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Is there a God?
at 22:41 16 Mar 2018

Is there a God?

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Best toasted sandwich fillings.
at 22:11 7 Mar 2018

I have dusted down my old toasted sandwich maker and am intent on reliving some old culinary memories.

Can anyone recommend some decent fillings above and beyond my old favourite of plain old cheese and onion ( with HP of course)?
Crocodile Dundee on Film 4
at 20:54 4 Mar 2018

Watched it today for the first time in about 20 years. Enjoyed it immensely.

Shock and awe.

Lady finds bloke handy at keeping her alive sexy.

Film would not be made today due to SJW tools.

Debate please.
Hold the Sunset, Hold the laughs.
at 23:12 27 Feb 2018

I was genuinely looking forward to the mighty John Cleese, Alison Steadman and Jason Wattkins performing in a sitcom together, but unfortunately even Jason cannot begin to bring this completely unfunny turd of a programme out of the doldrums. Surely the least funny sitcoms I have ever witnessed. Watched the first 1 and a half episodes before completely giving up on it.

Compared to the empirically written "Mum" it is completely at the other end of the comedic spectrum.
Celtic in the Premier League?
at 22:24 22 Feb 2018

This side's natural level in the English tiers of football is so obviously the Championship.

Welsh Deputy First Leader Assembly PC Bollox
at 19:35 16 Feb 2018

Party rules says the deputy has to be a woman if the leader is a man.

Vice versa; could someone tell me if this remains if the leader is a woman.

This sort of sexist rubbish needs to be driven out.

Please, please just deliver a MERITOCRACY..

The best candidates need to be given their positions whether that have fannies or cocks.
Trampie will love this!!
at 14:08 16 Feb 2018

Marvel recognising Wales as an independent nation at the UN in "Black Panther"

Cue Trampie salivating..
Tom Daley and Husband having a babber
at 15:36 14 Feb 2018

Apparently the happy couple are having a baby, according to this story.

Good luck to them but there is no mention of surrogacy at all.

Where is the foetus gestating?

They keeping it in a box?
Uni Challenge v Only Connect
at 19:40 12 Feb 2018

They swapped the transmission times around as most people were switching off after UC .

OC pretty boring; only saving grace David Mitchell's wife's awesome norks.

Eye of Horus my arse!
Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank
at 19:35 4 Feb 2018

Not far off the classic Alan Partridge celebrity TV series of choice here...

Do any other PS posters have any other ideas for popular TV series?
Pressure Washing
at 22:52 2 Feb 2018

Apart from fornication Is there anything more satisfying than having a massive pressure washing session on your backyard algae build up?

Karchers rock!
Taylor Swift & Ed Sheehan playing in Swansea
at 09:10 30 Jan 2018

Christ on a bike. Two of the biggest musical acts in the world appearing at Singleton Park in May.

Musically, not my ideal cup of tea, but great exposure for the city.

Fair play
Black Circles Tyres
at 14:31 24 Jan 2018

Need 2 front tyres on the motor, but have yet to use Black Circles via the internet. Anyone used them at all and what did you think?
Nations League way to complex.
at 11:31 24 Jan 2018

What is the point of this and why is it so complicated?

UEFA ballsing it up again.

I tried reading the article below and this green sludge started oozing out of my ears.
Nine Inch Nails (with Gary Numan)
at 22:23 20 Jan 2018

Metal goes on a bit but an awesome segue into Cars at 6:40.

Great tambourine from Trent.

Gotta love that tambo!!

Serious Jockin' Steve Wright BBC R2 suggestions?
at 22:15 19 Jan 2018

For some reason my recent submission of 'interesting' pursuits to Steve Wright's 'Serious Jockin' 'g" segment on his pm Radio 2 show was not aired nationwide..

It went like this...

"I'm on my knees, in a secluded glade, in Epping Forest..

There are 12 guys stood around me with their trousers around their ankles..

Serious doggin' "

What was wrong with that?

Can anyone else suggest any other interesting "Serious Jockin' (no g) " scenarios he might like to broadcast?
2 Welsh in UK Masters last 8.
at 21:52 15 Jan 2018

Well done Mr Williams and Day. One of you win it please.

Pikey will probably want an English boy to win it, as he is English living in the Gower, which is basically English.

PC bollo*cks gone mad with John Humphreys
at 19:40 13 Jan 2018

This PC bullshit is starting to drive me mad now.

John Humphreys has always advocated equality in journalism and equal pay for equal work.

It is called meritocracy.

Ultimately we will be left with only female presenters on the news, sports, chat shows, sitcoms, weather, stand up, reality shows, because all the guys are too scared to open their mouths in case they are categorised as devious sexist pigs.

Pathetic Tory young generation re-engagemant.
at 18:52 11 Jan 2018

How amazing was TM today in her heartfelt message of Conservative belief in keeping the countryside and oceans free of the plastic menace. I'm sure she encouraged most of this country's younger generation that we are all in safe hands with our marvellous governmental management. After all, 25 years will just flash by.

Jeremy Corbyn must be truly shitting it.

I was truly surprised that she omitted that legislation will follow accordingly.

Must have forgotten.

Didn't she look lovely though?
Cadw Lego Castle with Hana Makes Music
at 19:21 5 Jan 2018

Anyone seen this before from Cadw? A Yankee Lego genius rebuilds Rhuddlan Castle to a really great version of Lego House (by Ed Sheehan) by Hana Makes Music of Newport. Haven't heard anything about her for about 2 years now, but a real talent. She used to have an excellent version of 'Where is my Mind' by the Pixies on Soundcloud but it's disappeared.

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