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34 years ago today
at 09:42 11 Nov 2023

Boy does time fly was in the paddocks for this one ,we badly needed a win that day and hopefully we can get one today
RIP Trev
Go or Not
at 11:43 12 Oct 2023

Due to fly to sharm el sheikh on Sunday but with what’s happening in the world at the moment the thought of being anywhere near the vicinity of Israel /Palestine is not really filling me with confidence, am I being a negative Nelly and worrying over nothing or do I pack my speedos and just go and enjoy it
Thoughts of the well traveled LFW crew appreciated
38 years ago today
at 06:46 14 Jul 2023

Live Aid

Van Basten
at 17:36 25 Jun 2023

It’s 35 years today since that goal

Such a shame that injury pretty muck knackered him 3 years later
South American players
at 17:01 5 Mar 2023

Is it me or does every single South American player have really bad blonde highlights and naff tattoos, they all look like something out of a frankie goes to Hollywood video
Dickie Davis
at 21:16 19 Feb 2023

Died today , 89 good innings
Loved World of sport as a kid
Christmas TV
at 17:24 24 Dec 2022

This has to be the worst year ever , absolute sh1te

michael f***ing mcintyre. He's as funny as a rectal prolapse.

3.00pm The King's Christmas Broadcast
3.10pm Film : Aladdin (2019) Première
5.10pm Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special
6.25pm Michael McIntyre's Christmas Wheel
7.25pm Ghosts Christmas Special
7.55pm Call the Midwife Christmas Special
9.25pm EastEnders
10.25pm Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special
10.55pm BBC News, Weather
11.15pm On Christmas Night
11.20pm The Vicar of Dibley (Repeat)
12.05am Film : When Harry Met Sally (1989)


6.00pm Emmerdale
7.00pm Coronation Street
8.00pm Ant & Dec's Limitless Win Christmas Special
9.05pm Doc Martin Christmas Special
10.35pm ITV News and Weather
10.45pm Film : Love Actually (2003)

World in Motion alternative rap
at 20:59 13 Sep 2022

For anyone who wants a laugh this is gold

Am I out of touch ?
at 21:35 31 Aug 2022

I find myself these days not knowing any of these premier league player’s anymore
Newcastle have signed some Swedish striker for 50 million ,never heard of him
West Ham some french midfielder 50 million never heard of him
Man yoo desperately trying to sign some fella called Anthony for 70 million never seen him play
Everyone seems to be priced at 30-50 million and I’ve got no idea who these players are , despite football being on the tv 24-7 covering every league I don’t have a clue , these prices should be getting you Maradona or Gullit
Am I out of touch or has football gone mad ? 30 years ago I could name every player

Meanwhile in Northampton
at 11:06 15 Jul 2022

A member of the public, walking past his office at The Baptist Centre, said they saw Jeffs almost completely naked, except he was wearing ladies stockings. He was described as standing between two dark chairs, thrusting into a Henry hoover.
The court heard that Jeffs noticed the member of the public but continued to thrust into the machine. He was also seen pleasuring himself, the court heard. Jeffs said he felt "naughty", the court was told."

Alternative Jubilee Gig Line up
at 15:36 5 Jun 2022

Last night was a great setting but a bit crap with some of the line ups
Who would you of have had ( have to be alive )

Stone Roses
Tom Jones
Rolling Stones
Artic Monkeys
Rod Stewart

30 years ago today !!!
at 09:58 1 Jan 2022

The day a born again Christian took Man Utd to the cleaners

I remember this like yesterday, this was the making of Gerrys team, was at the Astoria the night before and one of our party left the night early as he was going, we thought he was mad I had dinner at my then girlfriends parents but rushed that and then got home in time for kick off
The look on Denis laws face at half time was the same as my then girlfriends parents earlier when I got up and left before the main course
Thinking back it should of been five , wegerle missed a sitter at the end
Gutted when Salah scored that hat trick the other week as I wanted Baileys record to never go
Where does the time go though
Kirkland Laing R.I.P
at 15:04 10 Jun 2021

One of the most underrated boxers ever , could and should have been a World champ especially after beating Duran but just didn’t have the discipline out of the ring

RIP to the gifted one

Happy St George’s Day
at 08:19 23 Apr 2021

To everyone, As it’s a nice day il think il go for a long walk along the river and a pint of pride or bombardier for afters to toast is Englishmen

Btw Boris any chance of making this a bank holiday next year ?
Just to make us all feel old
at 20:39 1 Feb 2021

John Byrne is 60 today

Dog Sh1t
at 12:56 26 Jan 2021

No not QPR this time
But is it me or where I live has gone back to the 1970s but the amount of dog muck on pavements has gone up tenfold
I was like maradona in 86 the amount of dribbling I did to avoid the stuff on my lunchtime walk to the shops, who are these dirty scabs not picking it up ? They should be made to eat it
Is it just where I live or has anyone else noticed it ?
Fat Frank
at 10:48 25 Jan 2021

Getting the tin tack today apprantley
What a shame
Charlton in brother
at 19:06 29 Jul 2020

The EFL shouldn’t even be in charge of a kids Sunday league
Arsenal vs QPR 74 -75
at 10:05 10 Apr 2020

Came across this on YouTube , obviously a season before we should of been champions but this was the nucleus of that team
A few observations

Gerry & Stan really were world class and watching them you can see that even today they could play for a top team
Stan dives for the pen ala Rodney marsh
Typical rangers concede a crap goal in the last minute ( it must be our DNA)
Loved the admiral shirts
Leach had no pace
I miss Highbury
Also a question for the older fans , why was Don Rodgers so bad for us?
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