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Are we still selling everything?
at 18:40 14 May 2019

Not been up this season can't be arsed while the Cabal are in charge.

Nice to see Dan James and Potter on there way. They'd sell our mothers for a few bob. Yanks out x
Jenkins has gone time to get the Yanks out....
at 21:38 2 Feb 2019

Time for the Yanks and the mis-Trust to also vacate, clean sheet and start again ...
Boycott the club we need new owners, we are a selling club again!
at 11:46 1 Feb 2019

I'll say it again we need to boycott the club until we are put up for sale, when we climbed through the divisions to the Prem we were not a selling club.

When will it stop, we will sell everything until we are in the 3rd Division again.

Do not spend your money at the club do not go to the stadium until the Yanks and Jenkins are gone, the hedge funders will rip the sh1t out of us until we are selling players for £30k. In the third Division.


An evening with Lee Trundle
at 00:14 7 Nov 2018

An evening with Lee Trundle 10squid
Monday, 12 November 2018 at 19:30
Pembrokeshire College
Merlins Bridge, SA61 1SZ Haverfordwest
More information from Haverfordwest county website
[Post edited 8 Nov 2018 0:26]
Is it time to Boycott the club totally wallet wise????
at 23:57 14 May 2018

Is it time to boycott the club totally wallet wise????

The one thing all these leaches crave is money from the owners to Jenkins to the trust.

I have to say I'm so pissed off with how things have turned out I'm really not sure I'll be spending a penny at the club next season.

We are just one big cash cow for the money men, writing was on the wall from day one when Jenkins et al cashed in... Fook this don't know if I can handle it any more.
Gylfi gone, board sell out now Swans trust sell out to Wall Street mafia!!
at 12:41 17 Aug 2017

Community club we are a fooking joke, sold out to the dollar constantly.

The Trust and Jenkins are a disgrace selling out to a bunch money men, in it for all the wrong reasons. Jenkins tried to buy £1.6 million worth of property in Pembrokeshire last year. He'll be buying half of South Pembs at this rate. Shame on the trust #sellouts
Don't blame Clement, blame Swansea the selling club...
at 21:00 8 Apr 2017

When you sell all our best goal scorers and defenders every season what do people expect?

Bony gone, Shelvey gone, Ayew gone, where are the goals going to come from exactly??
An ageing Fernando all the time??

We kept gambling on new signings providing the goals and our luck ran out this season no more lucky signings. A stinker or two was always going to come at some point.
The only bright point was Ayew last season and we sold him and arguably our best defender.

Blame who you like but this was always going to happen at some pointwith us constantly selling our best scorers. Also who the fook signed Narsingh have not seen him do a thing yet??? Again the lucky signings, mostly on the cheap have run out as well as the back bone Leon, Rangel in particular near retirement.
Routs up front!
at 23:53 3 Apr 2017

Its worked before
Did Israel do 9/11???
at 00:55 2 Jan 2017

Why Jenkins must go! Rowett, Clement, Harry & Player Clearout
at 19:15 31 Dec 2016

Lets be honest Swans job is a very big one for all the wrong reasons and if we are honest all this is of the directors making. Morgan was shagging around last season
and things were going tits up behind the scenes.

Jenkins had a chance of putting the poor showing of last season to bed by keeping our best players of last season and bringing new ones. So what did he do he sold our best ones including the club captain and brought in a lad from Ajax on the cheap and gambled on a unproven Premier league striker in Borja. Ok on paper perhaps but sooner or later our luck in the transfer market was going to run out and so this season has proved.
As suspected without Ash we are conceding for fun and our luck finally ran out on the striker transfer front with Borja leaving us worse than last season and still relying on the likes of Rangel and Leon and players like Barrow and routs out wide.

In my view Jenkins clearly saw this demise coming and cashed in, didn't consult the trust and left them without even a 25% share of the club and barely a say. Not only that the new owners of the club are renowned for flipping US sporting franchises. It would not surprise me if we are asset stripped going forward. We'll see in the next window. But lets be honest the new owners will demand there pound of flesh as clearly they were not fans of the club prior to purchase, again its about making money and likely obtaining usury given our relatively good finances.

So what are we going to do going forward, in my view we need to get back to get back to our total football philosophy and certainly Rowett and indeed Arry will likely not meet our longer termneeds. Tonight Arry has ruled himself out and Rowett has apparently gone on his hols, over to you Mr Clement.

Would Clement leave Bayern Munich to come to us particularly after today? Personally I can't see it. Jenkins seriously needs to pull the rabbit out of the hat or the chants for his ousting will get louder and quite rightly given our demise and his big payout.

Lets be honest all the apples in the cart may need to be flipped over before this improves and if Jenkins fails again he needs to go, he has had his money and now its maybe time for the fans to rise up against the money men once more. Jenkins can keep his money but he will be remembered as one who in the end sold us out, you can have all the money in the world but if you lose your reputation and everyone thinks your a w4nker in your community you have very little.

[Post edited 31 Dec 2016 19:19]
Redknapp, Pardew, Rowett where we go from here ? :(
at 18:42 26 Dec 2016

Haven't seen us play this bad in a long time. Reminded me of the Cusack era in some ways, we can't keep conceding goals like this its rule 1 of football in my world don't concede and build from there.

I had written we would need Big Sam a few months but its going to take a miracle to keep us up at this rate :( The directors saw this coming and wanted to cash in no doubt.
Swans vs West ham ticket available
at 13:24 26 Dec 2016

£30 07792599765
Another F**king shambles!
at 19:52 17 Dec 2016

How many do we have to concede game after game. We need fookin clean sheets, we are conceding for fun how much longer??

We weren't good enough last season then we went and sold our best players and then gambled yet again on new signings, Huw sees a tenner and shits his knickers in excitement. Swans are a selling club and selling clubs always go down.

Huw and Bob need to piss off together.
[Post edited 17 Dec 2016 19:55]
Leon Britton
at 22:31 11 Dec 2016

Lets be honest we would be absolutely fooked without him, we are a one man team and have been for many years.
Allardyce + 3 players or we are down!!!!
at 22:21 31 Oct 2016

Its that simple

We were poor last season, then we sold our proven goal scorer and best defender.
We sold 2 players that could win matches out of nothing in Ayew and Shelvey, replaced by who? What does everyone expect if we sell our best players constantly. Our luck can only last so long.

Allardyce will be needed by mid November if we are honest its our only hope. We need a winger or 2, another striker, and a center midfielder ASAP.

Is it Guido's fault we sell Ayew and Ash??
at 00:05 29 Sep 2016

No, so why is Guido taking the blame??? Sell our top scorer and best defender and we were poor last year even with them doh!

The board need to take a long look at themselves, who can score goals ffs?? High risk signings duhhhhhh
We sell our best goal scorer and best defender, hellloooooo!!!!
at 21:10 27 Aug 2016

and we expect to compete lol, and we weren't great last season.
Ukrainian Nazis playing the Russian Hoolie role? No ID checks?
at 15:13 15 Jun 2016

Some on twitter saying there are a number of Ukrainian Nazi's acting as agent provocateurs
and acting as Russian hooligans to cause trouble.

IDs of these so called Russian fans are not being ID checked and are being seen with Nazi/Right wing tattoos enemies of Russia of course who speak the native tongue.

Many don't understand why so many apparent RUSSIAN hooligans are not be followed up or id CHECKED BY THE POLICE.
Lokomotiv Moscow Hoolie "trouble against other teams less likely"
at 22:10 13 Jun 2016
England blaming Russian fans only, not french or Ukrainians for violencelol?
at 21:42 12 Jun 2016

Is it me or this all a load of balls to blame Russia. England fans were rampaging and burning Cafe's down days before the Russia game. They seem to have had a kicking and english media is crying foul.

It suits the Wests war mongering agenda to blame Russia yet it seems many french and possibly even Ukrainian nazi causing the sh1t and blaming the Rooskie's. See the French attacking England here

Ukrainian story here
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