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Poetry and QPR - Taking out frustration! 23:07 - Jan 12 with 2628 viewsHoopstar

Could You Pass To Me, Joey?

We wear the same coloured clothes when we run around,
Chasing the nourishing touch of leather on leather
Seeking the subtly nuanced perfection of spherical
Object meeting branded instep, no matter the weather,
Imagining ourselves caressing, with all the essential
Sensual skill of histories finest nymphettes this
Near perfectly round thing and unravelling the mystery
Of how we may bend its will to align with ours
(Though I fear we'd need the gravity of a thousand stars)
If you or I were to move the ball in a straight line
Others can do it, we see it every week, passes finding the
People that they seek, thus we know the skill lies
Not in the divine, but it strikes me as yet another
Of your kicks takes a hefty diversion, is it not that you
Simply feel an aversion, to the hooped comrades you so frequently
Miss, those hapless people who hear the sad hiss of a
Ball as it fizzes its way to the opponents hands as
I look dejectedly on from the helpless, crowded stands
(I know you never liked Leroy and Adel is your bane
Eduardo's too flashy and Karl is too plain)
But you and I Joey, surely share no ill blood, we'd be
Like two strangers running around in the mud, just
Circumstantially dressed in the same coloured clothes
I'd like to think if you shut your eyes and gave it a go
You'd strike the ball in my direction, hitting it just right
The ball and I would not pass like two ships in the night
But would meet and it would not be such a shock
(As it'd be were one of us to crash into the rocks of
Misfortune and darned happenstance, taking the form of
Some dastardly Tottenhams)

Together as strangers for I know
How you disdain your teammates so
If the night were warm, calm and not blowy
Do you think you could pass to me, Joey?
Poetry and QPR - Taking out frustration! on 23:21 - Jan 12 with 2605 viewsPommyhoop

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you were on fire Harry
I would not piss on you!!
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Poetry and QPR - Taking out frustration! on 10:02 - Jan 13 with 2532 viewsQPunkR

Had to bump this up to the top of the page. Think this poem is genius!
Made me laugh, cry, the lot. There's a desolate air to it!

QPR - "shit but local"

Poetry and QPR - Taking out frustration! on 12:19 - Jan 13 with 2502 viewsDannyPaddox

Attention Monsieur Barton ...

Poetry and QPR - Taking out frustration! on 12:27 - Jan 13 with 2494 viewshopphoops


A magnificent football club, the love of our lives, finding a way to finally have its day in the sun.
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