasons and keep the schedule busy or is the case of a couple of the " bigger" clubs got away with it last year but this year that are having their share of injuries so "it's not fair" everything must be changed to make it easier for the big teams !!!

I say they should suck it up like everyone else has had to in the past !!
Project Big Picture: The Key Proposals Revealed
at 13:02:37

Two thirds of the Long Term Shareholders !!!!
So that's the "big 6" then !
So basically the "big 6" will have complete control over;
Changing the distribution rights of the sponsorship, commercial and broadcasting rights sold for the whole Premier League ?????
Utter madness if this goes through !

I say let the "big 6" break off and form the euro "super" league that they so desperately want !
After 2-3 years of novelty value it will lose fans and money, this will give the remaining clubs the chance to restructure the finances equally creating a better league, then when the "big 6" want to come back, tell them to go down the leagues and re-enter :-)
Liverpool Midfielder On Saints Radar
at 13:28:20

Liverpoo are after £20m for him !
Someone is having a laugh !!
Not for me , much rather a player who wants to come here.
Is Greed In A Crisis Finally Turning The Fans Away
at 14:50:59

I have never subscribed to Sky BT or Virgin and never will !
In part due to the ruination of football by greed !
I am a fan not a subscriber, Saints are my home team who wish the best for.
I haven't been able to afford premier league football and probably never will.
I read a piece yesterday about deli Ali smashing KWP car in the car park at spuds,
Did he apologise or pay for the damage ? No ! He laughed about it and KWP paid for the damage himself ?????? This speaks massively about the attitude of money and greed in the premier league 😢
Very sad.
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