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Defending is awful but goal keeping coaches?
at 10:03 19 Sep 2020

I watched the goals again last night and a number of the set pieces we *defended' (* sorry if that word offends people) are just awful, but we spend a number of weeks criticising Joe and Liam (and even Jude at the old half time children's penalties) for their performances and I'm watching last night thinking what exactly is or are our goalkeeping coaches doing?

Joe is six foot five, perhaps even taller and yet most of his keeping adheres to the new penalty rule where you are not allowed to come off the line or move until the ball is kicked. I used to remember Phil Parkes back in the stone age who was only just over 6 foot and Jan Stejskal, who bless him couldn't catch but both at every opportunity at a set piece or corner would come thundering out into the mass of players about 12 yards out and punch the ball, punch the ball and several players or just punch players. If that happened Parkes and Stejskal got a free kick for the attacking players smashing their heads into the goalkeeper's fist. David Seaman in his time here did the same.

Occasionally they would all miss the ball completely but there was absolutely no doubt that when a ball came in that the guy in the green jersey had license to wade in like Mike Tyson in the first round in his heyday and clear everything in his path. I am struggling to remember a time in the last few seasons when our goalkeepers have done that? Yes they have sometimes come out to catch a ball but that terrifying bull in a china shop clear the ball and everything around it teaching of keepers seems to have gone in our team.

As much as we have a go at Joe particularly and Liam the issue really appears to be that they spend far too much time fixed to the space within their own 6 yard box. Liam does come out more when players get through on him but then instead of making himself big he just tends to be way off his line.

With Joe, he's a big unit and if you want to set out your stall as a keeper you take no prisoners in your area. Given that we defend grass at set pieces surely the goalkeeping coaches should be saying to the likes of Joe and Liam as the first and second choice... Look this defence really isn't up to defending set pieces and corners so you have to be off your line every time and just use your body weight and fists to clear the danger, rather than stand on the line as a spectator hoping the defence deals with it.

Again, not really a go at Joe or Liam but more an observation that it's really up to the goalkeeper to 'own' the area, be physical and use that presence to sort out poor defending and also put the fear of god into attacking players that the ball and their heads may get knocked off if they go for anything in the air at a set piece.

I'd rather a keeper like Joe missed a few but mainly cleared everyone out to punch a set piece away than just 'trust' the defence to deal with stuff and be a passenger on his own line.

We need a much better defensive minded coach to assist but the keeping coach/coaches need to preach a much more dominant style of keeping.
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Tonight's lowlights
at 23:24 18 Sep 2020


Blimey, our defending and defending positions!

At least we can still score a few and the kit looks lovely. But the defending!!!!!!!!!
Gaffer on tonight's defeat
at 23:15 18 Sep 2020


Rightly angry and not making excuses apart from 'they're human' but the big thing is that when you defend you defend and mark players and track players. You don't mark space and we've been guilty of it game after game. It never changes.

I know it is just the second game and a friend told me that Coventry are actually a bit of a surprise package and as much as I like Warburton he really does need to somehow realise that marking space rather than players will lose us more games than it will win.

We should never have lost that game tonight but Coventry did to us what Forest threatened and we simply have to finally learn.

We need another centre forward to help Dykes out or at least change the angle of play and we need a coach in that simply works on keeping teams out. I know there are mixed views on here but if we do that Warburton will have made the best signing of the season.
Manning updates???
at 18:38 17 Sep 2020

Seems to have gone very quiet this week. Wondering if he'll be included in the squad tomorrow? Shame really, he's a great character and really good in this squad.
Michael Doughty leaves Swindon Town
at 13:31 14 Sep 2020

27 now but was very popular there and has left suddenly for personal reasons.

Impressive stint there during that spell.

107 appearances, scored 23 goals and laid on 22 assists.

I never really felt he got enough game time at ours and possibly just at the wrong time. I think now he would have got a proper chance.
QPR2 Forest 0 extended highlights on offish
at 08:55 13 Sep 2020


Our passing was crisp. BOS worked hard. Dykes presence was huge. Carroll's passing Faurlin'esque. Chair's movement excellent. Overall some lovely movement.

Better at the back. More bodies but still not quite close enough and teams on a better day will punish us but certainly more bodies around things.

Anyone know what Warbs has done to himself or what he is recovering from with the crutch?

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Geoff Cameron named skipper
at 11:50 11 Sep 2020

Interesting choice because he is one of the most liked people at the club and very much a leader amongst the younger players. But obviously at 35 how many games is he really going to play?
Palace allegedly in for BOS
at 09:57 8 Sep 2020

So says the press this morning. I guess that may be why we have started talks to land a winger from Glasgow Rangers.

Foden and Greenwood sent home!
at 14:09 7 Sep 2020


Allegedly snuck a couple of girls into their hotel!

Novak Djokovic disqualification
at 12:11 7 Sep 2020

Not a huge tennis fan but having seen this, even though it was the rule, seemed a bit harsh to disqualify him for hitting the line judge in the throat with a ball. He clearly didn't aim the ball at her and he was horrified when it hit her. If he had hit the ball he hit into the net that accurately he wouldn't have hit the spare ball away. If he had done it with intension then that would have been another thing, but it was an accident.
Yesterday's highlights/lights
at 17:44 6 Sep 2020



Cantering. Both Dickie and Manning guilty of it on occasions on the little evidence here. We play such a ridiculously high line that if anyone gets in behind it there is no time to recover. Same mistake repeated and no use looking along the line when backtracking unless you are goal side. Otherwise you are dust. Indecision as to who is picking up who. Likewise our midfield still appears to be slow to close down players on a break against us or designate a player/players to do that.


Dickie's positioning on occasions looks encouraging. Manning really should be much further forward as a playmaker. Looks so much more comfortable in that final third. Some very good touches later on from Smyth. BOS looking a bit more interested. Very unlucky second half with the well defended shot off the line.

For me the back 4 have to operate as a back 4. Put a holding player in front of them, an old fashioned sweeper. Only way to stop the rot. Play two wingers that use pace going forward but also track back and playmakers in the middle with a forward up front and your two central midfielder pushing on when needed in support. You still have a deeper line of 5 to handle any counter attack.
Yesterday's highlights/lights
at 09:54 30 Aug 2020


Some very nice interplay first half. I'll be quite annoyed if Paul Smyth doesn't feature this season down the left. He looks good, sharp and fast. Hope Warburton gives him the chance this season. Just what Dykes will need.

Goal was a nightmare. More social distancing and players marking each other. Clever finish by Taylor but had all day to do it. Embarrassing and I fear without the introduction of a fully pledged defensive coach it will continue again this season. Numerous occasions where the defence isn't tight enough still or picking up the runs behind.

Someone needs to kick BOS's agent in the nuts. They've managed to demoralise the guy.
Highlights from today on offish
at 21:09 22 Aug 2020


Very brief observations based on it being a training match

Dykes on this brief showing could grow one day to be the love child of Charlie Austin and Jamie Mackie. Looks extremely confident and a much bigger unit than I thought.

Chair seems to look as though he is prepared to step up if, as and when Eze goes.

BOS you will go some way to fluff a chance like that again. Football amnesia for a moment there.

Dieng looked pretty competent in the few things shown.

We need to work on our direct free kicks!
Linked with another CB
at 08:55 22 Aug 2020

Tom Lockyer this time from Charlton. As usual Boro and everyone else is as well. Under 6 foot but at 25 he's highly experienced at lower league level. Not sure what he is like in the air but of course Paul Parker was 5 foot 5 and won everything in the air against players a foot taller. We shall see.
Is anyone else starting to think
at 18:57 10 Aug 2020

that there is some kind of conspiracy going on around other clubs coming in for our players? It's almost as if they either want to come in with a bid to steal them or just let them play until they are out of contract and get them for nothing.

West Ham are a case in point. Allegedly don't want to bid much for Eze but want their money back and more for Hugill.

Just feels like we come in for special treatment in the transfer market. Just starve players out of us and then set stupid fees to get them in.

Anyone else starting to get this feeling?
This is why I love this club
at 14:45 6 Aug 2020


Under the circumstances the club could have gone in a different commercial direction but this is a decent and class move by them. What our club is all about.
Current squad
at 17:37 5 Aug 2020


Even adding George Thomas and possibly Paul Smyth we only appear to have 20 players.

If we say that Rangel is out for the season or out for good sadly. Owens out until at least January 2021, Leistner on his way, BOS, Eze and possibly Manning all on their way that leaves 14 first team players in the squad.

Sure there are Gubbins, Ramkilde, Hämäläinen and Bettache to come through but there's a lot to do if we lose Eze, BOS and Manning, with Rangel and Owens longterm injured and a fair few Wycombe fans saying Smyth was crocked most of the season.

Can we play Jude and Spark?
Mark Warburton on the end of 19/20 season and the 20/21 season
at 16:01 29 Jul 2020


Tough few weeks ahead for the club to sort things out.
George Thomas 1st signing
at 16:54 27 Jul 2020


Free transfer!
RIP club historian, Gordon Macey
at 11:54 27 Jul 2020


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