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where will we finish next season...
at 23:32 22 May 2024

we will check next may....not a silly question.
if you dont want to answer.....dont answer....

We all love our music....
at 17:09 10 May 2024

and i know a few of you on here are musicians, or try to

but what is it that attracts you to bands/singers/artists.
is it the words, the individual instruments or simply the live acts....

what makes you dislike musicians.

i can't play an instrument to save my life, and i can hardly ever understand the words,so its the overall sound for me, bands if you like.
one track of your favourite artist...
at 23:07 8 May 2024

at 19:57 8 May 2024

who suffers from this....
and what from...

me, pets and pollen.
Are we capable of going up next season.
at 22:24 29 Apr 2024

why not...
we can beat anyone..
couple of new signings...
full house every game..
top manager...
do you know what....can't fking wait for next season.
big name friendly at home...
tour of ireland....that will do me...
favourite games this season.....
at 17:28 27 Apr 2024

i'll pick 3 that i attended.....

obviously the leeds 4-0 game tops the list.....never see that coming

millwall at home 2-0....just complete satisfaction looking at their smug faces slowly disintergrate into anger...they were so sure they were gonna beat us that day...
cardiff away..2-1..after the 4-0 defeat to watford the week before, i thought we might, just might have something there, how wrong was i.

anyone got any other favourites whether attended or watched on the box.
plymouth roll call.....
at 20:24 6 Apr 2024

i know a few of you on here are going....
i'm going, have a happy, safe and 3 point journey.

9 years ago to the day...
at 18:42 4 Apr 2024

and a great away day as well......
you might even recognise yourself in the crowd throughout the video...
i recognised a good few, a couple rip.
a good 10 minute watch....

has this season been frustrating or exciting.
at 20:26 16 Mar 2024

our home crowds have been excellent
our away followings have been good.....
yet we've lingered at the bottom of the table all season.
i put a thread up a good while back asking you good folk what you'd prefer, promotion to the premier or winning the fa cup, most of you put winning the fa cup.
so i'm guessing dicing at the foot of the the table every week, the match is like a cup final in itself, hence our big crowds.
hanging around mid table is boring.
but a play off seems to suit most on here whether we win or lose.

its all about the excitement.....
20 years ago to the day
at 16:10 13 Mar 2024

great day out, with the lsa,
great result,
great season,

what is it with our bloody home results.
at 17:08 9 Mar 2024

i say results and not form, because we've been pretty decent in the last few games.
we'd have all liked more than 1 point from our last 2 home games i'm sure.
but can't complain, we've been worth the money over the last 10 or so games.

pick ouselves up and go again. you rrrrr'ssss
at 21:33 2 Mar 2024

double early blackburn roll call.
at 22:56 30 Jan 2024

again, up there early over night......

a few staying in wigan for this...

lets hope the club realise what us fans put up with.
49th biggest stadium in england top flight.
at 17:37 29 Jan 2024

used to know the name of all 92 clubs grounds....

not no more.....

If ever there was a game...
at 18:03 20 Jan 2024

where you've felt absolute joy in winning.....

today was that day.....for me.

there have been others, but in todays climate for our great club, it was against these....

its these days why i love MY /OUR team.
never to be forgotten.
at 23:52 13 Jan 2024

Long time lurkers....dont be shy.
at 22:59 6 Jan 2024

i've noticed a lot of lurkers looking in over the months/years,

don;t be shy, just introduce yourself on this thread....just say hello.
Time for some tunes
at 22:01 6 Jan 2024

waiting for their album in february..

bournemouth role call
at 17:44 3 Jan 2024

just had a look at tickets god, unless there is a sudden surge to buy them, can't see more than 6,000 qpr turning up.
thats with the whole ground open.
mind you, if bournemouth bring 3,000, 9,000 looks a decent crowd......under the circumstances.

got block near enough to meself at the moment.
Would'nt it be nice...
at 17:19 1 Jan 2024

to watch a team that actually look as if they have played together before.
some might say actually kicked a ball before.
for us that would be a luxury.

cup game next week.....good luck!
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