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Lallana Mooted For St Mary's Return
at 11:55:28

I realise Darren Bent spoke about this, but I think it’s a lazy link. You sum up the feeling we have around Lallana’s departure perfectly, and I agree that I wouldn’t be opposed to him returning. But I can’t see it happening for two reasons. Firstly, his age; we have a policy of buying and developing young players. Secondly, his wages; with Cedric we’re actively leaving ourselves short in an effort to clear out some of the higher earners in the club.
Saints V Wolverhampton Wanderers The Verdict
at 11:47:40

I don't think we deserved to lose, but I don't think we can complain about the result either. We didn't convert enough of our chances and our defending wasn't good enough, particularly a failure to mark key players. These are problems we've had for a while, I just hope its' a blip rather than a return to the norm.

I thought Redmond was fantastic yesterday and deserved an assist, if not a goal.
Club Legend Urges Saints To Smash Transfer Record In January Window
at 14:45:10

I know he's injured at the moment, but I really think we should think about signing this Kane guy as back up for Ings. Ings is on fire at the moment, but all players have dips in form and Kane has showed from his form this season that he has the ability to step up and deputise for Ings.

Possible Spurs Home Tie A Good Omen For Saints
at 09:59:23

Isn't it ironic?
Saints V West Ham United The Verdict
at 10:06:40

I've never booed the team, Saturday was the first time I felt like doing it. In previous seasons I've always been able to identify three teams worse than us that should go down, I'm unable to do that this season.
Saints At Arsenal The Verdict
at 10:42:10

Lots of positives and lots of disappointments, but I wouldn't been happy to take a point before the game.

I was initially a little worried to see the third substitution and Romeu still on the bench, but on reflection this was tactically spot on. They had five players on yellow cards and all of their best players were attacking, the best way to see the game out was to play it in their half not to shut up shop.

It's just a shame the team couldn't convert the chances to put it to bed.
Absolutely ******* Disgraceful
at 10:31:38

To be fair, the lads obviously worked hard. You wouldn't have guessed that we were playing for 80 minutes with ten men. We were no worse than we normally are at home.
Hasenhuttl Showed His Tactical Skills Against Wolves.
at 10:57:07

My worry is that the manager caves to these pleas for Danso to be played in central defence. I'd love to be proved wrong, but I'm confident that there's a reason the manager isn't playing Danso in that position.

I don't think Danso is the answer. I also don't think the club will sign an experienced central defender in January. The club is happy to consolidate, survive this season and then build on what we have in the summer. I imagine they hope that Bednarek, Danso and Klarer are our central defenders for the future, they should be better next year so we'll see slow sustained improvement in defence rather than a complete overhaul.
Saints V Chelsea The Verdict
at 09:52:10

I don’t think we would’ve got 3 points at Brighton without the sending off. We were lucky to get 3 points against Sheffield. We should’ve got more against Bournemouth and Tottenham.

It’s worrying, but I don’t see an easy answer out of this. Hopefully they’ll be able to work during the international break ahead of a tough fixture away at Wolves.
Saints V Bournemouth The Verdict
at 13:00:40

I was pretty angry by half time about Bertrand being on the bench. You could see Cedric couldn't use his left foot when he got into good crossing positions and Danso was poor at full back.

The second half was a joy to watch, we just failed to take our chances. It's the problem we've had for a few years, we have a weak defence and we don't have enough natural goalscorers. I think Djnepo and Adams will come good up front though.

I felt we wouldn't have beaten Brighton without the red card and I think we were lucky to get 3 points against Sheffield United. As you say the second half of this game shows what we can do, but we need to learn from it and keep improving.
Saints Summer Transfer Window Assessed
at 11:28:10

It’s relieving to have moved from a policy of buying expensive established players in their mid-twenties on high wages. Too many of them have flopped and left us with burdens that aren’t particularly interested in playing for the club.

For the past few years the club has been buying promising teenagers and we’re starting to see the fruits of that now with players like Valery and Obafemi in the first team. Then we’re investing in promising players under 22 (Adams, Djnepo, Danso) who have the potential to be world beaters. Even if none of these players realise their potential, their salaries won’t be as high and it will be easier to move them on and recoup their cost.

This season is one of consolidation, I don’t think we’ll face a relegation battle and I don’t think we’ll push for the top ten. But with exciting young talent coming through, the future is bright.

Onwards and upwards. COYS!
Should Sofiane Boufal Stay Or Go ?
at 11:55:12

Everyone has always been willing to give Boufal the benefit of the doubt. Undoubtedly he has skill and is willing to take players on but, as Redmond suggested recently while praising Boufal, his problem has been his work rate and being unwilling to track back to defend. It sounds like he’s overcoming that.

I’m not sure he’s done enough yet to justify keeping him, albeit he hasn’t had much chance. I only kept watching the Burnley game to see how he did when he came on, I can’t remember him getting a touch. He created a goal from seemingly nothing against Brighton, but it was his fresh legs against ten men who’d been playing in thirty degree heat for eighty minutes. Hopefully he’ll get ninety minutes tonight and seize his chance.

Hasenhuttl has said he’s a fantastic impact sub, as Nick has suggested I’m not sure we can afford to have one of our most highly paid players as an impact sub. I can’t see him ever being a better value player than someone like Djnepo, so while I’d like to keep him I don’t think that keeping him would be cost-effective for the club.
Saints At Brighton The Verdict
at 17:17:23

The referee wanted to disallow they goal, I'm fairly sure they have to use VAR to disallow a goal. The officials aren't at fault for indecision here.

I think Danso and Djnepo look good but look a little raw.
Saints At Burnley The Verdict
at 10:00:44

I only kept watching after the third goal to see if Boufal could do anything. Did anyone see him touch the ball?
Lemina Claims That His Stay At Saints Was A Two Year Plan
at 15:04:35

I think this is a great advertisement for our business model. Promising players can come to Southampton and they don’t even need to play regularly to be noticed and get a move to a top six side. This should encourage more promising players to come to us, even at a very young age.

I’m disappointed to be losing Lemina, I think with a strong season under his belt and regular games his value could skyrocket. But given the inconsistency and injury over the last two years, that’s not guaranteed to happen. He doesn’t want to be here and we don’t need him. I don’t begrudge him wanting to play for a top side. Seems best for all sides if he moves on.
Manchester United And Arsenal After Lemina
at 16:59:50

What are the rumours of off-field activities? I've not heard any rumours?
Saints Reject Lemina Bid
at 10:44:57

I’ve not heard anything about the lifestyle claims you mention? I think Lemina had an issue last season where he never really recovered from the injury he sustained.

I think it’s worth considering selling, especially since Lemina appears to be one of our highest earners and we need to get some players off our books. But it feels like he has real potential to kick on and have a stand out season in 2019/20, then his price will soar. I don’t think it’s good business to sell now.
Saints Fans Need To Trust The Club's Transfer Strategy
at 09:28:36

Well said!

I think two of our best signings in recent years have been Hojbjerg and Bednarek, both signed young and cheap on relatively low wages.

As you say, our current problems mainly stem from signing expensive players on high wages, those high wages then make it difficult for us to move the player on.

If Djnepo succeeds then great; if we sell him for a huge profit then that’s better than having spent a similar amount of money on a player that we can’t sell and don’t feel is good enough to get in the starting 11; if Djnepo flops then him sitting on our bench should cost us less money and he should be easier to sell.

It feels this is going a little beyond the model we used when we bought Pelle and Mane, simply because the cost of players is increasingly inflated. We can’t afford to buy a promising 22 year old anymore, we have to buy a promising 20 year old.
Saints Issue Club Statement
at 14:13:50

I don’t think anything we say on an online comments section will seriously prejudice any legal cases.

I expect IICSA will increase their scope to include football after the revelations across multiple clubs. While the inquiry has been going on for years and doesn’t look like it will report any time soon, it should eventually establish a template compensation mechanism for the victims of historic abuse. This would be outside of any normal legal means for seeking compensation.

Southampton inarguably had a duty of care to the boys that were abused. Lambeth Council set up a compensation scheme for the decades of abuse that children in its care received from the 1940s/50s up until the 1980/90s. This was £100m. Bob Higgins’ abuse did not last for decades, but Southampton FC will likely still be liable for compensation.
New Contracts Just As Important As New Signings
at 10:21:41

Yes, I think Gallagher will finally go. I think the club were holding onto him in the hope that he might follow a similar trajectory to Harry Kane.

The club should keep Hojbjerg, Romeu and Lemina. They each offer slightly different things and Lemina’s stock will be at its lowest after a season of injury. I don’t think any of them are keeping Callum Slattery out of the team, the only question will be if Hassunhuttl feels that Harrison Reed has a role to play.

I feel the time might be right to move Bertrand on. He’s world class, but his performances seem to mirror the morale of the team and at times he can look disinterested. If we’re looking to save money on wages then I imagine his wages are incredibly high. Targett finally feels like he is ready to take the starting spot. But, I can’t see any of the top teams taking Bertrand and I’m not sure any other club would be seriously interested in him.
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