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Manchester Panto Too Racy!
at 18:32 14 Dec 2017

This was found offensive by some...

How about this though...?

Snooker genius v Football Nobodies injustice
at 22:24 10 Dec 2017

Here we have an amazingly talented individual breaking records and exhibiting devastating skills in his amazingly difficult sport...whilst in football literally thousands of truly mediocre idiots sit on their arses and do feck all to warrant their completely overpaid salaries.


Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters
at 00:08 29 Nov 2017

For any Alan Partridge buffs on PS here is a link to the complete Mid Morning Matters archive on Daily Motion.

Shown on Sky Atlantic so missed it when it first came out. Some very funny bits.

Very funny and the great Di Botcher in Episode 4 of series 2.

Hope the link works OK.
Another Indian Talk Talk Hoax call
at 09:10 25 Nov 2017

Was just called at 08:05 am by another sheister fake Talk Talk Indian call centre explaining I have major problems with my Talk Talk service, errors, etc. I said it was quite early but she was quite persistent.

8:05 on a Saturday morning ffs!

Normally hang up straight away with these scam calls but decided to play along with her for 5 minutes. After explaining I had a Mac, she still asked me to find the Windows button. After being transferred to her supervisor he asked me to type in the usual Team Viewer http address. After asking him why he wanted to take over my laptop he said he wanted to fix the 'problems'. He hang up after I said I have absolutely no problems.Didn't even say Goodbye the rude man.

After several years of this pain in the arse scamming bullshit, is there anything the Foreign Office can do? How many elderly or IT illiterate people do these con merchants still actually squeeze money out of?

Seen many entertaining videos on You Tube where IT managers absolutely rip the piss out of these idiots. On a wider basis I recommend the "Hoax Hotel" channel on You Tube where a guy specialises in stringing along various hoaxers seeking money via Moneygram or Western Union.
Shock Blue Peter Sex Pest
at 14:27 17 Nov 2017

Is nothing sacred anymore...
Peaky "Bloynders"
at 10:08 16 Nov 2017

Amazing start to series 4 of this brilliant drama that I only recently started watching. Series 1 & 2 on Netflix, Series 3 on the i Player for the next 15 to 24 days.

Perhaps the biggest achievement of Peaky Blinders is that it makes Birmingham pretty cool.

If you're into gangsters, dodgy deals and the occasional pair of knorks this is one you mustn't miss..."by the order of the Peaky Bloynders".
Children In Need not required?
at 21:45 13 Nov 2017

I guess this argument has been raised on countless occasions in very many places but after donating a few quid tonight to Children in Need and after watching a few stories about sick kiddies it inevitably raised the question..

Shouldn't this care be given by the NHS?

I would more than be prepared to pay more tax if we didn't have to be subjugated annually by a celebrity driven begging bowl. Guess it drives these celebrity profiles though.

Am i being cynical?

I don't know
Postman Pat Filth
at 13:56 13 Nov 2017

This got me chortling just now...

Captain Pugwash anyone?
Does Jenkins Need To Go?
at 22:29 4 Nov 2017

Does Jenkins Need To Go?

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White House downplaying US manmade climate change report
at 10:15 4 Nov 2017

We are all doomed with this idiot in charge at the White House.

This is the single greatest thing I have against the orange buffoon.

His disregard for overwhelming scientific evidence and withdrawal from the Paris accord makes him laughable.


Women only like men with ESP..
at 11:39 1 Nov 2017

Just like my ex missus
Newest slice of the Pie.
at 22:06 29 Oct 2017

How prescient he is..

Well done Elfyn Evans with Wales Rally GB win.
at 13:55 29 Oct 2017

Great showing from Elfyn to become the first Welshman and first British driver to win Wales Rally GB.
Contract Bridge not a sport?!?
at 15:52 26 Oct 2017

I am gutted about this as I am the South Wales representative on the "Ker-plunk is a sport" committee.

"Mental effort as part of a challenge" my arse!
Awesome penalty... You have to see this...
at 18:33 23 Oct 2017
Having to pay for Sky Sports & BT Sports
at 21:50 20 Oct 2017

I realise a lot of you fellers get around paying for watching Sports by using Kodi and what not, but there are a lot of technologically challenged individuals that don't have a clue what you are all banging on about.

Aside from all that generational technological gap.....I would like to express my dislike against the addition of BT into the general sporting mix.

I hate Sky, but grudgingly have to pay for it. encourage competition along comes BT and sews up all European games ( and tonight's Scarlets game!) I have to pay extra on top of Sky to watch European games. ( and Euro rugby)

No wonder so many people pile out of Sky to watch Kodi.

All of a sudden you are paying £70 a month to watch your teams, whilst the often mediocre players drive around in Murcialargos.

Makes me sick.

Who is mart6?
at 19:32 20 Oct 2017

The mysterious mart6. They seek him here..they seek him there...

A man happy to criticise but never profer his/her own opinion (since 2014).

I think it's Catherine Zeta Jones.
Terry Yorath's Face?
at 19:06 18 Oct 2017

Terry Yorath is a legendary manager for us. Chanting "Terry Yorath's Fighting Army" for much of a game was bye the bye; and I realise that he is getting on a bit like (67)....

but have you seen his face recently?

Saw it on the trailer for next week's documentary on BBC Wales.

His massive alky nose and the most disgusting teeth I think I've ever seen.

What the feck has happened to him?
Oh Tammy Tammy...
at 16:18 14 Oct 2017

Oh Tammy Tammy....Tammy Tammy Tammy Abraham!!

L'Oreal 96 Hour deodorant
at 18:49 5 Oct 2017

Does this mean I could feasibly go 4 days without washing my pits?

Thought 48hr cover was pushing it.

What div would go 4 days without washing their smelly parts?'Oreal-Men-Ex

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