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Vote Rupert Lowe For The Euro Parliament
Friday, 26th Apr 2019 14:15

Ex Saints Chairman Rupert Lowe is standing as a candidate in the forthcoming Euro Elections, but don't worry it is not in Southampton.

Former Saints chairman Rupert Lowe has today been named as the Brexit Party's lead candidate for the European Elections in the West Midlands.

Lowe first arrived at the Dell in 1997 and remained as the club Chairman till 2006 when he was ousted by the Michael Wilde consortium, he returned for a final season in 2008/09 when with the club heading towards bankruptcy he tried to head off the creditors, fighting a losing battle before the club was placed in administration in April 2009 before almost going out of business and being saved by Markus Liebherr.

Lowe has kept a relatively low profile since then but has now re emerged into the public view with a return to politics.

Before joining Saints he had originally stood for the UK parliament as a candidate for the referendum party in the 1997 General Election, coming fourth behind the Tories, Lib Dems and labour with 6.6 per cent of the vote and 3,000 votes. He also played a high-profile role in the 2016 EU referendum.

Now he is the Nigel Farage-founded Brexit Party's number one candidate for the West Midlands region. Should the new party do well he stands a good chance of being elected. The poll is decided on proportional representation and not first past the post.

Photo: Action Images

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JohnBall added 15:02 - Apr 26
No surprise there. They'll love him in the West Midlands. A typical little-England UKipper. Knew nothing about football and seemingly nothing about anything else. Completely coherent !

joe_le_chapel added 15:10 - Apr 26
Not really very surprising , silly little man .

Jesus_02 added 16:43 - Apr 26
a master stroke from UKIP. Destroy the EU from within. Just need to appoint Arry as financial adviser and the whole continent will be bankrupt and batersea dogs home will be blamed.

RobtheSaint added 17:03 - Apr 26
Typical Remoaner insult. Keep politics off this site. Leave means leave.

helpineedsomebody added 17:19 - Apr 26
the dream team tottenham yobos campaign manager

SaintBrock added 18:41 - Apr 26
Remain means Remain. Similar meaningless claptrap Rob.

Haven't you clocked on to the fact that we are not leaving the EU. Get used to it.

SaintBrock added 18:45 - Apr 26
Who would have guessed that privately educated, well connected, multi-millionaire Wupert would be a Brexit supporter. F the rest of you working class plebs, I'm all right Jack would be typical of his thinking.

saintmark1976 added 08:46 - Apr 27
I've no particular like for Mr Lowe and certainly don't identify with his political views. However, whilst he did a great deal wrong during his time at S F C I think it only fair that he be given credit for his contribution in getting our current stadium up and running.

redwight added 09:37 - Apr 27
Rob 1 SaintBrock 0
Let's hope for something similar today.

Consigliere added 09:43 - Apr 27
Spot on St Brock he will fit in well with Lord Snooty and his Eton educated lower sixth form debating society pals with their LLP hedge funds mysteriously now relocated to the Republic of Ireland. Rank snivelling hypocrites every one of them. They won’t be around to pay the price though, that’s for the little people like us.

SanMarco added 10:14 - Apr 27
Well done SaintBrock - I fear RobtheSaint is a bit confused as to the meaning of the word 'politics'. Not sure where redwight gets that 1-0 from either.

Woopert is just the sort of sleazy 'businessman' that the Leave fantasists deserve. They want to do to Britain what he did to the Saints.

RobtheSaint added 11:11 - Apr 27
It was democracy that decided to leave and the political elite, supported by the poor losers who are trying to prevent the outcome of the largest vote ever. I am sure I still don't understand but as I say we should keep politics and insults out of this site.

Boris1977 added 11:19 - Apr 27
Good old simple wupert. 'Sometimes it is better to remain silent and appear stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt.' Replace the word stupid with one of your choice.

BaselSaint added 17:07 - Apr 27
I dislike him a little less now. I hope he and Brexit Party candidates win. Treachery should always be punished.

redwight added 20:55 - Apr 27
SanMarco, I was agreeing with RobtheSaint's desire to keep politics off this site, but since you ask, there can never be a just cause for subverting democracy - a concept of which the EU has only a very limited understanding. To generalise and ridicule the candidates standing for the Brexit Party is simply childish.

DPeps added 07:18 - Apr 28
Everything is politics: FIFA fair play, the FA, ticket pricing, how we get to games, sitting or standing, who can own clubs, etc - so how could there not be politics on this site? And brexit is likely to have an impact on football

On brexit: well, yes it was democratic in a basic sense, but the lack of information and misinformation given to voters, combined with the fact there was no concrete sense as to what 'leave' might actually involve, all meant that we were voting on a totally abstract concept. I don't think that's truly democratic. And if we do leave it won't be on the terms that many Leavers wanted, so I'm not sure that many people are winners out of this horrorshow

Saint_Chunk added 23:52 - Apr 28
I love how this has turned into a Brexit story.
While people claim they want politics left out as they spout their views.
Hey Rob ?

Rupert ran this club to the point of extinction.
If anyone thinks he should be allowed to run a bath.
They need a check up from the neck up !
He belongs where he is !

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