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Everton's new problem...
at 22:14 21 Aug 2017

So what happened then?

He came on with them comfortable at 1 up against ten men, took a free kick and watched them get dragged back.

Fack off One Trick Pony.
As soon as Siggy walked we should have had players coming in.
at 07:51 21 Aug 2017

Clement now saying he's hoping to have someone in before Palace but still talking like they're searching through a list.

By now these should've been specific targets with deals tied up.

The Trust prepared a statement of concern and then went into hiding and brushedthings under the carpet AGAIN.

Where is it? Produce it. And show the fans you actually have the tiniest amount of balls and care more about us than your new cosy bastard relationship with Steve and facking Jas !!!!

This is unbelievable. There's just over a week to go FFS.
Tammy v Llorente
at 23:41 20 Aug 2017

Been reading some crap on here [again] about Tammy and him not getting the goals Llorente would.

Bullshit like Llorente would've buried that......

You need your memory testing if you think as superficially and naively as that.

Allow me to remind you.

Llorente got his FIRST goal for us against Man City at home towards the end of September - yeah, like 4/5 weeks away. And let me also remind you, he hadn't even looked like scoring up to that point. We all remember his open goal miss in last Summer's friendly yeah??

Can I just ask a little favour - before putting your name to your dross, stop and think about what you're going to embarrass yourselves with.

Tammy has had a mildly tough start, it has been Southampton away and Man U home - same as Llorente last season, that was a nightmare start too - but Tammy has been super unlucky on at least 5 times.

He's just there, or thereabouts in the right place at the right time. His instinct for that is second to none.

If Clement sticks with him, this boy will get goals - no question about it.
at 10:47 15 Aug 2017

WTF is going on???

Where is the statement of concern your Chairman has sent to the shareholders and why haven't you communicated this to your members???

Do something of note for once in your bloody existence there FFS.

Swansea is burning while you're trying to play cosyagain with the new Board.

Sort it out.
A Statement From The Trust.
at 11:16 13 Aug 2017

Phil, Stu and Co.

What are you now waiting for?

We went into our first game of the season with one change to last seasons side.

One change!!!

We still own a 1/5th of the footballclub that has been run into the ground the last 2 Summers.

Our one big signing can't get off the bench and the Siggy saga is still rumbling on and to no one's advantage.

I gave a lot of credit to the Americans early pre-season but now they deserve holy hell.

It's time to call them out and say enough is enough.

Stand up FFS.
We're off the mark and Clement makes a statement to Americans
at 17:07 12 Aug 2017

Plenty of questions still to be answered and the performance level would have been totally different had we been home.

Huge positive in our defensive shape when we need to dig in and for all Southampton's chances, really speaking, very few were particularly threatening.

Also I think Clement's subs were a statement to the Board. Fulton, Bartley and McBurnie just shows the lack of activity. Also, we've got to be majorly worried about Mesa at this stage. Personally I fear for his character more than his ability, he seems too confident and a bit of a hot head.

But all in all a decent platform to build on - but it's got to be done and quick.
A much more mobile front line...
at 12:45 11 Aug 2017


"""To have that ability to run in behind is priceless and it was difficult to do with Fernando. You have to work the ball up in stages until you can get into crossing positions.

"Now we have another dynamic. Tammy is quick, if not the quickest player in the group and Jordan works and works and works. All of a sudden we have a more mobile front line""

It's like Clement reads my posts. Funny how everything I predicted is coming off to a tee.

More footballing lessons start for the mugs on here August 12 @ 5pm

Let's rock and roll...
As good as the front 3 were, Carroll Man of the Match
at 19:09 5 Aug 2017

I wonder how many assists he would've had if Siggy had facked off in January.?

Now you're all finally getting a glimpse of what could've been had we sold those bums.

Not a set piece in sight....
at 17:34 5 Aug 2017


In 15 minutes Tammy has showed us what we've been missing...
at 17:32 5 Aug 2017

... all last season.

Llorente did well under the circumstances and I warmed a bit to him as the season wore on.

But Abraham will take our forward play to the next level and I don't think we need to worry about another big name coming in during August. They'll have to go some to knock this boy out.
Time for the Trust to step in re Siggy.
at 16:07 2 Aug 2017

Clement wants him out.

Clement needs to prepare for the season and get replacements in.

The Americans are stubbornly holding out for £50m

But this is having a major wider implication.

The fans. The 21% owners have spoken. The Trust MUST deliver our message immediately.

Siggy NOT worth anything like £50m
at 17:15 12 Jul 2017

Here it is for all you amateurs of the beautiful game trying to find their way in the game.

Here it is in writing.... Some of you really need to read this article in full. It's pretty much word for word what I've said all along.......
Gylfi to Leicester - £30m
at 15:36 4 Jun 2017

Please let this be true!!
On the 3rd step of 8 to Genocide
at 09:46 3 Jun 2017

Because of our nazi, right wing press and how the thick, ignorant and insular swallow it up.

This really is a time for change. Britain disgusts me.

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Siggy not all that...
at 22:21 25 May 2017

A good, honest article I found...

""And herein lies the problem. When compared to the Premier League’s top creators, they possess the guile Sigurdsson perhaps lacks.

Take David Silva, for example, he’s more than capable of receiving the ball in a tight spot before worming his way out of danger with the ease of a cat navigating its way through a tight spot. Similar applies to Eriksen, Mesut Ozil and Juan Mata of Spurs, Arsenal and Manchester United, respectively. Ultimately, the top clubs already have a technically excellent footballer who plays in Sigurdsson’s position. He’s honed his talent more in his second spell for Swansea, notably in a willingness to start on the left before wreaking havoc in the final third by drifting inside, yet this isn’t enough to prove that he deserves a regular starting spot for one of the Premier League’s elite sides.

Yet, no matter how consistent he may be in the attacking third (he made our top ten attacking midfielders of the season), Sigurdsson will not be considered one of the league’s best in his position, if we are to be brutally honest. That isn’t a slight on him, but he lacks the components to bridge the gap between very good and great. If a team is built around him, then he thrives, with his campaign at Swansea a case in point. But that simply would not happen at a top-six side. Everton? Now that would be an idea…""

Too much credit is given to "Assists" in football
at 21:06 24 May 2017

All too often it's just a bullshit stat.

Just look at Fellaini's for Pogba's shit effort. All he could do was square a pass, there was nothing else on and he gets one.

We won't miss Siggy's connection with the fans next season
at 19:32 21 May 2017

Football is everything to so many people and this season will go down as one of the most memorable in our history, i'm sure. We've had the worst times and arguably some of the best. Certainly the lap of honour was probably the best in the Liberty era, there were thousands and thousands still there long after the whistle.

A truly heroic second half of the season and massive thanks to Paul Clement and his staff, the January signings, the scapegoats who were all men amongst boys the last few months, Fernando Llorente who stood up tall and got counted after an indifferent first part of the season and the Jack Army who stuck with the boys throughout,.

Immensely proud.

Trundle showed us today how to connect with the fans. Siggy just walked down the tunnel straight after 90 minutes and hardly broke into a smile on the walk around. Time to move on Mr Iceland balls. We need you and our over reliance on your set pieces gone.

Brilliant end to the season.
The Formation changed because it needed to...
at 08:12 25 Apr 2017

Still spent most of the game wondering who was playing where though. In the first half we had Siggy, Llorente and Ayew spending time on the left hand side. No real width or cohesion but not something Stoke would've probably have been predictably expecting.

The front 4 were very interchangeable which is what I think ultimately came through. Clement stumbled on a winning 451 formula when he came in first of all. I'm not sure this Christmas Tree will have the necessary effect over the next 4 games.

I thought Carroll was superb again and more than deserved his goal. Leon also and these two were the heartbeat of our side, real determination mixed in with good football ability. Ki did well without setting the world on fire. Kingsley didn't let us down and Ayew was our most dangerous. Llorente was Llorente, got the goal but never seems to put his stamp on a game, just not influential enough and even with Siggy in a central role, still no sign whatsoever of them linking up in open play. They made a total of 3 passes between each other the whole time Llorente was on the pitch. It's just not a partnership that's ever going to click. And yes, I know they linked up for the corner and all important goal but we're lacking a real something with those 2.

Also something to note, we made twice as many tackles as Stoke. 40 to their 20. Normally an indication a team doesn't want to be on the beach in plaster casts, but credit to us as we haven't got that luxury.

I think Clement will also need to tweak the formation again but to what is anyone's guess.
Games when Siggy has played at No. 10 with 2 wingers this season
at 21:12 20 Apr 2017

Hull home - Lost 0-2
Leicester away - Lost 2-1
Arsenal away - Lost 3-2
Watford home - Drew 0-0
Stoke away - Lost 3-1
Spurs away - Lost 5-0
Sunderland home - Won 3-0
West Brom away - Lost 3-1
Boro away - Lost 3-0
Bournemouth home - Lost 0-3
Arsenal home - Lost 0-4
Bournemouth away - Lost 0-2 (second half)

12 games

1 win
1 Draw
10 Losses

Scored 8
Conceded 30

So.... why this ridiculous clamour for him to play there with 2 wingers????
The brave decision Hull made to sell their top scorer
at 11:46 16 Apr 2017

Marco Silva came on board a sinking ship, practically sunk in most football fans eyes.

They were rooted to the bottom of the table and when news broke they were about to sell their "Siggy" in Robert Snodgrass, Swans fans, along with the fans of other clubs deep in the mire, only looked for another 2 unfortunate teams to fill the dreaded 3 relegations slots.

When Silva took a look at what he'd inherited it wasn't a pretty sight. If we thought we'd been short changed in the recruitment department then Hull had been left with the penny's and copper's of a Championship side left to rot.

When he walked through the door they had 13 points and bottom of the table. Who in anybody's world would have given them any sort of chance at that point?

Well imagine the next thing they'd do is sell their top
assist maker and goal scorer?

Result? Yeah? Great for us. That's going to send them down without doubt!! They're already planning for the Championship!!

Funny though, 11 games later with a full transfer window successfully planned and negotiated and with some brave but necessary decisions, they are 4th in the form table and up to 30 points and a very realistic chance of survival.

They reinvested the money received from Snodgrass and brought in 6 or 7 new signings that has given them the impetus to believe in the squad again and regroup.

Brave decisions we chose not to make.

We are still left with the same problems we've had all season but now with no more cards left to turn.

It's not over for us and I pray they blow up and we can find any sort of form again but 1 point in 6 games isn't anything to rely on.

Not when the same issues we've had from day one still haunt us.

Hull were brave and have given themselves every chance.

Honestly, were we??

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