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JCS - We know what we need to do !!
at 14:54 15 Apr 2024

Great that at least one of the players knows and but not sure if, in saying ‘we’ he means ‘more than one’ or if it is a royal we and he just means ‘he knows’!!

Just in case any of the team, their agents, friends or close relatives are looking in, and as an easy to remember catch net on what to do or not do

Please score more goals than the other team

Please do what you are paid very well to do

Lyndon, Chris, etc - the ball has go into that area between the white posts that Asmir is not flapping in!!
Lyndon, please try to gain a few yards and try to anticipate where the ball is going instead of standing and watching it!
Sinclair - please note that you don't have to get so close to the defender you are chasing such that he can fall ove and draw a foul. If you touch them- they will fall!! It's not difficult!
Ilias- you dont have to try and mimic Hull's first goal - a great cut in from the left and curling shot into the top corner- EVERY time you cut in from the left! Try something different at free kicks - you did it once and we scored! Use the overlap more
Asmir, please stick a rocket where it needs to go and realise we HAVE to win games so don't take all the time in the world! Act like a captain and take responsibility for your howlers! - just for the next three games! Go out / retire knowing you gave your best ! All you have to do is perform as you would like the students at your goal keeping school to perform - and that is not to swat flies at the same time a ball is being crossed at a corner !!

We shall be the ones shouting and supporting as we have done all season - please respond!!

Waste of time posting here I know but they can’t hear me from the stands and I’m only trying to help!!🤔🙄🙂

And yes I do know that some of them are trying but are just not good enough!

(Ridicule posts to now follow in threads below!!) - enjoy!🤔🙂
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Please can someone have a LOUD word (or MORE) in Begovic's ear
at 22:41 3 Mar 2024

1. Do NOT punch the ball into the middle of the penalty area
2. Do NOT keep kicking the ball to the extreme edge of the pitch and hoping that Dunne will head it to an R's player- it either goes over his head and gives back possession OR he heads it to an opposing player and it gives back possession - you can see the issue can't you?! (Happy to avoid the passing out from the back all the time but please, you do not have to keep kicking the ball into touch!)
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Is Chair locked up or not? - Please clarify as conflicting reports!
at 19:29 23 Feb 2024

I know there is another thread but the simple question and answer is all we really need to know and there appear to be conflicting reports.

Is he actually IN Belgium and IN prison or is he in the UK pending extradition to Europe?

Anyone know?

Yes I'm back- Shots on target !
at 21:43 14 Feb 2024

If you cannot defend you need to score.
If you need to score you need to get shots on target
1 shot on target the whole game is not only a problem it is a travesty!
You see them warming up and hitting the practice target but they cannot in the game.
They have shots blocked but other teams shots get through
Then we have Chair (perhaps our best player - well once upon a time) thinking he is going to score a wonder goal every time he cuts in and having shots from 35 yards out!

We they useless at the back, so so in the middle AND cannot do what they are paid to do up front!

I despair!
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Corners and concentration getting really annoying
at 20:38 14 Feb 2024

Please can someone teach them how to defend corners and concentrate for 45 minutes!!🤬
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Corners and half time
at 20:36 14 Feb 2024

Please please please can someone teach them how to defendcorners!!🤬 and can someone please teach them to concentrate - this is getting annoying!!!
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Did Begovic play Subbuteo or 4-2-4??
at 00:15 31 Jan 2024

I have been trying to find a reason for Begovic’s apparent inability or reluctance to distribute the ball quickly and give our speedsters a chance to threaten defences.

Time and again we see Chair, Smyth or Armstrong sprinting away with Begovic having ‘stickem gum’ on his gloves and not even looking to release the ball.

Yes, I’m sure people will tell me that he is simply doing what Marti has instructed and that we MUST play out from the back but I know (from the crowd screaming at him to release quickly and the reaction of the speedsters) that I am not the only one who sees his slow release as contributing to our shortage of attacking chances!

He seems to want all the players in their assigned places before he will let go of the ball. It reminds me of when my brother, friends and I used to play Subbuteo, 4-2-4 and plastic disc table football when much much younger and positioning the pieces before restarting ! He waits till he has waved
Paal, Clarke salter, Cook, Cannon and Field into position then when all set up - he then releases the ball and play restarts!!

Surely if we can see it and the players can see it he must see it!!!

Perhaps he is one of those players who just cannot improvise or see an opportunity in front of him!

The aim of the defence is to stop goals but, if you cannot do that, at least help the attack!!

He doesn’t!!!

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"We're gonna score one more than you!"
at 12:13 7 Jan 2024

Ok, so we are crap defending. We are paying people £10k-£17k/ week to concentrate for 100 minutes once a week and they cannot do it, so perhaps we need to try something else on the practice field.

We have absolutely no creativity or thoughts, out from the back or up front. These are just some simple thoughts - probably crap- but, hey, maybe one or two would relieve the futility of watching then do the same old thing:

When (If?) Begovic is going to go 'long', you see how all the players migrate to the left. Why cannot two players with speed position themselves on the perimeter of the bunch and then when Begovic kicks, he goes right and the two R's players peel off immediately - they will at least get a 2 on 1 situation as opposed to trying to get a 50 50 ball.

At free kicks, when they have one or two in the wall, we have the numerical advantage but always waste it with Chair, Willock or Dozell (if he's awake or bothered instead of thinking about the money he is paid for being a brick wall at passes and suggestions) trying to score a fabulous free kick. Why not have two players on the ball and one dummies and peels off and then gets passed to such that he can get to the goal line and hopefully put in a cross that clears the first defender? Why don't we try something different? What is the worst that could happen, compared with Dozell, Willock or Chair kicking like Owen Farrell or Jonny Wilkinson. Yes we need 3 points but not from set place kicks over the bar!

at 14:27 2 Jan 2024

Are we allowed to hold up placards or is this seen as inciteful (as opposed to being , as intended, insightful) ??

I was thinking of having a card with 'WHY??' on one side and 'NOOOOO!!!' on the other and hold it up each time they run through and name certain players on our team.

Other cards could be "SHOOT" "HURRY UP" "GO FORWARD!" but I am sure there are others!?

Dykes - WHAT and WHY??
at 17:27 1 Jan 2024

Watched him all game-he tracks and stays on shoulders of the central defender rather than trying to lose him; he doesn’t run into space or move, wins 30% headers-
So please can someone look for the receipt and see if we can return him 🤬
Does the consumer Rights Act or Trades Description Act Cover Football?
at 09:27 24 Dec 2023

As people will soon start thinking of returning clothes that don’t fit, things that don’t work, and things that don’t do what they should- Do we still have the receipt for Dykes ?

Yes he works hard but his agent sold him to us as a striker and it isn’t working. If feels like we have been sold a dud- a Christmas cracker with no bang, a large present with nothing inside, a torch that won’t light up, etc

Can we get our money back or has the time for that expired?!

As an alternative- Can we try eBay please?!
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Our left !!
at 20:25 30 Nov 2023

I (once again) may be talking rubbish but is anyone else concerned about the way we are continually exposed and teams overload our left side?

I know it’s chance but even the counter attack after the Dykes miss came from the fundamental inability to trap a football on the half way line and then across of space on our left!

Please can someone do something about that as too many teams see this as the way to outlet goal!

But as someone will probably say, I’m imagining or overstating this as a weakness!
Love Football - Protect the Game - Referees also need to earn respect !!
at 18:28 23 Nov 2023

I was taught - “respect is earned not simply given”

I am against abuse of referees by players but equally believe they are a contributor to the issue!
Over the last couple of seasons I have written to all bodies, tv, papers etc and have had no reply.

Am I missing something regarding respect for referees and their assistants - should it not be earned as opposed to just given? - no stupid/comical replies please-

This is what I have written- hopefully some of you will read it, others may not and that’s fine!

I am a season ticket holder and have seen my fair share of matches over the years. I am also an avid watcher of Rugby Union and there is a marked difference in the respect afforded to referees between the two!

There are for me three very pertinent and highly important issues:-

1:- There should be a no tolerance, no touching policy. The rules for dissent are clear and each and every party who approaches a referee Other than the captain (as in Rugby) should be immediately booked for dissent and once booked- if they do not walk away- then they get booked again and red carded- unequivocal and easy to immediately implement AT ALL levels!

2. I have noticed - with increasing frustration- that crowd dissent in football is significant and something the players play to (as opposed to Rugby where the referee’s decision is often explained or is at least respected)
However, irrespective of item 1. It should be noted that referees (and assistant referees) ( that I have watched regularly) often needlessly contribute to crowd dissatisfaction and dissent and there are some simple remedies which can be implemented to reduce this! I have written numerous letters to refereeing organisations with no reply!
Please note we watch fouls and throw ins right in front of the assistant referee and the crowd can see what the assistant has seen but so so often, the referee gives a decision totally opposite to what clearly the assistant would have seen and immediately angers the crowd, if not the players! Time and again assistants keep their flags down until the referee points or advises and then they raise their flag to the derision and annoyance of all!
My understanding of this debacle is that the referee decides prior to the game what he wants the assistant to help with and quite often this is solely ‘offsides’ and the ref makes all other decisions and overrides the assistant! BUT the crowd do NOT know this and their frustration is at both referee AND assistant!
In Rugby the touchline judge /assistant is not overridden and contributes to the implementation of the rules and awards of fouls and touchline decisions!
Why then have referees become allowed to override assistants who are in the spot, whereas the referees are often away from the action??
I’d be very surprised if I am the only one who has become exasperated and often annoyed by this - give assistants the same power of decision making as Rugby and let the watching public know!!
This will greatly reduce public voicing dissatisfaction, will lead to a growing respect of the judging team and that will transfer to the pitch!

3. Referees are never seen to be ‘culpable’, no one is allowed to criticise them and managers are not allowed to approach them! This is a further cause of frustration as referees present as ‘holier than thou’ when clearly they are not! Referees make mistakes and this appears to all in the game to be swept under the carpet! In other sports referees are independently audited and criticised but how often does anyone hear of a formal apology and where there is so much money involved such mistakes cost teams etc money !
Saying it all evens out over the season or some other crass sweeping statement is not an answer. Make referees culpable!!

So no 1 is essential and unequivocal but, for referees to be respected across the board, please do not ignore items 2 and 3!!

I have tried to seek explanations from TV pundits, refereeing bodies and, as yet, no replies!! Are referees that perfect that what I am suggesting is so irrelevant or is there some truth in it?! - your printing of not will provide my answer!!)

(I doubt that this will be published as it suggests that referees are contributing to the issue! Clearly they ARE but they should not be abused! But they AND THE GOVERNING BODIES NEED TO KNOW AND, WHAT US MORE, ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT what REFEREES ARE DOING that raises the ire of players and supporters alike!!)

Thank you
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Excited and yet still concerned
at 23:40 2 Nov 2023

Can you remember back to when much younger you received as a present a brand new set of 12 coloured pencils and they were all sharp and pointy and it just looked great- there they were all alongside each other and each had potential for wonderful wondrous things.

Then you started working with them and you found that some were softer than others and tended to break more easily and soon it became apparent that you could only really use two or three. There was always a white pencil which served no purpose and the grey, well that was simply like a normal lead pencil.

You also found that when you tried to sharpen your preferred pencils they just kept breaking or going blunt very quickly!

I wonder how many of the currently blunt pencils we have can sharpen and how many will stay blunt?!

We have a new sharpener - so fingers crossed !!!
What should the new manager say to each player about their performance/ ability
at 19:25 30 Oct 2023

Despite how it may seem, I am trying to be positive about the new manager but have an annoying feeling that there are a number of players who (as I have commented elsewhere) either 'don't get it', 'won't get it' or 'don't have the ability or awareness to get it'

The manager has to do something drastic to wake these 'no hoopers' out of their 100 year slumber.

Do we really believe that, with the new manager, Lyndon is suddenly going to become a poacher and be able to anticipate anything that isn't actually passed directly to him?
Who then is going to be transformed and become our highest/ most prolific goal scorer?

Do you think Bergovic will suddenly distribute the ball faster or stop kicking balls into touch?

What can he say to Paal to stop him allowing half of west London (o at least the pitch) to remain unmarked to his left or to enable him to be able to stop teams running in behind him to the touch line and passing back?

What can be said that is going to transform Willock or Dozell?

What can be said to make these self-opinionated professionals suddenly transform and scoring goals or stopping teams scoring?

I hope he has the words but from the number of managers we have had, who have all tried in their own way, I fear that they won't listen. So here's my shout...

Tell Dykes he's going to be dropped - play Kholli. If Dykes isn't playing, he cannot play for Scotland and that's what will wake him up.
Tell Bergovic he's going to be dropped and Play Archer. Lets see him perform and maybe his value will increase.
Tell Paal he's going to be dropped and get him to watch his performance again and again with his eyelids held open!
Tell Dozell whatever you wish -he goes to sleep after three words (and bring in anyone!)
Tell the wasters that they are going to sit on the bench and give those on the bench a chance on the field!

What's the worst that could happen? (Considering where we are and having paid and played our A team!?)

Oh yes and as a passing thought (pun intended!) I used to watch the Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan. Each week he would be pitted against a new 'No 2' and he did things his way and the 'No. 2s' were replaced.
I see our players do what THEY want irrespective of what the new incumbent suggests and then we keep replacing the manager for having failed to be able to change their ways and find out why they have all resigned from playing!
Can't anyone else see that our players are actually ALL number 2s!?

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