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Posh Matt Smith
at 23:35 3 Apr 2024

Oldboy Posh Matt Smith has 23 goals in L2 this season.
He has 40 goals in 95 appearances for them.

Examples here:

As you can see, they are all Taarabt amazing dribbles rounding the keeper, curlers into the top corner Buzsáky style, accurate tight shots like Clive Allen as he puts the afterburners on ala Fereday.

Stay away from drugs kids, they are bad for you.
Just say no Zamo.
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Thoughts on Swansea team selection.
at 22:38 1 Apr 2024

Marti changed it up to rest a few, which gave us a chance to observe the state of some of the fringe players.

He failed to impress, no excuses, really, as he had been rested from the last game. I think this means he's done at QPR, and Marti will offload him in the summer if he can. You could say Frey was no different, but Frey is still adapting; no excuses can be said for Dykes. Marti will start Frey against Sheff Wed and not Dykes and that will say it all.

Was not impressive and not really in the game. Subbed as we were too open in the centre. Still young, so, still time. I think he might be useful as a winger, we should try him there.

Millwall at home, he was 10 yards too high, Martie stepped in during the game, told him after 20 minutes to drop back his positioning, and that's when we took control of the game away from Millwall. Rotherham Colback was deep-lying and controlled the game. Swansea Colback was way too high up the pitch, which allowed them to control the game. Same with Brum, too high up. This allows the oppo to drop the ball in between the lines and attack us. He needs to stop trying to be the AMC and be a DMC, where he can control the game better with his passing. Otherwise, we get caught out on the break aways. This is why when Hayden came on, he made a difference. Hayden dropped back and plugged the gap, and then Swansea struggled to get behind us. Fix this and Colback will play better, don't and it's more Yellow cards and defeats. Hayden will start against Sheff Wed instead.

Reasonable, but his passing was not great. Looked tired to me. Did okay, but not as good as Willock. Willock was rested and will, as we know, start against Sheff Wed instead. Smyth and Armstrong will be useful with their pace in the latter stages.

Got skinned a few times and was targeted. Apart from being beaten a few times for pace and one-twos, actually played well. Especially putting off their player for a certain goal. He's not a LB, he's a CD. Useful backup for our amazing Cook and JCS. Paal will defo return for Sheff Wed. But Fox will be useful if we want to hold out a lead.

Special mention for Asmir who saved a certain goal when it was 0-0. They should have scored that. He helped win the game there. We have to give him credit there because he's sometimes a little slow.

It should also be noted that the football was not great from both sides because apparently rugby had been played recently, and the pitch was terrible. This is what Cook claimed, anyway. Makes sense, considering the amount of poor passing from both teams.

What I liked about this win is that both teams had rested players, but usually, when QPR do this we lose. This time, we showed we have a strength in depth. We should have enough coverage in all depts as long as we don't lose Asmir, Cook or JCS. Those 3 I don't see direct replacements for. We could maybe get away with Dunne and Fox, with Cannon returning. But then it doesn't look as strong, does it? Nope, those 3 are key to us staying up.

Marti is God
Andersen is Jesus

Team v Leicester guess
at 22:47 25 Feb 2024

I suspect Marti will change it up for the foxes.

Bringing back a fresh Cannon to counter any pace on the wings they have that would expose Dunne. Sam Field was excellent in the last game. We shall need an on-form DMC for Leicester.

Hodge was ineffective in the last game, and Marti may bring back Dykes to battle in the middle as well as give us the height for set-pieces that we lose with Cannon for Dunne.

Armstrong will come in as we will probably be defending for lots of the match, so we need that breakaway option for an out ball with his pace.

Thus, I am guessing, but I suspect the team may be closer, too...






Colback banned?
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Injury Book
at 20:04 19 Jul 2023

Let's get the negativity in nice and early.

After JCS, who will be next to get injured?
I'll start with Smyth.
Roberts says goodbye ...
at 23:09 10 May 2023


Even if Leeds gets relegated, he still won't be fit to be ignored for selection anyway.

Next season he won't be seen in the Champ or Prem, Belgium league or Wrexham beckons.
Team for Brizzle …
at 20:25 29 Apr 2023

As we are now safe (I was never worried … honest), we should play a team with players who will be here under contract for next season or at least likely to be here next season, and we, of course, cannot play any we have loaned out elsewhere, like Kelman.

That means dropping the prem loans and blooding some young uns. Also might be wise to rest some key players as QPR may wish to sell them, and we don't want any injuries in the dead rubber of a game.

Conversely, play those who have been out too long with injuries to test em out.
With that in mind, I would play …




Dyche tells Deli it how it is ...
at 20:13 13 Apr 2023


His view was incomplete. What should have been added is ...
"otherwise he will end up player for QPR on loan next season and being injured there too"

Yes, Prem managers everywhere, I am sure, in private telling their players ... "get fit and perform or be loaned to QPR".
A fate worse than death.

Wilshere can show Deli his future.
Marti Cifuentes QPR manager rumour
at 17:24 2 Dec 2022

Marti Cifuentes ...


Wikipedia page says ...

"He’s taking Rangers to the Premier League."

And that he is "Club information"
"Current team Glasgow Rangers (head coach)"

Either Beale is out of a job already (no loyalty these days) or they mean QPR or another Rangers!
QPR v Livingston Mid-Season Friendly
at 10:10 4 Nov 2022


"The Lions will travel to London and face the English Championship side on November 29"

Good job the players are getting that Winter Break we have always been hearing about. This whole Qatar WC is crackers, isn't it?
Balogun injured ... or just a ruse
at 13:01 18 Sep 2022


Seems he may be putting club over country :)
Bonne transfer out possibility
at 10:40 4 Jul 2022

From a Hearts & Mind story we get some transfer details at the bottom of the page ...

Near the bottom, he is quoted as ....
"There’s been a loan offer and a buy offer." and then "Those offers are still in play."

If true, this would mean QPR has not rejected those offers for a loan or a buy and he reveals there has been only one each and it would also suggest that it's not from Ipswich otherwise I assume he would be raving about that.

Beale also told him it was a clean slate, I would assume he's told all the players that. Hence even Niko coming back!
So, some expected insights on Beale there.

The Dominator Speaks
at 23:41 15 Jun 2022


Reading between the lines, it seems Hendrick did not deliver what was expected of him. Even though we got him on loan it is rumoured for free, I am not sure it was a great loan when we saw what Ball did in the last game.

Let's hope Beale is the real deal.
EFL Stats on Sheff United Game
at 11:26 7 Apr 2022

Possibly an interesting read:

A woeful QPR approach, but I am not sure Sheff Utd were that much better really. I don't see either of these teams getting promoted. Mid-table teams. Still say 7th is the best we shall do this season.
Niko on loan again
at 14:48 2 Apr 2022

Brown Sauce:

He could have been a good player, but I sensed arrogance in his play and attitude. I suspect that's why they don't want him anymore.

Small stadium only holds 45K ...
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