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Great British Bake Off can F**K Off
at 19:06 16 Aug 2017

I would rather extract my eyeballs with a rusty, jagged spoon than watch more baking thanks.

Nasty cheap television.

Vision for Soap and talent show addicts, and dildos that watch organised dancing contests.
Donald Trump's favourite TV programme is......
at 09:45 16 Aug 2017

Homes Under The Hammer.

Property developer DJT is currently 'flipping' a 3 bed semi in Cleethorpes with the aim to make a clear £15-20K.
Righto...This Is the best song of all time..Any objections?
at 22:24 14 Aug 2017

Nigel Lawson is a right twunt.
at 18:14 12 Aug 2017

Some of you may be anti manmade climate change, but this guy just takes the biscuit ( and many underhand brown envelopes)

I just wish he would keel over after cramming one of his daughters cream cakes into his loathsome, purulent craw.

BBC really letting their standards slip letting this person that is not a climate scientist on a debate on climate science.

Letting Julian Ruck loose on Newsnight about Welsh Language expenditure was bad enough but this is even worse

Anyone seen this?
at 00:24 28 Jul 2017

Not as good as our boys doing the Amarillo in Basra, but I thought the US troops copied the Miami lovelies really well...

What gets your back up when driving?
at 19:14 21 Jul 2017

Ok we all know about tools that don't indicate but, for me, my no.1 bugbear is...

men (and it's usually a bloke I find) that do not thank you for waiting and allowing them to pass in narrow streets in the other direction.

Happened to me a couple of times today in the Bont.

Just rude.

Usually ends up with a middle finger and a curse word.
PS Your help please. WAV (Wheelchair Access Vehicle) for hire
at 21:38 19 Jul 2017

Dear Planet Swans

I need your help.

My 80 year old Mam has been stuck in her Dementia Care Home in Pontarddulais since 2014 and hasn't left it (apart from occasional trips to Morriston Hospital) since then.

Does anyone know anyone that has a Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV) I can hire for a day to take he down to the seaside please? The internet has been utter garbage. Nobody seems to offer this service in the Swansea area

It will probably be her last trip out anywhere.

She has been a really, really great Mam.

Many thanks.

The Daily Mail is for Retards
at 22:49 14 Jul 2017

The Daily Mail and Mail Online once again drops a bollock.

Just goes to show that it is a reprehensible abomination written by and for a collection of reactionary dicks.

Not that I am a massive Royalist by the way.

Just really feckin hate the DM and all it stands for.

Whenever I see someone voluntarily buying or reading it I just want to puke all over them.
Trample mate..Have u read Julian Ruck in the EP?
at 20:50 8 Jul 2017

Friday July 7th in the Evening Post page 10...Some tool called Julian Ruck has a massive problem with Welsh people speaking Welsh and any minor WAG funding of the promotion of the Welsh language. Just to say you complete coont...Welsh is our nation's language not English, and Welsh is not a "foreign tongue". I cannot believe the Evening Post would gladly pay for this twunt to distribute his evil, Sais shite. I will be complaining to the EP and wondering why every few week they are happy to print some evil shitty English centric crap in their letters papers slagging off the Welsh language.

You may have gathered I am rather irate about this.

Feck off and live in England if you hate the Welsh language so much you complete utter bell ends.
Blind Date ITV v Channel 5 Budget Disparity
at 23:59 30 Jun 2017

Watched Blind Date on Channel 5 this evening with Paul O'Grady.

It was a blast to the past.

With Cilla's 80's/90's decent ITV budget version "Kev "and "Donna" were shipped off to Shagaluf or Lanzagrotti for their public humiliation.

But with O'Grady's execrable Channel 5 2017 limited budget, winners were subjected to a date in the UK involving:-

1. Indoor Golf
3. Horse-Riding
4. Ping Pong

Poor sods.

Not even a a bit of sun to erase the embarrassment of being on this shite TV programme.

Also...sorry to be harsh....but let's just say all the birds were complete mingers.
Theresa's love valley
at 21:35 23 Jun 2017

It's Friday night after a couple of ales and it's got to be said I was quite surprised and impressed by TM's cleavage on Wednesday's PMQs.
I hope Jean Claude Junker appreciates it during forthcoming negotiations.
Maggie T would never have got up to such shenanigans.
Greatest threat to Human Existence
at 23:05 20 Jun 2017

Righto...what are we going to do with this...the biggest issue with regards to the continuing existence of not just our species, but all other forms of life on our gem of a planet?
British fight back?
at 00:44 20 Jun 2017

Before I get onto this one let me please explain that I am a left wing snowflake liberal that wants everyone to just get along and love each other. I used to live on Hornsey Rd, nr Finchley Park for 2 years. It was by far the best place I ever lived in London in the 8 yrs I loved there.
However, after last night's incident in Finsbury Park, how many British, white people are actually thinking what a lot of other people are thinking?
That last night was just a natural fight back against what has been happening recently?
Imagine your daughter was blown to bits by that twa t in Manchester?
It is unpalatable, but there are plenty of people around this country contemplating "tooth for a tooth".
at 14:40 15 Jun 2017

Anyone got any Weshisms I haven't heard of? in phrases like..

Who's coat that jacket?
I went outside and there was my bike, gone.
I'll do it now in a minute.

These would all entertain my English chums.
Frankie Boyle's New World Order
at 13:03 10 Jun 2017

Anyone see this on Thursday.

I seriously nearly pissed myself...and not because of inept bladder control.
Cassetteboy on Theresa May
at 14:33 7 Jun 2017

Always loved Cassetteboy's contributions..

Frank The Tank
at 22:59 2 Jun 2017

There is a really loud party going on nearby in the Bont and to be honest I am threatening to bring out my alter ego...

Donald Trump is a complete bell-end
at 21:15 1 Jun 2017

by withdrawing the Us from the Paris climate accord is the ultimate example of how much of a complete tit this guy is. He can wear a hard hat in Pittsburgh in front of his oil and gas chums but he will not stop the renewable industries, that already provide thousands of jobs in the US. What a complete tool kit. I would spit in the cants face. He is threatening our grandchildren's lives.
Building dams...the advantages of outdoor activities for kids.
at 19:31 1 Jun 2017

I suppose in these modern times of Y Boxes and Internet porn youngsters no longer wend their way to the local stream or river to build dams on long Summer days. As a kid in the 70's I spent many a long wonderful afternoon building dams to hold back 2ft of water. You could look at your little artificial lake and think that was time well spent....

Well in 1983 or there about my rather childish pastime allowed me to glimpse my first pair of female norks.

My mate Wayne and I went up the Dulais in the Bont towards Cory pit and built a stupendous 3ft deep dam on a scorching Summer day. Along came his 17/18 year old sister and boyfriend who settled down on the bank to sunbathe. She had on a really skimpy bikini. When it got to hot, she decided to take advantage of our stupendous boy made pool and dived in. Her bikini top promptly flew off to reveal her quite stunning female chesticles.

I had plenty of 'me' time on that I can tell you.

Any other stories whereby outdoor activities have created tremendous benefits?
Non Politics ZX Spectrum v C64 thread
at 22:35 22 May 2017

This thread is not about politics.

I am so feckin bored with politics.

So I thought I would ask the illustrious members of this august forum whether they are either:-

1. ZX Spectrum or
2. Commodore 64

Hours spent playing Elite on me ol Spec.
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