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The Trust have no plan or strategy. Time for Change
at 12:23 16 May 2018

The month of June is an important time for the Trust. It's the time they hold their elections but guess what, and it's the same every year there's virtually no mention of them.

This is the only real strategy they've ever had. One where the mechanism of the organisation doesn't get the chance to evolve or even breathe.

If the Trust had the best intentions of the Football Club and its fans at heart they'd be shouting from the rooftops that elections are due soon and doing their best to blood younger, more hungry and determined volunteers to sweep up their mess and inability to ever get things done.

They're confused, they're silent, they don't know which way to turn, what's up or down or wrong or right.

The set up we have currently with Mute Stu and Alan Lewis has been nothing short of a farce, yet they continue to hide away hoping that June will come and go so they can go back into hiding once more.

Time for Change??

Yeah. But years ago
Sensible Football Post. Not for 80% of Planet Tvvat
at 17:25 12 May 2018

If you want to take some comfort for next season look no further than Boro.

They were shit last season and folded miserably towards the end.

Yet, even with sacking 2 managers since, they've still got into the play offs
E20 -Have you had your £100's yet??
at 01:02 9 May 2018

You've cleaned up there mate.

Ashamed of the posters on here, proud as fack of the Support tonight
at 22:40 8 May 2018

Carlos to blame tonight, but not why most of you are thinking.

We had them where we wanted. We were competing better than them, even if we had less clear chances, but then stupidly the cry came for Tammy, same as it did in Bournemouth and we lost shape and purpose.

We were controlling that game and they gambled by putting 3 centre forwards on,
Long, Austin and Gabbiadini... That was their panic button and we didn't need to press ours.

The fans were superb, they clapped every mistake and provided the much needed energy the last few seasons has lacked.

You see, that used to be us, we'd forgive mistakes and look to encourage, lately we Boo them and moan and groan.

This has been one hell of a journey and no one should take it for granted.

We're all angry, we're all frustrated but there's so many things to consider and nothing is as black and white as some of the usual idiots want to make out.

For me, leave it as it was a bit longer, Olsson at left back and
Clucas with his work rate in midfield and see if we could've frustrated them with all their forwards on the pitch.

The last thing we should've been clamouring for is the guy that proved hopeless many times, even as recent as last Saturday.

We were decent in the first half against Bournemouth, we were strong in the first half tonight. We were very much in the game in both of them.

The attack mantra so many have been pushing for hasn't panned out.

We've still got a major chance though and tomorrow's night will tell us more. A 'normal' result will probably see us favourites to survive again.

Keep going til the end.
Lee Trundle - "Our fans will be so important....
at 08:59 8 May 2018

They've been here before, we had to beat Hull to stay in the league and they will know how important this is"
[Post edited 8 May 9:11]
Redknapp - "When their fans get behind them...
at 08:53 8 May 2018

It's a hell of an atmosphere down there, a real difficult and intimidating place to go to"

Let's prove him right is it!!!
5 at the back team for the South Coast Scum
at 09:59 7 May 2018

If we want to show a bit more courage whilst keeping a lid on it,
Clucas to start instead of Olsson.

-------------------------- Fab -------------------------

------ Naughts --- Fede --- Mawson -----

Roberts ---------------------------------- Clucas

------------------------- Leon ------------------------

Dyer ------------------------------------------- King

----- Andre Ayew ---- Jordan Ayew --------
at 11:35 3 May 2018


All else is just more and more distractions. A lot of our fans just haven't got a clue, aye, can't grasp fack all

Come on City

3 points there and we'll be safe.

Come on Carlos

Come on the brothers Ayew

Come on Fabianski and Mawson and Fede

Come on King and Tammy

We can facking do this....!!!!!
Another major culprit for the Chelsea goal - Olsson
at 23:58 29 Apr 2018

Just watch him staring straight at Fabregas whilst casually jogging back. Only when it's too late does he even bother to speed it up.

Not good enough that.
Get the beers down you early...
at 12:20 28 Apr 2018

Massive today, get stuck into Chelsea.

The best thing about today....
at 21:29 22 Apr 2018

Man City are staying honest and look like they're chasing records.

West Ham

.....all still to come with Huddersfield and Brighton to play at the Etihad.

Ours is out of the way.
Saints Fans Confident
at 22:35 19 Apr 2018
[Post edited 19 Apr 22:35]
Team for Man City
at 12:13 15 Apr 2018

---------------------- Fabianski ------------------------

Roberts -- Naughty -- Fede -- Mawson -- Olsson

Dyer ----------- King ---------- Carroll --------- Clucas

------------------------- J Ayew ---------------------------

Naughty as the third centre half as City won't come at us too often aerially and he can bring some pace and energy into the back line, more than VDH does.

Also, the rest, nimble workers, compact set up, outlet in Dyer and Jordan Ayew and rest Andre Ayew for bigger games to come. Jordan needs match fitness.

Man City 0 - Swans 2

Forget the teams below us...
at 10:46 15 Apr 2018

We need to be targeting Brighton and Watford above.

We can all hope that Stoke and Southampton continue their struggles and there's clearly a lack of quality in their squads. They've only won 6 and 5 games all season. For them to have any realistic chance at survival they are going to need to win at least half their existing tally's to date. And this from their 5 games remaining.

This could happen, anything still can. And that's how they will be looking at us. Their message boards are depressing now, much worse even than this one. They know they have to go on a Champions winning run to even have a squeak, and then they're looking at other clubs to help them out.

Nobody would swap places with them, no matter how much you squeal on here.

However, we need to turn this pressure on its head and look at climbing the table. Great the teams behind us are struggling but let's make sure we bring more into the equation just in case.

Watford and Brighton sit 12th and 13th respectively and Watford have 1 point from the last 5 games, and like last season, are in free-fall. They have 4 games left including Spurs, Man United and Palace. Brighton have picked up 1 point in the last 4 games and are feeling the strain and as we know have a horrendous run in. What they would give for 3 games against Bournemouth, Stoke and Southampton, with 2 of them at home.

This is the reality of our situation and you can bet all you want on what Carlos will be drumming into our players.

We are looking up, not down. We are going to City for a point and we want a result against Chelsea. We don't want to lose against Bournemouth and we want to do our business early so we can go into the last 2 games trying to get as far up the table as possible.

We are better than Everton, we are better than Watford, Brighton and the 2 behind us. And we are mentally strong and ready for the run in.

Keep that scoreboard ticking over.
How will Southampton approach their upcoming Wembley Semi Final?
at 11:05 10 Apr 2018

Will their players be gearing up for this at the sake of Premier League points?
Are their fans completely torn as to what they should be concentrating on?
Would Mark Hughes like an FA Cup medal as a manager on his CV?

That day out at Wembley has got to be intriguing them, they'll think they can beat Chelsea in a one off game? A Cup Final has to be a huge attraction.

I hope they do it. Go Saints, win the FA Cup.
Anyone got the J A points for AFC Bournemouth? Need 4 tickets
at 21:19 9 Apr 2018

[Post edited 9 Apr 22:37]
It's all about Saturday. Forget your sniping and focus on Everton
at 12:42 9 Apr 2018

This is our major chance to secure safety on Saturday and any fan worth anything will park up any negative shit until it's over.

What more can we ask for than a big game at home on a Saturday at 3 o clock. One of England's old traditional clubs come to town and we've got a great chance of beating them, in fact we're the Bookies favourites.

This is all we've ever wanted as fans isn't it? To pit the City's football team up against the best and take them on level par?!

Please stop and realise where you all were 10, 20 years ago and remember how nothing our Club was. Nobody gave us a second look, especially our own supporters who could only be bothered to turn up in the 2's and 3 thousands...

We were nothing to every other club out there apart from maybe the scum up the road, we were nothing to the media and we were nothing generally in the football world.

Well we're here now and whilst everything hasn't been a bed of roses, did anyone of you really expect it to have been? Come on, we all thought we'd have just the one season in the sun and that would be it.

We've become a spoilt, arrogant, nasty and entitled set of petulant fans. The type we'd hate when we were that nothing club of old.

Stop and think what it means to be a Jack and where we've been. Stop and think about what it would be really like to be back down there scratching around in the same old holes of League's 1 and 2 and how insignificant we'd be once more.

And stop and think about how every single critical, negative shot you fire off at your keyboard is chipping away at everything we've ever dreamed about.

Wise up FFS and make Saturday hell for Everton and their fans. They'll be down to support their team and their away support is very good. Make your support count.
[Post edited 9 Apr 12:45]
Phil S deleted that thread then....
at 11:01 3 Apr 2018

Hmm, strange that.

Some things never change on here 😂😂😂

This post has been edited by an administrator
Decent performance overall and one to take into the big one next week.
at 21:06 31 Mar 2018

I've seen some moaning about the first half but that was our game plan, to contain, but not just that, that WAS our best chance to get anything from the game.

Unfortunately for us we caught Man U on a going day and they were clinical early doors. Their first goal was just a good goal, no nit picking needed for that one although they did get a bit of luck with the finish. The second goal was a bit sloppy but it came after we'd opted to try and get in the game a bit more.

I said to the Mrs after that it was always unlikely we were going to get anything from this game anyway, and the best we could hope for was to try and get on the ball more and see if we could play our way into the game to take into next week.

And that's just what we did, albeit I didn't expect Tammy and Carroll to have such impressive halves, and that's another positive to take out of today. Carroll was excellent when he came on at Newcastle and I thought he was again today. I wouldn't start him next week, although I don't know how Clucas and Ki will be, but he's a decent option to come on a bit more fired up.

I know United were pretty comfortable all game, I'm not making our performance to be anything different than it was, but it will have done the players good to have come off the pitch with a decent second half showing, and let's face it, we probably deserved a goal.

The other thing I have noted is Carlos has taken our foot off the gas in the last 2 games, I feel. That's Spurs in the Cup and today. I feel he's used them to just get by knowing there's truer battles ahead.

This starts all this week in training in readiness for Saturday. You will see us all guns blazing next week i'm guessing.

Ashley Williams - He's humiliating himself...
at 00:05 27 Mar 2018

... these days. He should seriously consider hanging his boots up. A real embarrassment and if he's not careful nobody will remember the bar brawler defender he once was and all they will is this flummoxing baboon running around like a headless Trigger at Margate. Even the facking inflatable dolphin would put in better displays.

I watched the highlights (In Uruguyan) of the Wales game today to look for clips of Andy King - fack me, what superb technique from him as well for the various shots outside the box - well done lad.

But Williams, Jesus Christ, absolutely shot. The goal, he was there in his line ok up to a point but had no clue where Cavani was. Then the ball is lofted out wide and that immediately should have shone DANGER as it turned the Welsh defence, but not for 50p head. No, he turned slower than the QE2 and started ambling back, only to see Cavani so late he was already bearing down inside the 18 yard line.

Of course he did the Siggy flailing arms once the goal went in and looked to blame somebody else but the fingers are pointing in only one direction there, Williams, you clown, and there's a big sign above your head...

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