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And then I looked up at the sun and I could see - Report
at 10:04:39

Lovely stuff. Also shout out to the Boro fans and their very active participation in welcoming/celebrating Chloe Kelly - one of our own of course, but clearly one of theirs too. Boro are a proper club.
Is the 'Wilder factor' enough to lift Boro into contention? Interview
at 16:13:41

Feels like a nailed on loss atm. - the 2nd most shots in the EFL v the 2nd lowest xG from the first round of Champ fixtures. Let's hope it doesn't descend into a hammering
Season Preview 22/23 – Strugglers
at 15:50:13

Brilliant, love reading these. Thanks for doing it. For what it's worth here's my stab in the near dark...

1 - Boro
2 - Sheff U
3 - Watford
4 - Norwich
5 - Coventry
6 - Burnley
7 - Luton
8 - WBA
9 - Bristol C
10 - Preston
11 - Millwall
12 - Stoke
13 - Sunderland
14 - Blackburn
15 - QPR
16 - Hudds
17 - Swansea
18 - Cardiff
19 - Wigan
20 - Blackpool
21 - Reading
22 - Hull
23 - Rotherham
24 - Birmingham
Analytics' fav Paal caps busy weekend for Rangers – Signing
at 01:15:49

Myke - you're right the 2nd division of the Dutch league is nowhere close to the Championship, so it's a good job he hasnt been at that level for the last 4 years. He started there for PSV but has since been in the top Dutch league (Eridivisie) for 90 odd appearances. There's an argument to be made about the quality of that league to ours, but yours isn't it.

Also Barbets diags didn't come from the spaces suggested in the analytics tweets, which are in themselves not supposed to be definitive proof of anything. Those are crosses and deliveries from the half spaces in the final third, which actually when the likes of Dickie and Barbet did step into and deliver from on v rare occasions, I thought we did quite well from and wanted to see more of. A diag from LB to RW isn't the same as a cross in the opposition half to the far post, you're talking about different things.

The lightweight stuff, endurance for a 46 game season and adapting to a brand new country/division/level when you're also supposed to be a key position holder in a new system... all very valid and I'd be with you.

Finally, George Cox btw... Also 24 and has spent the last 2 seasons in exactly the same league as Paal, but without the 80+ Dutch division 2 games that he had.
Sheffield/Preston/Huddersfield – Awaydays
at 00:18:57

Out of the darkness cometh light - Report
at 19:39:06

I've held my tongue plenty of times and I'm 1000% less repetitive than you and your opinions from afar. Not as easy to review things when you're not at the game though
Out of the darkness cometh light - Report
at 00:38:38

At the end of every report or preview I know I'm going to see Mykes name, digging Clive out on little details and challenging things. Generally it's bullshit and nearly always wrong, but mostly, it's just fckin boring mate.
Yo, and indeed, yo – Interview
at 01:40:48

Jeez, not a lot of love for the left backs - both of which I'd punch a widow to have at LR...

I also see that Fulham topped the agent spending list with £10m (!) paid in a year, the biggest majority in the 45m odd total. Pretty gross, but that's what gets you the kind of team that pisses this league. Expecting them to roll over us Saturday and take the title at a canter, some reward for the woeful relegation season I guess.
Barnsley/Blackburn – Awaydays
at 23:46:50

Annoying aren't they, these really long articles about the minutiae of British sport and fandom.

Not for me I like them.
Dickie bounces Rangers back off the canvas - Report
at 22:57:13

There's always things people can disagree with in a lengthy long-form style report, and it always seems to be you doing it Myke. It's boring.

Cracking report Claighve, wasn't interested in going to Luton and didn't wake up fussed that morning, by 2 o'clock I was of course, desperate to be with you all. A deserved reward for a tough month.
One of those nights - Report
at 18:42:44

Even Neil Banfield stood up 😅
Archer save moves QPR into fourth round... and a keeper crisis - Report
at 20:31:38

Honest to God Marge, plays.
Never mind the quality, feel the width - Preview
at 21:32:49

"but he’s out here having strained a bicep lifting his wallet"

Corberan's surprise Terriers pushing play-offs - Interview
at 13:03:45

I'd be interested to hear their thoughts on Willock, it seems he was miles off the player he is for us - was that covered in last seasons interview?

Cooper appointment recovers Forest from nightmare start - Interview
at 00:48:49

A really bad time to play them, but a great time for them to meet us. I smelt 'one of those weeks' coming after Peterbrough but I really hope I'm wrong.

Another unfortunately timed manager change away at Cardiff coming next week, Friday is a big opportunity to stem the tide before it carries all the good of the first few months away.
Chair magic frees QPR from Championship purgatory - Report
at 23:45:09

And, more to the point, they play to win. - Amen brother.
Reading/Bournemouth - Awaydays
at 22:08:40

The opening paragraph of Bournemouth brought the memories of that station to Travelodge walk flooding back, and I'm sat here laughing all over again. The geezer on the mobility scooter will always be in awayday folklore
QPR's latest comeback falls just short at Bournemouth - Report
at 18:58:15

"He’s that mate in every group, who jumps on your back when you’re not expecting it, or dips his ballbag in your pint while you’re in the toilet and thinks it’s hilarious when you get a pube caught in your teeth, and is allowed to hang around because “he’s a bit of a character” when actually, the real truth is, he’s an absolute weapon."

I feel attacked.
QPR continue to state intent, adding Gray to attack - Signing
at 00:44:04

This, even by your own amazing standards, is really fúcking good. As Sax mentions above I think these more serious questions are where your writing really sets you apart.

Thank you for being able to articulate how I feel better than me, and once again giving me something to send to people that aren't QPR when they ask me how I feel about the latest QPR happenings
Hull suffer effects of Dickie at both ends - Report
at 23:47:19

"A corner of such grand design Kevin McCloud is coming to see it next week."

Prize from the top shelf mate.
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