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Jenkins leaving the Liberty today
at 14:39 9 Aug 2018

We love our manager
at 20:55 29 May 2018

Does anyone remember playing Newcastle at home when Pardew and Ashley were getting a roasting from their fans and we started singing 'We love our manager'. Monk was in charge I believe..

Hindsight eh?
Are the club this out of touch?
at 15:57 10 Jan 2018

Some cracking replies on there to be fair!
[Post edited 10 Jan 2018 15:57]
Club values
at 12:52 7 Jan 2018

I've been having a look at club values in The Premiership, The Championship and League One using this website:



League One:

I have no idea if it is accurate or not, but its just to gauge the general drop

Where would we sit in the Championship if we were to get relegated? Given we don't own our ground, surely below Forest and those up the road?

If it got even worse, where in League One would we be? I always think of Doncaster with their 'new' stadium like ours leased from the council. They are valued at 2.9 mill Euros.

I suppose we would have our academies, but would we even be able to afford to run them?

I suppose it gives some light that the club could be repurchased in the future with a bit of chipping in from people if we really dropped away.
Is this Huws master plan every year?
at 11:39 27 Dec 2017

Just had a call from the stadium
at 13:47 3 Jul 2015

My season ticket is in the East stand, row A by the corner flag next to the away end.

Apparently they have an advertiser who will only advertise if they remove the front row of seats so I have been moved back to row B which is the new front row.

They must be paying a lot of money for the stadium to remove seating and restricting the number of fans able to view the match...
at 16:52 16 Jun 2015

Michu retweeted this

[Post edited 16 Jun 2015 16:53]
A managers intentions
at 09:06 21 Feb 2014

I was thinking about the departures of Martinez, Rodgers and Laudrup and was wondering what you guys think.

As we know, Martinez and Rodgers always played the I love it her / I am not leaving card (more so Martinez) and the players / fans were always happy and performing well right to the end.

Obviously when they left there was a lot of hurt and ill feeling towards them from our end (not everyone!) but Martinez and Rodgers themselves never had a bad word to say about the club.

Laudrup took the approach of never letting the fans get their hopes up by not stating his love for the club (perhaps rightly so) or saying he was staying. This seemed to result in uncertainty wtihin the fans, no real bond, the players weren't happy and perhaps we couldn't attract players because of it.

Then when he leaves he drags the club through the dirt with a silly press conference and we as fans seem apathetic towards it all.

So in hindsight, what would we prefer? and does it affect how you now feel about Martinez and Rodgers?
One thing Monk has
at 07:51 5 Feb 2014

Seeing first hand the techniques, training, man management (or lack of) of Martinez, Sousa, Rodgers and Laudrup.

That is more than Martinez had.

If you combine that with his own ideas, passion for the club, obvious lack of fear of saying it how it is (Chicogate) then it could work out.

It could however, all go tits up!

I always said when we hired Martinez and Rodgers and I felt underwhelmed/worried to remember next time that the board got it right on those occasions.

So lets run with that until Saturday at least!

Come on you jacks!
Homebased players
at 12:41 4 Sep 2013

With all the noises coming out from past players and the media about the state of English football and the lack of English players bought/sold in the transfer market, I was thinking what our solely British XI would look like.

Richards Monk Williams Davies
Dyer Shelvey Britton Taylor

I don't think we would do too badly with that considering the other teams would somehow have to field the same all British team.

Looks like Kuyt came off worse..
at 09:04 16 Aug 2013

The video at the bottom looks nasty..
Anyone watching the game tonight in London
at 08:59 1 Aug 2013

Does anyone know of a pub showing the game tonight in London?
Any of the London based guys heading anywhere? Pillars of Hercules perhaps?

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