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Steve Cooper will be given an ultimatum today. Stay and do your job - or go !
Wednesday, 2nd Jun 2021 08:00 by Keith Haynes

In a Swansea Independent EXCLUSIVE we can reveal today that Steve Cooper will be given a simple ultimatum this morning, and it isn’t hard to understand. Quite simply Cooper, who has been stalling on his Swansea future with numerous clubs after his signature will be told very clear. You are under contract, talk to us about your immediate future as a Swansea City coach, or move on and make sure the club you speak to can compensate your leaving.

Steve Cooper and his assistant Mike Marsh are wanted men. We all know that. Their achievements this season, and last, are reflective of their hard work, careful judgement and ability to fine tune a basic squad in to a Premier League challenging outfit. You can’t argue with that, it’s absolute fact. The result against Brentford in the Championship play off final was predictable, however to be there in the first place was a seriously decent achievement. West Bromwich Albion and Crystal Palace are looking for new blood, Tottenham too, and all three have carefully considered the Swansea duo. Not least as we hear today that Graeme Potter at Brighton could secure the spot as Spurs manager very shortly. Predictably then Brighton too come in to the frame.

This is the point of the ultimatum, Cooper and Marsh may well be under contract until the end of the 2022 season, but to have them meandering on this appointment or that appointment is no good for the swans. They either want to be at the Liberty or they don’t. Today both must decide, stay or go. There isn’t any time for sentiment, Coopers words at the end of the play off final were positive, he spoke about learning from the season and moving on. Now does that mean personally or for Swansea City ?

The compensation mentioned for Cooper’s services is a drop in the ocean for the likes of the clubs linked with him. But here is the rub for all of them. You won’t be signing any Swansea assets for twelve months, Potter when he left Swansea was never linked with any player realistically, and those that reported interest were quite simply making it up. Including the so called national media. These players were not available to him, that’s a part of the deal. The compensation, should Cooper choose to go will be paid immediately, the swans don’t do staggered payments, this is a time for protecting collateral damage, not giving a rival, regardless of the league they play in an advantage. You want him, you pay - now.

We have never pulled any punches since the new regime on Swansea Independent took over in September 2020. If it’s the truth, and we do our due diligence, then it’s quite simply that, the truth. Any club with interest will have to also compensate the loss of Mike Marsh, he isn’t in any position to remain at Swansea, he is like many managers going to new clubs as a part of the deal, a commodity that needs to be paid for. Alan Tate won’t be leaving with them, and he won’t be considered a rival to any new manager that the swans attempt to bring in. If you read that it’s nonsense. Interim position maybe, but not permanent. Alan is in the formative years of his coaching journey, and from today he is in a tricky position. Any new manager coming in will have to accommodate his development at the Liberty. If they don’t want him he is in a state of limbo, his only way out is to follow Cooper, and to be perfectly honest that isn’t going to happen.

That’s a matter for Alan, regardless of his vulnerability it isn’t the supporters concern, and that’s what matters most. He has earned a very decent wage over many years at Swansea, and won’t suffer regardless of any outcome. Harsh words ? Of course, but that’s the life he chose, and the bed he made. Sorry Alan, but that’s the way it is. Swansea comes first. And that’s the point, and the point is simple. Cooper has today to make his mind up, are you staying, or are you going ? This is a professional football club with a lot to lose and much to gain. It is operating successfully just outside the Premier League, and to be very honest Steve, your future and it’s financial rewards will not put this club at risk.

His potential suitors have to realise today that they either want him and his coaching staff or they don’t. More importantly Cooper has to realise the same, Swansea City has a future, and a plan to make that future as bright as can be. This is also a club that gave him the big chance to make the headlines today. He knows this and has been nothing other than professional and honest at all times as our clubs manager and mentor. First, second, third or no interviews at whatever club you decide to mention doesn’t matter today. For Steve Cooper, in two years you have shaken up the world of football management. Now it is very much your choice. Do you want to be manager of Swansea City or not ? If it’s yes then lets get down to work, if its a no ... then thanks for your service it’s much appreciated.

Enjoy your next adventure and cheers for the memories. That’s the best we can say. This isn’t about you, it’s about a club which has been around for one hundred and nine years. You see, nobody remembers the majority of Swansea City’s managers. And Steve, just think about that because even though you have achieved a lot, it’s nothing compared to those who have achieved so much more. We all remember them of course. Griffiths, Toshack, even Yorath, Evans, Burrows, Molby, Flynn, Martinez, Rodgers, Sousa, LAUDRUP, then Potter, and now after all the fuss, will it be you ? Do you deserve to be on that list ? If you think not then we wish you well, if you do - then take this club back to where it belongs, and please stop pondering about the financial rewards ahead of you. You are young enough for another club in the future to see your ability and more “importantly” recognise your loyalty.

You are at a unique and very special club, not a club hanging on to memories of nearly a hundred years ago, but a club with a pure ethic in how it plays, and how it is perceived.
Swansea City is a club that needs honest and reliable leadership, through good times and bad. You will obviously be replaced if you go, and even if you stay that still will happen. But half a job isn’t what we do at the Liberty, and nobody knows that better than you.

Later in the day we will report on the latest news on Steve Cooper, and the decision he has made.

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