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10 mins of highlights on the offish
at 10:31 19 Jan 2020

Much more balanced version of what happened and much better commentary.

Well done lads!
at 16:33 18 Jan 2020

Apparently he picked up an injury yesterday in training. Not offski.... Unless it is a lie... and he is offski.

Hope he stays the season. I like him. He misses a lot but he does score as well.
Highlights QPR 1 Leeds 0
at 14:53 18 Jan 2020

Happy afternoon everyone!
The goal
at 14:47 18 Jan 2020

I don't know what all the fuss is about? It only hit both hands. He didn't actually catch it!

[Post edited 18 Jan 14:48]
Gaffer on the defence
at 17:55 17 Jan 2020

Speaking to, he said: "Centre-half or defensively if you are going to bring a player in, he has to be better than what you already have."

"If you've got a car and you want a new one then you are only going to get one that is better than what you've got already."

Surely the prudent conclusion for this would be to sell one of the youth defenders for about 50K, buy one of those enormous f*ck off SUVs and park it on our goal line. That would keep a few shots out.
Sheff Weds 10-15 year season ticket thingy
at 13:35 16 Jan 2020

Sheffield Wednesday launch season ticket guaranteed for 10 years after Premier League promotion.

The '10-year season ticket', described by the Championship club as "completely innovative", will cost up to £6,400.

Confusingly, the ticket will be valid for a minimum of 15 years.

I can't work out if this is bonkers or not.
Blinded by the light
at 09:26 13 Jan 2020

It feels like since jurassic times QPR teams have failed to emulate their true ability in front of the TV cameras or against local rivals. We go nuts about it season in season out, with different players and managers. With the odd blip in fortunes on both TV and locally very little seems to change.

Other teams, mainly the ones we're playing don't seem to have this problem. We can blame this manager and that one, those players and the others, but we have an alarming habit of producing similar retreating, out of character performances on TV and against London teams. It is a seasonal habit.

Is it some kind of curse that we have allowed ourself to believe in, that is past down from team to team, or is it something else? Do we genuinely have a fear of being on TV or is it sods law? Why does it feel like copy and paste for our performances against local rivals?

Is there something basically wrong in the historical culture at the club regarding TV performances in general and playing London/local rivals? Does any problem then bleed into whoever is at the club in any given year?

Can it be turned around or is it worse in our imaginations that it is in reality? Especially as we can see how potentially capable this particular team is.
Josh Scowen - He doesn't do tap ins!
at 09:36 8 Jan 2020

50 million to you Barcelona... Plus add ons! . - Swansea

- Barnsley

[Post edited 8 Jan 9:36]
Really nice piece on Conor Masterson
at 13:42 7 Jan 2020

Obviously very happy at the club and a lovely sense of what it feels like as a young player making your debut.

Now we know we can put the ball in the net
at 17:45 5 Jan 2020

Let's go and properly stuff those other sheep shaggers, Brentford. Stick a man on their playmaker and two up front and go for the throat. Finally get some revenge.
Highlights QPR 5 Swansea 1
at 17:32 5 Jan 2020

Christ - what a goal by Scowen!
[Post edited 5 Jan 17:32]
Ivan Toney
at 15:53 4 Jan 2020

Playing for Peterborough. Watched him today v Burnley. Proper handful. 6 foot 2, 23, quick and good in the box. Has scored 30 in 64 starts for them. Probably available for bids over £800K. May be one to look at despite previously being done by Peterborough on Washinghton for £10bn.

Lad plays a similar style to Wells but has the presence of Hugill.

If we lose a player for decent cash may be better going for this lad than another loan.
Wells on the hattrick and the performance
at 18:57 2 Jan 2020

Shows how good he is to keep the belief that the goals will come. Nice to see him backing the gaffer too.
Highlights QPR 6 Cardiff 1
at 12:52 2 Jan 2020

10 mins on the offish

Gaffer on today's win against Cardiff
at 18:21 1 Jan 2020

A note to the keyboard warriors
at 18:10 1 Jan 2020

6-1 good enough for ya?

Some of us have been saying it's just a matter of time until someone gets a proper tonking off us.

Well 6-1's a big F*CK OFF to all the keyboard warrior TW*TS on so called football journalism sites.

Yeah, let's sack Warburton, let's get rid of half the team. F*cking morons. P*ss off and stay in 2019.

Happy new year! That has been coming for ages. Long may it last.

Happy new year
at 11:26 31 Dec 2019

Happy new year to everyone on here.

Let's hope that the new year and the new decade is kind to us all and to our club. Let's hope that our team and management get back on the winning track soon and grow as a group, for once, and that there is the patience with the staff, the players and amongst the fans for this group of players and management to grow and be successful. And that everyone's expectations remain realistic.

Most of all I hope everyone on here has good health and good fortune in the year ahead.

... and that we win The Champions League, The World Club Cup and The Premiership within the next 3 years. You know, just keeping it real!
at 18:46 29 Dec 2019

How on earth did we miss that chance in the second half from 4 yards? And man marking at the end? Has to be addressed.
[Post edited 29 Dec 2019 18:47]
Gaffer on today's defeat
at 18:36 29 Dec 2019

Hard to argue with a word of that. He's really hurting tonight.

No doubt the moronic keyboard warriors will be out in numbers on clickbait sites feeding crap journalists twitter sh*te for MW's head, but he's right, if you have that many chances you have to put the ball in the net a lot more often. We can't keep gifting goals either.

It must be very difficult being a manager here because whoever manages or whoever plays here, year on year we seem to have a groundhog reaction to losing that has become a toxic culture. If heads drop we are in a bit of trouble. If they can ride this storm for once they will win before too long and go on a better run. But the players have to concentrate better than they are. As a manager what do you do when they don't? How do you manage that lack of concentration out of them?
[Post edited 29 Dec 2019 18:38]
West Ham sack Pellegrini
at 21:30 28 Dec 2019

Can't say I'm surprised. After a really good start to the season for them they've fallen to pieces.
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