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Is this the first time no newly promote clubs are relegated from the Premiership
at 17:33 22 May 2023

I can't remember this being the case before..

Any Statos out there ?
Dickie is the worst centre half I have seen in a Rangers shirt in years
at 16:56 4 Mar 2023

At fault for all three goals. Made to look a complete mug by Hugill. It's like he's being deliberately bad.

Is it just me that's feeling strangely confident about tomorrow.
at 17:03 2 Mar 2023

There's no basis for it.
I can't quite put my finger on it.
and its totally bizarre given we will most probably be without Chair.


I feel confident we're going to win tomorrow.

There... I've said it ... now you can all laugh at me.
[Post edited 2 Mar 2023 17:03]
Who's the imposter in the number 7 shirt with Willock on its back?
at 16:06 14 Jan 2023

Because That's not Chris Willock.

Can't trap the ball.
Can't control the ball.
Can't pass the ball
Can't cross the ball
Can't stay on his feet.

His swagger is completely gone... what on earth has happened to him?
Note to Beale - Jimmy Dunne played v both Sheffield and Millwall
at 13:39 10 Nov 2022

In response to Beale asking himself who played in Defense v both Millwall and Sheffield United with much more dominant defensive displays than recently.

It was the Dunne Balogun pairing.

Jimmy should be stating above Clarke Salter every day of the week.
The worrying thing about Willock's hamstring
at 12:56 6 Oct 2022

Outside of the obvious fact he will be a huge loss from the playing front, the other worrying thing is that no premiership club in their right mind is going to pay £10mil+ for him now if he's done his hamstring twice in 6 months.

The big risk is if he's sidelined for another 3 months, and gets to one year on his contract, and runs it down, we are at serious risk of not getting anything for him.

Please Les and Lee .. get him signed up for an extended contract.
State of the pitch
at 14:18 1 Aug 2022

At the Palace match ( From SAR block B) it was very noticeable how threadbare the 5 yard strip of pitch by the touchline was.

I was shocked given how good the summer has been with no hosepipe ban.

Anybody got any information about the pitch, (when was it laid, when's it due to be relaid).

One of the things with the new training ground was that the type of pitches and the pitch dimensions were supposed to be the same as Loftus Road, but if the pitch is as poor as it appeared to be at the Palace match, I'm just wondering how relevant that is.

Are we a match short going into next saturday.
at 07:03 25 Jul 2022

When the pre-season friendlies were announced I was thinking that we were going to be undercooked going into the first match of the season, and Saturday's match just re-enforced that.

Do our management team seriously think that a a series of friendlies against non-league and Sunday league quality opposition, and 1 match against a premiership side is adequate preparation

Don't get me wrong , I wasn't expecting an awful lot going into the Palace friendly, but we looked as pedestrian in attack as I've seen us in the last three years and we just look like we needed another higher quality friendly to prepare us for the season.

Any Wheel of Time fans here?
at 11:22 19 Nov 2021

Read the books throughout my lifetime from a young adult to middle age, then listened to the audio-books( all 500 hours worth) two years ago.

Its by far my favourite fantasy books series, and second only to the Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey and Maturin Books as my favourites books overall.

Made the mistake of re-listening to the first book before watching the first three episodes this morning.

Still haven't decided how I feel about it.
Air Quality of new training pitches?
at 13:46 15 Oct 2021

From various studies living up to 150m from a Motorway is linked to a 14% increased risk of developing Dementia.

Also increases risks of chest related illnesses.

Did the club look into the affects of the air pollution from the Motorway on the players?
How will we setup without McCallum/Wallace ?
at 13:24 23 Sep 2021

The one downer from Tuesday night.

With McCallum looking like he might be out for a little while at least with a Hamstring how do we think Warburton will set us up?

Odabajo or Kakay on the Left ?
Barbet out to wingback, and bring in Dunne in the three?
Something else ?

Thoughts on a postcard please.
Is Chair on his way back and safe ?
at 09:23 6 Sep 2021

Does anyone know what's occurring with the Morrocan national side, and whether the players are safe and on their way back to their teams?

I hope Ilias is safe and sound.

Maybe inappropriate to say, .. but I suppose with the game postponed and if the players are one their way back a day early, it will hopefully mean he starts on Saturday.

Spackman of all Spackmans ?
at 10:46 15 Jul 2021

Coming up on the latest new on newsnow .. The National seems to be somewhat late on this one :)
3 out of the next four weeks have no midweek match
at 16:36 21 Dec 2020

I'm going to put myself on the line here and state that by the time we play Wycombe on the 16th of January we will be seeing much improved performances.

I think this team seriously needs time on the training pitch that they've been desperately short of over the previous couple of months and I think the next four weeks will give Warburton enough time to make some positive inroads into some of the deficiencies we are all seeing.

This is of course if our esteemed leader give him that time.

Favourite Audiobook series
at 16:39 20 Nov 2020

I like walking as exercise. Being an over 50, getting lots of walking in for me, is the best way to keep weight off or lose it.

One of the ways I motivate myself to get 10 to 15 hours of brisk walking in a week is by listening to audiobooks.

And for this I tend to focus on long series of books with consistent in depth character development, mostly Science Fantasy, but also historical fiction.

So My favourite series of books is Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series -Total of 420hours of listening which took me about 6 months of listening all whilst walking. There were days I did 4 hours of walking just so I could listen to it.

2nd Favourite are the Brandon Sanderson Cosmere Universe books .. another 5 months of listening. This is also the author who finished off the Wheel of Times series after Robert Jordan died. A few more books have been release since I last listened to them, so I'll be going back to them after I've finished what I'm listening to now...

I've just started the Patrick O'Brien Master and Commander Series with is 20 books long and over 300 hours of listening which I'm absolutely loving. I read most of the books about 20 years ago, so I'm nostalgic for them, whilst also not remembering the story lines that well, so its like a new experience but with characters I already know I love.

So does anyone else have any favourite book series they listen to as audiobooks?
at 12:16 2 Nov 2020

here's been little posted about him since he replaced Wallace, and I was just wondering what others thoughts were on him.

From my perspective, I thought he looked a little shaky when he came on for Wallace, but since then I've been impressed with him, as he seem to some on for every game.

He's a bit of a strange one, in that he doesn't really standout much, but just seems to get on with his job with no fuss. He's the sort of player you don't tend to notice much during the match, but when reflecting on it you realise that he hardly put a foot wrong, and you struggle to think of any opportunities created down his side. Even going forward he just quietly got about his business,, getting a couple of half decent crosses into the box, and taking part in a number of triangles.

Now admittedly Cardiff were dreadful on Saturday with their only avenue of attack seemingly long balls down the middle.

Anyway, I for one would be more than happy for him to keep his place over Wallace for the time being.
Does anyone know if they publish the live stream viewership figures?
at 16:18 25 Oct 2020

Just wondering what level of income clubs are getting from iFollow.
Tom Carroll
at 09:49 14 Sep 2020

I haven't seen much mention of him on the various post match threads, but for me, his ability to know where he was going to pass the ball before he even received it is a quality you don't get much in the Championship.

Its not a talent I've seen much of at QPR, other than Wilkins and Faurlin, and coupled with an ability to pick up the correct positions and find space in the middle of the park,

He's coming back from an injury, but just what he showed on Saturday was exceptional, and if he can continue to do that for the rest of the season, I don't think we'll be missing Eze as a team all that much.

I'm not saying he's anything comparable to Eze like for like, but his ability to open up a defence with a through ball, or a clever one over the top, is likely to present plenty of openings for a mobile forward three or four in front of him

How on earth was he on a free, and how on earth were we able to pick him on our limited wage bill? To me he already looks like he could be the signing of the season.

[Post edited 14 Sep 2020 9:50]
Its the hope that kills
at 16:59 7 Mar 2020

6 points off the playoffs
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