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Could be bad news......
at 08:06 19 Feb 2024

Mate just text me a Palarse fan asking what our sports medicine guy is like Imtiaz Ahmed....
As our injury list is literally one player I would imagine he must be pretty good... as an archetypal QPR pessimist is this a precursor to everyone getting injured now ? 😳
Another WC on the go
at 14:07 17 Oct 2022

Managed to watch the England v Pakistan T20 warm up match today as off this week and OK it was a pretty lacklustre Pakistan side but, this must be England's to often have we said that!!
I was thinking where do you fit players in, batting my first 6 would be
Buttler, Hales? Stokes, Livingstone, Brook and Ali

All rounders
Curran, Woakes

Rashid, Jordan and Wood

That means you leave out players like Salt, Malan, Willey. Topley, we do have some team this year
My only concern is Buttler as captain/opener/WC, think it is too much even for 20 overs cricket, I think I would have gone for Ali as captain. We have obviously brought Hales back in to open, but I would rather have Salt opening
at 07:38 26 Aug 2022

Totally off QPR things but I thought I would ask on this learned forum
Those of you with children of this age.... or as it seems on here the majority with grand children, what is the going rate for showing how proud you are of them achieving results, and what would warrant a well done.
Back in the day when you passed an exam it was more a case of not getting a clip around the lug hole rather than monetary gain
Only grand daughter got 8 yesterday... some very good ... some good.... so it was a blanket £20 for each....
Has Gran exceeded the going rate? Are we in fact tight and should we have sent her away to Magaluf for a week?
I pass this over to my learned friend on the right......

Away Kit
at 09:56 27 Jul 2022

I've emailed the club but still waiting for an answer why the away kit is not up for sale
Just thought I would ask if anyone knows on here.... as I might have missed something on the clubs website
[Post edited 27 Jul 2022 9:57]
Forget 1966..... remember 2001
at 19:53 7 Jun 2022

Throw in at the German corner flag 3 passes later back to Pickford..... as Warbs taken over
Made me chuckle
at 21:21 11 Jan 2022

One for goober fans 😂

Moyes, Guardiola, Vierra, Klopp, and Arteta are in the pub. Guardiola buys a round of Sangrias and they all enjoy a drink.
Then Moyes goes to the bar and buys a round of Whiskeys. Next Vierra goes up and buys a glass of French red wine for everyone because he's a classy guy.
When it's Klopp's turn he buys 4 German beers and passes them around to Moyes, Guardiola, Vierra, and Klopp.
Arteta says "Excuse me Mr Klopp, but where is my beer?"
Klopp says, "Sorry this is the 4th round; you're not in it!"
In North West London
at 20:09 12 Oct 2021

Booing for not taking the knee..... the compulsory booing of a national anthem and rucking in the stands with the old Bill weighing in with batons.... and there is even a football match happening amongst all this
at 15:23 21 Aug 2021

Good draw
[Post edited 21 Aug 2021 16:54]
That was not to shabby
at 17:33 14 Aug 2021

Sitting in the back of my nephews car trying to get out of this massive car park with my brother who is mid 70s and I'm only 6 yrs behind him and we are like a couple of teenagers that has just pulled, funny what football can do to you
Like all of us the last months our football fix was satisfied by streams how different the game is live
First thing have to say what great support again today, the travelling Rs were Fantastic but there again unlike Tuesday we really did have something to sing about
Now the game
The back 3 for me today were immense and they looked so in command.
Seny apart from the one bad clearance was also in total command
The midfield. Well again on a stream you do wonder about Ball but in live action he is really impressive. For those old enough he is the later day version of Mick Leach, the perennial boo boy but he does all the unsexy work.
Chair was effective and first game back after illness he was OK..... Willock is a real handful and played well.... but JoJo was a Rolls Royce possibly the most influencial signing we have made in years
Dykes I'm sorry but he is not the answer. Even his goal was a mishit and would never had gone in otherwise. Hate saying it about a lad who clearly tries
So the team was great. We had a few tricky moments but really it was never in doubt
For me the turning point was that Dickie clearance. That would have made it 1-1 and with them on top that could have changed the game for them.
Now to my MOTM..... Dickie. Really can't say anything as well as North can on how good, how dominant and how skilful this lad is. I honesty thought with talk about Premier league we were perhaps biased.... but he is Premier class..... God I hope we can KEEP him
So we are moving Southwards.... now and a very happy car. Won't make my 2nd away game in 15 yrs this week so back to QPR+.... but I'm looking forward to it

Hope England are taking note
at 17:22 26 Jun 2021

20 mins in and the Welsh lads are taking the game to Denmark
Playing at a really good tempo and when in possession push forward quickly with purpose
Really good game so far
Danny Rose
at 14:42 28 May 2021

Just been released by Spurs. If we could afford him think he would be a good shout.
Maybe slightly older than we like but at championship level be useful
Live Straming
at 14:45 12 May 2021

Wonder if anyone else got this
Just had an email from the live streaming from the club thanking me for my payment of £20 to steam games May 12 to June 12
What the f......
First they have taken this automatically and second what games?
Anyone else have this
Is the gulf getting bigger
at 21:07 21 Apr 2021

Just looking at the table and there are still 3 games to go but I can't remember a time when the 3 relegated clubs occupied the top 3 positions in the table this late in the season
Norwich are up..... Watford good as.... and Bournemouth I think bar one of the other teams doing a QPR style job on them like we done on Derby should also go up
I hope this is an anomaly but with the money these teams receive coming down.... Will the championship now be a mini Premier even more.
Wonder if every year it will be the 3 coming down dominating and the rest scraping for 4th 5th and 6th.......
Hughton for The trees
at 20:30 6 Oct 2020

Great appointment maybe just the guy to sort them out
With the poor quality of the league and with the amount of talent there, they must be worth a cheeky punt for promotion
[Post edited 6 Oct 2020 20:31]
Where do we go from here?
at 21:05 5 Oct 2020

With all the attacking options now signed where do we go or how do we go?
4-4-2 or perhaps even a 4-3-3
Dykes and Bonne in a two or Dykes with two wide men and what two?
Perhaps even a 3-5-2 converting a Wilcock as the wing back
Could be an exciting season
Is it the DoF?
at 08:46 19 Sep 2020

Possibly done to death but surely there must now be a question of the philosophy in the club
It has been mentioned that we have not been able to defend under whoever is managing us, there have been a few recently and they can't all be incapable of organising a defence.
So do we need to look at something else. I always thought that the DoF should be the ethos of the club, regardless of which manager is appointed the DoF will ensure continuity.
Is our DoF in some way responsible for what seems to be a culture of non defending
I have never been in the camp of Les must go, but there must come a time when his employers are thinking why is this not improving, why are we not progressing and still making mistakes and not being organised.
I think every fan knows that we are not in a great place talent wise, money wise. We do have a few decent players and should be safe, but is that the bottom line for us, now to every year make the same mistakes and hope that we cling on?
Or is it time to not get rid of personnel, but to at least look at is what we are doing correct?
Serious lurker
at 19:56 24 Jul 2020

Hi guys. Finally after possibly many years of lurking here decided that if there is a need to perhaps contribute to keep us going I think I need to show my Colours
So born in Latimer Road and in 1966 asked my mum that I wanted to see a football match after England won the World Cup
So finally she gave in and was taken with my stool to Loftus Road. I rember how cold it was and how empty it was.... and finally when the teams ran out I turned to my uncle and asked
What colours are England in..........
That was it really. A lifetime of wondering why my family never supported a decent team.... and now many years later why do I still love this mad house little club..... so hi guyd
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