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oh well....same as it ever was
at 19:13 1 Dec 2018

2-3 Norwich 1976
0-1 Liverpool 22/10/83
1-1 WBA 7/5/84
0-5 Spurs 15/9/84
0-4 Partizan fkin Belgrade 1984
0-3 v Oxford 1986 in a parallel universe
0-2 Soton 4/1/92
0-1 Liverpool 23/11/92
1-2 Sheff Wed 1/1/94 (This is the one that did for me :-( )

etc. etc. ecfkinctra.....................


Fck it oh well

17 Nov 2018 - FAO: The Frankie Boys & House music lovers
at 17:07 19 Aug 2018

No QPR game on 17 November and there's a daytime party Trance Sanctuary at Egg 3.00pm to 11.00am.

Anyhow 5 of us off here going so far. Would be great if anyone else was up for it. It's always an amazing party. My friend is hosting the Loft (top floor) which will be progressive house and is usually proper. Plus the Loft is Rangers related :-)

If you're up for Get tickets as soon as you can as they go up in price plus usually sell out. If you're up for it and coming post on this thread.

We always meet in the John Betjamin at St Pancras pre rave ! and will post up the time nearer the day.

I wondered Clive if you wouldn't mind making this a sticky as we are hoping to make it an official Loft For Words event brought to you by the Frankie Friday Thread. or somrthing like that lol.

Like 1989 all over again.............
at 17:38 24 Feb 2018

Well without the future and hope and anything whatsoever being moderately good.............

I heard we had some proper chap's there that day?
Very Very Guilty Pleasures
at 08:15 29 Oct 2017

Even if I was playing (If I could actually mix lol) the mentalists naughtiest acid trance set I would actually consider playing this at the end ;-)
So what is your favorite absolutely wrong tune that you could never admit (Only ONE tho)...except on LFW now Ha Ha.

Yeah i don't get out much lol

The best Sunday Albums ever...............
at 21:37 26 Mar 2017

For the heathens that don't open the amazing Frankie thread lol.

Sums up being a Rangers fan at the moment
at 18:11 27 Dec 2016

Princess Leia RIP

The training for our forwards scoring.........................

[Post edited 27 Dec 2016 18:28]
Forget QPR lets chill for a Sunday...................
at 14:56 18 Dec 2016

Pop Tastic 2016 (2014 and 2015 OK) - Sticky till Jan 2017 per-lease Clive ??
at 23:07 13 Dec 2016

To my mind at least (whats left of it LOL) the last three years their's been some absolutley wicked Commercial tunes, So what are your favorites, It don't matter what's your genre is , as long as its done it for you....

NUMERO UNO TO ME javascript:insertCode('')

QPR - How come the things that make us happy make us sad
at 01:25 11 Dec 2016

A disgrace lol
[Post edited 11 Dec 2016 2:07]
Spot the Mistake
at 13:49 18 Nov 2016

'It's all about QPR' - Songs for Ollie
at 19:55 12 Nov 2016

It takes two to make the things go right.....

Love (and crowds lol) about to change .....................

Sod Rangers lets dance...... added tunes spiffing
at 18:14 15 Oct 2016

[Post edited 15 Oct 2016 20:13]
Whose the poser in the pink ?
at 23:15 13 Sep 2016

One of the best ever away games for me anyway.

When it mattered
at 23:10 13 Sep 2016

A proper society, proper clothes, proper football, sort of proper music (before house well unless u was ultra cutting edge lol)

Oh yeah 2nd game on omniturf 3-0 , 3-1 1986 they were always newcastle we were always QPR

Yet now an absolute disgrace & an irrelevance and who is that down to ?????? CNTS

Fck the family stand in OUR end fck the board fck everything this is
Every Generation of our lives reflects a movie seen often more than twice......
at 05:35 24 Apr 2016

About right except it's a fckin FILM dopey septic's !

Disgraceful sickening hypocrite
at 03:55 24 Apr 2016

'Sadiq would always prefer men and women not to be separated at events he attends, but he respects the freedom of Londoners’ faiths. '

Erm surely that's against the law, women have equal rights in this country you absolute div. This is St Georges day and we fought to make this a great and decent county

If you had a modicum of integrity you would have told them so idiot

Imagine if Britain First were saying they wouldn't let people with brown skin go to their meetings, bet you'd be the first to complain (& rightly so)

This is St Georges Day (OK well it was lol) and surely Kowtowing & countenancing this nonsense is against everything our forefathers fought for and we hold dear

PLUR we R QPR x ooh it rhymes

[Post edited 24 Apr 2016 4:00]
I never felt more like singing the blues ....
at 17:21 9 Apr 2016

When Rangers win and Chelsea lose
[Post edited 9 Apr 2016 17:21]
QPR 1982
at 03:38 26 Dec 2015

Who the fckin ell are you. One Bobby Hazzell. Simon Simon Stainrod. This stil brings a tear to my eye. Best moment of my life

Venables Venables, Terry Venables he leads our team and he is supreme Terry Venables


Fck off you cheating cnt Perryman should hang the cnt makes me want to smash a Tottenham fans head in with a stick fckin cnts...Oh well

Back to 1989
at 01:11 21 Dec 2015

So who was there ? Any stories ? Only feels like yesterday to me lol

For the Rangers purists we beat Palace 2-0 a week after. Scottish geezer scored a header from a corner

For the Frankie boys........6.42 and it still sounds the best record ever and then mixed into another proper tune :-)
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