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C Cs Latest Statement on Recruitment on the Official website.
at 10:40 18 Jan 2018

"“I need players who cover the gaps we have in the team – we need players with certain abilities in the team.

“I am very happy with the players I have and the commitment they are showing.

“We have been offered a lot of players already. We could have shown the fans that we are doing something by signing four or five players already.

“But those players have the same abilities as the players I already have. I don’t want more of the same.

“To fight for the players with quality is not easy – we are trying to get players who will come here and make an impact in the team, to help the players we have already who are doing fantastically well.

“We have not done anything already because we are fighting for the best players we can.”"
U18s playing today?
at 14:13 13 Jan 2018

Anyone know what the score is?
I can't find anything on the twitter feed or anywhere else.
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U23s are also playing.
at 16:08 6 Jan 2018

THey were leading Chelsea 1:0 at half time.
But updates are abysmal, it is all about the cup game.
Why no VDH to beef up the Defence?
at 19:14 26 Dec 2017

Why against a strong attacking side like Liverpool would you not beef up our defence?

I just don't understand the logic.
Fair Article by Phil Neville on the BBC Sport website.
at 18:47 18 Dec 2017

His take on Swansea we need to spend on 3 or 4 players in January.
The Gap is opening up.
at 16:31 16 Dec 2017

Today's games are currently opening up the gap between us and the rest, it is going to place even more pressure on our team on Monday.
Palace won 3:0
Huddersfield winning 3:0
West Ham winning 1:0
Only Newcastle are currently not winning they are 1:0 down.
A word on Narsingh
at 19:01 10 Dec 2017

From just outside our box he chipped the ball for Tammy to tun on to and set up his attack, he was 10 - 20 yards behind Tammy.
He left the WBA player next to him for dead, overtook both the WBA player trailing Tammy and Tammy.
That was really good passing and outstanding sprinting and shows what he is capable of.
If he is the forward man and the ball is kicked out of defence over the oppositions head, he looks like he would get there first.
He is quicker than I & my son realized.
Of course all that effort was for nowt and Tammy wasted it all.
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So Clement says he believes he is here till January
at 17:47 24 Nov 2017

On Wales on line.

"Paul Clement: I don't have any doubts that I will be in charge and given the opportunity to strengthen Swansea City's squad in January"

It just goes from bad to worse.

Also read this bull on Mesa
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Transfer Values of our players on Wales on line.
at 19:20 17 Nov 2017

A couple of wierd values for our players according to the The CIES Football Observatory.
They have valued Mawson at £34M, which as he could continue to be an England International.
But the really odd ones are
Ki £2.2m against Carroll's £13M, Fer £9.9M and even Fulton at £4.4M, Cian Harries at £3.6M and King on £2.3M. So somebody really doesn't like him even though he is an International player.
The other one is Fab rated at a measly £4.8M which seems awfully low for a Prem & International Keeper.
Are some our players suffering with a sort of "Rabbit in the Headlight" syndrom?
at 11:02 6 Nov 2017

There have been posts already discussing the Role that our Fans are playing in our current dilemma.
Could it be that our very poor Home record, which seems to be getting worse is because the Players are not just lacking confidence in the team's tactics and abilities. They are just as aware as all of us that they can't score enough goals.
Could they also be being affected by not wanting to let the fans down and the more fans that they play in front of (20,000 at home) the more it is affecting them. Which would explain why they play better away.
They are almost "freezing up", certainly FF did for the goal, the more they play at home the worse their play is getting.
To the point that they are losing even the basics.
This reminds me of England in the Euros, especially one Wayne Rooney, a very experienced professional, who lost the ability to trap and pass the ball completely and was subbed.

If it is the case, then booing them will actually make matters worse, not better.
Their reaction will not be what is expected and make them try much harder, they will go even further in to their shells to the point of becoming mental & physical wrecks due to the pressure that they don't know how to answer.
Everton Player hurt in Euro match
at 18:44 2 Nov 2017

Doesn't look too good at the moment, maybe a neck injury.
The other Ayew scores twice.
at 21:20 25 Oct 2017

Against Spurs in the Cup tonight.
Candidate for goal of the month.
at 19:21 21 Oct 2017

Brilliant Solo effort by Soton's Sofiane Boufal.
I wish we had a player that could do that.
[Post edited 21 Oct 2017 19:23]
Lawro finally gets one right.
at 17:00 14 Oct 2017

Wonders will never cease, Lawro finally got a Swans Prediction right.
Under 23s in action against Celtic.
at 13:32 30 Sep 2017

The under 23s play Celtic in the International cup at Landore today at 2:00pm.
The team includes a Trialist, Ollie, Dyer and Ki.

ps can be viewed at I think.
[Post edited 30 Sep 2017 13:34]
Under 23s playing Man C tonight at 7:00pm
at 18:16 22 Sep 2017

The team is
Swans U23s: Erwin Mulder, Tyler Reid, Aaron Lewis, Cian Harries, Joe Rodon (Capt), Leon Britton, Jay Fulton, Oli McBurnie, George Byers, Kenji Gorre, Nathan Dyer.

Subs: Lewis Thomas, Jordan Garrick, Adam King, Courtney Baker-Richardson, Jack Bainbridge.

Live feed from
[Post edited 22 Sep 2017 18:17]
Under 23s playing Spurs tonight at 7:00pm.
at 17:49 18 Sep 2017

Anyone know of any feeds?
That Rubbish Championship side Newcastle.
at 17:30 16 Sep 2017

Now in 5th place in the Prem.
Amazing what a couple of wins can do.
[Post edited 16 Sep 2017 17:30]
Our Set Piece takers.
at 12:06 11 Sep 2017

How much practice do our Set Piece takers actually have at taking set pieces.
The likes of Johnny Wilkinson and other world class specialist "kickers" don't just train with the team. They spend hours on their own just practicing and perfecting their kicking technique, direction, distance and accuracy.
So who in our team does anything like that?
If not, why not?
West Brom doing us no favours.
at 16:21 9 Sep 2017

West Brom losing 2:0 to Brighton at the moment.
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