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Hasenhuttl Likely To Stick With Stephens
at 21:59:13

I just want to win the match, and if Maya returning from playing international matches cannot get in the first 11, the defence must be performing well!
Clean Sheet Needed
at 19:51:49

Both Stephens and Vestergaard were pressured into making silly mistakes once Crouch came on, but we all knew it would happen!

The big surprise and dissapointment was our lack of pressing and running down the wide men in the final 15 mins! They constantly pumped high balls into the box, and were mostly unchallenged. Knowing the threat surely meant we needed to cut off the supply, not try and deal with trouble inside the box!
Barren Transfer Window Doesn't Mean Disaster For Saints
at 11:03:56

It's realistic to say it's not a disaster, because at the moment it's not!
But history is not a good indicator of risk, none of us can predict injuries or sickness. I'm now hoping the existing squad can get us over the line, were used to relying on hope, but good risk management would have been better!
Are we fatally attracted to flaunting with disaster, our dodgy defense has been a major issue for a long time!
Keeping on the positive - I also believe we've just enough to avoid relegation, and I really hope Bertrand returns on good form soon!
Hoedt Loan Confirmed
at 16:13:22

This post must be intentionally provocative, Hoedt was rubbish but for some mysterious reason was regularly picked from the start of this season. I always cheered him, but he was vulnerable and so weak on the pitch!
Along with so many other fans I could not see any improvement in his thinking speed or positional play, he was clearly unsuited to PL pace and physicality and the only surprise was how long it took for him to be removed from the first 11.

Hope he plays better for CV and we get a decent offer to buy.
Hasenhuttl Marks Jack Stephens Out As A Leader
at 20:18:41

Bit worrying to say that Vestergaard played fantastic, I appreciate the need to create player confidence, but we need to be honest! Think RH may have got confused translating average and it became fantastic!
Vestergaard has cost us dearly in many matches, hope he and Stephens raise their game and prove me wrong!
Three Back From Injury To Face The Gunners
at 14:47:50

Many fans have been saying the players simply aren't fit enough for PL matches, and now the new manager is working on fitness, did we really need a new manager to sort out this basic requirement?
What have the existing coaches been doing during training since the beginning of this season! I’m very glad he is tackling the problem and share the general optimism that RH will make a big change with our squad and the way they play!
Is Mark Hughes Just Making Up The Numbers Tonight !
at 12:48:01

Think you’re asking the right person Luke, none of us have a clue, so we need someone on the inside to help us understand!
Latest Man City Win Puts Saints Defeat Into Perspective
at 16:07:54

MC getting a high score was never in doubt, we have already said many times on different forums we expected to get well beaten at the Etihad!
The problem that upsets so many fans is the way our team rolled-over from kick-off! There was no high pressing, hunting down the ball in numbers or even any attempt to tackle them as they approached the box. We watched our players walk back after losing possession up the pitch and leave the defence to themselves. We were too scared to play that even the basics were not evident. this was not humbling, it was an embarrassment! Let’s not focus on our score only being slightly worse than other poor teams, let’s be honest and say the match was pitiful, or as Sky said a sorry performance.
Watford Could Be Hughes Last Stand
at 09:22:52

Have the media also got our next saviour lined-up?
It will need a very talented coach/manager to sort out this mess!
Saints Need To Beat A Big Six Club
at 10:44:53

1079 Speaks my exact thoughts, it’s good to aim high but current reality is we need to beat mid and lower table teams first!
The sooner we get back to strong, entertaining home game performances the better, this has always been critical requirement for any competitive team.

So, I'll also gladly take a win against anyone!!
Could Dressing Room Bust Up Stir Passion
at 20:39:32

Good - time for Hoedt to respond or step aside!
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
at 10:31:09

Good post Dpeps - joining our defence squad is certainly tough, but he was selected and bought as a suitable leader! And now he appears to be the weakest link, recent, basic errors have taken the spotlight off Hoedt, but that’s only because he’s slightly better! When negotiations were made public his description was an imposing centre-back who has shown to be an aerial threat in attack, Jannik has developed into a reliable defender.
I guess that we all thought he would provide a reduced version of VVD at the heart of our weak defence, but his development into a reliable defender is clearly ongoing. He was not played by Denmark in the WC and it would be interesting to know the exact reason why. But there is some relevance to your defensive shape comment as Denmark usually play 4 at the back.
I also agree that the Bundesliga has become softer with only a few teams creating a real battle, unlike our PL where every match is full-on!
A Rough Guide To Wolverhampton Wanderers
at 17:55:42

We had stones thrown at us in West Park, but it was in a previous era!
Hughes Needs To Instill The Passion
at 09:07:27

It is very tempting to join those who feel the squad is not good enough, but that would not be objective. We see several lower budget and apparently weaker squads playing well together and getting results. Watford, Burnley and to a lesser extent Crystal Palace have all punched above their weight in the last couple of seasons. Getting decent performance from a set of average players is all about training and management..... this is now our problem area, once it was a strength!
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