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Thank you Marti Cifuentes.
at 19:22 20 Apr 2024

We were doomed when you turned up. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you.

I just hope and pray that he stays, and he builds his own team.

Onwards and upwards for next season.
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This sums it up with us.
at 14:36 14 Apr 2024"> src="
The referee was bloody awful.
at 17:14 6 Apr 2024

He actually made Stroud look effective.

Never gave Armstrong a thing, but as soon as he went off, he gave Dykes a free kick.

You can see why he doesn’t get many matches.
Today’s game summed up in 8 words :-))
at 18:18 29 Mar 2024

Absolute shite.

What a goal to win it.
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I love Marti………..
at 17:22 9 Mar 2024

………… but I think he got the subs completely wrong today.

He’s allowed a bad day. After all, we’d be screwed without him.

Onto next Saturday.
Just a few weeks ago………….
at 19:24 2 Mar 2024

…………. It was 2 from 3 to join Rotherham in going down.

Now it’s 2 from 12.

It’s gearing up to be a classic relegation fight.

I’d rather be a hunter than the hunted.
Calendar question.
at 11:04 29 Feb 2024

With it being leap year, February has the extra day added. And today is that day.

Does anybody know why February normally only has 28 days?

Why not 29 days, and take a day from a 31 day month?

I’m off sick at the mo, and I’m bored. 🥱
Did anybody see this?
at 16:42 28 Feb 2024

How the hell did they get that team name accepted? 😂😂

Best thing Gary Neville has ever said. 👏👏
at 12:05 26 Feb 2024"> src="
Jonathan Pie: Heroes & Villians.
at 13:03 9 Feb 2024

I have 2 tickets for tonight’s show at the Hammersmith Apollo.

I can’t go, so they’re free to anybody who would want them.

PM me.
Most infuriating matches you’ve watched.
at 15:04 2 Feb 2024

1. QPR v Tottenham, the Gurnham Singh match. I’ve never seen so many people so angry with what went on during the game.
That was as close as you’ll get to cheating.

2. Charlton v QPR in the FA Cup 4th round around 2000. It was refereed by our old mate, Rob Styles.
He really hated us. He gave us nothing all game.

3. QPR v Grimsby in our relegation season in 2000/01. Nothing wrong with the referee in this one.
We absolutely battered them for the first 80 minutes. We did everything but score. Their goalkeeper saved bloody everything, and he had the game of his life.
Then they broke away and scored to win 1-0. How we lost that game remains a mystery.

QPR v Man Utd in 1996 (Cantona) would definitely have been on the list, but I was on a weekender in Amsterdam.

There’s others, but I’ll leave them to you lot for your take.
Hypothetical lottery syndicate question.
at 13:54 31 Jan 2024

I was at a mates house earlier with another mate, and one of them was telling a story about a geezer who ran a lottery syndicate in his work, but he was pocketing the money instead of buying lottery tickets.
He said he’d have ripped the geezers head off if he was part of his syndicate.

Anyway, I mentioned about a syndicate we’re both in with the Euro lottery. There was a work colleague who hadn’t paid for 2 years, and I said he wouldn’t be entitled to any winnings if we’d have won the jackpot.
My mate said he would’ve been entitled as he’s a registered name on the syndicate records with Camelot, even though his line was being paid by the geezer running it.

We had a proper heated discussion about whether he’d be entitled to any money. No fisticuffs or anything, but a proper heated discussion with laughter involved.

As this site is brilliant for finding things out, can I ask who would be correct?

Would the fella who hadn’t paid for 2 years be entitled to any winnings?

It’s all hypothetical, as we won sod all anyway :-)).
Give Lyndon Dykes some antlers asap.
at 11:07 18 Jan 2024

Your first proper trainers or boots.
at 10:30 9 Jan 2024

After seeing the memory loftboy left on the Franz Beckenbauer thread, it got me thinking of what my first ‘named’ trainers and football boots were.

Trainers were Adidas Bamba. I was about 13, and I thought they were the bollocks.
Boots were Adidas Penerol. Again, I thought I was the bees knees.

We played football practically every day growing up, whether it was the caged pen in our flats, the old pitches under the westway or up at St Marks Park.

Thank god there was no social media in those days. We were fit fúckers back then.
Possible January signings.
at 08:48 13 Dec 2023

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but will Marti possibly raid his old club, or other Swedish/Nordic clubs for players?

He obviously knows what we need and what budget he’ll have.

January should be interesting.
My first game with Cifuentes in charge…….
at 17:52 9 Dec 2023

………my god, what a bloody difference. You couldn’t get more chalk and cheese between him and Ainsworth.

The players all knew their job, and did it to near perfection. 👏👏👏
A Friday night win……..
at 23:03 1 Dec 2023

……what is this sorcery?

Well done my team. 😀😀
Just thought I’d share.
at 11:37 12 Nov 2023

I was working yesterday, and I pulled into Arsenal station just after the match, and the platform was full of fans.
There’s always 1 or 2 station staff stationed by the cab door for station control purposes.

I always open my door for a chat, and I asked one of the staff did they win?
He said, ‘of course we did’ with a big smile.
He asked who I supported, so I said QPR.
He said his best mate used to play for QPR, so I asked him who. He said, ‘Ray Jones’.
He then started talking about him, and saying what a lovely person he was. I said that he’d have gone on to be a big player, and would’ve been part of our Championship winning team in 2011.
I then said that QPR retired the number 31 shirt in his memory.
He said, ‘yeah, big big respect to QPR, a lovely thing to do’.

It got me thinking about how far he could’ve gone :-((.
Fancied for years………..
at 18:01 20 Oct 2023

………….and still hot 🔥🔥."> src="
Shania Twain is 58"> src="
Jennifer Love Hewitt is 44
Beer at football grounds.
at 12:44 19 Oct 2023

Why is the quality of beer on offer at football grounds so bad?

I haven’t had a beer at QPR for a few years as it’s that bad. You’d think bottles of Carlsberg would be ok, but they’re rank.

I was at Wembley on Tuesday for the Italy match, and all what was on offer was bloody Budweiser.
That is the worst beer out there. It’s bloody horrible.
The FA are just being greedy taking whatever money Budweiser are offering, and giving the fans no choice but that shìte.

I’ve been to a few Wealdstone games, and they have a great selection of beers in their club bar. It’s cheaper too for much better quality of beer.

I know Wealdstone’s bar is used for parties and whatever, but a non league bar puts Wembley and football league clubs to shame.
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