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Best place to buy trainers online
at 10:55 15 May 2020

Never purchased clothes online and there seems to be tons of shifty looking websites out there

I'm after a pair of Gazelles. Any recommendations please?
Installing a Smart Thermostat - Electricians / Plumbers
at 10:12 7 Mar 2020

I'm gonna pull a waynekerr and ask for some DIY advice

I'm installing a Google Nest E smart thermostat. I wanted to mount the Heat Link inside the boiler cupboard but Nest technical support say that the Heat Link should be mounted at least 1m away from the boiler to avoid interference from the big metal object, this is despite the Heat Link having a clear line of sight to the Thermostat (i.e. the big metal boiler isn't between the two)

Are they just being overly cautious?
Coronavirus ravaging Port Talbot
at 20:44 11 Feb 2020

Just been shown a picture of hazmat suited medics escorting a person out of their house in the Sandfields. Any idea if it's legit?
The posting of pornography in the ticket section
at 17:12 2 Feb 2020

Great rack, but i'd still ban the fücker
FAO Plumbers
at 21:17 20 Jan 2020

I'm replacing the radiator in the living room (previous owner fitted fancy bathroom radiators - they look good but barely heat the room)

I've put the room dimensions etc. into an online BTU calculator and it came out recommending 5500 BTU

I've found a radiator online in the size and style I want but it only puts out 5400 BTU... Is that close enough!? I'm not one for having it roasting hot for what it's worth

Multiroom speakers
at 17:29 26 Dec 2019

Is it possible to stream mp3s from your phone, to multiroom speakers placed around your house?

I know you can stream from the likes of Spotify and Prime etc. around your house, but I want to avoid subscription services

I also know you can stream from your phone to a speaker over Bluetooth, but to my knowledge only the speaker you connect to will play the music

I've tried Google but it was a bit of a minefiled
Wild Turtles
at 22:43 25 Jul 2019

I couldn't believe my eyes earlier, there was a dinner plate sized turtle just kicked back and chilling in Clydach canal today. According to a local he's been around for a few years now

All well and good on the hottest day ever, but can you imagine the poor fücker in January?

I had no idea they could survive wild in the UK. Fascinating, eh?
Who lived... with a perm like this?
at 15:47 11 Apr 2019

NHS Couch to 5K - Planet Swans Weightloss and Fitness Group
at 10:13 4 Apr 2019

Anybody else fancy trying this with me?

In the past I've tried to do too much, too soon which isn't an enjoyable experience and I inevitably give up before I see any benefits. But the Couch to 5K slowly builds your fitness over 9 weeks, taking you from essentially 0 running ability to 5K and beyond

You can either download and follow the podcasts here;

Or download the app from;

Play Store:

App Store:

[Post edited 4 Apr 2019 10:16]
Recommend me a bike
at 16:35 27 Mar 2019

I've become a right chubber and reckon a bike will help me get fitter

Don't really wanna spend more than a couple hundred quid. Am I being unrealistic at that price?

Thank you
at 21:19 3 Mar 2019

5G Internet
at 09:05 1 Mar 2019

Is it going to give us all cancer?

I'm prepared

Mr Icke ahead of the curve once again - he called this many years back
Planet Swans bubble?
at 20:52 3 Feb 2019

Is there one? I don’t bother with other swans sites, Twitter or Facebook, so all my swans talk comes from here. Give or take 3 or 4 posters it seems we’re pretty much united in our dislike of the old shareholders and distrust of the new

But I came across this by chance earlier and it took me by surprise;

Over 900 likes!? Now I have nothing against Rangel’s post, given everything he went through with us I suppose HJ was a pretty good boss and I’m sure he’s grateful. But I can’t believe how many people supported the message... Which made me wonder if all the anger is constrained to Planet Swans? What’s the general feeling elsewhere, away from here?
at 16:37 15 Dec 2018

Has been a class signing - our most capped player during the clubs most successful period ever, I believe

OK, he was finished at PL level. But now we're in the Championship we should've used him more. He's proved that over the last few games

Top Jack. F*ck the boo boys
Three tough games up next
at 16:54 10 Nov 2018

Got a good feeling about them though

Pick up 6 points and I reckon we’ll be in touching distance of the two top spots

Perfect time for Montero and Bony to return
TV Fixtures
at 20:34 29 Oct 2018

Have the second batch of TV fixtures for the Championship been released yet? I can only find the first set which covered the beginning of the season up until October 24th

Honor 8X
at 15:53 18 Oct 2018

Anyone got one? At £230 it's quarter the price of Apple and Samsung flagship models, but looks to hold its own against them. Any feedback on Honor?

I currently have a 4 year old HTC One M8 that was paid off about 18 months ago, so just have a sim only contract at £10 a month now. Saw no reason to change it until now, but tempted to keep the sim only going and buy this 8X based on the reviews I'm reading
Icke on TalkRadio
at 17:22 6 Sep 2018

I've only listened to the first 20 minutes (no mention of lizards yet) and what he says makes a lot of sense to me. Am I batsh*t?

Swans vs PNE - Streams
at 14:39 11 Aug 2018

Hopefully some will pop up here -

Any others? Please share
The steel works PR team have done a good job on this one...
at 12:42 23 Jul 2018

... Bio-luminescent plankton my arse!
[Post edited 23 Jul 2018 12:44]
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