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The Germans
at 10:54 12 Jun 2020

You cant watch Basil doing his German thingy sketch anymore on UKTV's streaming service as it's been taken down, as Basil once said to Sybil "What's the point, what's the bloody point?"
at 23:11 23 May 2020

In no particularly order;

1) The Clark Drain PC6CG (600mm x 450mm opening).
2) Clark Drain F900 Class Cast Iron Manhole Cover and Frame 675 x 675 x 150mm.
3) Higgingbottom's Cast Iron Manhole Cover and Frame 675L x 675W x 150H - F900 Loading.
4) Sainsbury's Recessed Slim TRAY Manhole Cover and Frame 600 x 600mm - 10 Tonne.
5) Higgingbottom's Cast Iron Access Manhole Cover and Frame 450mm Diameter - B125 Class

Utterly Nothing to do with football but daddy long-legs is back.
at 18:38 18 May 2020

So watch out whilst snoozing in the garden and one of them tries to fly up your left or right nostril cavity.
I like to pull there legs off one by one and watch them trying to land without any legs, they kind off thump into the ground without any landing gear.
Oldies but Goldies.
at 21:42 20 Apr 2020

You know the ones that are on your I-Poddle tingy but you never hear on the radio when your 'off roading' in your Fiat 500.
Late Fifties onwards don't have to be number ones either (across the Atlantic permitted too)
Here's a couple of crackers.

Classic Movie scenes (Funny/Serious Whatever)
at 22:45 28 Mar 2020

Airfix Models.
at 21:50 23 Mar 2020

Me lads got me a Spitfire and a bloody big Vulcan bomber for Christmas, I haven't built an Airfix model for probably 55 Years or more, gonna start putting them together tomorrow (there'll be bloody glue everywhere!!!) assuming your housebound what you gonna do?
Brian McCarthy's Fingers.
at 23:01 25 Feb 2020

Just re-read the match thread, nobody but nobody can type updates as quick as Brian, I reckon he posted Chair's goal about 10 seconds before the ball left Chair's boot.
Dunno how he can be so fast, only Brian knows whatever it is keep em coming Brian.
Unbelievably fast.
54 fecking goals we've conceded so far.
at 17:04 8 Feb 2020

In the league and counting, c'mon to fck someone sort out our defence please?
When We Sold Rodney Marsh.
at 22:09 30 Jan 2020

Way back in 1972 I was rather stupidly devastated, I loved the bloke and loved watching him play, couldn't believe it at the time that he was leaving us.
Stan came and went as did my all time favourite player Dave Thomas and what about Paul Parker? this bloke had it all and along with Alan McDonald were our two best defenders of all time, Paul Parker had the heading ability of someone seven bloody foot tall, he just filled you with confidence, another one was Clive Wilson? the most silkiest of defenders (cool as f uck).
Anyone remember when Siir Les came back with the bloody Geordies? the bastards the complete and utter bastards.
Why don't these other clubs leave us alone.
Anyway Nahki Wells will be going soon, I suppose that bloke from Sky will have multiple orgasms when he announces it and Redcrap will wind down his window in his Vauxhall Viva and announce to World a big pile of bullshit and someone somewhere will faint.

Nahki Wells didn't belong to us, he was only borrowing our blue and white shirt, the above named players belonged to us, they were part of us, part of our club.
I missed them when they went.
Not quite sure what I'm waffling on about if i'm honest.
Being In The Prem
at 17:30 12 Jan 2020

It's just great, ask the Villains 0-4 down and It's only half time.
Swansea Roll Call
at 10:25 2 Jan 2020

Anyone going Sunday? my first game at LR since moving to South Oxfordshire.
Some Comments From The Local Rag Down Here.
at 11:57 27 Dec 2019

If anybody's interested.

Gunter and Rafael almost come to blows
It was backs-to-the-wall stuff for Reading in the latter stages as they tried to preserve their one-goal advantage.

There were some tense moments as QPR tried to break through the Royals backline so when they did, Royals fans collectively held their breath.

None more so when QPR sub Ilias Chair struck the frame of the goal from the edge of the area midway through the second half. But instead of instantly clearing the follow-up, Royals just stood there and watched, allowing Jordan Hugill to pounce and have a clear strike on goal.
Fortunately for Reading, Rafael came to the rescue and pulled off a stunning-point blank save to deny the forward.

Chris Gunter then gave him an earful to ask why he hadn't cleared the loose ball, while the Brazilian then raced after the Welshman to put his side of the argument across.

The pair looked so angry at one point you'd think they were about to come to blows

Thankfully for all concerned they didn't and no doubt it will be brushed under the carpet. But you can't deny it was clear passion and commitment to the cause!
This game was one of the best performances by Rafael in a Reading shirt, without a doubt. Were it not for a string of saves in the second half, Royals could well have been contemplating a defeat.

The pick of the stops though came when the former Sampdoria man was struck in the face from close range by Hugill in the second half.

Hugill's offside goal
The QPR forward was the main goal threat for Mark Warburton's side and on another day he might well have had a hat-trick.

He will be kicking himself for creeping offside, however, in the first half, when he turned in Bright Osayi-Samuel's cross from the right in the first half.

It was pure laziness from the forward, who was looking down the line. He only had to wait a split second longer and he would most likely have still got on the end of the cross.

As it was, his eagerness got the better of him, he tapped it in but the linesman's flag went up. Had Reading gone 1-0 down, who knows whether they would have got anything out of the game.

It proved to be the game's turning point

I-Tunes help advice needed please.
at 12:53 15 Dec 2019

I'm struggling to transfer my I-Tunes library to an SD card for use in the car, I can transfer music that I've purchased from I-Tunes from my I-Tunes library to the SD card with ease but when I try and transfer the music from my I-Tunes library that I put in my library years ago It will not have it, It will copy the highlighted songs but when I try and paste them to the SD card nothing happens!!
I'm not IT brainy in fact I'm not brainy at all but someone somewhere must know where I'm going wrong?
I've got a Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series if that means anything.
I Dunno, you have a shit day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
at 21:53 11 Dec 2019

Only at QPR my sincere thanks lads
Alvin Martin Commenting on Eberechi Eze
at 17:47 7 Dec 2019

I was listening in the car to AM talking about our game, he was hugely impressed with Eze he went as far as to say he was the complete footballer and had an excellent game.
Great to hear that from an ex pro footballer but of course we're gonna have to keep hold of the kid in January.
Fingers crossed.
Nottingham Florist
at 21:57 22 Nov 2019

Apparently they have a squad of 108 players, 72 of those players haven't scored a goal since January 2019.
Feck me our onion bag is gonna be bulging Wednesday night,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

No Tunnel Cam This Season.
at 22:31 5 Oct 2019

Anybody know why? I used to find them interesting especially when we won.
Welcome back to the Prem Norwich.
at 21:00 9 Aug 2019

4-0 down, shit KO time and It's only half time.

No I'm not watching it cos I aint got Sky.

Good Morning Everybody
at 06:37 23 Jul 2019

How are you today? anybody fancy a pint? full English or even a half English? (no sausage and a few beans less than the norm with no fried bread)
Maybe today we'll sign another goalkeeper to go with our 40 foot container full of goalkeepers.
Today is gonna be hot so in the words of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus "Let's be careful out there"
'Tit Monday'
at 22:08 4 Jul 2019

I believe that next Monday 8th July is the start of the annual 'Tit Monday' tit festivities? if someone could confirm either way that would be appreciated.

There now follows a tit quote unashamedly stolen from some bloke who wrote tit quotes for a living.

" Anger, which, far sweeter than trickling drops of honey, rises in the bosom of a man like smoke "
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