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Bony and Sanches today
at 00:39 26 Nov 2017

Firstly a big well done to Bony today. He embraced the captaincy of the team to the max and seemed to be everywhere. Fantastic performance and MOTM for me.

Renato Sanches today began to show what he's truly capable of in this unforgiving division. During the second half in particular he seemed to visibly gain confidence and I think a lot if that was in part down to Bony's presence on the field. Some of Sanches link up play behind the front two tells me that the no.10 role is ideal for him. He's no tackler or box to box midfielder but his vision and awareness of his surroundings and team mates positions are going to be a big asset for us. I don't know for the life of me why he was crooked after becoming a massive threat to the Bournemouth defence.

He along with Mesa needs this game time , and watching Roque today he doesn't seem comfortable in the Leon role. I'd like to see Leon play with Mesa in between him and Sanches with Carrol playing if we're using the diamond in midfield. I know it will be midgets United but it may just give us the balance we've been crying our for . Fer to come on as impact sub .

FAO Sgoriofruit
at 18:56 22 Nov 2017

Can you write another letter to Clement - "play Roque Mesa" - one billion times in triplicate please. Ta

Oh, and put please resign as a P.S.
Rage Against The Machine - It was 25 years ago today................
at 10:16 3 Nov 2017

.................that R.A.T.M. released their ground breaking eponymous C.D.
I'll stick my neck out now and say that given the time of it's release and what had gone before it (all HR / HM / Hip Hop /Rap etc the fusion of all the best elements makes this CD in my opinion one of, if not THE best debut albums in modern popular music.

There is a real originality to this record. The riffs ate out of this world, bass and drums highly technical and flawless and a great vocal and lyrical delivery to top it off.

Feast !

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
at 13:57 12 Aug 2017

Does anyone know any place that can repair a few scratches on alloy wheels? Cheers
The Government is Lying
at 09:24 6 Jun 2017

From none other than former Metropolitan Police senior investigating officer Peter Kirkham, speaking after the latest atrocity in London in response to Teresa May's claims of no fall in police numbers.

Truly unbelievable. Trying to lie their way out of a scandal that has cost the lives of so many innocent people just shows the Tories up for their lust for power at any cost. Not to mention their shamelessness.

Vote labour
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HTC one M8 issues
at 09:47 15 Jan 2017

Last night something seems to have crashed on my phone because it deleted some of my contacts but not others and I can't download any updates for apps. My home screen has disappeared and I can't get into my apps page at all.

The warning "HTC sense has stopped working" keeps flashing up.

Anyone have this or know how to fix it? All help gratefully received as the phone is useless like this.
So it's Fulham vs Hull then in Round 4
at 19:24 9 Jan 2017

Pity Swans and Cardiff didn't win their ties, would have been a nice day out up there! Nice for them to draw a PL club too..............
at 08:12 11 Dec 2016

How our sh*t strikers can actually score goals if they are given the ball. Even Gomis did!

Great second half yesterday and the biggest difference for me was that we didn't try to defend out lead, we actually tried to extend it time and again. Is attack the best form of defence? It is when your team's got a defence like this one has!

Well done all, a cracking three points and to cap it all I had the pleasure of seeing Taylor and Barrow combine with a smashing one two in the second half. Fab!
FAO Sunsh..... Tommy Aldridge eat your heart out........................
at 22:56 9 Dec 2016

The kid's got tremendous chops !

Breaking news...................................
at 20:17 16 Nov 2016

..............................apparently Gareth Thomas has come out again, this time in a Guinness ad. I never knew he was both gay and a rugby player. Or how hard it was to come out to his team mates. Luckily it seems they supported him , which was very nice.

I can't wait for him to come out again and remind us all how very hard it was.
On X Ray right now.......................
at 19:47 14 Nov 2016

.......................people actually responding to those £500 voucher draws via email/text.
Then wondering how theirmobile phone bills have gone though the roof. FFS!!!
[Post edited 14 Nov 2016 19:49]
The incredible human journey
at 20:09 12 Nov 2016

Tonight the Americas. But never mind that, what about Dr Alice Roberts??? Phwoar !!!
The Pro 12
at 20:25 16 Sep 2016

Ospreys have started well , two bonu point wins and playin some good stuff. A really strong squad with condiserable strength in depth. Should at least make the top four . No Heieken this year so a good bash at the second teir competition (semi finalists at least) .

Scarlets are struggling and a surprise for me has been the form of the Blues. Matthew Morgan is looking sensational at 10. Any predictions ?
Tax question
at 23:33 3 Sep 2016

When going for a new job and the choice is either PAYE for less per hour or LTD for more per hour, which is the best thing to do??
Never been a self employed contractor before - how does it work and what are the pitfalls?
Any help would be much appreciated - thanks.
[Post edited 3 Sep 2016 23:34]
Proms 2016 : David Bowie
at 22:43 29 Jul 2016

On BBC4 now. I urge you all to watch it!
New Series on BBC Wales - City Road
at 00:08 20 Jul 2016

Well I coudn't wait for this and it duly delivered. Tattoo parlours, indian restaurants, hell it had everything. That show's budget must run into the thousands .................................
Trump's Angry America - BBC 1 right now
at 21:18 18 Jul 2016

A B.BC reporter reports from Bakersfield California over the divisions in their society in the run up to the upcoming Presidential election.
Jesus, are these people for f*cking real! Unbelievably racist. Catch it on iplayer or on demand. I'm genuinely shocked.
White mobs turning up in poor black areas in a dozen pick up trucks with baseball bats on Friday nights. How long before the return of the lynch mobs?
And a hispanic grandfather beaten by police with batons while their dog savaged hm, because he was suspected of being drunk and under the influence of drugs. He was neither.
He died 8 days later.
During this programme it's quite apparent that most of the residents of Bakersfield would like a return to the segregation of the 1960's. Some of them were unashamedly going on camera proclaiming they were proud of their racism.

I think that the USA and "land of the free" is about to erupt into a racial civil war from which it may never recover, and a lot of that is due to Trump's open xenophobia and relentless agitation.

Thank God the UK is a zillion miles away from that kind of scenario.

Prostate Cancer Treatment breakthrough by Swansea University
at 22:50 5 Jul 2016

Fabulous work by the academics that allows a harmless salmonella type bacteria to destroy the tumour and leave healthy tissue unharmed. And unlike Chemo or radiotherapy the treatment only needs adminestring once. Dr Claire Morgan of the University said that this breakthrough was a "game changer" in the fight against Cancer. And could be used to fight other types of tumours too.

Something for Perchie to be proud of at last!
And there was I worried about TTIP............................................
at 14:35 4 Jul 2016

When C.E.T.A. has already been negotiated and signed!

Read this piece on it from the Guardian and then the reaction further down this page fro the international officer of the GMB. Scary stuff and Cameron is (well actually was) hell bent on implementing this here.

"In terms of transferring power from countries to corporations, the CETA is every bit as bad as TTIP and contains a version of the thoroughly discredited investor state dispute settlement mechanism that allows big companies to sue governments in parallel courts if their rent-seeking activities are curtailed by legislation protecting public services.

Some 85% of US firms have subsidiaries in Canada, thus giving them access to Europe via CETA. Moreover, the US, Canada and Mexico have their own North American Free Trade Agreement, and under “most favoured nation” commitments, the EU deal with Canada could effectively be bound by its rules, including an even worse ISDS clause.

If this were not bad enough, EU-Canada negotiators are pushing for ways to effect a “provisional implementation” of CETA without a vote in either the European parliament or the legislature of any EU member state. And should that approach fail, the Trade in Services Agreement, currently being negotiated by the European commission, the US and 19 other countries, will eliminate what is left of member states’ ability to decide their own economic destiny".
Bert Schouwenburg
International officer, GMB

I have posted this in response to the "lies by the leavers" thread and I think the remain campaign's lack of information (or disinformation which I think both sides were guilty of BTW) has affected their judgement also .
Steve Bates of the Mirror...........
at 10:35 3 Jul 2016

................did he write some of his player ratings before the game started in expectation of a Belgium win? "Ashley Williams, big heart but not enough this time 7/10" or "Joe Allen -struggled against Belgium's star studded midfield". He even claimed Ramsey to a while to impose himself on the game. 2 assists and a man of the match performance that should have read!
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