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Netherlands govt are lying to us all, Drakeford wake up !
Friday, 25th Jun 2021 10:39 by David Cornish

Already Wales followers have been refused entry in to the Netherlands for tomorrow’s crucial tie against Denmark. We all know the rules are difficult to comprehend, but quite simply the Wales supporters ban is pure payback for the U.K leaving the EU. And here is why the rules are applied when it suits.

All Schengen and EU countries have access to the the Netherlands and there is no ruling to stop or prevent any person entering the country as of this morning. You have to comply with PCR test rules in a few cases, but the majority can travel unaffected in and out of Holland regardless. Let’s get this straight from the off, this isn’t about wanting fans at the game to cheer on Wales, nor is it a campaign for that to happen. This is about payback by the EU to the U.K. for leaving the alliance.

A statement yesterday mentioned only people can travel in to the Netherlands from EU and Schengen areas. Which is total nonsense. Eleven flights arrived in the Netherlands yesterday from the USA. No special criteria for any person via the exemption policy, just the usual paperwork and PCR test. So, with the U.K. only recently leaving the EU where’s the issue ?

Fans flying in to the Netherlands from Azerbaijan were refused entry even though they had been in Azerbaijan for two weeks solid. The fact they held U.K. passports was the issue, not where they came from. And the same will apply to U.K. passport holders who live in any EU or Schengen country. They too will be refused entry even if they haven’t been to the U.K. for twenty years ! It’s utter nonsense, this is a straight forward and unequivocal blatant attempt to penalise the average person as a result of the Brexit process. Nothing more.

If it isn’t then why can I not travel from Madrid today as a Spanish resident and fully vaccinated individual ? Or France or Italy ? The answer isn’t that I don’t fit the criteria for entry because I do. The answer is that I hold a UK passport and regardless of my starting point I will be refused entry.

We put the to the Welsh govt yesterday in a phone call, on three occasions we were cut off when asking for a comment on the situation. We asked why Mark Drakeford had made no comment whatsoever on Welsh nationals and U.K. passport holders being refused entry in to the Netherlands. Nothing, zilch nada. Yes, Drakeford is responsible for the countries welfare and safety but the guy says nothing in the hope it will go away. It may well do mate, but your lack of awareness and stupidity in managing this matter is pathetic. From our headline picture you can see he loves a photo shoot, what a shame he is absent and without a voice this morning ?

But don’t worry we hear you will be one of the 140,000 at Silverstone shortly.

What a joke.

Photographs licensed from Reuters

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Badlands added 14:47 - Jun 25
What a load of brexit nonsense.
Azerbaijan is on the red list for most countries and USA isn't.
If you can show you have been in a safe country for 10 days you can travel to the Netherlands.
'Hundreds of Wales fans were in Rome to see their team lose 1-0 to their Italian hosts last Saturday, but only a handful stayed in the city so they could travel directly to Amsterdam and bypass the Covid-19 restrictions. ITV News.'
I suggest you remove your post or announce yours are opinions not facts.

KeithHaynes added 14:56 - Jun 25
This isn’t a post it’s a thorough and clear examination of a situation that is not transparent.
Read it properly. It’s about U.K. passport holders being refused access from Schengen and EU countries. Even if they live there.

KeithHaynes added 15:02 - Jun 25
As an aside, Azerbaijan is not on any red list. Facts before fables.

dutchman added 16:24 - Jun 25
Stop Brexit bashing.
The rules are clear. The UK is on the orange list. Only necessary travel is allowed. If you come from na orange country to The Netherlands you have to provide a negatieve PCR test and go immediately in quarantaine. Football supporters do not intend to do so. The same applies for Dutch citizens. Our daughter-in-law returned from Mexico visiting her parents. She lives in The Netherlands and has a Dutch passport. SO no discrimination of UK citizens. If the supporters arrived a forthnight earlier and went in quarantaine there wouldn’t be a problem to go to the match.
By the way EU countries don’t have the same rules.

Stop mentioning a revenge. Stop blaming others. UK rules are restrictief to the UK and Thatcher is a choice of the British.

A dutchman living in The Netherlands

KeithHaynes added 16:39 - Jun 25
You actually signed up just to completely miss the whole point of the article 😂👍

KeithHaynes added 17:33 - Jun 25
BTW Dutchman, welcome 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Remain.

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