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I don’t see the old girl listed here...
at 09:07 23 Mar 2021

How could this be?


Fans in grounds
at 21:14 3 Mar 2021

As the club are currently losing circa £3M per month (I believe I’ve read that sum is the loss of match day revenue) does anyone think that the club and perhaps other clubs will have realised the importance of match going fans a bit more moving forward? It’s all very well bending over and taking it where the sun don’t shine for tv money but I’d hoped this last year might show clubs that fans are still important and that Saints might just make more of an effort in engaging with the supporters who attend games.
The meltdown thread
at 17:01 6 Feb 2021

Not a member of the cult on here, proud of being a bed wetter and want to vent your spleen then this in the thread for you.

If you are easily offended and think all is great then probably best you f*ck off to another thread.
Season ticket payments
at 16:11 7 Jan 2021

Any season ticket holders on here had any payments made to them recently? I just realised today I’d not thought about this for a while so looked and the last repayment I’d had was early November for the Newcastle game.
Ralph and his reluctance to utilise subs
at 17:47 29 Nov 2020

Last two games with the team on the back foot and looking particularly leggy I’ve thought we needed fresh legs on. I know Nick made a defence of Ralph after wolves in saying we have a lot of youngsters on the bench and sticking them on when we’re holding on might not be for the best - a vaild point I’ll give him - but we really needed some energy out there the last 15-20 minutes. Too many mistakes that could be attributed to fatigue I think. Long came on and did what he usually does, nothing apart from win a free kick in the middle of the pitch. Diallo coming on in the 89th minute just to try and run the clock down (let’s face it, any sub coming on that late is for that reason alone barring an injury to someone) was the sum total of an attempt to see out the game. He really does need to address this. I don’t want him to do what Adkins used to do and bring on 3 in the space of 5 minutes and us suffer that way but he really needs to look at this element of his management.
at 21:32 23 Nov 2020

Like falling down a lot don’t they!
at 13:12 10 Nov 2020

Bars of soap are traditionally 10cm x 7cm in size

or 4" x 2 3/4" if you're still using Imperial Leather.
Bale and Walcott
at 09:12 16 Sep 2020

As it’s being reported in the press that Spurs are in talks to re sign Bale I’ve also just seen that Everton are looking at releasing some of their high earners after their summer spending, among them Theo Walcott. I’d completely forgotten he was there! That was definitely a talent that never fulfilled the potential.
As both former Saints academy players would anyone on here say that Walcott went on to have the career he’d look set to have?
Who has been banned now?
at 09:18 10 May 2020

I’m guessing by the mass deleting its Dellhero?
Average Joe footballers that played against us you wished played for us
at 10:10 29 Mar 2020

Not your Beckhams, Henrys or Ronaldos I’m talking about the players from your Blackburns and Coventrys

West Ham’s Ian Bishop and John Moncur were two that always seemed to play well against us back in the 90’s
[Post edited 29 Mar 2020 10:10]
Austin and Hughes
at 09:53 22 Mar 2020

Not quite sure how but I stumbled across this today and I can’t recall seeing it posted on here previously. I liked CA at the start of his time with us and thought he’d been an absolute steal for £4M but he turned into a bit of a tit at the end of his time here, I don’t know whether this speaks volumes for Hughes reading of the team or that he didn’t fancy doing it himself?

I went to Southampton and that’s when I first came across a lot of different mentalities, through the fact that there were lads from different cultures and countries in the squad.

At the start, under Ronald Koeman, there was no problem because of his presence. He brings a big aura with him because of who he is and where he’s been. The first thing you learn from him is never, but never, be late for team meals. It was well documented that he kept Sadio (Mane) out of a big game once and everybody was wondering why and it was simply because Sadio had been late for a meeting. That was him. But different managers come in and they didn’t have that power of personality. (Jose) Fonte ran the club at that time – that’s not in a negative way but a positive way – and I learned a lot from him. But by the time he left and the managers were changing we were **** and the only person who really got it was Mark Hughes.

He took me to one side one day and said: ‘What’s the matter with this lot?’ And I told him: ‘They’ve got no bollocks.’ ‘Scuse my French. And he wound me up to go into a team meeting and basically dig them all out. I had to pull Ryan (Bertrand), who was a mate of mine, to one side and say ‘Look, I’m going to go in there and give them all a right volley and I’m afraid I’m going to make you first or else they’ll think I’m just looking after my mates.’ Ryan went along with it. We got the results after that – not great results but enough to keep us up. The performances went up. But we got to the semi-final and of the FA Cup and lost to Chelsea but that Cup run did us a power of good too.
[Post edited 22 Mar 2020 9:53]
Shane Long
at 09:50 16 Feb 2020

Appreciate no one covered themselves in glory yesterday and we were playing the biggest cloggers in the league but sometimes if the game doesn’t come to you, you have to go looking for the game. Completely anonymous yesterday, I thought he’d been putting in a few improved performances of late as his contract is up in the summer (cynical of me perhaps but a few other first team players seemed to up their performances ahead of the January transfer window....),
He’s an impact player for me, no more and no less. I don’t think he deserves another contract next season with us though.
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