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Swansea City 3 v 0 Peterborough United
SkyBet Championship
Saturday, 30th October 2021 Kick-off 15:00
Russell Martin ‘ I told you we would get better’ We told you too !
Sunday, 31st Oct 2021 08:33 by Keith Haynes

There was no malice or condemnation of his few dissenters in Russell Martin’s post match press call after his Swansea City side humiliated Peterborough United yesterday at the Swansea.Com stadium. There wasn’t even a moment of arrogance, nor unpleasantness, just a young man doing a job he believes in, utilising the skills that he has to play the football that he wants. And reinforcing what he said from day one.

When a young man uproots his family, albeit for a princely sum, and bases his future in a land he has no experience of, on promises from people he doesn’t know, nor has at any time done any business with, you have to give that person a chance. When the youngest full time manager of a football club in its recent history explains what he wants to achieve, and is open and honest about how he wants to do it you listen. Even more so when he goes on to entrust that vision on young men with the hugest egos you will ever likely experience, then you have to give him some space. You see, it isn’t too hard to understand, when football is laid bare, when it’s intricacies are explored and it’s frailties exposed you do only have one thing. A football, and people who as a team want to make it work, by making that football move.

What they do is they pass this football to each other, and in the words of ‘Frank Burrows’ they pass it to someone they came to the game on the bus with. To spell it out they pass the ball to someone they know, in the same colour shirt that they wear. Over a period of time with hard work and diligence they do that more and more, and over a smaller period of time they kick the ball in to a net that their opponents are trying to protect. That, for the hard thinkers, the Ne'er-do-wellers in life, the negative Nigel’s and soul destroyers will be hard to understand, let alone explain.

But that’s football.

When Swansea City took to the field yesterday against Peterborough United at no time did anyone expect a two minute master class in passing a football before scoring the first goal. Those that undermine a young mans vision for a football club they support to gain some form of kudos would have been silent, at least for a minute. Seriously looking for, and pathetically searching for a moment of negativity that isn't evident displays more about them than their target. Hatefully hoping to feed their misguided narcissistic agenda to undermine the club we all support was summed up by a slide rule pass from a kid from Manchester United, to a player who is overjoyed to play professional football after being lost, then found by a specific strategy born in west London.

Seriously. It’s as simple as that. Work it out.

Yesterday we saw football as it should be played, even as the swans ridiculed and embarrassed their opponents with swift passing moves, and to some extent over played technically, there will have been some who wanted it to fall down. We have them on this website, and we have them everywhere in life. Even our opponents yesterday had fans stating they couldn’t watch this type of football week in week out, they would find it too hard a watch. And that’s supporters of a team who haven’t seen any success, ever, and who haven’t won anything, ever, and I repeat, never in their history.

Makes you think doesn’t it ? We have those people watching our football club as well.

When someone is given a chance based on their foresight and intelligence, and not only that on their ability to communicate their vision, you have no choice but to listen. The problem is there are always those who won’t listen. They won’t listen because they can’t understand, it could be they haven’t got the intelligence to comprehend what is being said. Then in other ways there is that horrible word ‘jealousy’ The person who is actually doing what they say, and demonstrating that in a developmental way, and proving people wrong is the real enemy for those who revel in negativity, and can’t give credit to a person of courage.

I could go on.

Of course it was only a football match, one which very few will remember in years to come. A mid table football team kicking a ball about a lot better than an over achieving small town club who have never won anything. That’s a small town club that has been the rock of the football league for many years. They have provided world class players in their time, and recently too, to their own detriment of course, but to survive as they are is the mission. They need to look forwards and plan the very best they can, the real football clubs are Peterborough United, and many more like them, Swansea too.

We revelled in the game yesterday, and we all loved the outcome. But there are some, and it’s only a few who hated it, they despised every positive moment and every single inspirational pass and move. Well today we call them out, and we say this. Our club is your club, we know that, but it’s your negativity and hopelessness that has kept the club back over the years. Even when we were tearing Europe a new one in Valencia and Malmo. You removed any hope of premier league survival from us as well, yes, when your support was needed the most you failed this club. Your desire to feed off hate, negativity and under achievement has not gone unnoticed. You moan about where this club is today, but never once admit responsibility as one of the factors behind it.

So maybe today, if that hurts you and makes you feel like this is aimed at you, well okay ! Then may be it is, that’s for you to deal with. Doesn’t it feel like it’s time to find something else to moan about ? Something only you care about perhaps ? But let’s not make it Swansea City, because the majority have had enough. Especially those of us who have really had enough. You see, based on what I saw yesterday when I watched my football team absolutely destroy their peers in a game of football, I see no relevance to your comments and negativity. It’s pointless and makes no sense, the only person who is ridiculed is you, not a young man trying to do his very best for our football club, and who is honest enough to actually have the courage of his convictions.

Is this really a problem ?

Photographs Swansea Independent

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