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Begovic - Best QPR Goalie in Years
at 07:33 1 Jun 2024

The frequent criticism of Begovic mystifies me. QPR are a mid-table second tier team and we are clearly lucky to have a goalie with his experience, maturity, shot stopping abilities and range. He isn't perfect, but I'm not sure what people expect -- Peter Shilton reincarnate. This season, which by all accounts was pretty poor, we kept 14 clean sheets (thats more than quarter of our games), while only scoring 47 goals in 46 games (4th worst in league), and only conceded 57 goals (7th best in league).

Obviously, goals conceded and clean sheets are not down to the goalie alone. But the goalie organizes and marshals the defense, and we have all seen that all season. Even when we looked terrible over all, Begs was there coming out quickly for catches and punches, constantly talking to the players around him, and importantly making key saves. Think about the Leeds game. Right after Chair scored our first goal, Leeds got up the field and had a hard a low shot from inside the box. Had that snuck past Begs the end result could've been very different. That was true all season.

Look, Begs isn't perfect. If he was, he wouldn't be playing for us. But his ability with his feet is the foundation for our style of play, his organizing has kept the defence strong all last season, his maturity has maintain the morale of the team when all else was failing, and his shot stopping has kept us in games. Chances of us snagging a better fit for our team are zero to none.
What would you consider success to be this off-season?
at 00:13 13 May 2024

For me it is very simple; strikers

If we sign two strikers, proper strikers who can hit the ball on target and score goals, and offload Dykes, that will be a very successful off-season.

I realize there are other gaps that will need to be filled and other business that will need to get done, but it is strikers that is holding us back.

Midfield is already stocked. We have too many 'good enough' midfielders; Chair, Willock, Fields, Andersen, Colback, Dixon-Bonner, are all good and I'm probably forgetting a couple. Smyth and Larkeshe provide speed on the outside.

Defense has been solid. Cook, Clarke-Salter, Dunne, Paal, Fox, Cannon. It isn't perfect, but if it was perfect but we are QPR, so ....

As for strikers, they have all been a huge disappointment. If I could I would ditch Dykes and Frey, try and further develop Armstrong (he needs to get his head up and let the game slow down for him) and bring in at least two real strikers.

Are their different opinions, or is that so obvious, that it is already the consensus?
I’ll just leave this here to make you smile
at 15:41 12 May 2024

Green’s heroics …the Bobby Dazzler … complete overload of joy!!! It don’t get any better than that!
We Just Dont Get Enough From Our Strikers
at 17:23 29 Mar 2024

Great performance today, for a really important win. But it is no surprise that our two goals came from defenders. I cannot remember a single shot from Frey or Armstrong and while both were influential, ultimately they are there to score goals. Both Willock and Chair had really good opportunities that they slashed at and skied it miles over the bar from close range. Again both had their moments, but in the end, balls in the back of the net speak loudest. We often talk about the elusive 20-goals-a-season striker but we aren't even close to having a 10-goals-a-season striker. Our top goalscorer this season is Chair with 5. That is pathetic.

This is the team that is going to keep us up and Marti is the man, but in the off-season job number 1 has to be to get a striker who can score goals.
Rotherham fckin United
at 19:15 17 Feb 2024

It is completely stooopid of me to notice that next week we play Rotherham, who haven't won a game since Noah grounded the ark and let the animals roam free, and Millwall are up against high flying Southampton. Yes. Its stoopid of me to think positive thoughts at all!

Walk on ... there is nothing to see here!
Dykes - Playing Deeper
at 21:31 21 Jan 2024

Dykes was playing a lot deeper yesterday and he looked a lot better for it. With Sinclair up top, he was playing very deep, picking up the ball and playing it forward. He just looked a way better player.

Dykes is not my favorite player as he hasn't been contributing much as a lone striker. He isn't quick enough, his positioning isn't good enough, and he isn't good enough in the air to be a lone striker. But as the deeper part of an attacking duo, maybe that's his jam. He looked the part against Millwall.

Lets hope so.
Is It Chair or Cha-ear?
at 12:24 14 Jan 2024

Until recently every commentator has pronounced his name Chair, exactly how it is spelt. Just recently, commentators have been pronouncing his name Cha-ear.

So, which is correct? Anyone?
Willock and Chair
at 16:12 2 Dec 2023

Same same but different. They are back to being the wonder couple but, at the same time, it looks like Willock is still a little low on confidence. Hopefully two goals in a week will fix that.

Fckin love when those two play together.
Marti Cifuentes and Gareth Ainsworth
at 22:49 1 Dec 2023

Some things just aint rocket science. We have a team of ball players. Player who like to knock the ball around and build up the pitch.

In his playing days, Aisnworth was a high energy, high speed, non-stop animal. And that is how he wanted his team to play. Smack the ball up field and then go and get it. Run Run Run. But we just didn't have the personnel. I love Gareth. He was a great servant of the club and he meant well. But he didn't have the squad to achieve his vision. Not even close. He couldn't get them to play his game because that wasn't playing to their strengths. And he didn't have the wherewithall to adapt his thinking to the players he had.

Then Marti comes in and says, I want you all to play the type of game that you all want to play anyway. And, guess what, the quality immediately goes up.

I don't blame Ainsworth and I will always love him for his playing days. But he was the wrong man for the job. We haven't achieved sht yet and we are still in the relegation zone. But all signs seem to be that Marti is the right man for the job.
Coventry-My one game of the season-Pub?
at 22:29 29 Sep 2023

So, Coventry is going to be my one game this season. mMe and my son are flying over and will only be in England for one day; just time enough to catch a game, grab some chips and a couple of bags of crisps, and then leave in the evening.

If any regulars are planning to be in a pub before the game and want to meet up, leave a note here of which pub.
2 Losses Already But There Are Positives For All To See
at 17:00 19 Aug 2023

I was pretty low coming into the season. Losing Seny and without any marquee signings, I just couldn't see where the goods were going to come from. But there have been plenty of things to delight in already.

1. Armstrong has looked magnificant. He was already a fan favourite last season for his speed and energy. This season, he has really grown and stepped up.

2. Paul Smyth -- he has looked great as a winger. There is so much fight and purpose in his play this time round.

3. Begovitch has looked more than capable of filling Seny's gloves. His distribution isn't as good but he has great presence in the box and is a good shot stopper.

Add to that Fox and Cook, who both look like good players.

I am beginning to believe. What d'ya think?
It's The Hope That Kills Ya!
at 04:15 17 Oct 2022

It really is!

And the hope is that the other teams at the top of the Division are also inconsistent, so we are still just one win away from topping the table

Goddam hope!
How Did We Manage To Not Get A Striker?
at 00:50 2 Sep 2022

We have heaps of midfielders and we brought in another one at the end of the transfer window. Meanwhile, we have nobody up top who can score.

Dykes, Bonne, Roberts, and Armstrong.

Admittedly, Armstrong has looked exciting in his sub appearances. But the Gaffer doesn't trust him to start. Meanwhile, Dykes huffs and puff, but he isn't actually adding to the scoreline, which is what a striker is there to do. Nobody seems to trust Bonne and Roberts hasn't played much.

We've scored 12 goals this season, 2 from strikers -- one each for Dykes and Roberts. That is pathetic. Laird has as many goals as Dykes this season Actually, so has Seny FFS!

You cannot have consistency when you are expecting goals from midfield and defense every week. Midfielders are supposed to contribute to the goalscoring, not be the only ones on the scoresheet.

Maybe Dykes will come good. But why would anyone believe that? Considering that with the exception of a short spurt last season he hasn't done anything for us. He's scored about once every 4 games throughout his QPR career. Not exactly setting the house on fire, is it.

We are scoring goals for fun right now thanks to Chair and Willock, but its putting too much pressure on those two to do everything. We need someone in front of them who can pitch in too
Watford's Entire Strategy Was Fouling and Being Offside
at 17:19 27 Aug 2022

Watford have a lot of quality in their side. Pedro alone is rumored to be heading to Manure for 35 Million. I was surprised how devoid of ideas they seemed to be. They spent the whole game with players offside on every attacking play. It seemed to be a strategy rather than a series of mistakes -- have players in offside positions to distract the defense and then have players push past them, leaving the defenders in no-man's land. It came back to bite them with the disallowed goal.

As for the fouling, it is fcking basic that you cannot hold players , use your arms to push them over, or block them. It was constant and the referee really bottled some obvious decision.

Bloody good result in the end though.

Have We Ever Had A Better January Window?
at 03:01 24 Feb 2022

I cannot remember a better January window than the one we just had: Marshal, Hendrick and Sanderson. All three have already contributed hugely.

I don't know how our management team manager to snag three absolutely quality players and not break our pay structure but well done to all involved
Willock: Deserve ALL the acolades, but what is next?
at 14:32 5 Feb 2022

We have really watched Willock come into his own since Chair went on international duty. He was good previously and contributed, but since Chair went off and all the responsibility fell to him, he has grown, emerged, matured, and just been dominant. We have all seen it and its been bloody marvelous. He is a player transformed.

So, what will happen with Chair coming back into the side. Chair has also been absolutely massive for us this year. Can our style accommodate two dominant midfielders? They play similar roles; would it be another Gerrard and Lampard, so to speak? Or would we just become absolutely dominant and start scoring like Foolham?
How the hell did we get Marshal?
at 16:29 29 Jan 2022

Seriously, he is absolute quality. He has been brilliant since taking over between the sticks. How was he available???
Fake Rs Out of Cup!
at 09:19 9 Jan 2022

Is it pronounced schadenfreude or schadenfreude?

Just humming a little song that goes "Reading got knocked out of the cup by Kidderminster Harriers - the lowest-ranked side left in the FA Cup... la la la la la"

And if anyone is in the mood to brood over out unconvincing performance, just remember, it aint that long ago since we were losing to clubs like that in cup competitions. Winning by the skin of our teeth is soooo much better than, well Vauxhall ... need I say more?

And, at least we get to laugh at someone else, this time round!!
Playing The Beautiful Game
at 06:04 25 Nov 2021

When this team is clicking, we are playing such a graceful game at the moment. We have so many classy players. It definitely feels like a moment to me. Seny, Jojo, Chair, Wallace, Willock, Dickie ... all players who play with style and class.

Of course, being a long-time fan of QPR, I worry that all these players will get bought during the next window. Its just inevitable. But while they are here it sure is fun watching them stroke the ball around the field with (at times) such precision and style.

Good Stream For Today's Game?
at 18:00 6 Nov 2021

Can anyone suggest a good stream for the Blackpool game?
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