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Saints in blue.
at 21:43 16 Mar 2021

Some things are just not right!
Europa League bonuses.
at 10:01 31 Oct 2020

Is it rumoured that Villa players' representatives have been negotiating them?
Let's hope they are wasting their energy on these hypothetical thoughts.
Counting chickens before they are hatched springs to mind.
One game at a time lads.
at 20:49 17 Aug 2020

Things warming up nicely there.
Another Soviet stooge about to be 'rescued' by another Russian land grab.
Top 3 Frenchies
at 12:10 16 Aug 2020

Top 3

Will the Conq
Juliette Binoche
Terry Henry
Did anyone miss the crowd?
at 08:27 20 Jun 2020

The players certainly didn't seem to.
With careful placement of banners and flags to blanket the banks of vacant seating, strategically sited cardboard cut outs of the images of certain individual fans and the clever use of tv generated crowd noise with the appropriate and timely chants, cheers, whistles, howls and groans, it had eveything that the armchair football fan could wish for.

What do you reckon?
What's up with POTUS?
at 20:50 17 Jun 2020

Reading various articles and reports that his health is in decline.
Have always thought he was losing his marbles but it's becoming noticeable by the day.
Are you left wing or right?
at 23:03 9 Jun 2020

In my view a good footballer should be versatile enough to play in whatever role the coach/manager requires and demands. Good players, professionals with pride in their work do that without complaint.

You need two good feet .

As for me, the indestructible, box to box midfield dynamo, that I always aspired to being? Still got the heart and soul but not the legs unfortunately.

Reading any good books right now?
at 18:33 24 May 2020

Like a good read.
At the moment it's military history, The Road to Berlin, sequel to the Road to Stalingrad by Prof John Erickson.
Bought them both for 50p at the village fete last year.

World War 2 was won in the wheat fields of Ukraine and the forests of Byelorussia.

Marshall Zhukov is a Hero of the Soviet Union and goes down well under my roof.
Cops in copters.
at 18:43 22 Apr 2020

Been buzzed three times this afternoon by the aerial fuzz ? 2 at atime last time at a 1000 feet. Aerial reconnaissance or surveillance or some other over zealous French word?
Wtf is going on ?!
Someone said the other day that they, the constabulary, need some proper work to do like suppressing a riot or a spree of looting to keep them busy in these quiet but troubled times.
African migrants
at 11:52 9 Apr 2020

Have just moved into my shed. The first swallows of summer, a nesting pair.
This is the third summer now and it's a joy to watch them return each year, build their nest, raise their chicks, three lots last year, catch midges, evade sparrow hawks and fly off again in October.

Anyone else lucky enough to enjoy Springwatch experiences?
Premier League to resume?
at 07:17 22 Mar 2020

Before outbreak is contained?
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