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Joe Rodon
at 16:22 17 Mar 2018

Not starting for Cheltenham again.

Is he not as good as he thinks he is?
Do we need to go down?
at 17:06 24 Feb 2018

Obviously there should be no appetite for it, but when you look at the likes of Villa it suggests that dropping allows proper, beneficial re-shaping of the team to take place.

Obviously there's the Sunderland example who make it clear it depends on who is in charge of re-shaping of the team but them aside you look at the teams that have come up as well and they look fresher, more exciting than us, West Brom, Stoke, Palace etc.

It feels like being where we are we are at threat of just withering away.
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Right back and Left back
at 17:33 31 Jan 2018

We just going to pray Naughton and Olsson stay fit now?
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Highlights from today
at 18:09 6 Jan 2018

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Effective protest against those at club.
at 18:46 3 Dec 2017

Is to make it West Ham boxing day-esque near the end on Saturday.

If enough people feel that way.
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Clement's job secure
at 15:29 20 Nov 2017

Regardless of result against Bournemouth.

According to Sky.

Woops sorry Darran.
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Colin Pascoe
at 16:27 5 Nov 2017

Could we do worse than getting him back involved? Perhaps add a bit of Brendanball back into our game, because we seriously need some different ideas about how to get a proper grip on games. Would have him over Makelele every day of the week.
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5 at the back.
at 22:02 24 Oct 2017

He's got to revert back to this at the weekend otherwise we are going to get taken to the cleaners. Rangel especially needs cover behind him.
[Post edited 31 Oct 2017 22:17]
Just something to think about.
at 17:43 21 Oct 2017

Better position than last year, but every game that goes by makes us less attractive...
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Ryan Giggs..
at 22:16 30 Sep 2017

How long until his name is mentioned again?
[Post edited 10 Nov 2017 0:15]
Clement not coy enough?
at 18:19 30 Sep 2017

Anyone else think he is a little too open in his pre-match pressers? He literally said that Ayew would be in behind Tammy and Wilf, and basically said Renato would come back in. Think need to keep it a bit more coy.
[Post edited 5 Nov 2017 1:58]
Best Midfield 3
at 02:26 24 Sep 2017

IMO it will become clear that our best midfield three is:

Sanches - Clucas - Ki.
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at 22:22 18 Mar 2017

Best of the 3 CM's out there for me today.
Marc Roberts, Barnsley CB.
at 21:23 28 Jan 2017

Apparently we want him to reunite with Alfie, would be interesting.

Note: It is a few stories down.
at 01:42 15 Jan 2017

Type of player we should perhaps be looking at.
[Post edited 14 Jan 21:27]
Ntep and Tom Carroll
at 21:55 7 Jan 2017

On the list apparently, not sure about Carroll. We need a proper midfield general and he's the polar opposite IMO, albeit neat and tidy.
[Post edited 7 Jan 2017 21:58]
Marcelino - exactly what we need.
at 01:37 28 Dec 2016

I think this man is actually exactly what we need, and we should do everything to get him. On the face of it, he looks like a superb tactician who squeezes the best out of his players, whilst also looking like someone who knows how to tighten up a defence. For instance, in this article ( ) it is stated that 'only Atleti (16) and Barcelona (29) have conceded less goals in La Liga than their 31.' (although this was done in April 2016 so those stats could have changed slightly, although they would undoubtedly still be mightily impressive one would imagine.)

And throughout that article linked the evidence put forward about his Villareal's side shape, ruthless counter attacks, great transitions etc. just epitomises for me why this guy could be exactly what we need. He is also said to be quite an animated figure on the touchline, which in my opinion would seriously come as much needed, especially after 3 months of the stark contrast of caught in the headlights Bob.

Not only this, but he came into Villareal half way through their season in the second division in Spain and guided a club that had been a very sticky patch back to La Liga whilst then,as the article puts it, 'built a team worthy of playing Champions League football.' when they returned to the top flight, on a pretty limited budget.

He has also apparently been taking English lessons since leaving Villareal, 'Since leaving Villarreal he has enrolled on an English course and he wants to work in the Premier League in the near future.' ( Obviously he was supposedly interviewed before so perhaps his language skills weren't quite showing through then but they most likely have progressed if he is still taking the lessons.

So, for me we would be wise to give this guy the job and go with what HE WANTS and trust him to do good wherever the hell we end up. And to be honest I think Jenkins and other powers that be owe us,as fans, something like this.
[Post edited 29 Dec 2016 1:08]
Will get a job somewhere by looks of it.
at 20:56 17 Dec 2016
[Post edited 3 Nov 2017 1:27]
at 22:17 14 Dec 2016

Like a statue tonight. Borja did more than him in 15 minutes.
[Post edited 1 Dec 2017 0:55]
Gus Poyet
at 00:58 4 Dec 2016

How many would take him now?
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