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Take a bow Bazza
at 12:04 7 Dec 2019

This is how you get owned on tv. The tories don’t like being scrutinised
Eddie Stobart on the brink
at 13:53 6 Dec 2019

Up to 6,500 jobs at risk. Sold to a private equity firm...asset know the rest.
[Post edited 6 Dec 13:55]
Wow this pretty powerful
at 12:40 25 Nov 2019

Do you see the similarities now?

The Battle of Swansea 1969
at 14:08 15 Nov 2019

Interesting video. Were any current PS members present that day?
Utter and complete scum
at 13:04 5 Nov 2019

Would have been career ending years ago but people just don't care or think what they say anymore
Leave EU's controversial tweet
at 16:21 9 Oct 2019

They have apologized, but apologizing for being a c unt doesn't stop you being a c unt.
RIP Daniel Johnston
at 21:40 12 Sep 2019

For those who know of him. Lo-Fi Genius.
Whatever happened to John Sparkes?
at 12:10 29 Aug 2019

Was re-visiting this gem of a show last night. Whatever happened to this underrated comic genius?

RIP Nick Walusko and David Berman
at 23:42 8 Aug 2019

RIP Nick Walusko (aka: Nicky Wonder) from Brian Wilson's band

and David Berman (Silver Jews)

Planet Swans Desert Island Discs
at 10:13 23 Jul 2019

Bit of fun.

*Sleepy Lagoon composed by Eric Coates fades out*

What 10 albums or singles would you hope to be stuck with until you got rescued?

In no order of preference:

Grand Prix - Teenage Fanclub
Ege Bamyasi - Can
#1 Record - Big Star
Figure 8 - Elliott Smith
Peng! Stereolab
After the goldrush - Neil Young
Sumday - Grandaddy
Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
Finger Style Guitar - Chet Atkins

I could go on but this is what I salvaged from the shipwreck.

Your go....
Barafundle Bay
at 14:11 24 Jun 2019

Went there for the first time Saturday. My god what a stunning place and absolutely spotless too.

Anyone else been?
Mark Field
at 10:04 21 Jun 2019

Absolutely appalling and disgusting.

He is now desperately trying to justify his actions. Bottom line, he knew she was a climate protester, he was angry that she was 'spoiling' his wealthy, privileged meal and he took action wholly expected from a bully boy misogynist. They all try to say sorry after the violence.

Would he have slammed a well built male and grabbed him by the throat? I think not. The man is a coward. If you or I was seen by a police officer doing this we’d be arrested. The same should apply here regardless if you support the protest or not, it does not give him the freedom to physically assault people.
This is quite alarming
at 14:35 29 Apr 2019

Especially if this tech is used by devious parties to dupe the massed hard of thinking

[Post edited 29 Apr 14:36]
This is just horrible
at 23:29 21 Apr 2019

How did the UK end up like this :(

[Post edited 21 Apr 23:31]
Record Store Day
at 16:18 12 Apr 2019

Anyone participating in this?

I am going to have a gander at my fave record store - Spillers.

If you are participating good luck and I hope you get what you wanted!
Derry Girls
at 19:30 25 Mar 2019

Has anyone been following this? Not bad. If you like this then I recommend watching London Irish which was also written by Lisa Mcghee.
Pep's thoughts on Swansea
at 22:09 17 Mar 2019

He likes our style and admits that VAR should be used everywhere

The great brexit gammon stroll
at 12:17 16 Mar 2019

It's like Last of the Summer Wine crossed with An American Werewolf in London. All we need is "Killer Clegg" and Norah to turn up.

Farage is on his way to Hartlepool from Sunderland via minibus. Some walk that.

at 15:22 27 Dec 2018

Anyone else suffer from it?

I've had a flare up over christmas, I can't stand up for long as the back of my left calf aches like hell and stiffens my lower back. I've had flare ups in my lower back in the past and that was hell, this is more manageable but soon as I put weight on it like walking or standing, it flares up.

Tried booking a Dr's appointment for this afternoon without success as the phone line was jammed and when I did get through was told to ring at 4pm today for an appt tomorrow. If I can't get an appt tomorrow I've had it.

Anyone recommend a good Osteopath?

I'm ok driving, just the walking/standing is hard work.
at 13:43 10 Dec 2018

Closing down in Swansea, Cardiff shop already gone.

Just popped in and all the 'good' stuff has gone.
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