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Kev Johns speech Tuesday
at 23:41 5 May 2018

a la playoff final. Any excuse for a Kev Johns speech tbh but we could probably do with it.
Who's the guy in the east stand that shouts come on cittyyyyyyy every game?
at 00:30 11 Feb 2018

I love him.
What are the yanks thinking right now?
at 18:08 3 Dec 2016

Throw all the money we have at it in January and pray we survive?

Even if we go down, stick around for a couple of seasons, hopefully get promoted then look to sell. The club will be worth more than it is now?

We're doomed. Let's look to sell ASAP, we're only losing money this rate?

Which one?
Best XI
at 13:15 22 Sep 2016

It's as clear as day, isn't it?!

Montero Borja Barrow
Midfield 3 of Siggy, Leon and Ki/Fer whichever is fit or on form
Kingsley Amat VDH/Mawson Rangel
Wouldn't Routledge/Barrow be more dangerous if they switched wings?
at 02:45 22 Aug 2016

I don't get this playing on the opposite flank. Routledge is right footed, Barrow is left. We have a 6'5 target man in the team, let's put some crosses in! If Routledge or Barrow were cutting inside and having shots I could maybe understand, but they're not. Couple of times on Sat, Barrow got to the right hand byline and was trying to chip a cross in with the outside of his left foot, how is that good play? Routledge has 2 right feet and avoids using his left at all costs
Those booing Hull pass it round it back
at 15:08 21 Aug 2016

That was their plan, to frustrate the crowd, they mugged you off! They got what they came for which was a point, and some more!

Maybe if we kept Paloschi and didn't replace him with a slow old man, they wouldn't have been able to pass it around so easily
Soft as sh*t away performances
at 23:12 24 Apr 2016

For me, away performances says a lot about a team.

ONE (1) clean sheet away from home ALL season. 0-0 against Palace

Last 4 away games, deary me. 12 goals against
Where are Palace staying?
at 16:47 5 Feb 2016

Just want to make sure they haven't forgotten anything and most importantly that they get a good nights sleep ahead of the big game tomorrow
Gary Neville the laughing stock
at 20:49 3 Feb 2016

A lot easier sitting behind a desk in a warm studio
The mentality of 19/20 teams in this league
at 20:54 2 Feb 2016

before walking out on to the pitch "Im going to do everything possible to con this referee because sooner or later down the line he's going to fvck my team over with a howler of a decision"

We are the one exception
Oh and there's your "let's get out of the cups to focus on league"
at 12:13 14 Jan 2016

Load of old manager speak i.e. tosh, bollox. Winning breeds winning, losing breeds losing. Disgusting team we put out on Sunday considering.
Banging on about the ref
at 23:42 13 Jan 2016

I would rather concentrate on what we can control. We should have been 3-0 down in the first 10 mins ffs. You had the Johnson sitter and the 2v1 where Borini(?) was completely free and waiting for the ball to be squared.

Utter shambles defensively. Up there with Leicester and Bournemouth under Monk.

Something is up with Williams as well. The man that has often held that back 4 together looks disinterested beyond belief and he's all over the shop
The mercenary and Eder
at 18:38 20 Dec 2015

The type of strikers that get you relegated
at 18:13 29 Nov 2015

Please tell me why we don't work on them Garry. I would love to know the reason.

Both Norwich and Crystal Palace scored from a corner to help them get favourable results against Liverpool at Anfield.

Please tell me why none of the back 4 managed to get a goal LAST season, and still why none have scored this season. Especially when we are struggling to score from open play at the moment.

Garry, please don't suggest our lack of height is the reason why because I can show you a couple of corner routines to get around this if you need help.

Chant for Ayew
at 01:31 16 Aug 2015

Similar to how Inter fans sing 'ole ole'

So andre x4, ayewww, ayewww

Simple and effective, spread the word, unless someone has a better one
POTY vote
at 16:55 28 Apr 2015

Couldn't see a thread?

I've gone for the big pole in our goal!
Dyer's shooting
at 21:31 11 Feb 2015

Deserves it's own thread really

The lad needs to calm down a bit, he's going to do serious damage to himself if he keeps striking it so hard. How the goalkeepers have stopped him scoring in his last few games I'll never know. They must have had extra padding in their gloves, real rasping shots
Rivalries and derbies
at 09:24 25 Jun 2014

Apart from those lot up the road, who do you consider our rivals and derby matches? If anyone?

I would say a rivalry is temporary, derbies forever (and based more on location)

The two Bristol clubs? Newport?
swans tattoos
at 23:17 18 Jun 2014

do you have any? if so, what and where?

i'm getting my first soon, bit undecided what to get at the moment.
Love the relationship between Bony & the fans
at 00:26 21 Feb 2014

Right after the 1 on 1 first half it was 'SO COME ON WILFRIED BONY' haha. You could see he appreciated it aswell, waving his hand in the air like a conductor

Good job lads
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