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at 11:20 22 Feb 2020

Is there really no Florist matchday thread??

Relaxed about today now we've got that monkey off our back with our first result in a billion years there last season. I think our devastating combination of attacking flair and kamikaze defending will totally unman them. 1-4 Rangers.
Whisky galore
at 16:22 20 Dec 2019

Sorry if there's already a thread on this, but if not, it seems the perfect time of year to start one. I'll kick things off with a glorious dram I sampled round a friend's place last night: Inchmoan 12 year-old single malt from Loch Lomond. Gorgeous, honeyed smoky salted caramel flavours... I'll tak the high road thank you very much
Going for a song?
at 10:13 18 Dec 2019

A little birdie tells me we're in for Alex Song...

Just watched 'Tell Me Who I Am' on Netflix...
at 09:47 8 Nov 2019's the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

Unbelievably, searingly profound.

Blew me away.

What the quark? Why matter's most basic building blocks may not exist...
at 02:24 5 Oct 2019

I love this kind of thing! Great article:

Quarks are the subatomic particles thought to make up nearly everything we can see. Now it turns out they could be an illusion created by quantum trickery.

FINNEGANS WAKE has a reputation for being one of the most difficult novels in the English language. Written by James Joyce over 17 years, it blends invented words with real phrases in grammar-defying constructions. The final line ends mid-sentence – only for you to realise that the words that should come next are the ones at the book’s beginning. Some say it is Joyce’s attempt at recreating a dream. Others claim that it contains no meaning at all.

It might seem odd, then, that a nonsense word from this most ungraspable of books should have given its name to a particle known as the building block of reality: the quark. In modern physics, a quark is what you would find if you were able to take a piece of matter and cut it in half again and again until you could cut no more.

Quarks are as fundamental as anything can be. But they are also exceedingly weird. They have strange quantum properties known as flavour and spin. They crave each other’s company, clustering together in pairs or triplets. And they have a special sort of charge that comes not in the positive or negative variety, but in colours.

Read more at:
EFL cup confusion...
at 12:03 16 Aug 2019

...sorry if this has already been discussed, but how come Cardiff and Fulham had a bye in the first round, but Huddersfield didn't?

"show purposes"
at 13:37 14 Jun 2019

Because I always select 'reject all' or no adverts or whatever whenever I visit a website, I'm always asked to reaffirm my choices every single time I visit the same website again. I feel this taking the p1ss. If you "accept cookies" i.e. accept all the trackers and other crap that seeks to know your every bloody move, then you are NEVER asked again. But every single time I visit a bloody news site I have to go through the rigmarole all over again. Does anyone else experience this frustrating reality, or do you all simply accept the stuff without a second thought?

Nice article on one of the greatest play-off finals, the Hammersmith Horse..
at 14:34 23 May 2019

..was involved...

The last time we were at Hillsborough, last game of the season....
at 20:01 2 May 2019

...happy, happy days...

Board wars: the slow implosion of WATRB
at 11:57 30 Apr 2019

For the denizens of this board the fate of WATRB is probably not much more than an afterthought. It has an interesting place in the Rangers' message board pantheon, catering for perhaps a different demographic than this one. It is generally looked down upon by the more highbrow message boards and politically it is summed up by the fact that it is (as far as I am aware) the only Rangers' board that is majority pro-Brexit.

It seemed to have its heyday several years back, but has persisted as one of a quartet of most popular QPR forums, the other three being this one, the ersatz and not606. However, in recent times it has been riven by internecine strife, with whole threads dedicated to accusations and counter-accusations, much to the detriment of the board as a whole.

Things reached a head a few months back when two key members of the admin team left to form a rival message board that was free of the in-fighting that clogged WATRB. Having formed the new board they attempted to recruit posters from WATRB, resulting in a Stalinesque clampdown from the remaining admin, which included severe breaches of forum protocol, i.e. reading the private messages of board members. The private message function was subsequently removed all together and left remaining members in a kind of limbo, with the in-fighting and arguing continuing.

I was one of the members who was contacted by the new forum and moved over. In trying to contact a friend from WATRB by simply posting on the forum I was put on the naughty step ( pre-mod) and all my posts either criticising the handling of the whole debacle or trying to reach my friend were deleted.

What I find fascinating about all this and message boards in general are what they reveal about us, about tribalism, belonging, ideas of ownership and connection and loyalty. With larger clubs pretty much the only thing that binds the disparate members of football forums is their allegiance to a particular football team, to which most have no more connection that any other 'brand'. With smaller teams like ours, there is something more profound that binds most of us, a physical connection to the place itself, often through place of birth or strong family connections. At bottom it is about belonging, in a world that is increasingly globalised and empty of value. I wouldn't be surprised if there have been anthropological studies of fan message boards, but if there haven't, there should be.

Of course there are other issues at stake: for WATRB it's about income, footfall driving revenue, hence the desire to cling to its membership and fight off any interference. But the mistake is to alienate your core users in the first place. Where this board succeeds so admirably I think is in its inclusivity: it is by and large a broad and tolerant church. Exclusivity is not useful in a free-to-use forum that relies on numbers.

It's also fascinating to note how different each QPR board is (let alone forums in general) in their unique 'flavour'. This is partly due to how the board is administered, partly due to the look and feel of the board itself. Hiving off non-QPR related threads to sub-forums is attractive to some posters who want their QPR fix unadulterated, but for most, the open, anything goes style of this board is much more attractive. The original (and I think best) QPR forum,, was an uncensored and completely open forum which had the benefit of being privately funded. Boards funded by advertising like this one (I think that's its key funding model, please correct me if I'm wrong Clive) and WATRB have to place certain restrictions on posters to avoid falling foul of the dreaded Google adwords bots that flag up things they don't like, such as swear words. These restrictions are fairly easily circumvented by members using asterisks for letters, or creative alternatives to standard expletives. Again, the very fact that this happens is interesting in itself. We are all slaves to the mighty Google and other mass media social media platform purveyors to some extent. Perhaps to a scary extent.

The splinter forum has a witty name if you've been a long-term follower of QPR message board wars: Rangers Fantasy Island. A name that seems apt when refugees from WATRB wash up on its shores. As a fledgling QPR forum it doesn't even register on Google unless searched by name directly. It will be interesting to see (from an anthropological perspective at least) what happens to the various QPR forums over the next few years, especially if the decline in the club's fortunes continues. On here at least there is much outside of QPR to continue to entertain its members.

at 23:29 26 Apr 2019

Bolton players ain't gonna turn up tomorrow. They've had enough...

Darren Moore, Darren Moore
at 23:19 26 Apr 2019

Riding through the glen
Darren Moore, Darren Moore with his merry men
Feared by the rich,
Loved by poor
Darren Moore, Darren Moore...

Odds on favourite now. Les must've put a bet on.

For those of you of a literary bent
at 10:55 25 Apr 2019

..the Queen's Park Book Festival is back this year. We've got a fabulous line-up and all the events on the Community Stage are free. Last weekend in June, be great to see any of you there if you fancy it:

Anyone on here play MMOs?
at 09:08 8 Mar 2019

In particular World of Warcraft. I'm researching for the main character in a novel I'm writing.

Guitar, drum and bass
at 21:04 17 Feb 2019

Has anyone been watching this BBC 4 series? The first one on guitar I found a bit meh, but the second one on bass, with Tina Weymouth as guide, is utterly brilliant:

Features several guaranteed eye-openers!

Norwich sign Norn Ireland's most successful bingo player
at 11:03 1 Feb 2019

*(nicked from the estimable Mr Russell Chapman, I have to admit)
Changing the subject completely...
at 08:45 22 Jan 2019

Who's read Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari? I read it a few years ago, it's a real game changer in terms of how we see and think about the world. I was reminded about it just now and wondered if anyone else on here had read it?

Interesting post about some of our on-loan players
at 12:06 9 Jan 2019

Yes, it's on WATRB. Hard to believe perhaps, but hold your nose and have a read:

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