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Would a wage cap lead to a better competition?
at 14:14 6 Jan 2022

Each club to be given a hard limit for wages.

Any additional revenues could be used to buy new players and give those players a signing on bonus.

Minimum contract term 3 years - no early release.

Would that make for a more even competition (if observed and I think City, Chelski, Liverpool, Utd, would not observe it).
If Djokovic was a football player...?
at 10:53 6 Jan 2022

We all know that countries have different approaches to vaccination and how to resist/fight/manage Covid.

Some are contemplating mandatory vaccination and by implication that would mean that visitors to the country may also be required to be vaccinated.

If that happens and some players from a visiting club or national team are unvaccinated, would they - should they - be allowed into the country to play a match?

Football is after all just a game, an entertainment and that is hardly enough reason to breach or make exemptions from a mandate being imposed upon full time residents. The resentment that generates (ergo Australia) is political dynamite.

So, should unvaccinated players be able to compete in countries with a vaccine mandate?
New owner - new ground?
at 16:44 5 Jan 2022

I don't know much about Mr Solak but I hope he takes a real interest in his new acquisition.

If so, can I ask that he consider moving the stadium - pretty please?

Anybody coming into Sampton for a match finds the stadium an utter PITA to get to, park nearby, get out of, and leave the city. It should never have been put where it was.

Instead sell the land for housing - which is what all the surrounding property is going for and use the money to build something out near the motorway.

The sites near the old Transit factory look favourite to me. Easy access, good links into and out of town. A railway line ready.

I seem to think that Rupert whatshisface tried to build a stadium out there and got outline permission? He then got greedy and wanted a hotel, shops, residential and the planners said no.

Perhaps it would be a good time to try again and build a bigger (40k) stadium?
Seriously - there needs to be a review over refs and VAR
at 10:12 20 Dec 2021

I've not really caught up with the weekend's football yet but there were a number of incidents in which the ref and/or the VAR crew were clearly wrong.

Spurs - Liverpool

1. Kane tackle. If that was seen by VAR it was a red card. If Kane was a journeyman defender from the lower half of the PL it was a red card. Ref sees England captain and only a yellow.

2. Jiota being barged in the back. Nailed on penalty.

3. Alli diving in the box. Nailed on yellow.

4. Robertson sending off was absolutely correct but I suspect he was frustrated by some of the decisions. (We saw something similar in our game with Brighton when their bought a free kick by going to ground and managed to dislocate his elbow).

5. In the City/Newcastle game, the City keeper should have been red carded. May not have bene a penalty as the ball was gone, but still dangerous play.

We have fans and pundits and journalists all saying that the refs are being exposed by VAR errors which is compounding their own real time errors. I have sympathy for refs on the field in most situations and this season they have been told to use less whistle, but VAR is there and they should be given more help.
at 11:23 13 Dec 2021

Have been announced.

Tom Daley
Tyson Fury
Adam Peatty
Raheem Sterling
Sarah Storey

Can't say I'm excited by the list - esp Sterling who these days struggles to get first team minutes.
Is it me? Problems with typing posts
at 09:53 9 Dec 2021

In the grand scheme of things a minor but irritating issue.

When I'm typing a post the cursor disappears and the last few letters/words are not typed. It means I have to reset the cursor into the post and repeat the text.

Not sure why but it may be related to something happening when the ads change?

Or am I just doing it wrong?
Prediction Logged by at 19:09:35
Arsenal v Southampton prediction logged
Which one player ...
at 14:54 8 Dec 2021

.. from the past say 50 years would you want in the team today?

I might opt for Ted MacDougall. Lethal in the box and converted a good number of chances.
Documentary on Q Anon
at 14:22 8 Dec 2021

Did anybody see the documentary on QAnon yesterday (Tues 7th Dec)?

I watched because understanding a position and making a judgement based on knowledge and evidence is better than letting somebody else do my thinking and going along with any old tripe because its fits my prejudices.

Basically it seems that some of the characters interviewed were called "by God" to believe what the anonymous poster (not posted anything since December 2020) wrote, was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The fact that there is no evidence for the mass child abduction or the "secret city beneath New York"or voter fraud in the last US election simply proves that this centuries old conspiracy to undermine freedoms and governments actually exists.

It ended with the journo interviewing a couple of types who are apparently seen by the supporters of the QAnon theory as being potential leaders - actual and thought - who were asked about the movement. After trying unsuccessfully to deflect questions, they walked out of the interview.

So, no evidence is evidence, billions of us are being duped 24 hours a day every day and only those who choose to believe unsupported claims from an anonymous source, now silent, know the truth.

Throw in some vaccine nonsense (a woman running for political office in the US thought that the vaccine made you magnetic and tried to prove it by sticking a piece of metal to the interviewers head - failed!) and the fact that the FBI organised and were ring leaders of the storming of the Capital on 6th January.

Have to say that the supporters of the movement did not come out of this well but that was OK with them because the mainstream media is in on the cabal.

It was interesting to see some of their anti vax, "Covid is a hoax", messages being developed because a lot of these are here now, equally evidence free.
Red or blue?
at 15:54 7 Dec 2021

For my sins I watch a few US based YouTube channels.

One of these (Pakman) is a Democrat leaning commentator who a few days ago posted a piece about how Covid is being weaponised for political purposes in the USA.

A statistic from over there is that is you are in a Republican (Trump) supporting county then you are more likely to catch the disease and die from it, than if you are in a Democrat (Biden) county.
How do I block posts from certain individuals please?
at 14:32 6 Dec 2021

Life is too short for some of the repetitive nonsense posted here.
Why are throw ins so difficult?
at 18:13 2 Dec 2021

Last night (leicester) was a good example.

Every time they had a throw, they had players unmarked.

Every time we had a throw it was 50/50 whether we would keep the ball.

And what is the Salisu thing? He ca't reach the danger area and it lands between six and eighteen yard line where three defenders were cuing up to play it into the space Salisu was not occupying.

Just stop doing that.
Second half problems
at 12:54 22 Nov 2021

I was at the Villa game recently where we got battered in the second half, but held on. I was not at Norwich but from what I read, we got battered again and this time didn't hold on.

It may be a coincidence that it's the same opposing manager but thinking back on other games, perhaps not.

I speculated that against Villa, they came out in the second half and played in more advanced positions. Looking at the Opta "average position" stats, seems to bear this out. I've not seen the stats for Norwich.

A midfield player picking up a ball and looking up and being able to drive into 10/15 yards of space, adds pace and momentum to the attack. The same player who is able to advance only 5 yards before having to protect the ball from challenge is less likely to be able to play it forward quickly. Instead we will see a sideways or backwards pass. That allows the opposition midfield to then drop a little and their defence to get into shape.

If it were me coaching (and thank heavens, it's not) I would be asking for more width. Have the strikers run into the channels and give some options. Have the wide midfield do that - go wide. I would have the full backs wide. That gives the midfield receiver more options and allows a pass forward, not perhaps 20/25 yards, but 10 yards but keeps the ball moving in that direction.

A team 1-0 down at half time or one that is 1-1 and at home will come out at half time fired up. We need to see that as an opportunity to score again by perhaps slightly changing how we do things (perhaps the above or perhaps better ideas) or we need to say that we will defend hard for 20 minutes and then change things. As it is we seem to be doing neither and that allows the pressure to build.

That said, Norwichs' second goal (only saw it on MOTD) sees their tallest player against JWP. I mean - what!? Where was Bednarek or Salisu?
Deny the oxygen of publicity
at 10:30 17 Nov 2021

Incoming rant.

Does anybody remember when Maggie Thatcher decided that the Irish terrorists (of all colours) should be denied the opportunity to explain their latest atrocity on notional TV? I think the phrase she used was as above.

I've only recently joined the active forum community here having been a lurker for a long while. I enjoy the football related pieces and learn a lot. I dabble in the financial/tax issues because that's my job and I'm vain enough to think I can add something. I have views on certain political matters and contribute there when I think I have something to say. (Feel free to ignore those views).

Unfortunately I have also dipped my toe into some of the threads dealing with alleged conspiracies doing the rounds, beginning with Covid and now moving into Climate Change. That was a mistake.

I will no longer contribute to threads alleging conspiracy or control freakery or imagined plots. Partly because opinions there are already polarised beyond reasonable debate but mainly because debating them is a form of validation that in my view is unwarranted.

Thanks for reading tot he end of this rant - as you were..
Joe Worrall - who he?
at 15:29 16 Nov 2021

I see a couple of Midlands based rags are saying that Saints are checking out the above who presently plays for Forest.

They report that Villa are also interested.

Apparently he's a defender although I confess I've never heard of him.
Forward options looking healthy
at 09:25 4 Nov 2021

I've now managed to watch more of the Watford game and am generally heartened by the fact that without Broja, the incoming players adapted to a different style.

In particular it seems the coaching staff have worked on the Adams/Armstrong partnership and there was evidence that they were a more effective pairing than we have seen so far this season. The "one goes short, one goes far stick" idea has been planted in them.

I'm of the view that coaching forwards is more difficult than defenders because their mindset is always about creating or scoring goals and to deliberately move to a place where that is more difficult is - well - more difficult.

At the moment it seems that with Broja leading a line and creating space for the midfield to advance into or with Adams/Armstrong coming short and allowing midfield players and full backs to go past them, are both profitable for us and we can at least start games with those plans.

What might be more tricky is playing Broja with one or both of Adams/Armstrong. I confess that formation I cannot see as being effective.

The test will come when we play a better team and whichever formation we start with is not working. Will RH have the courage of his convictions and make a switch. Hopefully now he sees both can work, he will be more comfortable about doing that.
AFC Bournemouth kits
at 09:32 26 Oct 2021

Just on the off chance.

My nephew is collecting AFC Bournemouth shirts from the past.

If anybody has one that has fallen out of favour or shrunk over the years, I'd be happy to offer a fair price.

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