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Dodgy Stream Request
at 17:06 16 Sep 2020

More in hope than anything else, but buggered if I'm shelling out a tenner to watch a game on my computer!!

Otherwise it's a night listening to Adam Blackmore and Dave What we don't want to do know is Merrington.
Played for us and them
at 15:07 16 Sep 2020

I can't think of any, and in fact, to be brutally honest I can't actually think of the name of a single Brentford Player EVER!!, despite their useful last season and even being linked by the press with a few of their players that may have fitted our profile!! #undermyradar!!

I'll chuck in John Burridge and Frank Worthington as Wild Cards
Played for Saints and Palarse
at 13:11 10 Sep 2020

Trying to get excited about the new season, but the England matches and knowledge of knowing I wont be able to go to a game anytime soon isn't helping.
So a good old played for both teams thread for old times sake might help!

Mel Blyth
Jose Fonte
Nathaniel Clyne
Tony Sealy
Alex McCarthy
Jason Puncheon
Iain Dowie?
If in doubt always put John Burridge as there is a fair chance he did!!
Which kit will we wear at Palace?
at 00:30 8 Sep 2020

To me it looks like all 3 of our kits would be deemed as clashing with Palace's Home kit.
Our home kit clashes with the Red stripes, and the away kit blue against blue, and the 3rd kits Red Sash similar to Palaces red Stripes!! Roll out 11 goal keeper shirts, or the Pink Training Shirt, or or multi coloured jazz effect pre match shirt !!

Any News on how The Televised Games scenario is going to work?
at 14:39 4 Sep 2020

Seems to have gone all quiet. Are Terrestrial / Free to Air Channels going to get a share?

All games played at same time, or every game with a different KO time?

Or just available to Season Ticket Holders?
Clubs reject the keeping the 5 subs rule
at 18:58 6 Aug 2020

At last some sense from The EPL!

Would be interesting to see a breakdown of what the ballot count was and who was for keeping it.

Edit ..... sorry Kingsland, somehow missed your thread posted earlier!!
[Post edited 6 Aug 18:59]
Early Doors Dodgy Stream request
at 12:11 26 Jul 2020

Lulled into a false sense of security about Sky Mix being a Free to View channel, i was looking forward to a stress free afternoon sat in front of the tellybox, but I should have read the small print ... Free to those who have PAID for Sky or Virgin contract. 🙄. The last fee games ive been stuck with Dutch commentary muted and a time delayed Solent commentary, which is a real arsepain. Thanks in advance. COYS
Net Spend Transfer Trophy
at 14:34 15 Jun 2020

If any of the absolute laughable rumours of 10 million for Forster, up to 35 mill each for Hoj and Vesty pan out, a small wedge foe Bertie, plus some pin money for Lemina and Ely, then we will absolutely romp home with The Net Spend Trophy
Long and Small Willyboner signed up. Thats our window done
[Post edited 15 Jun 14:35]
Played for us and West Ham
at 22:04 28 Feb 2020

Antonio ... who will obviously score tomorrow.
Richard Hall
One E in Dowie
Wayne Bridge (?)
David Connolly
Joe Kirkup
Eyal Berkovic
The Old Handball Chestnut
at 15:59 15 Feb 2020

Why oh why do the powers that be think it is ok to review and cancel perfectly good goals for the slightest of accidental touches of the ball against an attacking forward's arm or hand, that nobody has even appealed for, and only spotted after 3 minutes of VAR reviewing, yet when a defenders arm is involved and spectators on the phucking moon are screaming handball, is it not deemed worthy of a penalty?????

I've said it a million times over the last few years .... most tackles that are awarded penalties aren't actually INTENTIONAL fouls, just as today's and others aginst us this season, may not have been INTENTIONAL, but an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE was gained. That should be the crux of the matter, none of this was his hand/arm in anatural positon etc.

Played for us and them.
at 15:41 14 Feb 2020

Here we go again.... been a few in the not too distant past.
Jay Rod
Jack Cork
Danny Ings
Richard Chaplow
Charlie Austin
Brian Buddha O'Neil

Did Crouchie have a spell there recently or did I imagine it? Actually didn't he come on and score late on?

Sure there are loads more, but brain gone dead!!
links between the 2 clubs with Dave Merrington and Soton Born Sam Vokes, Wade Elliot and Jukebox?
What bizarre game!!
at 11:54 2 Feb 2020

Stiil scratching my head at how we lost 4-0. All 4 goals came from breakaways rather than relentless wave after wave of pressure. We created some excellent chances but the the final passes in the box were too often poor.
The team were quite rightly clapped and cheered at the end. I don't think I've ever left a ground after such a heavy defeat but feeling so proud of the team for the effort they put in. Many scousers in pubs in town complimented us for the 1st half performance and said we gave them more problems than anybofy else this season. As much as I hate Klopp hats off for his praise as well.

Oh well it was a free hit anyway, but still feel we weren't far off getting something from the game!! I haven't seen Motd yet to hear their opinion about us or the pen decision. Right in front of me and 100% Trip. Maybe if Ings had goe over straight away instead of trying to keep running it might have been given.
I have just seen highlights on OS and they barely showed any of our 1st half chances, especially the brilliant save from a Moussa 25 yarder and Ings goalbound shot blocked by Long. Final word .... Friend is a cheating karnt. So many little incidents which should have pulled up for free kicks to us right under his nose waved away, the moment the slightest touch by any of ours and of course its a free kick. WAC
Played for us and them .... Bumper Edition!!
at 07:22 30 Jan 2020

Keepers - Paul Jones, Grobelaar. Danish Guy who had a fight with an iron board?

Defenders - Clyne, Mark Right, Ruddock, Lolvren, Van Dick, Barry Venison

MidField - NiveaBoy, Oxlade Chamberlain, Jim Magilton, Jimmy Case, Jimmy Melia, Jamie Redknap, Souness (manager)

Forwards - SRL, Keegan, Mane, Crouchie, King of The Scummers

So many, I've probably left out some obvious ones!!
Dodgy stream plea!!
at 14:08 25 Jan 2020

THe game is being shown n Mid East on Bellend Sports so should be some streams out there today.
Begging Bowl out for decent stream tonight
at 18:23 21 Jan 2020

Thanks .... !!
Back to begging letter for Stream today!!
at 14:17 18 Jan 2020

Thanks in advance!!
Danny Ings King of the Scummers Song
at 10:56 13 Jan 2020

I remember seeing a version of it on here a few weeks ago, but I'm pretty sure the lyrics have changed and there seemed to be several different versions of the last line being sung around me on Saturday!

so, what is the correct version?

Both Saints and Foxes
at 00:20 9 Jan 2020

Peter Shilton
Frank Worthington
Peter Rodrigues
Dennis Rofe
Matt Oakley
Dean Hammond
Nathan Dyer
David Webb
Steve Moran
David Connolly
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