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Who do we want to get relegated?
at 09:05 27 Apr 2024

Agree. They were vile that day. I can't stand Wednesday. I ran into a few of them at the recent game a few weeks ago. Deeply unpleasant, charmless and entitled.
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Waking up Safe
at 09:01 27 Apr 2024

Spot on. Was a great night. I can even forgive this team for all they've put us through, after this performance. Was vintage QPR.
Next season - 4 key players for us to keep
at 15:50 23 Apr 2024

is there really going to be a line of clubs after any of our players ? Even our better players ? E.g. JCS (injury prone), Willock (half-arsed), Chair (hit or miss). Maybe some paltry offers but millions for these guys? Really? I wouldn't buy them.

I would take decent money for any of them if it's offered, but that is unlikely, so we're probably stuck with them for better or for worse. With better players around them and better management they're likely to be better too. Chair, Willock and Dykes were a terrific unit for a while under Warbs and are all still young enough to succeed here, but I truly doubt any clubs at this level have the money (or FFP headroom), to risk big on any of them. Premiership level? No chance.

The out of contract ones will all go - this will save serious money on salaries and allow Marti to bring in a few gems hopefully. Maybe even some extra Eze money could be incoming, which would be an incredible bonus, as long as we didn't blow it all again like last time.

I'd take a mid table/top 10 finish next season (if Marti stays) with some credible signs of continued progress as a very good one indeed. Play off tilt not impossible but I wouldn't be expecting it. Coventry fan at work is still gutted about Sunday and they're unlikely to make the play-offs, but surely we'd kill for a season like that within the next few years? That's got to be our long term aim. Seriously competitive, entertaining and sustainable. On the other plus side, the crowds and atmosphere at Loftus Road have been as good as I can ever remember. Imagine if we can re-create this buzz next season with a team performing better?

In the meantime, let's just stuff Leeds on Friday. I could cut this lot of players a great deal more slack if they do that for us.
Thank you Marti Cifuentes.
at 07:56 21 Apr 2024

Staying down the South Coast. Was Scuba Diving yesterday on a wreck just off the Isle of Wight. Was cold but thrilling. Watched the game on my laptop back at the hotel. Proper QPR performance 👏 👌When the ref finally blew his sodding whistle you could see the delight in Marti's eyes. What an achievement to get this lot over the line. As good as winning promotion.
Loftus Road journey
at 15:44 19 Apr 2024

Superb thread this one. I love Loftus Road, it's in my bones, I even dream about it. In fact, I'd like to move in there if I could!

I've been in every bit of the ground - School Upper and Lower in c. 1980/1981 when it was the Home End and again (upper) in 1995 against Forest when I turned up late without a ticket for a sell out game. It was either take my chance with the Forest fans or go home so I chose the former.

The 1980 evening game against Orient I seem to remember was 0-0, Clive Thomas was the ref and I think he sent off Glen Roeder. Stan Bowles was playing for Orient.

In September 1981 (for my 13th birthday present), my old man took me and my brother into the upper School and we beat Newcastle 3-0. The stewards let us walk around on the newly installed Omniturf pitch afterwards. Incidentally, also ran onto the pitch in 1984 to celebrate the great season and to listen to Venables' speech that he was staying. Again in c. 1988 - last day of the Plastic pitch and we all got chased by police horses, and again in 1999 after we beat Palace 6-0 to stay up. No police horses that time.
(Maybe an interesting new thread is needed about times people have been on the pitch?)

The 1995 Upper School experience was very weird ( and wouldn't recommend it), being among vociferous and unfriendly Away fans in your own ground. I remember Stuart Pearce scything down Trevor Sinclair, in fact, sending him rattling into the advertising hoardings in front of us and the whole end (except me), jubilantly punching the air to the chant of 'Psycho, Psycho'...

Also went in the School Lower under it's modern, occasional Home fan guise - think it was the Rotherham game in 2015 when Stan walked around the pitch before the game.

Also, been in the boxes twice - once for a mate's stag do and another time as a box lottery winner. Bit overrated in there - you can't hear the crowd, although I did meet Stan in there the first time c. 1999 as he was doing match day hospitality.

In 45 years of going to Loftus Road, I've probably only been in the Ellerslie about 10 times max.

Late 70s - old Loft by the right hand floodlight. Monkey nuts and occasional huge clouds of tobacco smoke drifting off above the heads.
1980s/90s - almost always stood on the new Lower Loft terrace - mostly near the back - you couldn't see the bottom of the goal, occasionally went in the Paddocks.
1996-2001 - Season ticket in the Upper Loft - Mu block then Pu block
2002 - 2005 - Season ticket in South Africa Road - F block
2005-2012 - occasional visits mainly Upper Loft
Season ticket in Upper Loft c. 2012 - 2015 (Glory Hunting) Ju block.
And now, mainly South Africa Road - anywhere there - I prefer the perspective from up high along the side, but still make occasional forays into the Loft - standing area and Upper.

I might do an Ellerslie Day next season - not been in there for over 10 years.

God, how I will weep at that last game if we ever have to leave.
Eoin Jess vibes
at 21:10 13 Apr 2024

Kev was very unlucky that day...

Forgot Dublin and Strachan were playing for the Sky Blues.
Eoin Jess vibes
at 20:29 13 Apr 2024

Was there. Daydream Believer, balloons, Andy Impey etc etc...

Spent 200 quid on trains, beer (lots of it in a locals pub, about 10 minutes from the ground, where none of the customers had been to Highfield Road since the FA Cup days of 1987, and where time seemed to have stopped), and mostly on a taxi home because I fell into a comatose state of denial and woke up in the sidings somewhere about 50 miles from home.
Was a quarter of my monthly pay gone in a day. Mind you my rent was only about 50 quid a week then.

Was still a far, far better R's team than this talentless and incompetent bunch of skivers. How Marti has got us this close to safety is a miracle though.

I'm going to give it a miss this time. I'm no longer a Daydream Believer.
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at 10:40 30 Mar 2024

Fair point mate
at 10:25 30 Mar 2024

He's far too slow releasing the ball. A few times yesterday we could have launched counter attacks. Instead he hung on to the ball allowing Brum players to get back into position. Then, we pass it kamikaze fashion around the back before it invariably comes back to Begovic to hoof it nowhere in particular. Was so frustrating watching us do this over and over again. As well as the generally laborious and turgid passing which rarely went forward. Was such a relief when Sincs came on, he provided us with both pace and urgency.
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Today’s game summed up in 8 words :-))
at 18:56 29 Mar 2024

Slow. Boring. Frustrating. Then, glorious, barely believable relief!
Does time exist
at 06:09 29 Mar 2024

Yeah but look at Dave Attenborough. He's 30 years older than that and still working. Probably didn't do as many substances etc as the other Dave which might also have something to do with it. But, maybe also because he loves his job. The natural world is infinitely fascinating after all as is the discussion on here about time.
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Who is your Non-League side?
at 07:10 3 Mar 2024

Was a disgrace by the Bath City manager. I wonder if he would have made the same call if they'd been 4-2 up with 15 minutes left? Spoiled what was otherwise a brilliant day, thrilling match & superb atmosphere - crowd of over 1400.

The poor fella who collapsed later tweeted saying he was fine and felt sorry and guilty that the game was abandoned.

Met a bloke after the game, Slough fan now based in Ireland - months planning the trip & had spent 600 Euros travelling over with his girlfriend, accommodation etc. He was fuming with the Bath manager. Said hopefully the League will award the match to Slough but I doubt if common sense will prevail here.

Still, news of the Rangers score helped cheer us up! 💙
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Masters of the Air
at 07:20 2 Mar 2024

I've enjoyed most of it. The special effects are outstanding and bring to life the full horror of life as a bomber crewman in WW2. Their bravery is, (as was that of the British crews), astonishing and humbling.

However, I think some of the writing and characterisation is poor. The British are invariably painted as cartoon type toffs and clods with a superior and bumbling, imperial mindset and the Germans are portrayed in an even more cartoon-like fashion as unblinking , brutal Nazi robots. The French and Belgians and Poles are plucky, brave, guerrilla fighters. The only positive mention of anyone from these Islands is courtesy of a nod to the Scots and the Irish. And the local but simple East Anglican school children.

The Americans, of course, are cast as simple but honest lads, lovers of freedom and equality from the New World, all trying to understand and sort out the mess the Old World has bequeathed them.

So far, no mention of Jim Crow laws, lynchings, segregation, or the fact that the USA's insulatory and neutral policies in the years following WW1 facilitated Hitler's path to war. I think the role of black US airmen is going to be addressed in later episodes so am looking forward to seeing how this is tackled.

The previous episode, set partly in Oxford, was particularly cringeworthy in terms of all the stereotypical portrayals of the British (who were, by this time, only 18 months away from electing the most left wing, socialist Government the country has ever seen before or since).

The freedom and equality loving Americans, meanwhile, failed to introduce any meaningful Civil Rights legislation until 1957 and most black voters in the Southern States had to wait until 1965 until they received the vote.

Anyway, just my take. There's still a few episodes left and like I said, have enjoyed most of it. I'd love to see a UK version based on Bomber Command. Max Hastings book on this, though now a bit dated, is still an excellent read on this - as are his many other works on WW2.

So I would recommend it, but nuanced it isn't.
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Who is your Non-League side?
at 13:43 29 Feb 2024

The Rebels - Slough Town FC

Currently about 20 games unbeaten at home and still with an outside chance of nicking a play off place in National League South.

Playing some exciting and attacking football under player manager Scott Davies.
Midfield General(ly)
at 11:00 19 Dec 2023

Are we thinking of that 4-3 match v Forest, 1993? Les Ferdinand Hat-trick? Clough's last season as manager. God, what a game. Everything about modern professional football is not fit to lace the boots of my memories of that game. Think it was also one of my last memories of the old terraced lower loft. God it was good on there that day and in the pub afterwards. Can we build a time machine please?
On loan Stephen Bala scores on debut.
at 21:12 28 Nov 2023

He is small and fast and skilful. Very slight but obviously still very young. More Spencer than Chair maybe. Came on 2nd half on Saturday against Braintree too. Been impressed with him so far.
So where did it all go wrong?
at 07:43 26 Oct 2023

I met David O'Leary in 1996. His son was a pupil at the school where I worked back then. He told me he'd had a recent conversation with Ray Wilkins and asked him why he'd signed Hately rather than Niall Quinn who he could have snapped up easily for about the same transfer fee...
The opinion you got totally wrong.
at 05:45 26 Oct 2023

In 1998 I sagely informed my wife that "Tony Scully is the future of QPR." She loves to remind me of this. But, given our general downwards trajectory (certainly compared to the previous quarter of a century) and the literally dozens of awful players (many listed on this thread) that we've 'invested' in during this period, perhaps I was in some ways correct? 😉
Anyone ever had a real life dream with a QPR connection
at 14:28 11 Jul 2023

This is uncanny - I too have had similar dreams certainly regarding the view and strange environs. I also, even now, at the age of 54, sometimes dream I'm playing for us - thank God this last bit is just a dream!
The dismal story of modern football...
at 14:38 9 Jun 2023

In the article he points out that was a big, unwelcome, turning point.

Great piece I thought.
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