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Phil Collins
at 18:06 11 Aug 2020

Just watched a Genesis concert from 1980 at the Lyceum. Bloody enjoyed it. I know the whole QPR Phil thing, but I like him. Gets too much grief from idiots in bands like Oashit.

Now, Noel Gallagher. F ucking one trick pony.

Kick his arse Phil.

Summer in the city
at 17:52 10 Aug 2020

It’s hot, bloody hot. Annoyingly hot.

I’m sweating my arse off. When you get down to your g string and you’re still overheating, it’s no fun for anyone.

Someone shoot that big fireball out of the sky and let’s have perpetual night. Bloody thing will implode in a few hmillion years anyway. The horrible bastards.

It’ll also get rid of these little feckers that keep bloody biting me. Christ on a bike, I must be giving blood by the thousand to these gits.

Urgh. Bugger off summer. Give me the warmth of a cold day and the heat of a warm heart.

I’m getting in a cold bath of lager.

West London is still ours
at 23:17 4 Aug 2020

The Sweeney, Steptoe and don’t, the boys from the Bush

Shepherds Bush is the bogs dollocks.

Rangers forever. I love QPR. And stick it up yer bum. The only team club supporters that matter. It’s ours.

I love Gary Babnisfer and Barry Wallace. Karl Elsey and Tony Currie. It’s ours. We had programmes, fanzines. Message boards. We are erudite, incomprehensible, beautiful and also c unts but we are fallible and we are QPR.

Let the love flow.

I may be the mayor of simpleton but I know one thing and that’s I’m pissed.

Up yer bum.
The Good Life
at 21:52 2 Aug 2020

What makes you happy. Gives you that warm
Reddy Brek glow ?

I love the smell of pavements after it has rained. Just makes me feel relaxed and glowy.

A spectacular sunset does the same trick. Though that’s harder to see in North Kensington.

Thank you for the days. It’s all good.

A Rangers win in the last minute is hard to beat though.
at 17:41 2 Aug 2020

If it was possible to choose, and wasn’t a load of bollocks, I’d come back as a disillusioned middle aged QPR fan with a drink and music problem.

With a very limited imagination.

Who fancies a game of chess?
at 00:26 1 Aug 2020

Prawn takes queen
Stupidly good song lyrics
at 22:43 31 Jul 2020

I always liked:

Young Parisians are so French talk nothing but French

Don’t say you’re easy on me you’re about as easy as a nuclear war

F**k off Noddy in your rotten hat

War is stupid and people are stupid
Every team or result I ever want to bloody
at 22:17 30 Jul 2020

Happen, goes the opposite cobblers way. Every bleeding time.

From now I hope that the kings road shite win everything known to man and don’t implode and their ground becomes a cesspit full of rotting rat corpses.

I hope that lot from Shepherds Bush sink through the floor and never win every game with superlative football so majestic it will be held in awe for the rest of human history.

I really hope Fulham and Brentford don’t merge and become a brewery selling flat beer that no one wants.

It’d be wonderful if beer was bad for your health and.....oh I’m going to bed.

That Jack Wil thing idiot
at 08:29 25 Jul 2020

That’s the biggest load of twa tty cobblers smash his face in shite in the telly for a long f ucking time.

That bloke hates sport and has a comed show about it, that’s a f ucking laugh, about it. Reading off cards at rate so monotonous he could be the backing track on a Phil Collins divorce song.

Is this where we ate in culture, in life that this pratt is meant to be f ucking make me laugh. There’s a fu cking joke there somewhere.

This f ucking youngsters need to grow some f ucking bollox one way or other.
at 00:42 25 Jul 2020

Don’t worry about it. This is the team you’ve chosen. They’re going to do fu ck all for a very long time.

And you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER change it. No matter how annoyed you get or wonder about who we get in or formations or how we did in 1976 or that we were the best team ever for three months in 1976.

You can do NOTHING. About it. But you can vent your frustration about the team YOU chose to follow and why they aren’t as good as you QUITE expected.

We ARE QPR. And that’s what it will always be.

Accept it. Not the dream.

Go to bed.

The clouds are whey.
Songs that should have been singles.
at 22:39 24 Jul 2020

Album tracks or b sides that are brilliant but never were singles.

[Post edited 24 Jul 22:44]
Frankie Valli / The Four Seasons
at 20:04 19 Jul 2020

Absolutely bloody amazing and superb.

Why aren’t they talked about ? F uckingvveillaunat music.

Thank my wife for opening my musical mind and my sexual mind too.

Stone roses or Morrissey never did either.

Big boys do cry . I’m begging
at 19:32 19 Jul 2020

‘A what you make it , can’t escape it.

What floats your boat? How do you spend the few years you’re allocated to breathing oxygen.

Spend it on time wasting hobbies or actual positive actions that make ripples in the pool of life.

Is it about waiting for the end of the story and feeling shortghanged. Maybe the story is out of your hands and the end is not yours.

The End is inescapable, how it’s possible to fill it not entirely ours. The systems we have made of bartering and social interaction have led to injustices in all their forms. Human beings are the only species capable of rational, capable thought. And of being utter c unts because it’s possible.

Seems to me we f ucked up this life thing once we started making moolah. Inventing alcohol was a necessity from that point onwards.

Baby, life’s what you make it, celebrate it, anticipate it, nothing can change it.

Life’s what you make it.
at 17:53 19 Jul 2020

Slice them up and they can make you r eyes water, make your breath reek and leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

But they can also add a tang to the salad of life. Bring out other flairs you’d left to disregard. They be a peeling and be a bit salty but pleasurable.

You can always stick them up yer bum.

That’s my opinion. Cut it and slice it.

Hail mother motor piston rotor hail wheel.

Rachid Harkouk. A name lost on space.
The house never loses
at 02:19 18 Jul 2020

And then the door slams.

Before the Big Bang , after the universe reverts in on itself. Try not to be a c unt.
Wake up
at 01:36 18 Jul 2020

Limey fish

[Post edited 18 Jul 1:39]
B sides
at 00:53 18 Jul 2020

Much neglected these days. Besides an A side is it an aside?

Youngsters. Educate yourselves.

This is the greatest B side ever:

When I die, I want to stay dead.

Apparently it’s impossible
at 00:12 18 Jul 2020

For your brain to completely void of thought.

I’d never thought of that.
One day
at 15:26 14 Jul 2020

We’ll look back at at these past few years and think we had it good and wish it was now again. That’s something to look forward to innit.

The rule of being happy is never actually being happy now.

Got The Time by Joe Jackson is a bloody good song.

Job interviews.
at 20:02 5 Jul 2020

What c unt decided that’s a good idea. Especially when you have to reapply for the job you’re already f ucking doing. Anyone that works in Personnel (f uck H fu cking R) is a worthless human bag of bones.

Chasing my f ucking tail all my existence and then brown f ucking bread. Up your arse co cksuckers.

I’m going to drink, listen to Swindon music, talk rangers talk b ollocks and f uck all careerist opportunists and their despicable ways and rule over my ways of eating beer money.

Kim Jung Ill was not so bad really just geoncidal and a bit of a c unt. Head of HR.
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