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The Trust's Pen Pics and Profiles
at 21:15 11 Mar 2018

I see there's been an update of sorts here...

The ones they've got up already you can't help feel at the end of reading their profile shouting FAIL!!

Look forward to reading Clasie's


Name Alan Lewis (Elected Member to 31 July 2018)

Occupation Retired Civil Servant

Current role Chairman / Membership

Why did you join the Trust Board: Joined the Trust as a member in 2001 and retirement subsequently offered an opportunity to contribute more fully to the organisation hence my applying to join the Board. I was elected in 2008

What attributes/skills are you able to bring to the Board. I have a methodical approach and organisational skills which I hope have been of value to the Board. The valuable resource of ‘time’, has also been something I have been able to bring, although that is something which is an increasing challenge.

How do you feel the Trust can further develop its representation of members and the wider fan base. Positive working relationships with the Club at all levels is important as is raising the Trust profile across the wider fan base.



Name: Ron Knuszka (Elected Member to 31st July 2018)

Occupation: Retired – Health & Safety Officer Swansea University

Current Role: Community / Fundraising (time previously spent as Trust Chairman)

Why did you join the Trust Board : One of the ‘original’ fans that came together in setting up the Supporters Trust A firm supporter of the Trust aims and ensuring that fans continue to have a say in the running of their club.

What attributes/skills are you able to bring to the Board I possess good management and decision making skills (developed whilst serving in the Armed forces and professional background) Have a positive and realistic approach in dealing with day to day situations and long-term planning.

How do you feel that the Trust can further develop its representation of members and the wider fan base Strong belief in working closely with the club, develop and improve upon all forms of communications, look at ways of developing encouraging younger fans to become more involved with the Supporters Trust



Name Andrew McGlashan

Occupation Corporate Solicitor

Current role Co-opted Member to 31 July 2018

Why did you join the Trust Board: I feel that this is a crucial period for the Trust and I didn’t feel like I could sit back and not offer to help in any way that I could. I believe my skills and experience can help with the current negotiations the Trust finds itself in.

What attributes/skills are you able to bring to the Board. I am a corporate solicitor that qualified in 2012 and I have a lot of experience in UK and international corporate deals. As a result I have a strong background in negotiation, project management and effective communication. My experience also includes working on a large number of deals with US parties and in particular private equity / venture capitalist houses. Given the current ownership of the Swans I believe my experience can add value to the existing experience of the Trust’s board.

How do you feel the Trust can further develop its representation of members and the wider fan base. I think effective two way communication is vitally important. There needs to be increased canvassing of opinion from the fan base and also increased use of social media by the Trust to communicate with its members. During the period of 2014-2016 I wrote a number of articles on the Swans for a variety of websites. As a result I have forged a good network of Swansea writers & podcast producers who I believe can also be extremely useful in helping to increase communications between the Trust and its members.



Name Rhys Thomas ( Co-Opted member to 31 July 2018)

Occupation Electrical Contractor

Current role Social media/marketing

Why did you join the Trust Board: Joined the Trust as a co-opted member in 2017 specifically to assist with the social media. I was frustrated with the way the Trust was communicating via social media so threw my hat into the ring rather than stand by and watch the board struggle.

What attributes/skills are you able to bring to the Board. I have a creative yet logical mind that I feel is best applied to strategy, systems and problem-solving. My entrepreneurial mind-set is something I feel is of good value to the Board. I am the youngest member of the board and I feel that I am able to bring a different perspective to the board.

How do you feel the Trust can further develop its representation of members and the wider fan base. Positive working relationships with the Club at all levels is important. Using new and emerging technology to reach, communicate and bring value to members and potential members is critical.

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As we celebrate the Spirit of the City Ground 2011 we also...
at 20:12 10 Mar 2018

....look upon the scenes with West Ham with disgust and a wry smile......that if it wasn't for people like me, we'd have gone down that route and it would've ended us.

I know you're all secretly thinking the same and thanking me but I don't expect any shine for it....

Never one to say I told you so 😉👍😜

But anyway.... I told you so.... !!
Naughton superb.
at 17:38 3 Mar 2018

Other mentions, Clucas, King, Ki, the 2 Ayew's and our 3 centre halves.

This is what football is all about for us. Great day.
Steps to Reform the Trust.
at 14:15 23 Feb 2018

It's February going into March and it will soon be time for elections to the Trust Board once again.

I think it's fair to say the public perception of the Trust is probably at its lowest at this very moment in time with a string, of what looks like from the outside, calamitous failures over the last few years.

So what have we all done about this? It's fair to say we've done our fair share of moaning, on here in particular, but if we want change, what can we really do to effectthis.

There was hope with new faces joining the Trust Board that there would be some noticeable differences by now, but sadly, at least so far, that's far from the reality.

We all know Cudey and Lisa are good sorts and fair people. We thank them fully for stepping up and we know they'd offer something tangible and beneficial to the organisation.

But, is this enough? They've not been able to do anything about the latest farce the Trust has got itself into and from their careful posts on here they also seem too keen not to upset anyone over perhaps standing up and telling it like it is.

The majority rules mantra they've adopted isn't 'conducive to a fair and open Trust Board that we know are acting in our ibest nterests, as Chad pointed out earlier. The hard core of Trust people who should not be anywhere near the place due to the ridiculous amount of time already served, have got the place sewn up.

This needs to change. This needs to change right now.

These people are NOT the Trust, we all are,what every single Swans fan.

I implore the new Board members to make this stand right now and act decisively. It's time
Where's the SCSA now????
at 21:54 10 Feb 2018

Hands up if you're that pathetic?

JUST FACK OFF.......!!!

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Trust the Messiah. Trust T2C, Trust The Resurrection
at 17:19 10 Feb 2018

Box Office stuff.

We're strong at the back. We're cute up front, we've now got licence to press high and attack in numbers.

It's not hard is it???

No Pony's, no Wardrobe, It's just football. No set piece shit. Just play the facking game.

Carlos - "I wasn't sacked...."
at 22:34 7 Feb 2018

Take your time with this one....
Fast, Free Flowing Football (FFFF)
at 21:18 7 Feb 2018

Are we seeing it?

Are we looking like a team that can play that way?

Is it the SAME team we've had all season?

Anyone care to discuss?!
The best thing Carlos has done so far....
at 10:26 2 Feb 2018

All season we've waited patiently for Mesa and Bony to get game time or up to speed. Fans thought the squad was too weak and it was the worst in our EPL history, but Carlos has shown what it can achieve.

And he's done that without those two mentioned.

Watching Liverpool and Arsenal not many fans would've even thought about those two let alone bemoan the fact they're not playing.

And now, I think the same 11 needs to start again for Leicester barring injuries and what a bench we now have.

Bony, Andre Ayew, Tammy and King to name but the four.

We need to tap into the positivity Carlos has brought to the Club and really give him the total support he's deserved so far.

Onto Leicester.
Silly Children Supporters Association.
at 01:19 31 Jan 2018

Tantrums, fanzines, banners, representatives, meetings.

Phil Sumbler sets it up and runs a mile from it.

Absolute legends Leon and Rangel slag them off.

Nowhere to be seen when the team is doing well.

Talk about integrity like they're Saint Facking High Horse

They never make mistakes and could run a Premier League club standing on their heads.

Always one person to blame regardless of facts.

Full of absolute shit.

Get behind Carlos and the team.

4 more wins!!!!!
Let's get fully behind Carlos and the team tonight.
at 17:31 30 Jan 2018

The atmosphere was superb against Liverpool and it got us over the line.

Forget the protests, the next 3 months are all about SCFC not Jenkins or Dineen or whoever, it's about us all and we can make or break the rest of the season.

This lad. Top marks son. Bit of the Old Vetch Treatment.
at 23:38 22 Jan 2018
Get behind Carlos and the Boys - SCFC The Fight for Survival
at 18:57 13 Jan 2018

Carlos' 3 PL games

4 points from 3 = 1.33 points per game

Watford -------away -- Win -- 3 points
Spurs --------- home -- Loss -- 0 points
Newcastle ----away -- Draw --1 point

He's made a difference. 2 or 3 players coming soon and who knows!!?
Jenkins versus the Americans
at 11:21 28 Dec 2017

Keep this very much in mind...

The inexperienced Americans have messed up on at least 3 big calls to date

1 - Appointing Bradley
2 - Taking forever with the Siggy transfer thus messing our window completely up
3 - Taking forever with the Clement sacking

Jenkins wanted no part of Bob Bradley
Jenkins wanted Siggy gone weeks and weeks earlier
Jenkins wanted Clement gone, again, weeks ago.

The plan to get shot of Jenkins is useless, UNLESS there is a succession plan.

Because if we are left with the incompetent Americans making the sort of decisions above, then we really are facked.

Phil S and Matt G know all of the above so what is the game here?
We're caught in between a Clement style and a passing game currently
at 19:37 26 Dec 2017

Some awful goals to concede and Ayew must have turned in the worst performance I've seen from a Swans player in a good while. Absolutely shocking.

Getting caught in possession countless times, including the first goal and then flat footed for Alexander's, bloody awful. He's got to be an option from the bench from now on and nothing else.

If there any positives it was our gradual return to our passing game. Amidst some of the horror show there was some good stuff from us. The second goal was soft and killed us, we were gone from then which was another worry.

We desperately need Bony to be able to play at least 15 games until the end of the season, we also need some pace and energy, so that's at least 3 players, at least...

Today wasn't about the management although they could've gone with the 5 at the back, but they're clearly wanting us to get our football back, so that should be encouraged and built on....Spurs will be interesting, Watford could be vital
I wonder how Leon & Tosh will go today
at 14:44 26 Dec 2017

Especially with a few injuries. We were quite open against Palace but only had to worry about the galactico Zaha. Today there'll be 4 of them with true quality running at us. They are a bit all or nothing mind so getting something there won't be beyond the realms of possibility.

But does that mean we have to take a more defensive mindset into the game. 5 at the back? But is Naughton fit?

We definitely saw a more expansive game against Palace but will Leon and Tosh go for more of the same today?
Out of all the names mentioned, I'd rather Leon & Toshack
at 12:05 24 Dec 2017

If we'd played with that much vigour from the start of the season and bedded in Mesa early doors we'd have been fine. We actually played football in their half. It wasn't perfect but this was also with a good few players missing. And we played a team bang in form and in fairness were very dangerous on the break. Zaha is world class for me.

Also I like Toshack, he's got something about him, has a steely determination and will have his old man in his ear. Give it to them to see how they do, and if there's truth in the Martinez rumours then there's always him to fall back on.
Cath Dyer??? Who is she to comment so publicly??
at 21:05 20 Dec 2017

I thought she was in relation to our Disabled improvements??

Where the FACK is STU MACDONALD????

Mal Pope, A Jack to a King. Andrew McGlashan's Father in Law
at 15:05 18 Dec 2017

So the famed, for all the wrong reasons, movie about our meteoric rise to the top, which somehow conveniently forgot the Trust's major role was produced by Andrew's Father in Law.

Mal is obviously very friendly with the selling shareholders so all of a sudden I'm a little concerned about this latest appointment.

Swansea City Supporters Trust
at 20:42 11 Dec 2017

Right, let's make today the start of a new dawn for the Trust and make sure we all get the transparency it needs.

Phil, can you make this a permanent sticky so posters have a focal point for anything Trust related?

Firstly I'd like to ask to see the 5 new Trust Board member's 250 words.

Ux, can you get Nigel Hamer to send you those so we can have a read and see what we're getting. Also can we see the words of the applicants that didn't get on, to see what we missed out on?

I understand the Chairman is being announced, or at least discussed in a meeting tomorrow. What is the criteria for the decision making for that appointment?

Thanks in advance.
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