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Great Goal by by Dundee's Shankland.
at 12:18 13 Jan 2021

He gets the ball at about 55 yards out and the goalkeeper is not on his line., so you know the rest.

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I Have to ask.
at 11:57 5 Jan 2021

Why is our Government, NICE & the NHS allowing people to suffer the symptoms of COVID, hospitalisation, intensive care and death?
What advise do those bodies provide for reducing the effects of COVID?
When people get a positive Test result what advise are they given?
The answer to those last two questions is NOTHING.

Stay at home until your symptoms become serious or you get better is their only answer, which is no answer.
The mantra of those bodies is "the only way out is lockdowns and vaccines".

While the rest of the world outside the UK, USA & Western Europe are successfully using various drugs to improve people's chances of not getting COVID, not suffering so badly, not ending up in hospital and not dying.

The drugs are cheap, well understood, been in use for years and work.

Even Long COVID has been cured in many patients.

Where are the banner headlines for all this good news in the UK?

Ask yourself this "if you catch COVID would you want to be able to try the drugs under medical advise before you are ill enough to be hospitalised, would you take them?
Would you like to at least to have that option?

Then ask why you are not being given the same options as 3rd world countries offer their patients?
New Years honours list
at 18:26 31 Dec 2020

No gong of any kind for Mr Nigel "Brexit" Farage.
But Tax avoiding Hamilton gets a Knighthood because he has the best car, as proved by his apprentice.
Another Government Whitewash.
at 17:18 20 Dec 2020

This time it is the Grooming of young UK girls, the Whitehall Investigation paper finds that it was primarily carried out by white men.
Everybody knows that it was Asians, in fact when Sajid Javid was asking for the investigation he said "These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice. I want to commend the bravery of the victims. For too long, they were ignored. Not on my watch."

They have come up with all sorts of reasons for it being watered down.

The comments say it all.

Has the world been conned over COVID-19?
at 09:53 13 Dec 2020

The actions of Governments all over the world are shaped on the basis of the PCR COVID test results.
For months now there have been serious question marks over the accuracy of the tests.
Well now there is a definitive study on the original research and it's world wide adoption which is totally condemning.


This does not decry the deaths that occur with COVID-19, but there are also many questions over the counting of them as well.
Heavy Weight Fight.
at 22:39 28 Nov 2020

Daniel Dubios v Joe Joyce starting now on BT Sport.
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At last the Government sees the light on Vitamin D.
at 12:02 28 Nov 2020

It is only about 10 months too late, but as they say better late than never.


Of course no mention or advice that BAME or Overweight people should also be taking it along with everyone over 30.
It is not expensive, so most people should be able to afford it at about £16 a year.
[Post edited 28 Nov 2020 12:08]
Maxwell deposition.
at 17:55 22 Oct 2020

She refuses to answer most question, including about Prince Andrew.
She saw no underage girl activity, despite many girls saying she recruited them while they were underage.
She also volunteers that Clinton was not on Epstein's Island, despite Clinton's own office admitting he flew on the Epstien plane.

"Last year, Clinton's office issued a statement saying the former president had traveled aboard Epstein's private plane and briefly visited Epstein's New York City apartment -- but was always in the company of staff and Secret Service agents. Clinton also claimed to have had no knowledge of Epstein having pleaded guilty to sex crimes years ago in Florida."

"Had no knowledge of him pleading guilty"

We all believe that of course, well Djack and Jack do.
U23s thumped away at Hull.
at 19:46 19 Oct 2020

Our U23s side were beaten 4:0 away at Hull City today.
I like Andre Rieu.
at 16:04 10 Oct 2020

Especially watching videos of his concerts.
But I also like country & western, operatic arias, ballads, classics, guitar, some pop and some classics.
Favourite group, probably Dire Straits.
[Post edited 10 Oct 2020 16:06]
The truth about Biden & son officially comes out.
at 17:59 23 Sep 2020

Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees Release report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption.
Who the real CO2 polluters are.
at 13:56 21 Sep 2020

The rich & famous by miles.

So no Nuclear Power Station for Wales.
at 11:09 16 Sep 2020

Do you consider this good or bad news?
U23s playing Cardiff today?
at 17:26 14 Sep 2020

Are they
Did they?
Nothing on the main site, no match day, nothing on Swans Twitter.
Are the U23s going to be ignored this season?

Sorry, wrong Forum.
[Post edited 14 Sep 2020 17:29]
Oh dear, this is going to send anti Trumpers in to melt down.
at 12:50 9 Sep 2020

He has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize.

So much for Vaccines.
at 12:41 7 Sep 2020

This is what happens when the creators and manufacturers get it wrong.


Sudanese kids being given polio by the very vaccine that is supposed to protect them.
It appears the Gates foundation is involved.
Who would trust their COVID-19 vaccine?
From the other forum a very worthy post. Swansea's Justine wins Kid's Voice
at 12:51 31 Aug 2020

A 13 year girl from the Phillipines living in Swansea wins the Kid's voice with a truly remarkable voice.


More of her songs are available on you tube.
[Post edited 31 Aug 2020 21:35]
Player Match Ratings.
at 15:50 12 Jul 2020

We have a player rating for each match, which includes the Ref as well.
We should have a Manager rating do that fans can give their opinion of his performance on the Forum.
[Post edited 12 Jul 2020 15:50]
UK justice
at 11:46 9 Jul 2020

Should this High Court judgement be allowed to stand?
This idiot of a shopkeeper decided to test the efficiency of the Police upholding a new Council ruling for a street alcohol ban.
When the police arrsted him he was drinking carrot juice from a lager can.
They gave him a £60 fine for drinking aclohol as per the ban.
He showed them that it was carrot juice, but the fine stood.
The council took him to the Magistrates Court wher they found him Not Guilty because he was NOT drinking alcohol.
The council took an appeal to the High Court where the Judge overturned the not guilty verdict and awarded most of the councils £10,000 court costs against him. She also told the Magistrates to overturn the not guilty verdict to Guilty even though he did not commit the crime as charged.
The police could have charged him with wasting police time and or obtructing their investigation but did not.

Kyle Naughton
at 10:20 9 Feb 2020

It says a lot when of the 11 starters Kyle gets MOM by a fans Rating of 6.37.
It goes to show what the fans think of the overall team performance under Cooper.
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