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It could be worse.... 20:02 - Feb 27 with 3941 viewsMrGrieves

Set aside 15 minutes, pour yourself a drink and read this....

It could be worse.... on 20:29 - Feb 27 with 3846 viewsLongsufferingR

Wow. Amazing how quickly they climbed back up to the Championship after that.
It could be worse.... on 22:07 - Feb 27 with 3674 viewsDannyPaddox

"Two hours later, deep into time added on for the removal of an 80s post-punk vocalist from the goal-frame ... "

Fantastic piece of football writing the whole thing. Wasn't paying much attention in 97/98. This is a new one on me. I'm told a lot of this, the running down of football clubs by unscrupulous owners, often for the land for development, is going on in the lower and non-leagues. Happened at Hereford, now happening at Dulwich Hamlet. Cheers for posting.
It could be worse.... on 00:01 - Feb 28 with 3565 viewsFDC

I've just finished reading this here. Epic

It could be worse.... on 07:52 - Feb 28 with 3431 viewsMrGrieves

It could be worse.... on 00:01 - Feb 28 by FDC

I've just finished reading this here. Epic

Yeah, that's where I first saw it too. A bit of perspective.
It could be worse.... on 08:35 - Feb 28 with 3385 viewstimcocking

Shocking stuff. Head in hands.
It could be worse.... on 08:40 - Feb 28 with 3379 viewsSimonJames

Blimey! I tried not to laugh but it was so ludicrous. You can't make this stuff up.

100% of people who drink water will die.

It could be worse.... on 08:54 - Feb 28 with 3356 viewshopphoops

Wasn't his scam to bury Belle Vue under several thousand tonnes of hard core, or was that somewhere else?

A magnificent football club, the love of our lives, finding a way to finally have its day in the sun.
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It could be worse.... on 10:38 - Feb 28 with 3242 viewsDannyPaddox

Just thought of another lower league club that are being coveted/ hassled by property developers (via their own local council) ... Millwall. The loveable lower league team that are in fact above us.

Btw:They Think Its All Rovers A film of the Doncaster farce. Could easily be mistaken for a spoof as someone who appears to be Simon Day from the Fast Show rocks up to manage for a month. Turns out it's Uruguayan journeyman Danny Bergara. After misquoting Churchill, Bergara manages to get a couple of rare draws, confusing the opposition by assigning random shirt numbers to his first XI. Priceless.

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It could be worse.... on 13:10 - Feb 28 with 3138 viewsterryb

That was a great read.

I had forgotten all about Ken Richardson & his fire raising activities. Still, why would the FA have ever considered that cheating at horse racing would mean that he would cheat at football?
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