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The worst team in the league got a point at Spurs
at 18:00 22 Oct 2017

Giants like Liverpool lose 4-1

It's because Spurs had a bad day, because they gifted us, because (enter vvank miserable life excuse here)

That's why we got a point there, we didn't deserve it, we never deserve anything we get. We're lucky every time and oh yeah we're shit.

Mug fans.
That was the true meaning of the word "Outclassed"
at 15:32 22 Oct 2017

Not our game based on them having better outright chances.

Everton played off the park and Siggy is an absolute kunt.

One thing we could guarantee if he was still with us now we'd be rock bottom. Most overrated player in our history.

God help the next edition to his thread on the Everton forum in the next few hours.... Usual words we see.... Coward, slow, no influence, can't go past a man, anonymous, where's Barkley.



Great game of football, two decent sides went head 2 head
at 17:49 21 Oct 2017

There's a clear division in our support.

Those that understand the game and its complexities and those that just want to moan at anything they see.

The difference today was one deflected shot that went in and one that didn't.

Otherwise we played a Leicester side clearly up for it and meaning business.

The 2 big points from today...

1 Where the fack is Mesa and why are we giving Clement an easy ride over this?? He needs putting in his place big time.

2. Nathan Dyer is 100 times the player Narsingh is and we need our better players on the pitch. So regardless of position how is Narsingh ahead of Mesa even?

There's a team within us but the manager is where it's at right now, and he's playing the blame game,after it's the beginning of the end for him.

So is this the highest league position in 2 seasons?
at 19:25 14 Oct 2017

Seems strange if that's the case after SELLING OUR 2 WORLD CLASS, BEST EVER PLAYERS, doesn't it?

And this with a tidy sum left over in the bank and £39m worth of talent either on the bench, injured or missing in action, eh?

Don't get me wrong, Huddersfield will go down and it was frustrating we didn't just put them to the sword and destroy them. It's also frustrating some of Clements comments after as this was better but in context, still not great....

But, 13th and let's face it, we should be 8th or 9th.

Tammy or Llorente watch....

To October 14th...

Tammy 5 ---- Llorente 1

Anyone care to comment? Few notable absentees tonight????

Frustrating yes, but the whining on here doesn't justify our start.
at 23:27 3 Oct 2017

We've not even been that bad.

It's clear to everyone our attacking has left a lot to be desired. This has been the case for quite some time and it needs a lot of improving and an obvious change of mindset.

But, whilst we have disappointed in terms of seeing any fluidity or style of attack just yet, it's also important to note, apart from Man United, we've been right in every game until the death.

Fans can stamp their feet like spoilt kids and moan about a dim and distant past as if it was always so bloody glorious - laughable. But we've competed well, not spectacularly, but competed.

Watford have a good, athletic and footballing side, they are 6th and maybe the surprise side this season with a great manager. We could so easily have taken all 3 points off them and probably deserved to the way we fought our way back into the game.

Newcastle and Soton are more than holding their own and whilst both very beatable, by us, and others have made solid starts and make life tricky. Soton deserved to beat us, but they couldn't. We deserved to beat Newcastle, but lost.

Our points have come from Spurs and Palace and people have been too quick to knock both of these games from our perspective. Spurs was a back to the wall performance against arguably the best XI in the league. No matter how much our style changes we still won't be able to "turn it on" against the likes of these. Palace was never in doubt and comfortable from where I was sitting, yeah, we sat back but they never really looked like getting something. We were also in the middle of the window and this has clearly had a lasting impact and is still lingering now.

We've also gone away to West Ham and pretty much bossed the game. Yeah, we got done by a last minute sucker punch and for the second time in a week but again, the margins are so close.

The reasons given for a lack of cohesion just yet aren't excuses. We were late in the window and we didn't get all our targets. A Chadli coming in could well have made the difference in all these close encounters.

But we were right not to cross the greasy palm of Pullis with their ridiculous asking price.

Our squad does need time to settle. Bony needs a few more games but is already looking like the missing piece in the jigsaw. Sanches has improved with every outing (all bloody 3 of them)

Mesa hasn't even been given a chance....

We are not far away but don't let that get in the way of your constant bitchfest and sniping.

..... / ......
Box Office
[Post edited 3 Oct 23:29]
Some notable stats from yesterday
at 11:42 1 Oct 2017

Most amount of touches:

1. Naughton ------- 100
2. Sanches ----------- 90
#3. Carroll/Fede ---- 73
6. Jordan Ayew ----- 53

Much to the dismay of many of the mugs on here, arguably Naughts was our MoM yesterday. Sanches probably the only one to run him close and in fairness to the young Portuguese he didn't shy away from the ball and a bloody good involvement and game overall from him. Carroll, also not afraid to get on the ball for us and tried.

Ayew is in this bit because of the below.

Passes made: ----------------- Pass Accuracy %

1. Sanches --------- 67 --------------- 88.1
2. Fede --------------65 --------------- 83.1
3. Naughton ------- 63 -------------- 74.6
4. Carroll ----------- 58 -------------- 84.5
7. Leon ------------- 33 --------------- 97.0
8. J Ayew ----------- 32 --------------- 100
10 Mesa ------------ 22 --------------- 88.1

While we are lacking this cutting edge which has been obvious and has blighted us for a few seasons now, it's just as important we have players who want to get on the ball, and ideally do something with it.

Naughts did well yesterday and was involved throughout. In fairness to him he's been pretty decent all season and very much forms part of a solid platform. Defence isn't our problem but Clement should make Fede Captain and be done with it, I hope he hasn't not given it to him this week for the comments made. That would be weak management and childish.

Carroll gets on the ball and moves it quickly, he's a bit lightweight but the stick he got yesterday wasn't justified. Second or third most involved i.e. the bravest to be on the ball and good overall stats.

We know we get a nice easy linking game from Leon and his 33 passes out of an attempted 34 shows a) his accuracy but b) his safer game.

Mesa who was on the pitch for 46 minutes less than Leon made just 11 passes less in his short time. He made 22 passes out of an attempted 25 which shows a) he's more involved in the game and b) he's willing to push the boat out a bit with a pass.

We facking need this. I said an hour before the game yesterday that not picking him was an absolute disgrace. If it is his attitude or being too cocky, I don't care, we need him to get a run of games and start running the show for us. There's a creative player in him that Clement is just dousing with water.

Man of the Match against Reading and Watford and STILL he drops him. Big facking questions need asking of Clement about him this week and no more of the bullshit about facking adapting.

We can ALL see he's adapted well enough to the EPL in the tiny amount of games he's been picked to play in. Yes, he may switch off here and there but he's not going to get sharper sat in the West facking stand. Shameful Clement.

Lastly, Ayew, fair play, wow. 32 passes out of 32 tried and in his position is something of note indeed. He did well yesterday but he's waiting to form part of a flowing, functioning unit and not one that stutters and gets a nose bleed when they see the oppositions penalty box.

It's all eyes on Clement and until he picks the right players and then allows them to play he's going to drown in his own self inflicted, boring, mess.
[Post edited 1 Oct 12:09]
1st half - sound. Bony off, Tammy non existent all game - Clement sort it out!!
at 17:05 30 Sep 2017

we were playing for the draw and Clement is doing his best to ruin Clucas' career. First he's played him in the holding role in midfield and now at facking left back.

Clement - i'm not so sure mate. This is a critical time for you and right now you can be rightly looking at the sack.

We, do though, need to remember our first half performance, Bony, Sanches and the defence and midfield ticked over nicely, if not spectacularly.

These are the sorts of platforms we need to build on.

But Clement clearly sends the signals out there to slow the game down - for example, all our free kicks or throw ins. There's NOTHING on, NOTHING!!! We need players who want the ball and if they make the odd mistake a la Sanches now and again, then so be it, we need to be all over these dead balls - but Clement wants us all to look around, make sure our positions are covered, have someone amble up to the ball before 9 times out of 10 giving the facking ball back to them.

If he went tomorrow, after the last few weeks, I wouldnt be sorry.. Mesa is that player who will want the ball all the time but Clement is sapping all his confidence away from him and he's becoming robotiicised.

Sort it out Clement!!
45 minutes before judgement time for Clement.
at 13:20 30 Sep 2017

I'll be amazed if he dares going with the 5-3-2.

Time to open up the box mate and let us out.

-------------------- Fab -----------------

Naughts - Fede - Maws - Ols

------------------ Mesa ----------------

Clucas ---------------------- Carroll

------------------- Ayew ----------------

---Tammy ------------------ Bony---

Come on........
At least someone's been listening - Wales Online
at 17:57 24 Sep 2017

Andrew Gwilym's great summary of yesterday.

It's like he's got inspiration from somewhere...

Good boy. Andrew, i'm always happy to help...
Clement: Do not become a Monk and a coward
at 20:43 23 Sep 2017

.You owe us 45 minutes of Premier League football. You may say you've earned this mistake after last season but if you think like that your downfall will come quicker than you'd imagine.

There's no rhyme or reason for your team selection today and you need to come out and explain WTF was going through your head when you picked it.

I used the word unforgivable after Hull away last season and I'm very tempted to throw it in after today. Don't try and outfox Marco Silva whose obviously got one up on you, play with what you've got and appreciate them for the talents they possess not the ones you're trying to massage out of them.

The first XI selection was appalling and made no sense whatsoever. But go on, you need to and publicly, because we need to know your thinking as its got many of us worrying.

It was the crowd that got the urgency levels up in the last 5 minutes of the first half as you sat, Monkesque in the dug out hiding.

It was obvious and I mean FACKING OBVIOUS it wasn't working after ten minutes, for you to leave it til half time or the boo's was inexcusable.

Not good enough and not by a long chalk.

Second half though, and with a team that is set up to play the facking game of football, what a change. Mesa has to play, he linked up the two thirds of the pitch like we've been expecting him to, yeah he made a poor mistake but Mawson's was a horror.

The second half should give everyone hope. I've said the last twice at home I'd sacrifice the result for a performance and today, at least after the obvious changes were made we looked a team.

Bony and Tammy will be a right handful. In that brief glimpse today and with Bony clearly needing match sharpness they looked the part. Ayew will do fine by me too, as will Carroll and Clucas, who I feel sorry for as he's not a holding midfield player. Clement is hanging him out to dry playing him there.

The back four, five actually with VdH are solid and for me Mawson should've gone off, unfortunately he's reminding me of Williams in his last season for us. Sort it out Barnsley boy, you're nowhere near a Billy big Bollox yet mate.

We'll get there. Today is the most confident I've felt even with the gut wrencher of the last minute goal.

That second half was good, we just can't afford for our manager to give teams a head start every game.

Clement, sort it out. I'm sorry but you deserve the stick tonight.
Team for Watford
at 22:17 20 Sep 2017

Give Bony and Mesa a start...

------------------ Fab -------------------

Naughts - Fede - Maws - Olsson

---------------- Mesa -----------------

-- Ayew ------------------ Clucas --

-------------- Sanches ---------------

------ Tammy --------- Bony -------

Swapping either Ayew with Sanches or Carroll for Clucas

Which could also look like this without the ball...

------------------ Fab -------------------

--- Naughts - Fede - Maws - Olsson ---
------------------- Mesa ----------------------
Ayew - Tammy ------- Sanches -- Clucas

------------------- Bony ------------------

------------------ Fab -------------------

--- Naughts - Fede - Maws - Olsson -

Ayew ----Mesa-- Sanches -- Clucas

-------------------Tammy ----------------

------------------- Bony ------------------
[Post edited 20 Sep 22:46]
Everton playing with 9 men
at 17:51 17 Sep 2017

Siggy and Williams are non league standard.


Oh thank you so much you Toffee mugs!!!!!!
You can't win anything with kids...
at 21:22 10 Sep 2017

Who said that first, Pencoed? Teabag? LeonwasGod? Tommy? Some mug? Alan Hansen?

Even with a 2 - 0 win (Mawson/Tammy) it still wouldn't have been a great memory.

Poor in too many spells, a lack of courage, not brave enough with the ball, a formation that doesn't suit taking the game to the opponent (which we tried to do), no cohesion, fluidity, dynamism, runners, options, creation, it had the lot, unfortunately for us.

We need to be a lot better.

First up though, they were decent, they weren't the mug punters we all hoped for and they're a team that competes from 1 to 11 and will not be in the relegation mix come next May.

Excuses over, Clement needs to take stock of that and take a bit more of a grip.

For one, Sanches should NEVER have been allowed to take a free kick, Carroll needs more balls to say listen youngster, well done for winning the free kick now fack off back in your position and earn the right to take this. Sanches doesn't need to be stoking the crowd up, he needs to be making short, simple passes that hit the player he's playing to, he needs to make passes to players in space and take a massive step back from the limelight he's been inadvertently thrust into.

Never again should we see an attempt to regain his over inflated reputation in one game again.

Take your time son, you've got the talent but you're not there yet.

Perhaps the most important person this season will be Sanches' translator - it would be relatively easy for Clement to get a message across to someone from the South East, not so to a kid from the tough streets of Lisbon or wherever he's from.


We were good in spells, 6 minutes on the clock and we started to play it from the back, 20 passes later we were pressing in their top right corner before the move breaking down. We started the game well enough, the end of the first half was also good. The bit in between, we lost identity.


We don't have one yet. Clement is working on this. In my most humble of opinions (that's just me) Clem will be all over this. I was told recently he doesn't like playing with wingers. Mournho-esqu perhaps, pragmatic, but he's found his way out of 2 massive holes already in his Swans tenure,


He'll need to redress the balance and think again on this display. We need to see a team that swings the one way and the other and it making sense. We don't want to see Naughton in the loose space 10 yards towards the right of the corner of their box with the only option a floating, chipped cross into the box that's easily clearer. We need to see runners, closer to him, off him, making space and options around him. This was the most the most frustrating aspect of today and where moves just came to an abrupt end.


Unlike last week, nobody's place is sacred. Apart from Fab anyone can come in and replace whoever played today and none of them could have any arguments. We're on a hiding to noting next week but we have the Wembley effect, it maybe a nice little game for us. Put it this way, I'll be more confident playing them there than at WHL. We can utilise a much better squad than we had last season to tweak things and get a reaction. Bony, also, in his cameo role looked just what we need.... that pass for Narsingh. There's enough there, with him alone, to shape a team around.

Clement just needs to make big decisions to strike a more fluent balance. Fer, for me, even for those stupid, reckless challenges needs dropping. That's not the way to keep the game flowing, lunging in waist height inches away from a sending off every time. Fer, you're out next game, work on this. Carroll, Clucas, you get a pass, not by much as you both, to put it lightly, shit out of today, thats not good enough, we need another 50% at least from you two. Tammy, anonymous first half, played your way into the game but you need to get the build up bits better. Ayew, good, no complaints....

It wasn't great today but there's enough raw materials to see a massive improvement as the weeks progress.

Don't speak too soon.

Our Football Club - Better in Every Department. Welcome to the Next Level
at 22:06 1 Sep 2017

The Holy Grail of the "next level" is probably already upon us, or at least we're moving towards it, but most of you are too wrapped up in your own miserable preconceived prejudices, you won't open your eyes to realise it.

The Club still isn't perfect, but which one is? The Trust still need a genuine revamp and refresh to communicate effectively to both Board and fans. The friendly game ticket prices is an example of this. But the overall picture is one of a Club getting back on track and improving. Nothing too much to shout about in isolation as the only was was up after the disaster of the last 2 years or so.

But nevertheless we're getting our act together. Off the pitch and since January, on it.

Commercially we will see the benefits, we have professionals involved, true business people with contacts who will increase revenue. Better sponsorships and business partners to be tapped into. The profile of SCFC is on the rise, more professional media interaction, website, Twitter, Facebook, more games being streamed, all on the up.

The football aspect will now follow. The U-23's had a tremendously successful season and our Academy and training facilities are now state of the art. This will only help everything we are trying to achieve.

Anyone one of us that has supported this Club back in the day, when we stop and think about things, will struggle to believe it's all actually been a true story.

We are 7 years - SEVEN YEARS - in the EPL and it's time now to quit the childish quips about "the Yanks" ; "the sell-outs" etc. What we've achieved, led by the old Board and now the new is nothing short of a miracle, it's phenomenal!! I have spent enough time voicing an angry opinion about the goings on of all concerned, but all said and done, they've done us proud.

The football squad we will take into the Premier League from now is arguably the best since we've been here.

Goalkeeper - as solid as we could hope for and Fab is Swansea's no. 1 without a shadow of a doubt. The way we accumulate GK's should mean at least one of them will be good enough to step in if he's ever injured ;-)

Defence - Been a revelation under Clement as we now defend as a team with responsibility for this aspect on every player. Naughts comes in for ridiculous stick but for me he's completely dependable. Everyone loves to scapegoat and bully somebody. Naughts gets too much of this. Cover at full back would've been great but it didn't happen and he won't let us down - same as he didn't last season. Fede and Maws have now formed a strong partnership and have enjoyed playing alongside each other for some time and are growing very strong. I love Olsson, he's as competitive as they come, the sheer determination in everything he does is infectious. We've also got ball players right along the back and we can now adapt perfectly well to a 3-5-2 with Bartley and VdH able to step in when needed. Rangel is an able deputy and Clucas can cover the left. We are solid at the back.

Midfield - We will be very strong and competitive in midfield this season. The signing of Sanches is truly unbelievable and exciting and the options we now have in this area are plentiful - off the bench too. I'm sure Clement and the Board would've loved to add another wider player but we won't be held ransom and pay massively over the odds - that's not good business. Carroll has been outstanding since coming in, Clucas has fitted in with ease and technically just what we need, these 2 will keep the ball flowing freely and accurately all around the park, with Carroll more than adept at set pieces and corners. Fer, Ki and Mesa all have genuine claims of fighting for a first XI slot and Ayew can play deeper or wide to provide options. Leon's still about as are Routs, Narsingh and Dyer so we're not having to rely on the old guard like we did last season, and these boys will still have something to offer as the season goes on, I'm sure of that. Southampton have made Europe on squads similar to ours and we can genuinely aim to look a lot higher up the league than we could this time last season, as far as up as that remains to be seen, but why not.

Up front - Bony, Tammy and Ayew is our strongest front line since the EPL without a shadow of doubt. Bony, in my opinion, is the missing piece in the jigsaw, he has the exact qualities we've been crying out for and Llorente could simply not provide. I think the 3 can play together in a 4-3-3 with Bony in the middle and Tammy and Ayew either side. It won't be Tammy's preferred option, same as it isn't for Rashford, bit it's a genuine alternative option for us.

Options are good and options we now have in abundance.

Manager - Clement has been inch perfect since he's come in and all the options mentioned above, he makes them a reality. His coaching is second to none and the team is able to adapt to any of his demands. He'll also get us playing more football this season and our style of play will be unrecognisable from the sheer tedium of last year.

Next level? We're getting there if not arrived already, so let's see it for what it is, embrace the changes and enjoy what's going to be a bloody good season of football with some outstanding talent on show.

[Post edited 1 Sep 22:15]
The end of 3-5-2?
at 22:17 30 Aug 2017

If Sanches comes I can't see us going 3 - 5 - 2 for a while. We'd have a big selection dilemma in midfield. Struggled like hell to pick a first XI with our likely signings...

-------------------- Fab --------------------

Naughts - Fede (C) - Maws - Olsson

---------------- Carroll -------------------

Chadli ---------------------------- Clucas

--------------- Sanches -----------------

---------------- Tammy -------------------
----------------- Bony ---------------------

Seriously though, Siggy facking who?????????
Team for Palace
at 08:21 26 Aug 2017

-------------- Fab --------------

Naughts - Fede - Maws - Olsson

------- Carroll -- Clucas ----------

Ayew -------- Fer ---------- Routs

------------ Tammy -------------

Still need at least 2 more.
Everton's new problem...
at 22:14 21 Aug 2017

So what happened then?

He came on with them comfortable at 1 up against ten men, took a free kick and watched them get dragged back.

Fack off One Trick Pony.
As soon as Siggy walked we should have had players coming in.
at 07:51 21 Aug 2017

Clement now saying he's hoping to have someone in before Palace but still talking like they're searching through a list.

By now these should've been specific targets with deals tied up.

The Trust prepared a statement of concern and then went into hiding and brushedthings under the carpet AGAIN.

Where is it? Produce it. And show the fans you actually have the tiniest amount of balls and care more about us than your new cosy bastard relationship with Steve and facking Jas !!!!

This is unbelievable. There's just over a week to go FFS.
Tammy v Llorente
at 23:41 20 Aug 2017

Been reading some crap on here [again] about Tammy and him not getting the goals Llorente would.

Bullshit like Llorente would've buried that......

You need your memory testing if you think as superficially and naively as that.

Allow me to remind you.

Llorente got his FIRST goal for us against Man City at home towards the end of September - yeah, like 4/5 weeks away. And let me also remind you, he hadn't even looked like scoring up to that point. We all remember his open goal miss in last Summer's friendly yeah??

Can I just ask a little favour - before putting your name to your dross, stop and think about what you're going to embarrass yourselves with.

Tammy has had a mildly tough start, it has been Southampton away and Man U home - same as Llorente last season, that was a nightmare start too - but Tammy has been super unlucky on at least 5 times.

He's just there, or thereabouts in the right place at the right time. His instinct for that is second to none.

If Clement sticks with him, this boy will get goals - no question about it.
at 10:47 15 Aug 2017

WTF is going on???

Where is the statement of concern your Chairman has sent to the shareholders and why haven't you communicated this to your members???

Do something of note for once in your bloody existence there FFS.

Swansea is burning while you're trying to play cosyagain with the new Board.

Sort it out.
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