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Swansea City Supporters Trust
at 20:42 11 Dec 2017

Right, let's make today the start of a new dawn for the Trust and make sure we all get the transparency it needs.

Phil, can you make this a permanent sticky so posters have a focal point for anything Trust related?

Firstly I'd like to ask to see the 5 new Trust Board member's 250 words.

Ux, can you get Nigel Hamer to send you those so we can have a read and see what we're getting. Also can we see the words of the applicants that didn't get on, to see what we missed out on?

I understand the Chairman is being announced, or at least discussed in a meeting tomorrow. What is the criteria for the decision making for that appointment?

Thanks in advance.
No surprises here but I didn't get on the Trust Board
at 11:33 10 Dec 2017

Just had the nod now so congratulations firstly to the ones that did. I hope you can go someway to changing the old duffery and stale approach I've now had first hand witness to.

Although. I guess they'll have their work cut out, especially with the type of questions we were all asked in the interview.

Hiding behind collective responsibility in a committee of retired teachers with no energy or balls would always have been a difficult challenge for me.

This isn't sour grapes by the way, I expected not to get on. However I'mglad I've been able to put a few myths to bed.

The Trust can get applications by the plenty so the old duffers that currently serve, and the some that have for god knows how long, there is now no coherent excuse for your continuation, and you should have the grace to allow new blood with a fresh dimension to take your place.

The Trust are also everything I've accused it of over the years. This one wasn't a myth, it was very much true. A closed shop, cosy old boys club.

I tried, I insisted on a video interview as I wanted to see the people doing the interviews, I hope the usual suspects and my finest detractors at least respect that.
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Not so many Bony knockers now?
at 18:25 9 Dec 2017

Kinsey a bit quiet.

Bony should be on 3 in 3 if it wasn't for that tvvat of a ref.

Bony, superb again son.
Old Skool, I like it...
at 14:05 9 Dec 2017

At least he's trying something different and brought Mesa back in.

Routs, Dyer and Bony to roll back the years.

Don't listen to miserable old tvvats on here.....

Get behind the Swans....!!!!!!!!!!!
Tammy was awful yesterday, time for a rethink.
at 13:29 3 Dec 2017

I've been too depressed to talk about the Swans on here, but this is what I saw.

Tammy is non existent in too many of our games, he hasn't got a hold up game and like I've said before if he's not scoring he's not doing anything really.

Yeah he's not helped by Clements safety at all costs regime and we are showing almost zero courage on the ball, it's just Monkball all over again.

So, for me he's got to try Tammy in the Siggy role of last season, out wide with a more free role and in a 433.

He blew Mesa out yesterday and we lost all continuity in the middle of the park. I'm confident had he played we'd have beaten Stoke.

Clement disgusts me
Is Mesa injured?
at 14:25 2 Dec 2017

Because if he's not and he's not made the squad AGAIN, I think that's Clement's second chance over for me.

I'm desperate for a win or even a result today and happy Clucas seems to be playing further forward, although we'll see, maybe it's him at the base and Ki on the left, I'm also happy Bony and Tammy are up front together, but they need a good midfield behind them, and on paper this isn't looking great.

Let's hope the midfield 4 really find their form today though, and give it their best shot.

You never know eh....
Update from the Trust. I finally hear back
at 11:38 30 Nov 2017

It's the Thursday morning after the Monday I was promised I'd hear back, and also 2 days after ECB had his reply.

In keeping with my promise for more transparency and in an attempt to get a reply back from the questions we've asked on here, here is the email exchange from this morning.

On Nov 30, 2017, at 09:53, Nigel Hamer wrote:

Good Morning Chris,

I don't normally have time to read websites, however I was directed to the PS thread yesterday, disappointing.

However, I digress. I have been asked by the Trust Board to contact you regarding your application for one of
the four co-opted posts on the Trust Board.

It is acknowledged that there was no mention of 'interview' in the Notice displayed on the Trust website relating
to this co-option. However, the Sub-Group dealing with this would prefer to speak with you as some of them
probably don't know you. The intention is to have a chat between the 30th November and 10th December, if it
is inconvenient to meet in person, what about WhatsApp or similar.

Let me know if this is convenient, I can then relay back to the Sub-Group who are dealing with this.




My reply....

Sorry Nigel

I'm not sure I understand? Which thread do you find disappointing and why?

Also, may I ask what has taken so long. Firstly I understood there was no formal or informal interview process, although you've acknowledged this in your email, but I was expecting to hear back latest Monday, as that is what you told me?

I also understand the Swans supporters base have lost out on somebody who could have made a real difference to them through being involved with the Trust, and this has happened on 3 separate occasions, this man is Andrew Cude. And during the 3 occasions he has been rejected the Trust has allowed Board members to continue in their roles ad finitum.

I also understand your good self has been in post for the best part of 17 years. Is this correct and can you understand the supporters anguish when capable people like Mr Cude are being rejected?

I and many other members have asked on Planet Swans for a list of Board members and the time period for which they have served, as there are very legitimate concerns relating to this aspect and the real impact this can have on the Trust's effectiveness. To date we have not received a reply. As Trust secretary could you please provide me with this information.

Also, which Board members are in the sub group that want to interview me. I would guess they'd have a good idea of who I am and what I would stand for but yes, by all means, arrange a whatsapp.

Hope you can answer my queries as soon as possible, Nigel.

Many thanks

Baby Steps - We're getting a platform from which to build and plan
at 22:14 29 Nov 2017

Once again the plan was to contain Chelsea and had they not scored we'd have still been camped on our own 18 yard line never venturing past half way.

This is the way Clement wants to approach these almost impossible games and it's arguably our best chance in them.

However, even with the over emphasis on shape and lack of risk taking I felt we kept the ball better than we had done in other big matches. Even in the first half. When we do find the courage to pass it about a bit you can see we've still got it there, it's just clearly being suppressed. The last 20 was a breath of fresh air even though Chelsea were getting nervous themselves with their slim advantage.

The platform for me was this was an unchanged side, and maybe this was for the first time this season? Sanches was appalling and it's a worry if he's got a must start in his contract. Barring any tired limbs or knocks he should be our only change for Saturday with a fit and raring to go again Tammy coming in and Ayew dropping back into midfield.

I thought Mesa was excellent tonight, it's his simple passing that gets us more of the possession we really need to get more used to. I was very surprised and pissed off Clement took him off but maybe it was down to a lack of game time. I actually thought it was Bony coming off to save him for Saturday.

But Clement has to keep faith with Mesa, we can all see, well most of us can, that he really could be that missing link. His passing is crisp and perfectly weighted and I like the way he uses his body well to shield the ball and shape up for the pass. I hope to God he gets as long a run as he's fit or needs, he could be key.

Other special mentions to our 2 superb centre backs, Fer and Ollie McBurnie, there's a player in there and with him on in the last 20 I genuinely thought we had a chance, he's a born finisher, we know that, and yeah, I know this isn't the U-23's but give him a sight at goal and I think he'll take it.

We can go into Stoke feeling a little sorry Routs couldn't pick out Bony with that cross, we really could have nicked a draw. That would have been fortunate I know, but even the narrow loss should give us that something to build on.

------------------------- Fabianski --------------------------

Naughts ---- Van De Hoorn ---- Mawson ---- Olsson

-------------------------- Mesa ------------------------------

---------- Ki ------------------------------- Carroll ----------

-------------------------- Ayew -------------------------------

----------- Tammy ----------------- Bony ------------------

If there are to be more changes I would consider Fer for another start and Clucas in left midfield instead of Carroll. Big, big game Saturday.
Have that, Paul Clement....
at 18:10 25 Nov 2017

And make this the last time you bullshit the fans with your lies and patronising.

Had you picked Mesa from the get go and got him integrated into the playing XI we'd be a different team in a completely different situation.

Such has been your pathetic stubbornness you've literally played around with our Premier League future.

I'm sure Kaplan has had a word with you to play him this week, instead of Wednesday when you were more likely to play him, throwing him under the bus again against one of the top 4.

Get him some minutes and let him start dictating our play. He's more than capable, much more than you are with your coaching badges.

Bony, man of the season with that one performance. And he's played 90 minutes to shut a lot of you up

Naughton and Carrol pushed Bony close. Superb. Naughton is the least of our worries, let that sink in.

Mesa, played his way into the game and all of a sudden started to be the main linchpin on the pitch.

Not a win, but a big platform to spring on from. The season has started today, don't mess around again Mr Clement.

Today's Team
at 13:41 25 Nov 2017

----------------- Fabianski -------------------

Naughts -- Fede -- Maws -- Olsson

-------------- Leon -- Carroll ----------------

Dyer -------------- Ayew ---------- Routs

----------------------- Bony ---------------------

Rewind the clock 🕒
The Trust, Our Responsibility.... The passion is still there.
at 23:04 22 Nov 2017

Just a quick one from me on the last few days and as always I'll try to put a box office slant on the chaos we see in front of us.

For me the one thing that's shone through the most is how much we all care. I don't know how many new usernames have been created or people returned from other sites but it's clear the passion fights on in us all and this is the most positive thing to come out of what's fast become a bit of a farce.

This, as it always should have been, must be tapped into and properly nurtured. The Trust has a real chance to start again and whilst it's sad some of the old guard won't be there for this. It's also a great opportunity for new blood to go in with a relatively clean slate.

After many a text with Ux over the last few days I did tell him I'd apply for a position. Whilst considering it I told him it's been possible to effect change remotely, from the safety of my armchair, so what would be the point. But his argument of only being able to impact real change is by being on the inside, I'm ready to put that to the test.

I've been asked to apply, I've been goaded into applying and I've read many a post or feeling that I should never be even thinking about it.

We're all our own people and nobody is all black or white. I don't know how I can help or what's really involved but I've always had enough to say and never been afraid to say it.

When Tony Adams took over as Portsmouth manager after them winning the FA Cup and being so many years in the Premier League, that was a bad time to do so.

I'm thinking this is the opposite with joining the Trust right now, the only way is up, but how far up could it be taken.

I'll get round to the 250 words in the next day or so and I'm hoping one or two of the better posters on here will join me in applying.

The passion is still there, that's been clear to see, as Jay said, the fans just need someone to go in and bat for them, or at least talk to them.

We can do that.

The up-coming Trust elections
at 21:51 20 Nov 2017

I just want to highlight what typically happens in the run up to these elections.

Yes, they have notified everyone on here with the fact there would be 4 spaces to fill.

They have even given the date and requirements to apply for these roles.

Well they did the once, as far as I remember.

They have not, to my knowledge, explained what is needed to be a good Board member, given examples of how one can make a difference or generally talked up the benefits of the role.

More often than not the role of a Trust Board member is played down, it's talked of in a negative light and something that would only be taken on by the foolhardy or mentally insane.

In the run up to an election there should be a lot more discussed about all aspects of becoming a member and a "sticky" made where debate and where potential new recruits could come and use as a soundboard to see if they would be the right persons to get on board.

I have always thought they have never done this for a reason. This should change.
If Will puts the Trust before himself, he'd step down immediately
at 16:57 20 Nov 2017

The Trust has never before been under so much scrutiny or suspicion and one thing has become evidently clear in the last few days, and that's the appointment of Will Morris has made that ever so much worse.

We hear from everyone that takes up a seat on the Trust Board that they want to engage with the fans and put the fans first.

Already it's clear Will Morris will never do that and if he has any respect for the Trust and the supporters of Swansea City he'd make the bold move of wanting to put that right.

12 years and out Will. This is nothing personal but the level of concern you have and will cause could finish the Trust permanently.

It's not your baby, please try and remember that.

Do the right thing and contribute from outside the boardroom if you still feel you want to help.

Things will go from bad to worse if you stay, that seems very clear.
The 12 Year Trust People - MUST GO NOW
at 22:04 18 Nov 2017

AGM Minutes from 2001

Nigel Hamer, you're in there. Please resign immediately.
New Manager thread
at 21:53 18 Nov 2017

Gianni Van Bronkhorst

Plus loads more in the top 50
The Trust. Time to make an official recommendation to oust Clement
at 17:08 18 Nov 2017

Clement said they'd been working on new things this week. Turns out he just meant training on the beach and ten pin bowling as he's gone with the same shape and personnel that's not got us anywhere.

I will concede we played some faster football first half and some of it was tidy on the eye, but it never opened them up and Tammy was a passenger.

I'll say it again, if Tammy isn't scoring, he's not doing much else. That was until Bony came on who for his first game in a month or so was superb and exactly what we need. His hold up play is the best in the league and Tammy needs to learn from this. He also got into great positions and nearly put Tammy through one on one.

He will be key to our survival and if we can keep him fit and on the pitch he'll get sharper and the goals will come, for him and others.

But, Clement is continuing his crusade against Mesa and still, amidst cries of anguish, despair and sheer frustration in playing Clucas in a DM role.

Fer and Clucas in the middle of the park in a four is worthy enough of an immediate bullet.

Jenkins, or the Trust in a carefully worded statement of concern, act now and regroup in time for January. Delay and the consequences will be fatal. You acted against Bradley. It's more than time to do the same, especially now Clement is eclipsing even Bradleys woeful run of results.

Let's get it done and give us some hope. Do it now.
84 Trust Members needed for a vote of no confidence
at 17:14 15 Nov 2017

As per a post from exhmrc1 on another thread.

""From the supporters trust website. A special meeting shall be called within 28 days if a written request is made by 10% of the members. This would have to specify the matter to be considered""


The Trust had 840 members at the last Board meeting meaning 84 would need to write a letter of no confidence, if indeed, you'd feel strongly enough to do so.

This thread could be used to mobilise the first troops of dissent and the beginnings of a new dawn with a change of approach and mindset within the Trust.

But first for the reasoning...

This wouldn't be a bad place to discuss consequences of both a change in the Trust and thereafter the relationship with the owners that could affect our survival chances.

It would be a big call so let's weigh up all potentials and use this as a platform to see what page most of us are on should a vote and consultation come back to the members.

Otherwise, the 84 could be totted up, organised and accounted for here.

[Post edited 15 Nov 17:15]
FAO Phil S. What options do members of the Trust have?
at 11:49 15 Nov 2017

If they were unhappy with the running and Direction it was taking?

Is there anything in the constitution that must first be achieved eg a petition?

I'm not asking you to get involved or any exercise in one-upmanship.

But generally speaking, what measures are in place for when urgent matters need addressing?
Let's get a few things in the open so the fans can have a say
at 01:34 15 Nov 2017

Why has Phil and other members of the Board resigned?

A moving of the goalposts?

What if those goalposts promised money up front but then changed their mind to parts of it being paid dependent on us being in thePremier League?

What if Phil wasn't happy to go back to the Trust members with this shift after the recommendations he'd made in the Summer?

What if Phil wanted to stand up to the Americans and say hang on, that's not what we expected or want.

What if the yes men on the Trust who have always been just happy to go along with everything the Club ask or want from them wanted to accept the change of terms?

And what if these same Trust Board members that have been too close, too cosy and too weak to stand up for the supporters are allowed to continue??

There you have it.....

So what are we going to do about it?
[Post edited 15 Nov 1:40]
Some very interesting old threads of ours....
at 00:37 15 Nov 2017

.......on the Chelsea Board???

And some very embarrassing replies from well known posters who've well and truly changed their minds....😂😂😂
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