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Michael Angelis RIP
at 08:02 31 May 2020

Died suddenly only 68 was brilliant in Boys from the blackstuff.
Anyone getting one of these?
at 10:11 29 May 2020
Your best and worst buys in lockdown
at 09:23 29 May 2020

Best: scrabble though it game with a board that was as flimsy as a piece of paper an extra fiver invested on eBay on a vintage thicker one was well worth it, play a couple of games a day with the mrs instead of watching TV.

Worst: At the start of lockdown following a thread on here I bought a few airfix kits, as well as the models got a it carried away and bought extra glue , paint and brushes, the kits were completed and all the spares which none were needed are now packed away in a box probably never to be touched again.
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38 years ago today
at 13:09 22 May 2020

Would have just been walking down Wembley way!
My 10000th post
at 15:41 19 May 2020

Bet some of you are double that!!
Harry Kane, well done
at 16:56 14 May 2020
Was it one of you!!
at 16:24 9 May 2020

Just popped to my local corner shop, on the way back to my house a cyclist wearing the 2006/7 car giant kid rode by on New City road, I gave him the usual “you R’s” but didn’t get acknowledged.
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Millie Small ( my boy lollipop) RIP
at 13:18 6 May 2020

Only 73, not that old by today’s standards.
O2 network issues
at 13:38 5 May 2020

Seems I can receive calls but can’t dial out, anyone else having problems?
Anyone on here watch countdown??
at 15:12 28 Apr 2020

Just want today that since she’s had her baby that Rachel Riley’s “assets” are momentous!!
Qpr Hard Bastards 11
at 14:40 26 Apr 2020

1 ) Paddy Kenny
2) Gavin Maguire
3 Mark Dennis
4) Paul Parker (remember him kicking Gary Megson in the head)
5) Macca
6) Fenwick
7) Docherty
8) Diakite
9) Paul Furlong
10) Stainrod
11) Impey

And here Parker’s at 1:30.
[Post edited 26 Apr 16:09]
Kim jon un dead?
at 22:09 25 Apr 2020

I don’t have twitter but copied the link, I knew he had heart surgery earlier in the week, his demise could be interesting for the rest of the world.
Petition to make Branson sell assets before he gets a bailout
at 13:31 22 Apr 2020
[Post edited 22 Apr 13:31]
Oil prices!
at 21:11 21 Apr 2020

Just read that USA prices are -$40 a barrel effectively traders are being paid $40 for every barrel they buy, so my question is ............ how do I order a million barrels?
The Liquidator
at 20:49 21 Apr 2020

Why oh why did those scum bags down the road adopt this, just asked google to play reggae on my home mini and this comes on, absolutely brilliant track that I can’t listen to because at the end of each line with can hear in my head those racist bellends shouting out ch%#¥#a .
International QPR team ( no home countries or EIRE allowed )
at 15:42 18 Apr 2020

1 Stekskal
2 Isla
3 padula
4 Shittu
5 Tony Leitzner
6 Ardiles
7 Faurlin
8 Remy
9 Taarabt
10 Wegerle
11 Vargas
Sub Sommer Pizanti Cameron Mbia Diakite
[Post edited 18 Apr 16:00]
I’ll do it, the QPR scum team
at 14:38 18 Apr 2020

1 Rob Green
2 Jose cûntswinga
3 John Hollins
4 Steve Wicks
5 Terry venables
6 Mickey Fillery
7 Ray Wilkins
8 John Spencer
9 Paul Furlong
10 Clive Walker
11 Mark Stein

Subs. Falco,Mancienne,Webb, Allen, peacock,Saha, Sinclair
The QPR Manchester United 11
at 06:42 18 Apr 2020

1. Nick Culkin
2 Dave Mcreary
3.john Curtis
4 Paul Parker
5 Rio Ferdinand
6 J sung park
7 Ray Wilkins
8 Gordon Hill
9 Alan Brazil
Manager Dave Sexton

Can’t think of anymore
Captain Tom
at 18:34 16 Apr 2020

I salute you sir
Rant of the day
at 14:56 15 Apr 2020

Just delivered in the west end, Victoria, wapping and Westminster. The park by Westminster Cathedral was full of sunbathers,the cycle paths between Westminster and Tower Hill were like the Tour de France, there’s tourists walking around taking photos of everything, as I headed home down the barking road you wouldn’t even know there was a lockdown. The only way out of this is to make restrictions tighter. IE permission for be out the house, in Spain it’s done via a government text. These selfish bastards are ruining it for everyone.
The only place that was deserted was my delivery in the centre of china town.
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