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Was the Trust Forum filmed?
at 09:12 8 Sep 2018

If not, why not?
Which football club's do get asset stripped?
at 13:28 7 Sep 2018

"""Anybody who makes these asset-strip comments are either flawed when it comes to basic arithmetic, deliberately want to look at things just one way, or are plain wrong."""
Kaplan. Swansea going to zero would not affect his net worth
at 10:32 7 Sep 2018

"""And each match is changing Kaplan. “I want to be careful about how I say this. Whether Swansea goes up 10 times in value or goes to zero [is] not going to affect my family or me, [it is] not going to have a material impact on my net worth . . . What I didn’t fully appreciate is how emotionally invested I would be in the team . . . I think it has to do with the fact that it’s so hard to score a goal. The goals are so few and far between that, when you do score, it’s such an incredible emotional release. You can see [it] with [the] players. They score a goal and they’re jumping. They’re sliding on the grass.”""

They're not interested in finding devious ways to redeem their small investment in the Swans. The money they've put in is relative peanuts to them. Yes they're investors and want to make a return, and Kaplan is by far and away the largest investor, but even with us bottoming out, it's not going to have a be all and end all impact on him and his family.

They want success. They've just made mistakes which have cost us.

Maybe we should give them a chance to put things right?
The Trust taking credit for their role in the Club. 1 year ago.
at 13:01 6 Sep 2018

Phil Sumbler said...

"""It was also around that time that Stuart McDonald replaced Huw Cooze as Supporter Director, and Stuart has spent much of the last 8 months building on his role and ensuring that we – as an organisation – are involved in key decisions that affect the football club both on and off the pitch.

We have had some clear examples of our increased engagement over the last eight months which include, but are not limited to:

The removal of Bob Bradley as manager and the subsequent appointment of Paul Clement;
The much more successful January transfer window during which the club made some key signings who helped us ensure our Premier League status;
An understanding of the process of scouting and signing players, ensuring that we continue to build on the most recent successful transfer window;
Plans for future development of the club commercially and also regarding the discussions with the local council regarding the stadium lease;

This – for me – has shown that we have created and developed, with the will of all parties, a consultative approach to how the football club is run and I firmly believe that we have forged a strong working foundation which will continue to grow over the course of the coming months and years."""

A strong working foundation which will continue to grow over the course of the coming months and years....

Hmm. We wind on yet another year and it seems we've regressed quite considerably.

Also, the Trust were happy with the scouting system and took credit for Clement.

They then went on to recommend a partial sale of their shares.

Where exactly are we right now, does anyone really know? The Trust have given us so much passive inactivity and mixed messages I think it's fair to say we're as confused as anyone could be.

And they expect the Americans to have confidence in them.
FAO THETRUST. Why have you not told us they have put money in?
at 08:54 6 Sep 2018

Please explain why have you have never informed the fans that the Americans had put money into the Club?

The very reason the selling shareholders gave for selling was that they couldn't get the borrowing required to keep the club afloat when cashflow would all too often squeeze us. They said the new owners had the means to step in and cover these periods to keep us going.

For years fans have moaned they've not put their own money in. The selling shareholders never said they would capitalise us. But they have indeed done what was stated.

Why have you never told anyone this?
Wyndham Evans here - Class
at 20:06 2 Sep 2018

Loves the Swans 😂

Millwall away...... we FACKING WON....
at 21:57 1 Sep 2018

Just think about that for a second....


No matter who owns us or wherever we are in our journey, it's still us, from the seaside taking it to these kunts and having a go.

Jack FACKING army.

at 21:11 1 Sep 2018

Imbeciles on this site haven't got the faintest fack how to cope with football games

The Cheers is on you, pal x
Well pissed off with Leon... It's all "they" this and that. You're a Jack FFS
at 20:50 1 Sep 2018

Facking Sky.

Dont forget your roots Leon
Jango, E20 and notable others
at 20:06 1 Sep 2018



We did it lads....

Get in there.

We've got to put up with the Trust's Lisa's cheap comments but we've come through AGIAN!!!!

Keep it up!!!
How will we do today?
at 16:40 1 Sep 2018

Big test for us in an atmosphere they'll make sure will be nasty.


Joe Rodon

Daniel James

Baker Richardson

I'm presuming a 442 or 4411

Baker Richardson playing to mix things up a bit? Grimes considered more solid than Carroll? And Celina moved out wide?

No Mckay at all today and Carter Vickers on the bench with Jeff , Asoro, Yan Dhanda and Carroll if we need to change things up.

None of the outcasts even make the bench - they wouldn't be fit but it's still a worry they won't be in the plans of Potter. I hope they will be and soon.

Tough game in many aspects, how will we do up there?
A lesson not to gamble in going straight back to the EPL from Southampton
at 17:58 31 Aug 2018

A brief history of a team relegated who gambled the lot on promotion at the first hurdle. It caught up with them big time and they only truly got back on their feet when they totally hit the reset button and started all over again. It took several new owners, 4 or 5 managers, going into administration, a relegation and a ten point deduction.

This after a 13 year stint in the EPL where, let's face it, they were part of the fixture's and fittings.

Regardless of who's calling the shots what we're doing now is sensible and the right thing for the future of SCFC.


Outside the top flight (2005–2012)

"""In November 2005, manager Harry Redknapp resigned to rejoin Portsmouth, and was replaced by George Burley. Rupert Lowe resigned as chairman in June 2006, and Jersey-based businessman Michael Wilde, who had become the club's major shareholder assumed the post. Following a club record £6 million being spent on transfers, Polish strikers Grzegorz Rasiak and Marek Saganowski performed well and the season saw the introduction of 17-year-old left back Gareth Bale. Southampton finished in sixth place and lost the play-off semi-final to Derby County on penalties. The board sought new investment in the club, and In February 2007 Wilde stepped down as chairman to be replaced by local businessman Leon Crouch as "Acting chairman", a role Crouch retained until 21 July 2007. In the 2007–08 season,

In the 2007–08 season, George Burley revealed that players such as Bale and Kenwyne Jones had to be sold to stop the club going into administration and that failing to achieve promotion had put the club in serious financial difficulty. Burley left the club in January 2008 to take over as Scotland manager and was replaced by Nigel Pearson who saved the club from relegation on the final day.

In July 2008 all the board members except one resigned, allowing Lowe and Wilde to return: Wilde as Chairman of Southampton FC and Rupert Lowe as Chairman of Southampton Leisure Holdings plc. Although Pearson kept the team up, the board did not renew his contract due to financial constraints, and the relatively unknown Dutchman Jan Poortvliet was appointed manager. Financial troubles continued to mount, resulting in more players being sold or loaned out and parts of St Mary's were closed off to reduce costs. In January 2009, Poortvliet resigned with the club one place from bottom of the Championship, with Mark Wotte taking over managerial duties.

In April 2009, Southampton's parent company was placed in administration. A ten-point penalty was imposed, but as the team was already being relegated due to finishing second from bottom of the Football League Championship this points deduction had to apply to the 2009–10 season. By the end of May, the club was unable to meet its staff wages and asked employees to work unpaid as a gesture of goodwill. The administrator warned that the club faced imminent bankruptcy unless a buyer was found. In June, administrator Mark Fry confirmed negotiations with two groups of investors, followed by confirmation that the club had been sold to an overseas buyer "owned and controlled by Markus Liebherr". Liebherr brought in Italian businessman Nicola Cortese to look after the club's business interests on his behalf. In July 2009, with the club in the control of the new owner, Wotte was sacked as head coach and Alan Pardew was appointed as the new First Team Manager.The Saints made their first big signing under Liebherr, striker Rickie Lambert, who was purchased on 10 August from League One side Bristol Rovers.

Southampton started the 2009–10 season in League One, in the third tier of English football for the first time in 50 years and with −10 points.

In March 2010, Southampton won their first trophy since 1976 when they defeated Carlisle United 4–1 at Wembley to claim the Football League Trophy.[16] Southampton finished the season in 7th place, seven points from the last play-off position.

A new home shirt was unveiled on 10 June 2010, in celebration of the club's 125th anniversary. The design was based on the original St. Mary's Y.M.A. kit used in 1885; it featured the new anniversary crest and was without a sponsor's logo.[17] On 11 August, it was announced that Liebherr had died; however, the club's future had been assured and planned for before his death.[18][19] Pardew was dismissed in August and Nigel Adkins joined from Scunthorpe United as his replacement.[20] The club was promoted to the Championship in May 2011 as runners-up to Brighton & Hove Albion.

Returning to the Championship for the 2011–12 season, Southampton made their best start to a season for 75 years with a winning run at St. Mary's of 13 league games, setting a new club record and going top of the league. In April 2012, Southampton achieved promotion to the Premier League as runners-up to Reading. The final game of the season game set a record attendance at St Mary's Stadium of 32,363. Lambert finished the season as the Championship's top goalscorer with 27 league goals, his third "Golden Boot" in four seasons. He also won the Championship Player of the Year award."""
I hope we take the game to Monk tonight...
at 14:47 17 Aug 2018

We know what he'll be like, especially against us...
'we've got to be better without the ball etc etc'

I hope we can manage the game well but still have a go at them. They'll be no pushovers and have had close games so far this season.

Imagine another 3 points tonight, would be massive. Pretty gutted we haven't brought anyone in before tonight though but, team to face the Monkey man


Joe Jack



Not sure.why Montero didn't get a run out last week, a bit worrying perhaps he didn't, but he should be fresh enough to give Monks possession game a worry.

It's been a great start but it would've been nice to have freshened it up a bit more. Hopefully it's not a lot of games too soon for our younger lot.

Come on City.
at 22:17 13 Aug 2018

Dr Winston posted this in another thread...

"""We pissed away gobsmacking amounts of money by moving away from a system that worked. Huw Jenkins presided over that act of stupidity when all he had to do was keep doing what worked. Instead he decided to tear all that up when he promoted his snitch to the managers job and ape what every other club was doing."""


You'll get too many agreeing with this most simplistic of explanations.

And it's not fair or particularly accurate.

You say we moved away from a system that worked.

But for how long long in the EPL did we have that system?

* We were promoted in May 2011
* From August 2013 to January 2014 we struggle
* There were well documented upsets in the ranks
* We had a manager and his agent who attempted to manipulate our transfer policy to a model that would see them make on every deal


* Garry Monk, who I know you blame for moving us away from our recruiting system stepped up in February 2014
* Monk steered us to safety

Now had Leon, instead of Monk, been able and available to take the reigns at that time we would no doubt have seen a completely different playing style and type of player coming in.

But he wasn't available and Monk came in and in the eyes of the footballing world, the EPL finish we had, and obviously from the Board of Directors perspective, did a good job.

OK, we didn't like the style of play and we can all too easily say that's where it all went wrong, but it's such a weak argument in so many aspects it deserves being called out as rubbish.

* In the EPL we had one season under Rodgers who recruited as we did post Monk ie the transfer committee
+ we then had one and a half seasons with Laudrup who changed it to his way
+ we then had the rest going back with the transfer committee

If we moved away from anything it was to accommodate Laudrup's agent and that only brought success for ONE TRANSFER WINDOW..... ONE!!!

it really is now time for people to start evaluating our recent history and not just jump on bandwagons or choose the sound bites that match their own narratives just to confirm their own bias.

It's time to see things as they really were and now are. The blame game is doing us no favours. This is a great chance to rebuild and start again.
at 13:05 11 Aug 2018

This is what we're up against.

Some won't even be there but if we went a goal down they won't be able to get to their keyboards quick enough.

This is what we were up against last season. Some of our fans, especially the ones posting on here, WANT us to fail.

Beware of the enemy within.

Superb Statement. Well done the Board. Time to get behind SCFC now
at 20:31 10 Aug 2018


And I could've written that statement word for word for the simple reason it's brutally honest and blunt.

We needed to cut back.

We needed the big earners gone

We needed the players who didn't want to be here gone.

Ideally they would've gone early into the window but these things never work like that for umpteen reasons.

We had a job to do and as brutal as it was it just had to be done to keep a professional football club in the city.

The best news from all this is the understanding we needed to reset, the fact we're going to be brave on the ball so we'll see some football and the promise we'll be dipping into the loan market.

We can now do this after a breather and from a strong platform.

They've made mistakes, so what, who doesn't. They seem keen to put those mistakes right

Superb statement

Up the Jacks.
Nordvelt to McBurnie - Fast, Free-Flowing Football FFF (TM)
at 23:40 5 Aug 2018

No, not long, hopeless balls pumped up top but built from back to front with superb precision.

The 2 goals we scored yesterday were up there with the best we ever scored during our halcyon days and I've been worried about Nordvelt but always said his distribution was streets ahead of Fab's.

Twice we went from him in goal to score and wow, the fast, free flowing football has arrived, just a season too late.

These highlights are a joy to watch -
Right then ye f.....
at 19:26 4 Aug 2018

Have a bit of that.

Young side, trying to play football, dug in and get the rewards.

To the usual fackwits on Planet tvvat, fack you...

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Nmecha on his way
at 18:29 30 Jul 2018

At least that's what he's telling his mates apparently.

If we pull this off there's too many on here going to be sucking egg form all over their respective mushes soon.
at 19:55 14 Jul 2018

His 250 words


"My name is Dave Dalton and I’m a co-opted member of the Trust Board until 31st July 2018.

In the brief time I have been involved on the Board I am more convinced than ever that it needs a strong and balanced representation to ensure it is best placed to deal with what could well be a turbulent couple of years ahead for the club and its supporters.

The Supporters Trust has been treated poorly and with contempt by both past and current owners and we undoubtedly need to become stronger and more unified to enable us to properly represent the Swans supporters again. I believe I have the qualities to help make this happen.

Recently I have become far more involved in ways to improve the huge range of communication responsibilities within the Trust. I felt this was an area that had been neglected in recent times causing fans like myself to feel distant and apathetic. This needs to change as without the backing of supporters the Trust simply cannot function as intended.

Unfortunately this is not going to be a quick or simple process but I genuinely feel we are now beginning to see improvements in many of our procedures. However more time is required.

I hope that with your support it will allow me the opportunity to continue my work on the Board and we can begin to see a stronger, more proactive Swans Trust that is able to properly engage and represent our supporters as intended."

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