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Did Welsh voters miss an opportunity at this GE?
at 10:09 17 Dec 2019

It is obvious from history and the comments on here that the Welsh voters have a long, proud & principled history of voting Labour.
However at this GE it also became obvious that Labour were not going to win.
Should most of the Welsh voters therefore have gone against their principles and voted Conservative, as anamethatic as that would be.
The reasons for doing so were twofold.
Which area of the country is Johnson going to woo in the future with goodies to try and keep their vote, Northern England who voted Conservative or south & mid Wales who tried to put Corbyn in.
When it became fairly obvious that Labour were going to lose why vote for the losing side who will not give Wales any meaningful voice in Parliament at all.
Many remainers on here have told brexiters that it would have been better to stay in the EU to change it from the inside.
Yet do not appear to see the same logic applied to Westminster.

The people of the north of England & north of Wales "lent" their votes to Johnson to punish labour for ignoring their will, can he bribe them enough to keep them.

Most of the Welsh were unable to sell their souls to the devil, even though it may have made more sense to do so, because Wales now faces at least another 4 years without much of a voice in Westminster except for Bridgend and the north.

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U23s playing Norwich tonight.
at 19:30 9 Dec 2019

The boys are 1 up.
Al Hamadi scored.
Down the wing to Cullen, Cullen crosses, Al hamadi puts it in the net.
Typical Swansea football.
[Post edited 9 Dec 2019 19:31]
This one is for any bed wetting Climate Emergency believers.
at 12:45 9 Dec 2019

This Video tells you the real story about COP 25 in a short space of time.
You won't see it shown on the BBC.

Watch it before it is "disappeared.
Bad injury for Everton's Gomes.
at 18:38 3 Nov 2019

A Son tackle that didn't look anything bad leads to a broken leg (ankle?) for Gomes.
Son Red carded.
Rodon out for months, needs Surgury on his ankle.
at 17:10 28 Oct 2019

He shouldn't have been allowed to play.
Let's hope the U23s make it 4
at 17:08 28 Oct 2019

They also play tonight at 7:00 live on the Swans Site.
And the U18s win as well.
at 17:05 28 Oct 2019

A good period for the Swans as a whole, the U18s beat Soton 3:1 away.
Swansea beat Cardiff again.
at 17:03 28 Oct 2019

This time it is the ladies, they won 2:0.
Mike Dean gets it wrong, where is VAR?
at 20:40 21 Oct 2019

Arsenal have cast iron penalty, Dean gives yellow for diving.
Before that the same thing at the other end, again no VAR.
What is going on?

ps Dean is having a mare.
[Post edited 21 Oct 2019 20:42]
Has the EU morphed in to the 4th Reich?
at 20:29 7 Oct 2019

Now they want to wield Power on the world stage.

So not just a trading or market group then?
[Post edited 8 Oct 2019 11:33]
A good word for Freddie.
at 17:49 31 Aug 2019

Didn't he do well cutting out those high crosses?
Ollie on for SU
at 15:20 18 Aug 2019

Can Ollie cut it in the Prem?
Chris Peterson
at 17:27 3 Aug 2019

Any comments on how Peterson played?
Is 9 goals and 9 points in 1 week a Swans Record?
at 09:07 10 Apr 2019

Have the Swans done it before in the past?
Also 9 goals for and only 2 against in 3 games.
Trump Derangement Syndrome
at 23:56 24 Mar 2019

So where is Shaky and all the other morons that believed in the totally false Russian Collusion story.
I notice he has gone really quiet on Trump lately.
Is he going to retract now or does he still believe the crap put together by Clinton, the DNC, Ex MI5 and the FBI?
Poor Keeping lets Fulham equalise against Pool.
at 15:53 17 Mar 2019

Van Dijk under pressure heads it back to the Keeper who tries to kick it instead of diving on it.
Gifting the ball to Babel who just kicks it in the open goal.
A right old farce.
Mind you unlike City, Pool were not awarded a clear cut Pen unlike City's gift by Marriner
One major Negative from a Wonderful Performance.
at 20:02 16 Mar 2019

After seeing Dan James take apart the Man City defence there will be a queue a mile long for him come the summer transfer window.
Sarc on/
Which I am sure our owners will ignore as they take us to the next level.
Sarc off/
No Magic Bounce for Brendan at Leicester
at 14:43 3 Mar 2019

Lost 2:1 to Watford.
Fer's problem was a tight hamstring.
at 11:43 30 Jan 2019

Probably out for Bristol.
Celina's Goal get's in the BBC top FA Cup 4th round goals.
at 20:59 28 Jan 2019

Well done to him.

Some of them are no better than Ollie's second though.
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