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Roma Stadio Olympico
at 21:21 21 Jan 2024

Anyone been?

Went last night for Roma vs Verona, you have to take ID and they cross reference your ticket name, takes time to get in.

Inside the stadium, people were in our seats and we were told to just ‘sit anywhere’ which was a challenge as 60k attendance. Stewards all seemed to be Italian and super friendly.

People smoking ciggies in their seats, huge flags blocking your view, was a surreal experience but enjoyable!

Also you can drink beer in your seat, a guy walks around, a bit like at baseball, serves it to your seat.

Love Italian football and Rome especially
Electric cars again
at 15:13 30 Dec 2023

Tried to comment on the existing electric car post from the summer, but it’s disappeared?

Thinking of biting the bullet and getting an EV. However, I live in a flat/apartment. I won’t be able to charge at home very easily.

Is it feasible to get an electric vehicle and rely on charging points? We will have a charging point at my office where I go once a week. But this is 70 miles away. Appears to be several charging points around me where I could drop the car off and grab a coffee or work from the café for a few hours while it’s charging, that’s not a problem. I know charging points offer different costs/speeds. I drive around 400 miles a week max and my idea is to integrate charging when I go about my daily travels. For instance, the gym, supermarket, driving into London. all should have charging points readily available, I would assume.

Just wondered what any of you all have done.

Any advice is appreciated.
Beckham Series Netflix (*NON QPR)
at 08:27 10 Oct 2023

Has anybody started watching the David Beckham series on Netflix? I’ve watched episode one.

Most of the focus towards the end of the episode is about his sending off at the World Cup in 1998. Beckham and his family are very critical of Glenn Hoddle in the aftermath? I don’t remember this at the time. I also don’t remember the media being mad at Hoddle for Not playing Beckham in the first 2 games. Victoria and his mum are scathing about hoddle for hanging David out to dry after the Argentina game. Maybe I am misremembering, but I thought the media and fans liked Glenn and were just mad at Beckham? I remember England playing Luxembourg or someone at Wembley in 1999, think we won 7-0 and when Beckham‘s name was read out at the beginning, it got lots of boos.

For me, the Glenn Hoddle side played attractive football, and he was a superb manager until he made those stupid comments. I also think had Beckham stayed on the field, we would’ve probably beat Argentina. Also ridiculous that Victoria told David right before the game that she was pregnant. That could’ve waited till after, surely.

I will continue the series later, just wondered what peoples memories on 98 were as the Beckhams versions were skewed.
[Post edited 10 Oct 2023 8:27]
2023 NFL Season *NON QPR
at 12:32 10 Sep 2023

The first Sunday is upon us, entertaining Thursday night game with Kadarius Toney and his concrete hands, ‘handing’ the game to the lions.

Fascinating to see the Aaron Rodgers experiment in New York and how it pans out.

AFC East looks like it could be a fun division, AFC North never disappoints.

Many fantasy teams will be hit with Kupp and Taylor on IR, willl Mcaffrey stay healthy?

A fantastic slate of 6 pm games tonight, I’ll be watching the Ravens as usual on DAZN, and have Redzone on my iPad…

Early Super Bowl prediction, Benglas/Bills vs Niners/Eagles
Reading Festival **NON QPR
at 07:32 23 Aug 2023

Anyone going?

Just out of interest, I took a look at this years lineup. I know it’s a trope to say every year that the lineup gets worse and worse, but goodness me. Is this the worst lineup ever?

They used to always be a headline act that semi interested me. I don’t think I would go to this if I had a free ticket. Yes I’m getting old.

The Hundred (*Non QPR)
at 18:14 7 Aug 2023

I know there are quite a few County members on this board, what do you think of the Hundred?

Whenever somebody post about it on social media (pundits), it is met with lots of derision, nobody really wants it. The media seem to black out all of the noise.

When it was launched, it was promised to be a competition with all the worlds top Stars. In reality, they all drop out and it is pretty much the same people who are in the blast.

I went to several games in its first couple of years, including both finals. As a Middlesex member, I got very cheap tickets and took clients or friends. The only people who really enjoyed it were my kids but they also enjoyed the blast.

What I find irritating is the amount of promotion the ECB are putting into it, whereas they ignore other tournaments, particularly the one-day cup which is running alongside it. It’s relegated it to a B team competition.

I see on social media that lots of families are enjoying it, a lot of the comments are positive but it always breaks out into arguments between people who hate it and people who love it. There’s no in between it seems.

As someone who lives alone, it’s great to have live sport on TV in the evening when I get back from work, particularly on terrestrial. So I do watch it, and I know that makes me a hypocrite.

I do find it strange though, seeing grown adults in the new replica shirts. I don’t know why.

edit- also, the numbers don’t seem to add up. Tickets are really cheap, for instance, front row Compton upper tickets for the final are £15 an adult and £5 a child. They have double the amount of players to pay and crowds are similar to the blast, especially at the London stadiums.


[Post edited 7 Aug 2023 18:17]
Baseball at London Stadium this weekend *Non QPR
at 07:59 24 Jun 2023

Is anyone going to the Cubs/Cardinals series at the London Stadium this weekend?

I’m an MLB diamonds volunteer for both days. Went yesterday for the batting practices where 3K fans were invited. Was really cool, seeing all the alternate hats and loads of English baseball team jerseys. Edit-which I never knew was a thing. So many clubs it seems

Looks like they made the foul area a bit smaller and the outfield walls higher, further back too? , can’t see as many runs as they were in 2019.

If you are going, keep hydrated, it’s gonna be warm. Although it was 26C yesterday, it was 29C in the bowl, it’s gonna be a lot hotter today.

The food and beer choices is amazing. So many choices and the return of the 2foot hotdogs
[Post edited 24 Jun 2023 8:01]
Driving to Bruges **Non QPR
at 13:53 22 Mar 2023

Taking the AMG on a cheeky two day/one night trip to Bruges via the eurotunnel.

Ive never done this before, do i need to do anything special to the car? I read about making sure UK is displayed and i have to buy those headlight stickers, anything else I'm missing?

Spare ticket for today
at 10:26 18 Mar 2023

Hope this is allowed Clive? I can’t make the game today, too much faffing around with the trains.

Paddocks, block GL, ROW F

Any reasonable offers accepted

I can text or email you the ticket with the QR code.
Violent Night Xmas Movie ***NON QPR
at 23:44 23 Dec 2022

Went to the cinema tonight and saw ‘Violent night’ absolutely superb action movie, my 3rd favourite Christmas movie, diehard is number one. Bad Santa number 2. Go and see if you get the chance.
Woodstock 1999 Netflix Documentary (NON QPR)
at 15:50 9 Aug 2022

I highly recommend this three-part documentary, I remember the events very well.

What I didn’t agree with, the organiser said nothing has been done of this scale around the world. But it made me think that Reading and Glastonbury is much bigger, and done without any issues.

Give it a watch !
Online Dating Apps (*NON QPR)
at 09:47 11 Jul 2022

SO I finally succumbed to the world of dating apps (I'm 44 and swore id never use one)

Ive been on an app called Bumble for a week now, the rules are the lady has to make first contact... had 2 'dates' so far, or as I called them 'initial meeting to suss each other out'

First was out Reading way for a lunchtime coffee, with a lady who was really into cricket BUT a total nightclub girl and a completely different personality to the messages we exchanged. In order to relate to me liking football, she Kept going on about how she goes out clubbing and EPL footballers are always buying her and her mates champagne in the VIP rooms.....

2nd 'date' was at a lovely pub friday night in Uxbridge (the Malt Shovel) I was a little bit catfished by her say the photos were 5 years old... again, nice girl, good job, after 2 wines she started crying and wouldn't stop talking about her 'toxic' ex ... when i got home she sent me a nice message apologising.

I think going forward the first 'dates' will be on the video chat feature on the app

anyone got any advice/funny stories so far?

Surrey T20 Cricket tonight - Free Tickets (Non QPR)
at 14:34 6 Jul 2022

Hi all

Middlesex fan in peace ha ha.

I can’t make tonight‘s game at the Oval between Surrey and Yorkshire, I have two tickets, Front row of the bedser upper

First come first serve, I will need to email you the tickets with the QR code.

“Pistol” series (NON QPR) 5ex Pistols
at 13:44 10 Jun 2022

Has anybody been watching the Danny Boyle tv show series on Disney+, pistol. Based on Steve Jones book “lonely boy” I know there are a few punks on this board.

I thought it was fantastic, very well acted.

I understand John Lydon is upset with it because he wasn’t consulted, there are some interviews of him on YouTube where he discusses this.
Kenobi- TV Series (NON - QPR)
at 15:28 27 May 2022

Anyone watch kenobi yet? I purposely worked from home today to watch it at 8 am, both episodes.

Very good.

“Hand of God” Maradona Jersey
at 22:42 6 Apr 2022

Wow. Steve Hodge about to make some serious money
Spare ticket for today ?
at 13:01 5 Mar 2022

Anyone have a spare ticket? Cheers in advance
Our Stadium 😬
at 23:34 19 Feb 2022

Went to the game today with my mate who came over from the US. we sat in Ellerslie Road, usually I go to the Paddocks.

He couldn’t believe how crowded it is in the concourse before the game and at half-time. Huge queues for the concession stands. You literally cannot move, shoulder to shoulder.

Got me thinking about all the stadiums I’ve been to in the last couple of years, and I have to admit, I cannot compare Loftus Road to any of them, in terms of poor facilities and overcrowded.

This stadium really is not fit for purpose anymore. Not sure what the answer is going forward.

What does everyone else think?
Spare ticket for today?
at 10:33 29 Jan 2022

I hope this is Allowed Clive, does anyone have a spare ticket today? At a loose end, just went to buy one online, and it seems they are taken down. seen some of twickets but thought I’d try here.
PM Or comment here
You R’s
After a spare ticket for Blue's away
at 18:12 31 Dec 2021

Hope this is allowed Clive. At a loose end now on Sunday so was hoping to goto the game. Does anyone have a spare? Thanks In advance. Happy new year to y’all
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