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Record Breakers!
at 11:00 21 Jun 2023
4 up!
at 18:29 16 Sep 2021

After Sébastien Haller's... 🤷‍♂️... quad the other night R 5live were asking this morning what a four-score is or should be called.

I liked a 'horseman'. But a Beatles was my favourite... think about it...

Any other ideas...
Leo and Chrissie
at 23:08 30 Aug 2021

They've both won just about everything, and neither needs any more money, and have nothing to prove.

Wouldn't it be a more interesting challenge for either of them (for themselves or audience) to sign for a second-string club and see how they and whomever they join get on?
Tony Eastlake
at 16:33 11 Jun 2021

I've just walked past the murdered Islington flower seller's stall, which has become a shrine over the past fortnight.

On it I notice three prominent pieces of QPR memorabilia.

I just confirmed with a friend of mine who knew him, that he was one of us...

Anyone on here know him?
[Post edited 11 Jun 2021 16:34]
Kushti divvus (Non QPR)
at 12:12 6 Jun 2021

Yesterday, I was pootling around on my bike and upon arriving at London Bridge/Borough Market I came upon dozens and dozens of Gypsy folk all parked up with their ponies and many and various contraptions for horse drawn travel.

I have searched high and low on the interweb to find out what was going on - Nothing! I even didn't bother taking out my phone for a picture, as I thought 'there's bound to be something on the News about this'.

Anyone else on here witness this spectacle, and better still, anyone know what it was about?
[Post edited 6 Jun 2021 12:16]
Trotter's Internazionale Traders
at 16:11 2 Apr 2021

Add Milan, to the van...
No one likes them, no one cares. Match thread.
at 17:11 16 Mar 2021

I'll start it cos I like my little twist on their battle hymn....
The completely ignoring Joseph Barton thread (n/t)
at 19:02 11 Feb 2021

Would you know my name?
at 01:03 24 Jan 2021

What's the saddest song ever?
Keep this under your hats, but...
at 21:27 12 Jan 2021

Did anyone else just log in to their account, click on 'match pass', and just go straight to the stream without paying?

Or maybe it was just free anyway...

Meanwhile, on another channel.
at 21:57 8 Dec 2020

I'm no Royalist. But....

Jason Manford hosts the Royal Variety Performance. A man caught pulling it in public.

‘Nothing is going to embarrass me now. Basically, seven million people caught me w******,’ he joked.

Bet her madge is proud...
I want my licence money back
at 19:48 30 Nov 2020

On the One Show (I know, I know - dragged in by the draw) somebody just said of Liam Gallagher: He's been called the best front man of all time.

By which stupid cu nt?

Where would you even start with the queue in front of him.

Rod! Mick! Johnny! Robert! Ray! Shane! Steve! etc etc, sit down, it's fine...
Is it kicking off tonight?
at 17:06 1 Aug 2020

Arse v Scum FA cup final
Pubs full, 90 thousand thst wouldbe there spread all around.
Heat and summer madness.

My local already has a couple of coppers hovering...
Somebody said something unacceptable
at 21:01 14 Jun 2020

Who was it?

Re: Statue Enthusiasts
How rude!?
at 18:04 12 Apr 2019

Category D!

Anorak thread (non QPR)
at 17:16 23 Jun 2017

I am of the belief that trains (locomotives) in the UK are by some law meant to be painted yellow at the front, for reasons of safety. And that the French got the 'ump a bit about this spoiling their Eurostar design.

Unable to find the search terms to answer the question using Google, I am guessing there is someone who looks at this message board who can answer the question:

Why are the fronts of the Elizabeth Line trains not yellow?
And some people say we're lethargic
at 16:02 6 Nov 2016

Watching Liverpool hammering the Hornets.

5-1 up and it's as if the 2 minutes silence is still going..
[Post edited 6 Nov 2016 16:08]
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