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Having to pay for Sky Sports & BT Sports
at 21:50 20 Oct 2017

I realise a lot of you fellers get around paying for watching Sports by using Kodi and what not, but there are a lot of technologically challenged individuals that don't have a clue what you are all banging on about.

Aside from all that generational technological gap.....I would like to express my dislike against the addition of BT into the general sporting mix.

I hate Sky, but grudgingly have to pay for it. encourage competition along comes BT and sews up all European games ( and tonight's Scarlets game!) I have to pay extra on top of Sky to watch European games. ( and Euro rugby)

No wonder so many people pile out of Sky to watch Kodi.

All of a sudden you are paying £70 a month to watch your teams, whilst the often mediocre players drive around in Murcialargos.

Makes me sick.

Who is mart6?
at 19:32 20 Oct 2017

The mysterious mart6. They seek him here..they seek him there...

A man happy to criticise but never profer his/her own opinion (since 2014).

I think it's Catherine Zeta Jones.
Terry Yorath's Face?
at 19:06 18 Oct 2017

Terry Yorath is a legendary manager for us. Chanting "Terry Yorath's Fighting Army" for much of a game was bye the bye; and I realise that he is getting on a bit like (67)....

but have you seen his face recently?

Saw it on the trailer for next week's documentary on BBC Wales.

His massive alky nose and the most disgusting teeth I think I've ever seen.

What the feck has happened to him?
Oh Tammy Tammy...
at 16:18 14 Oct 2017

Oh Tammy Tammy....Tammy Tammy Tammy Abraham!!

L'Oreal 96 Hour deodorant
at 18:49 5 Oct 2017

Does this mean I could feasibly go 4 days without washing my pits?

Thought 48hr cover was pushing it.

What div would go 4 days without washing their smelly parts?'Oreal-Men-Ex

BBC hates Newcastle United FC
at 18:57 2 Oct 2017

A bit harsh this by the Beeb on the Newcastle crew.

Always had a lot of time for them.

My roommate in my first year at Uni was a Geordie and a great guy at that...and before you mention it..we did not bum each other!

Ban Gambling Ads on Football Shirts...
at 09:43 26 Sep 2017

Labour proposing banning gambling firms advertising on football shirts.

Got to happen in my estimation.
Tremmel such a top bloke
at 22:06 22 Sep 2017

Gerhard such a great guy. Hope his work scouting the Bundesligas works out.

John Hartson has no Welsh shirts or caps
at 13:24 18 Sep 2017

It's sad this Swansea lad has none of his Wales tops or caps to pass onto his son.

You could say he brought it on himself with his addiction and what not, but it would be great if he could just get one shirt and cap back.
Crystal Palace...poor sods
at 23:47 17 Sep 2017

After a completely disastrous start to the season their next 3 games are...

Man City
Man Utd

Ashley Williams a liability?
at 23:01 17 Sep 2017

I was watching the Man U v Everton game today with my old Dad and was a bit bored towards the end to be honest as it was a bit of a shambles and dull as feck.

I mentioned that we hadn't as yet had the customary massive cock up per game that Ashley Williams is so good at.

Lo and behold, literally 10 seconds later, Ash clears out to directly to a Man U player and 5 seconds later Mkhitaryan slots one.

We are so much better off without that liability.
£1000 for an Apple phone?
at 14:20 13 Sep 2017

OK...who's going to shell out a G for the new Apple 10?


You use your face to turn it on....and

Augmented Reality...allows you to play totally pointless games..

Sorry Apple...I have always loved your products, but this is taking the piss.

Narcos on Netflix
at 23:29 8 Sep 2017

Just finished the 3rd series.

Really brilliant.

Latino American drug overlords are the new Mafioso?

Uni Challenge tonight
at 19:24 4 Sep 2017

Anyone geeky enough to be not interested for half an hour during the England game tonight. Uni Challenge has Trinity Oxford v UCl.. Should be a ding dong of a match.
Never fly budget....
at 18:56 4 Sep 2017
Catherine of Cambridge Knocked Up Again.
at 13:08 4 Sep 2017

It must be hard on the poor dab having extreme morning sickness being virtually penniless n'all..

Are you a dog or a cat lover?
at 22:35 2 Sep 2017

For me......


every time.
Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme...
at 21:41 26 Aug 2017

.....has to be the shittest programme ever commissioned by the BBC...hands down.

Anyone seen anything worse?
South Wales Police are spineless TWUNTS
at 19:09 25 Aug 2017

Normally I have great respect for SW Police. As long as they stay away from the couple of kees of Colombian marching powder in my old rugby ball I love them......but they fact that they refused to have a spokesman comment this evening on BBC Wales news about the dreadful disregard they gave to reports of child sexual abuse by Ian Watkins of Lost Prophets is just unbelievable.

They are public servants our taxes pay for. Peter Vaughan, the Chief Constable, should have been on the box tonight to comment about such serious allegations. The fact he did not is a sackable offence.

Great British Bake Off can F**K Off
at 19:06 16 Aug 2017

I would rather extract my eyeballs with a rusty, jagged spoon than watch more baking thanks.

Nasty cheap television.

Vision for Soap and talent show addicts, and dildos that watch organised dancing contests.
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