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at 13:43 10 Dec 2018

Closing down in Swansea, Cardiff shop already gone.

Just popped in and all the 'good' stuff has gone.
Eleven Sports
at 15:38 26 Sep 2018

Anyone else use this?

£5.99 a month for all La Liga and Serie A, every midweek and weekend game plus full replays of any games you may have missed. They had the AJ fight too and I think they have some Champions league coverage as well.

£5.99 a month with a weeks free trial
Stan and Ollie
at 13:55 21 Sep 2018

New film starring Coogan out soon.

Looks fantastic to be fair
GGG v Canelo
at 15:44 11 Sep 2018

Who are you going for?

Personally I hope justice prevails this time as Golovkin won that last one fair and square, never a draw. You could see a little confidence draining from Canelo in the last one as he hit Golovkin with his cleanest and hardest punches and GGG just didn't flinch.

Canelo has fatigue problems and I think GGG will try to exploit this with a couple of crushing body shots.
Ambition is critical podcast
at 09:58 7 Sep 2018

Anyone listen to this?

I've been listening to a lot of them recently and they are funny as hell, lot of interesting and sometimes hilarious stories. The Trundle and Britton ones are essential listening as well as the Owain Tudur Jones one.

Get on it
Bielsa's press conference
at 09:39 21 Aug 2018

Just watched this last night on YouTube.

Interesting point when asked by a journalist if he was linked with the Swansea job. He answered that there was a lot of dialogue and he was more than happy to start (this took place mid season). He said he wanted to start immediately but the club wanted him to come in at the end of the season and talks just drifted further away.

Who was our manger at this point? Guidolin?

He also talked at length about our tactics and manager which was a little scary, but we should get right at them tonight from the first whistle. He won't expect that.
Far right zionists on Victoria Derbyshire show
at 16:38 18 Aug 2018

Anyone see this?

Erm, hold on.

The BBC‘s Victoria Derbyshire programme recently hosted a 15 minute slot in which a couple called Mark Lewis and Mandy Blumenthal were brought on to claim that Labour has produced such an atmosphere of threatening antisemitism in Britain that they are forced to leave for Israel.

What the BBC forgot to mention is that they are leading members of Likud-Herut UK, a far-right Zionist organisation that idolises the murderous leader of the Zionist Irgun terror gang, Menachem Begin. Indeed, Mandy Blumenthal is the National Director of Likud-Herut UK, but was instead introduced as a 'property company director‘, while her partner was described merely as a 'lawyer‘!

While Corbyn was lambasted for possibly having stood near to a grave of someone who knew someone who was involved in the Munich attacks, these people were given a free pass over their adulation of the man who oversaw the 1948 Deir Yassin massacre. Over 100 Palestinian villagers in Deir Yassin were brutally massacred by Begin’s Irgun during the ethnic cleansing of Palestine following the foundation of the State of Israel, during which 700,000 Arabs were driven out of their homeland.

Moreover, Derbyshire never asked her guests if they made these bizarre claims of open antisemitism against Britain‘s most well-known antiracist because they are, in fact, devoted supporters of the State of Israel and the racist Likud party that currently runs it.

Of course, that would be antisemitic. How could you possibly claim that people who describe themselves as 'proud Zionists‘ could have an ulterior motive for attacking Britain‘s most prominent pro-Palestinian figure...?
Read the comments at the bottom of this article
at 14:56 3 Aug 2018

Shows how broken this country is
[Post edited 3 Aug 14:57]
Well done Ireland
at 01:16 2 Aug 2018

Now we need the rest of the world to follow suit
Flaming Lips in Cardiff last night
at 22:32 25 Jul 2018

I am still speechless... seen them a few times before but last night at the Tramshed was off the scale totally. They brought everything from their larger shows into a tiny venue. Confetti storms, neon unicorns, light show, giant balloons and oh the music was amazing!

Here's a sample from last night

Who is America CH4 tonight
at 17:23 16 Jul 2018

Just seen a snippet, not sure If I want to laugh or sigh. Obviously funny and a great Chris Morris-esque pisstake of the NRA and those with right wing leanings, but the people he talks to are scary, like the NRA fella who saw no problem with toddlers having guns. What a f*cked up shi t hole of a country.
Dominic Raab - aka Alan B'stard
at 10:35 10 Jul 2018

In 2011 Dominic Raab, new Brexit secretary, said in a policy paper for the rabidly right wing think-tank the Centre For Policy Studies, that holiday pay, the minimum wage and pension contributions for British Workers are all 'straight jackets' for British businesses.

He also said after brexit the UK should
Allow Employers to force Employees to work more than 48 hours per week
Abolish minimum wage for all under-21's
Abolish rights to time off for training, holidays etc
Allow Employers to opt out of pension contributions for their Employees
Allow Employers to fire workers at will and without recourse to tribunal

A real life Alan B'stard.

[Post edited 10 Jul 10:36]
160k for a game of tennis anyone?
at 19:06 18 Mar 2018

Today Boris Johnson has admitted to Andrew Marr that he was paid 160k by a wealthy Russian just for the pleasure of a game of tennis with him. He has no shame whatsoever and if he had any morals or scruples he’d resign just for that.
Biffers banged up
at 22:20 7 Mar 2018

Pity it wasn't longer
El Chapo
at 20:32 25 Feb 2018

Anyone watched this on Netflix? Brilliant series fair play!
This will upset the Biffers
at 14:33 7 Feb 2018
Just for fun - what do you think your fellow PS poster looks like
at 13:21 2 Feb 2018

I cannot remember what thread it was where someone asked this question, but what in your minds eye do you imagine each poster looks like in real life? I know what a good few of you look like as I've met plenty but for those who have never met then fill yer boots!

For example I have this image of GowerJack looking like our fiend ePaul for some reason and Jackfath really does look like Warwick Davies (that avatar jabs away at you).

I have this image of pikey paul looking like this
Anyone get good books for Christmas?
at 22:35 27 Dec 2017

I got Guitar Family Trees which is a stonking good read and Ascent by Chris Bonnington.
FAO Neil Young fans
at 23:51 2 Dec 2017

Check out everything is up there free to listen to in very high quality.

Takes a while to load up but worth it!
Welsh Guards marching through Swansea today
at 19:21 15 Sep 2017

Great sight
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