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No one jumped.... 07:18 - Feb 2 with 1595 viewskingsburyR

With no significant departures what does that say about our squad. (Dozy doesnt count!)

Bar a rumour that Birmingham took a nibble at Chair (the audacity!!!) did we not have anyone else of a standard to step up a level at all? I say no one is near!

Maybe Willock Ver 2.0 is not in demand after all. Is he taking a risk not signing a new contract? Last season's Field was getting the odd look also.

So now it's done. Its over to this squad to dig us out of the mire!

You R'sssssssss

Dont know why we bother. .... but we do!

No one jumped.... on 08:11 - Feb 2 with 1448 viewsnix

The Willock we had one season in would definitely have attracted interest. It’s the usual rotten QPR luck that he got injured just as he was looking valuable. Chair has attracted some interest I think but not at the level it would have been worth our while selling him for. We know he’s really important but because of the same shortfalls we’re aware of ourselves he’s not going to attract top dollar.

Then more recently we tore up our strategy for building over time for the disastrous season of vastly over-paying Johanson and Austin, so we missed out on the next stage of promising youngsters.

We need to try and stay up this season and then start again.
No one jumped.... on 08:23 - Feb 2 with 1405 viewsbaz_qpr

Hull were supposed to be interested in Willock but he was too expensive..

Chair is sought after by fans of other clubs but not the actual clubs it seems, though some might be waiting to see if we go down if they can pick him up on the cheap
No one jumped.... on 10:39 - Feb 2 with 1232 viewsTheChef

How likely are you to buy a player from a bottom three team?

Poll: How old is everyone on here?

No one jumped.... on 18:44 - Feb 2 with 915 viewsderbyhoop

No one jumped?
4 players went out on loan, 2 of whom (Dozzell and SDM) are unlikely to come back.
3 others, admittedly Dev Squad, were released.

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No one jumped.... on 18:55 - Feb 2 with 868 viewsgolborne

No one jumped.... on 10:39 - Feb 2 by TheChef

How likely are you to buy a player from a bottom three team?

blackburn just got 23m and they ain't far off. granted a lot younger, but look what happened when a teenage jack clarke left leeds for what was big money at the time..
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