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Millie/Huw Cooze
at 14:07 26 Dec 2016

You've got some front coming on here now which leads me think that side of you would've been ideal for the SD role...

So how did things go so wrong?

How would you describe your relationship with the ex-directors of SCFC then and now?

Did you see remuneration from the club as a problem or conflict and was this brought up to you by anyone else and who?

I'm sure many will have much better questions but these are a few from a Trust member and lifelong Jack admittedly not ITK as some.
Palace Changed Nothing
at 16:49 3 Dec 2016

Did anyone really believe it would?
Guardian Article on Foreign Ownership
at 22:02 29 Nov 2016

Good read sums up where I am with football and we (Jenkin's sale to the Yanks) gets more than a mention.

Rotherham (Jackett) v Leeds (Monk)
at 18:06 26 Nov 2016

Pete Odemwingie sent off for being the outright thug we know he is (Taylor challenge).

Like that assault no attempt for the ball again.
Victoria Derbyshire today
at 14:22 25 Nov 2016

Surprised no thread.

Aren't managers a bit of a bizarre scapegoat currently? (n/t)
at 22:11 31 Oct 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen...
at 17:18 13 Jun 2016

...your hosts of the next World Cup

The BBC's "Last Whites of the East End"
at 20:41 27 May 2016

Sorry if already posted.
The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell
at 10:33 22 May 2016

Interesting watch. Douglas Murray refreshingly plain speaking on Islam forgot it was the BBC for a moment.
Luvvies Remain
at 23:21 19 May 2016

This will surely sway those who see the E.U as run by an out-of-touch elite...

EU Referendum
at 11:33 10 May 2016

This will become locally topical this week as we receive our Governmental "Remain" leaflets.

Be flabbergasted if we leave.

The right-wing elite want it to drive down wages.

The left-wing elite want it to destroy the traditional concept of Britain.

Which are also the exact reasons the two powerful camps continue to support mass immigration.
Ched Evans Rape Conviction Quashed
at 13:39 21 Apr 2016

A lot of people aimed a lot of very strong comments at those who weighed up the evidence, made rational judgements and ultimately questioned the decision...

[Post edited 21 Apr 2016 13:41]
Hang Your Heads In Shame
at 16:48 16 Apr 2016

Thank for reminding us that Chelsea was a fluke and we need a serious clear-out this summer
Curt Inspired Bravery?
at 20:15 3 Mar 2016

Didn't watch game. We're were more positive, more expansive and prepared to keep the ball by any chance? Did we play to type?

In short was it a lack of Guidolin?
[Post edited 3 Mar 2016 20:17]
The Italian Garry Monk?
at 17:08 28 Feb 2016

Negative. Seemingly purposely giving away possession. Not closing down. No pressure on the ball. Allowing Spurs to attack and for the inevitable to happen. The erosion of our principles/not playing the "Swansea Way" - wasn't this what Garry was sacked for?

If the players were instructed to play conservatively...
at 22:20 13 Feb 2016

...have we been a bit harsh on them?
[Post edited 13 Feb 2016 22:22]
Both Ends and Leicester
at 09:29 7 Feb 2016

1. Fernandes loses marker by not watching the ball at all and we concede. Fernandes and Wiliams miss about 4 chances other Prem centre backs would have scored from.

And following on from that we have too many players who just have zero attacking nous. Cork and Routs two prime example rabbits in headlights in the final third.

2. Again following on - where would Leicester be in the league if they turned back into trouble at the genesis of every counter attack like we do?
Unbearably Frustrating
at 17:46 6 Feb 2016

Not new. In fact been a hallmark of ours for some time.

We work so hard with great technique, skill and patience to carve out one chance.

"They" lump it into our box and score. (Insert every swear word in the world).

That must be why other supporters like us so much.

Need to cut out another hallmark this turning back into trouble whilst clear nonsense as well.
[Post edited 6 Feb 2016 17:49]
The Creeping Literal Pronunciation of "Mouth" In Football Team Names
at 12:06 2 Feb 2016

Forget transfers windows and relegation. Many friends and colleagues are calling Bournemouth Bourne-mouth, Portsmouth Ports-mouth, Plymouth Ply-mouth etc.

Why? It is both incorrect and longer? The possibility of Americanism? Or just idiots with no sense of history?

Anyway it needs to stop. Now. You sound like tw@ts.
[Post edited 2 Feb 2016 12:07]
Obligatory Lawro thread
at 10:23 2 Feb 2016

2-1 West Brom. I think 2-1 Swans.

He seems very fond of Pulis which for me sort of reveals his philosophy and why he doesnt "get" us.
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