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A disgusting slur on our brave firefighters
at 10:14 19 Oct 2019

How much do MP’s earn again?
at 17:31 18 Oct 2019

No wonder so many people can’t take Labour seriously.
Fuçking freak.

Don’t forget your hard hats today lads
at 13:01 18 Oct 2019

There’ll probably be a few spanner’s coming down.
Ban him 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️
at 12:46 18 Oct 2019
Gay Cereal
at 10:25 18 Oct 2019

Just fućk off and die is it you utter morons.

Diane Abbott
at 09:13 16 Oct 2019

Looks like the sunshine bus is missing a passenger.

A short film on secondary breast cancer
at 17:04 15 Oct 2019

Made by my friend Carolyn.

Perch on Twitter
at 22:28 5 Oct 2019

Slagging people off for leaving the game before the final whistle today.
The fuçking idiot only goes to one game a season.

You couldn’t make it up.
Climate Change Problem Solved ~ Eat Babies
at 09:42 4 Oct 2019

at 21:12 3 Oct 2019
National Poetry Day today
at 14:24 3 Oct 2019

Here’s my effort entitled Day Tripping. I hope you like it.

Going to the seaside gonna take some drugs
gonna go and talk to trees,give them mummy hugs
watching all the fishies flying past my head
need to be more careful or i'll wake up dead

Sitting in the moon beams swinging from the trees
eating soggy sandwiches with cream cheese
drinking fizzy cordial custard pop
all bought together from the funny food shop

Purple spotted snowflakes falling from the sun
a green striped elephant sucking on a bun
psychedelic surfers up and down the dunes
troops of little monkeys blowing up balloons

Sitting at the seaside eating ice cream pies
looking at the yellow clouds in the orange skies
putting on the headphones listening to the band
watching all the polar bears playing in the sand

What a load of nonsense what a load of crap
what strange fellow what a funny chap
needs to see a therapist,needs to see him soon
before he builds a rocket and fućks off to the moon

[Post edited 3 Oct 14:37]
Look at these tossers from extinction rebellion
at 11:51 3 Oct 2019

Driving a diesel too.

Swans fan last night RIP
at 11:39 3 Oct 2019

Not a lot of info but it’s saying on Twitter that one of our own lost his life in an accident with a train in London last night.
[Post edited 3 Oct 12:40]
Government Officials visit Liverpool over No Deal Brexit
at 21:52 1 Oct 2019

Government officials visited Liverpool this week to understand how bad things may get for other towns in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

Members of a parliamentary working group visited the city yesterday to help them develop disaster strategies to prevent nice places from ending up ‘all Liverpool like’.

Working group chair Pete Bowen said: “When we accepted this task we all thought that ‘Liverpool’ was a made up place to put onto Government documentation. Like Walford or a gritty Emmerdale.

“Colleagues spoke of Liverpool as if it were Narnia. A fictional place, where Kappa never truly left and everyone looked related. So you can understand our scepticism around it’s authenticity.”

MP Theresa Connell said: “It’s the only place I’ve ever been where Premier Inn don’t have a hotel. That immediately rings alarm bells.

“Leaving the railway station I was met by a number of peadophile stings. I was initially surprised Liverpool had internet, but it transpired that the sex offenders had actually travelled in from other places which were more on grid.”

Group member Rob Gray said: “Aldi’s appears to be a real central hub of activity in Liverpool, which is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

“Liverpool is however staying true to its roots due to the busy entrepreneurs selling class A drugs around the centre of town.”

Chairperson Bowen added: “I’ve taken lots of pictures and will be feeding back that our towns and villages don’t deserve to end up like this.

“It could go either way, some affluent MPs may be frightened by this or a Tory spin doctor may manage to dress Liverpool up as a cosmopolitan city of the future where it’s perfectly normal to walk around without any trousers on.”
[Post edited 1 Oct 22:00]
at 21:25 30 Sep 2019

This really is getting silly now isn’t it?

That bootlegger bloke on Twitter
at 16:50 29 Sep 2019

What the fućk is funny about it?
You must be a right boring twât to find it funny.

(Waynekerr being the exception because he’s weird anyway)
[Post edited 29 Sep 16:51]
Rudolph Walker 80 today
at 20:40 28 Sep 2019

Perch’s next door neighbour.

Crying 😂😂😂😂😂
at 11:51 28 Sep 2019

Farage in Newport tonight - Horrific
at 22:36 27 Sep 2019

“Once Brexit is done, we will take the knife to the pen pushers in Whitehall”

He should be arrested and locked up.
Catherine Zeta Jones Birthday Party 👀
at 21:28 27 Sep 2019
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