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Saints Look To Weston ! McKennie That Is !
at 14:44:29

Heard this morning that Spurs have already produced a video unveiling Hojberg as a Tottenham player. Can't release it yet as they haven't met Southamptons asking price. Talk about state the obvious !!!. Never known such presumptuous club in all my life. Spurs all over !!!
Lallana Linked With A St Mary's Return
at 08:13:07

Maybe on a pay as you play deal. Very injury prone but may be a useful option. Personally can't see it happening though.
Saints Guaranteed 12th Place ! But What If !
at 12:08:32

From where we were in October after that fateful night against Leicester, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say Wow, 12th. I feared the worst after that embarrassing performance but to where we are now, no one would have foreseen how the season would finish for us. Someone asked me in November if we would stay up and I flatly told them no, that we weren't good enough. I have to say I did rather enjoy my big fat slice of humble pie. Very happy how the season has gone. Dont care if we finish 12th or 11th. My faith is restored. COYS !!!
Ralph Has To Try Something Different
at 21:06:40

Woah - steady on. What's the matter with me. Agreeing with Nick twice in a week.
However I'm leaning towards giving Fraser one last hurrah in goal to make sure we're not making the wrong decision by selling him in the summer window. I still think theres a keeper in there somewhere and that he's better than the two in front of him.
I've been banging on about Romero at Man United for a while now. I think he's a cracking keeper and way too good to be third choice at United which he will be if Henderson doesn't go out on loan again next season. Maybe worth a punt.
Che Adams I think needs a few games before the seasons out. I really dont want him sold in the summer either. He's gonna be a player, just needs some game time and a goal. Then he'll be away. Up the Saints !!!
Dont Blame Southampton FC For Project Restart !
at 10:17:05

The season definitely needs to be finished if only for the financial security of Saints and every other club. I dont think Sky, BT and all the other domestic broadcasters are they problem. They dont show every game live so some deal can be reached I'm sure. Probably screening more live games next season for the same money.
The problem are the foreign broadcasters who show all 10 games live every week. They're the ones who are going to want their money back which would be a catastrophe for all clubs of our size. United, Chelsea etc will be able to cope with it but Saints, Norwich, Leicester and other clubs of our size will struggle badly. I fear for clubs like Burnley and Bournemouth whose rely on that TV money more than anyone else because of the crowds they get.
Worrying times indeed so its imperative we get it done soon.
Saints Still Need One More Win
at 20:06:44

I think its plain to see. The defence isn't poor. Bertrand and Bednarek apart the rest simply aren't good enough. Stephen's always has a mistake in him. Vestergaard, well ive seen super tankers turn quicker than him. Valery doesnt know know how to defend - period. Ralph doesnt fancy KWP st all which means we will probably sign him in the summer. But to be fair, the defence isn't helped by our captain consistently giving the ball away in midfield every game. Hopefully the board will dig deep in the summer and get the recruitment right. A top class centre back and right much needed me thinks with a top class quarterback of a midfielder for dessert. Why do we struggle against direct and physical teams so much ? Because we are not strong enough physically or mentally. This needs to be addressed in the summer or its mid table mediocrity again next season.
Lallana Mooted For St Mary's Return
at 20:23:34

Nope. This has got a transfer to those gobby little tw@ts down the A31 written all over it !!!
Saints Target For Second Half Of The Season Is Realistic And Achievable.
at 09:46:28

If our recruitment is going to be anything like it has been over the last 3 years then I dont hold out much hope for getting a top class centre half. We have no cover in the full back areas so this needs to be strengthened.
I saw a massive improvement in Saturdays game. They weren't half as nervous as previous home games. What a difference a couple of wins makes.
Che Adsms worked his socks off and he just needs a chance similar to the one Danny Ings got for his goal. The crowd were fantastic, getting behind the team and spurring them on against a very well organised Palace side. Reading some fans pages, just goes to show that a lot of Saints fans have no idea what they're talking about. Complaining about how we didn't win and certain players not worth their wages. This was a good performance and should be treated as such.
Good result Ssints. Well done !!!
Saints At Chelsea The Verdict
at 19:11:27

Massive shout out to Che Adam's. He was terrific today. We would be bonkers loaning him out in January. He just needs a goal then he'll be away.
Well done Ssints. Let's just sort our home form out now cause that really is dogs*it. COYR !!
Saints V West Ham United The Verdict
at 07:15:52

I'm not one for screaming for managers to be sacked unless its mark Hughes but the players just aren't motivated. With a game of such magnitude, there was no intensity and no fight. And for that Ralph needs some scrutiny. PEH was shocking. It was his fault for West Hams goal. Letting the ball run under your foot in centre midfield and giving a free kick away is criminal. He was awful the whole game. I just cant see a way out for us. Maybe our away from will save us but I fear I'm just clutching at straws. And Nick, we really are not a good side at all.
Saints Fans "Fume" Again
at 17:19:59

Let's be honest. None of the back four bar Bednarek have been covering themselves in glory. I personally think Bednarek is gonna be a class act but only if he has a top class CB next to him which we currently don't have. Valery is great going forward but defensively inept. We certainly need cover at left back, a new centre back and potentially a new right back if Valery cant pick up the art of defending in the next 6 months.
Saints V Norwich City The Verdict
at 17:05:30

I couldn't make the game last night but from the comfort of my living room I saw a team that was slowly getting some confidence back - especially first half.
Some alarm bells were ringing when Ralph attempted to shore things up by bringing on Romeu for Djenepo. My fears were confounded when he brought Yoshida on for Long. I'm sure my TV has never heard language like it. Long was keeping Norwich honest with him running the channels with Norwich scared to go too gung-ho for fear of being broken on. When Yoshida came on that fear subsided and they felt they could nick an equalizer. They would of too if Ssm Byram could finish. Still, we survived and another welcome 3 points.
Newcastle Sunday could be interesting.
Saints V Watford The Verdict
at 17:31:04

3 points is 3 points and that can only bode well for a bit of confidence at St Marys.
The million dollar question for me though is whether we start Boufal on Wednesday night instead of Obafemi who really does have the brains of a rocking horse. Djenepo, Redmond and Boufal as an attacking 3 supporting Ings is an attack that I would love to see.
Shame about the back 4 though 😁😁
Get Back To Basics At Arsenal
at 20:08:31

Got to be 4-2-3-1 in my opinion. It's a formation the players know and gives a bit more solidity in midfield.
My team for Saturday would be.





Saints At Everton The Verdict
at 07:06:57

How can you say were not a bad team? Fact of the matter is were bloody awful. Yes, i will concede we have a few decent players but mostly it is a championship level squad at best.
Cant for the life of me figure out Ralphs tactics. Why is he not play 4-2-3-1. Its a solid formation, the players know it inside out and most importantly it doesnt necessitate players playing out of position.
Lose to Arsenal and Watford and I think its Ta ta Ralph.
Steven Gerrard anyone 😁😁
Everton Game Now Massive !
at 15:25:07

After Leicester I was completely resigned to the fact we would be fighting relegation again this season and yhe cup defeat in midweek didnt change that. However, after Saturday my faith has been restored even if the goals we conceded were definately preventable.
How can a teams mentality can change so much in 8 days. A willingness to fight for one another. Something that has been severly lacking in my eyes. Not just last Friday but long before then.
Onwards and upwards then 😁😁😁
Saints At Manchester City The Verdict
at 22:14:50

Bloody hell Nick. That was quick 😁😁 Ralph sent them out to be compact but as is the norm it was individual mistakes with a bit if bad luck thrown in for the third that cost us. Otemendi's free header and Aguero had the freedom of Eastlands to bury his chance. Both shocking marking. But a promising effort in the second half. Be interesting to see what Stirling and De Bruyne make of our shortcomings on Saturday but I think we should cross that bridge when we get to it.
7 out of 10 for effort tonight though.
Saints At Manchester City The Preview
at 11:57:43

Boufal is a maverick. Matt le Tiss was a maverick. We have absolutely no creativity in the team. Romeu and Hojberg are sitting mudfielders so lack creativity. Ward-Prowse is completely out of form so should be dropped. Armstrong, Boufal, Macarthy, Danso and Adams should all get a go tonight. Left back is a huge problem tonight so Danso will no doubt be played out of position - again.
Give those players a go. Cant be any worse than the clowns who disgraced themselves and the club on Friday night.
4-0 Saints 😂😂😂😂
Absolutely ******* Disgraceful
at 16:35:40


Absolute dogsh*t performance. Not one of those players on the pitch deserves to wear the shirt ever again. They dont know theyre born living in their little bubbles. PEH is captain and his comments after the match just rubbed salt into the wounds. I quote ' Nothing like this can ever happen again' Really? No sh*t Sherlock. Talk about state the bloody obvious.The words Im sorry dont cut it mate. Weve heard it all before. I'd have preferred it if he'd have said nothing at all.


Well, not turning out that well after all is it Ralph.
Youre team selections are baffling to say the least.
No Boufal, the most talented player we have. No McCarthy, best keeper we have. No Armstrong, more creativity in his big toe than JWP has in his whole body. No Danso, surely worth a go at CB ahead of Vestergaard or Maya. Everyone can see it except you.
Go get yourself an experienced assistant manager to bounce your weird and wonderful team selections and tactics off. If they are any good at their job, they would tell you to wind your neck and stop being ridiculous.


You are the main problem. The Chinese owners are not a good fit for our club. The TV money is the only thing they are interested in. They are here to asset strip - nothing else. Our chairman has already told us no money is available for the team. Self sufficency is only possible if you have a decent squad of players which we dont currently have. Plainly speaking we are not good enough to survive in this league without major investment in the team. So Mr Chairman get you hand in your deep pockets and give the manager the tools he needs to do his job or your investment in our football club is heading south into the Championship.

Everyone at this club needs ro get their head out of the sand and realise that our club is being badly run inspired by greed and delusions of granduer.

Frankly, the supporters are tired if your bullsh*t and if you cant run it properly then get out and find aomeone who can.
Saints At Wolverhampton Wanderers The Verdict
at 17:44:51

If I'm completely honest, I don't really worry about us away from home. We seem to be set up in a way that suits us by playing on the break.
At home is the main concern for me. When we are invited onto teams we seem to run out of ideas very quickly and teams with any quality at all play us at our own game with quite a few individual errors chucked in for good measure. This is a recipe for disaster. We seem to get punished for every single mistake we make at the moment when we are at home. We are severely lacking confidence at St Mary's so a good result against that arrogant pr*** on Friday night may go someway to restoring some. Just need to stop the calamities at the back and we may just get it !!!
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