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Football Governance Bill
at 22:48 18 Mar 2024

This is very significant news, Legislation to establish the new independent regulator for English Football to begin its passage through Parliament tomorrow.

Would mean a licencing system for clubs from the Premier League down to the National League, strengtened owners and directors tests as well as the power to intervene to impose a settlement on the PL.

Worth keeping an eye on this over the coming weeks.

Major FFP Reforms coming
at 11:36 12 Mar 2024

Not sure if anyone has seen this, but the PL are replacing the current PSR rules in the PL with new rules based on UEFAs new squad cost ratio.

This new rule would basically mean teams not competing in Europe are limited to spending 85% of their income on player wages, transfers along with agents fees, those in Europe will be limited to 70 percent.

I expect we will see these changes in the Championship as well.
Important to keep the faith
at 19:18 9 Mar 2024

I know we are all disappointed today, but its important we trust the process, there is still 9 games left in the season and a lot can still change.

We can hope with a full week of training we will feel fresher for next week, felt like we were very tired in that 2nd half, I felt playing on Wednesday took its toll today.

Onwards and Upwards as they say.
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Torquay enters administration
at 14:24 22 Feb 2024

Second former EFL club now who face major financial issues.
Benham potentially selling Brentford?
at 12:47 21 Feb 2024

Were gone
at 22:24 14 Feb 2024

So thats three chances now I think we have had to get out the bottom 3, and weve blown them all.

14 games left, and we have to win at least half of them you'd think.

Its a long way back now sadly.
at 14:31 13 Feb 2024

Its quite incredible to see how our attendances have risen, despite our struggles this season.

I think our average attendances this season have been around 16k, which is a fantastic return.

Also, our attendances have gone up by around 2700 in the last five years, which is the 7th most in the Championship, that tells me the fanbase is definitely growing.

I know the owners have said that they are looking at revamping LR, but surely if your looking at these numbers, your going to have to rethink that.

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Leicester away
at 13:15 13 Feb 2024

Got the full 3305 allocation, and its 30 pound.

Have a feeling this could sell out, Ill definately be going to this as its local, hopefully it will be a packed out away end for this on the 2nd March.
Transfer deadline day
at 21:50 31 Jan 2024

I recon we might get one or two in, but obviously it depends on whether we can offload players or not.

Ideally we get a winger and an attacking midfielder in, but obviously given our finances, Im not getting my hopes up too much.
Alex Smithies
at 13:15 22 Jan 2024

Just confirmed by Leicester City that hes retired due to injury, really thought he was a great keeper for us.

Wish him well for the future.
Time to start preparing for League 1
at 15:15 14 Jan 2024

we have to start now preparing for a rebuild in League 1, we have to make some major changes this summer and I hope this new CEO is already lining up some changes to ensure we are doing just that.

The whole club needs a major reset.

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Worth trying a back 3 for the Watford game?
at 18:27 11 Jan 2024

I personally wonder if Marti should maybe try a 3-5-2 or a 3-4-2-1 for Sunday?

We know that both Cannon and Paal would suit this system well due to their pace and we know that Dykes struggles on his own up top, so maybe pairing him with Armstrong up top would benefit him.

I do remember when we were under Warbs we did switch from a 4-2-3-1 to a 3-4-2-1 and that propelled us up the table, maybe if we done something similar, it could produce the same results maybe?

EDIT: I posted the thread twice by mistake, so ignore the post above this one.
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I think weve got new owners coming
at 13:25 8 Jan 2024

I can only conclude the lack of communication coming from the club, means that the club may well be under new ownership before too long, maybe at the end of the season.

Usually, you would have Lee Hoos coming out on podcasts to discuss the state of the club, yet since he assumed the role of Chairman alongside his CEO role, weve have not heard anything apart from him discussing the changes.

If you were a chairman for the longer term, you'd be out there on all the club podcasts and doing more fan engagement.

It was back in November, Sky News reported that we were pitching to investors.

Somethings definitely going on behind the scenes in my opinion.
[Post edited 8 Jan 13:35]
Time to cash in on some players
at 12:07 7 Jan 2024

I personally feel like if we want to at least give Marti some funds to work with, then we seriously need to look at selling some players.

I personally think selling Field and Willock would be my two id sell.

I think in the current market we could get £2m combined, at least, then we would have space then to get maybe 2 or 3 decent loans till the end of the season.

We are at that stage now where we do need to start considering some sales to at least give Marti some funds.

[Post edited 7 Jan 12:10]
Time for a rant.
at 21:21 6 Jan 2024

It was just two months ago that Lee Hoos assumed the role of Chairman, alongside his role as CEO, yet apart from the interview he done with Paul Morrisey regarding the changes, we have not heard anything

Every Rs fan right now is rightfully angry about the state of the club, and we have every right to hold those at the top of the football club accountable for the decisions that they make, and yet we hear nothing about the decisions that they are taking.

We dont expect you to do daily updates, but the fact you've done no interactions with fans tells me your afraid of speaking to us.

When you go into a business as a CEO, you are expected to hit your KPIs, If you dont then your rightfully expect to be sacked.

So it raises the question, why is Lee Hoos, 8 years on from being appointed as CEO of the club still here?

For a start, he promised us that we will never be in a bad position again with FFP, yet here we are in Jan 2024, when we are fighting for our lives to avoid a drop to League 1, where we are in exactly the position Lee promised we will never be in again - a total failure.

So for me I have ultimately have come to one conclusion, Lee Hoos must resign as CEO of the club, if you are not prepared to come out to the fans to face tough questioning, then quite frankly your in the wrong job.
[Post edited 6 Jan 21:30]
New investment/owners
at 10:54 3 Jan 2024

Any news on whats going on with this?

I know there was news a few months back that the club were looking for new partners.

I even fear January signings wont be enough to save us
at 13:50 2 Jan 2024

I fear even if we bring 2 or 3 through the door this month that might not even be enough to save us given the scale of the rebuild we require.

I just feel like the rebuild this squad requires is too great to stem relegation.

How we could approach the January window
at 11:48 28 Dec 2023

Given the state of our finances, we probably really do need to try and clear one or two out to ensure we do have some funds to allow Marti to make some additions.

Unless the sponsorships we have signed mean we do have some funds for loans and the odd free transfer.
at 11:35 27 Dec 2023

We all know recruitment is the hardest thing in Football, but we seriously need a major, major shakeup on the recruitment side of the club.

Why is that Lee Hoos basically is now the de-facto DOF when he is basically now the Chairman and CEO?

And who actually is in charge of recruitment?

The total lack of direction here is astounding to me.
The dilemma
at 22:00 26 Dec 2023

The question I'm asking myself is do we spend the whole of the January budget on a striker who probably give us a fighting chance of avoiding the drop, or do we somehow offload some fringe players to allow for a mini-rebuild of some kind.

Its a big decision to make.
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