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FA Cup 19:18 - Apr 18 with 742 viewsburnsieespana

Thoughts about the new rules for replays in the FA Cup?
FA Cup on 19:27 - Apr 18 with 728 viewsTheOldOakTree

I think it's another kick in the teeth for small clubs. The big clubs treat the FA Cup as an inconvienience and they only care about the Champions League (which is a joke as its full of teams that weren't even champions). The number of teams that play in Europe is ridiculous now. When you've got rubbish like Worst Ham winning Euro competitions, you know there's something seriously wrong.

Previously, if you could scrape a draw at home with a Prem team, you could have a big day at their place.

Penalty shootouts are almost as crap as VAR.

The sooner the 'big' clubs chuff-off and form a European super league, the better. Then they can scrap the Premiership.
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FA Cup on 19:54 - Apr 18 with 694 viewsWitham

Replays for smaller clubs is what it's all about. You may struggle for a draw when playing at home against a higher club and a grand day out for your fans is a reward
FA Cup on 23:44 - Apr 18 with 662 viewswessex_exile

Sh't rule which shows how far the FA and their darlings in the Premier League have absolute contempt for the rest of the football pyramid. The magic of the cup my f'cking arse!

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FA Cup on 08:23 - Apr 19 with 626 viewsbwildered

Sadly the incompetent FA are terrified of upsetting the top PL sides, who pull all the strings in getting their own way.

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FA Cup on 09:06 - Apr 19 with 618 viewsRSCOSWORTH

Agree with all of the above. Football, like the rest of country it seems, is about the rich getting richer and the poor struggling to get by.

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FA Cup on 16:40 - Apr 19 with 586 viewsTheOldOakTree

It looks like our feelings are pretty much in line with everyone else outside of the big clubs.

It's definately time for the top 6 or 7 clubs to piss off and play in a Super League. Preferably in Saudi, and for the Premiership to be scrapped.

The knob at Arsenal saying we need to protect players welfare. They've got a squad of 30 and another 39 in their under 21s FFS.

We should stop calling it the football pyramid. It’s an ivory tower surrounded by starving peasants in mud huts.

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FA Cup on 12:06 - Apr 21 with 487 viewsTheOldOakTree

I'm still steaming about this!!!

The FA Cup died in the 1999-2000 season when Man Ure couldn’t be bothered to enter even a reserves team, because they wanted the cash and TV exposure from FIFA Club World Championship in South America.

The year they changed the final from 3pm on a Saturday to suit the TV companies, when they started playing the semis at Wembley to earn more cash, when Brian Moore died, the year somebody gave Lineker a microphone and above all, the tvvat of an Architect that replaced the twin towers with granny’s shopping basket.

Like Paul Daniels, the magic of ‘The’ Cup is long gone and it should be laid to rest. It is not compatible with the ridiculous size of modern day European competitions.

The FA and the Premiership will keep on taking the piss out of us, step by step, until the EFL actually grow a pair.

Roughly half of the Premiership is formed by ‘big’ clubs owned for a long time by Americans, Emiratis, Russians, Saudis, etc. It is no surprise these people know nothing about our culture and what the FA Cup means to us real English fans. The clubs are run by ruthless bean counters who would cancel OAP concessions to line their gluttonous pockets. Hardly any of the ‘big’ club players are English, so why would they know the ‘magic’ of the cup.

Even a worm will turn, and surely, it’s time the EFL actually said NO to this. Tell the FA, the Premiership and EUFA to shove the FA Cup and the Champions League and tell the big TV companies to F-off.

Refuse to take part in the rubbish that the FA Cup has become and start a Fans Cup, for all the English League and non-league clubs, making each game a party day for the fans. No limit on replays, no penalty shoot outs, no VAR and no pundits bullshit. The EFL should start their own on-line streaming channel to televise games and keep the money to share fairly amongst league clubs.

End promotion from the Championship to the Premiership, let them play in their own little corrupt Jonnie Foreigner prawn sandwich league, whilst we play in the English Football League where clubs have English (Welsh) owners that live in England (Wales).

Get your pitchforks to hand and keep your torches dry, await the call comrades, enough is enough.

PS I can't make Wednesday because I'm picking up my repeat perscription.

....oh and Thursday is the Chiropodist, but mark my words, I'm up for the fight.
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FA Cup on 14:45 - Apr 21 with 449 viewsdurham_exile

What is a replay?

How many years since we enjoyed a decent FA Cup run?

Seriously though the decision is a disgrace and the EFL teams and Non League sides have been denied their additional pay days and opportunities to spring shocks and surprises.

Incidentally for the stattos were Colchester the first team to lose a penalty shootout in a cup competition some years ago?

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FA Cup on 16:28 - Apr 21 with 438 viewsbwildered

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Exeter City
0-0 aet
4-2 pens
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Wednesday 27th November 1991 - 1st Team
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Season: 1991-1992
Competition: FA Challenge Cup (1st Replay)
St James Park
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Attendance: 4,066
Kick off: 7:30pm
Match score
Half time score: 0-0
Full time score: 0-0
After extra time: 0-0
Penalties: 4-2
Final result: 0-0 aet
(4-2 pens)
Referee: G Pooley
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U's become first side to go out of the FA Cup without conceding a goal, and the second team to go out on penalties.

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